Gallery: Wallabies defeat Lions in Melbourne

Matt Rowley June 30, 2013 4

No GravatarA great gallery of the Wallabies defeat over the British and Irish Lions in Melbourne this weekend.

Click on the photos to  open them up to full size.

Photos courtesy of Tim Anger


  • Scott Allen

    Absolutely fantastic photos Tim.

    Captured the try and the firemans carry from North!

  • Packy

    War photos. Blokes getting taken out left right and centre

    Best face is the waterboy watching North carry Israel

    • Patrick

      Yep. Certainly don’t think you could say either side was keeping anything in reserve!

  • Old Weary

    some great photo’s and angles here. Amazed on the 6th one how far Mowen is above Hoppers hands and also what looks like interference on the 21st one can’t remember from the game?

    Great Work.