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Cheika: Genia, Mumm unlikely to play England

Cheika: Genia, Mumm unlikely to play England

LONDON – Wallabies halfback Will Genia has been summoned back to the realm of French Club Rugby once again, leaving Australia without their halfback ace for the final test of 2016.

On Monday morning UK time coach Michael Cheika informed the media that a formal request had been made to Genia’s Stade Francais side to release the halfback back for the England test.

“Right now, from the conversations we’ve had with Paris, they’re not releasing him,” Cheika said.

“The French place more importance on their game for Will than our International but that’s the way the rules are and we’ll have to deal with it.”

As the final test falls outside the mandated November Test Window, Stade Francais are under no obligation to release Genia for their 10th vs 13th fixture against Bayonne in the Top 14.

Cheika promised to “have another crack” at convincing the French to change their position but admitted it would be unlikely to see the halfback suit up on Saturday.

Genia’s absence will hand the Wallabies nine jersey to Waratah Nick Phipps, who has attracted ample criticism over his career.

The Genia bombshell was just one of many during the press conference as Cheika confirmed that Dean Mumm would face the citing panel for his lifting clean-out of Irish prop Tadgh Furlong that resulted in a 22nd minute yellow card in Dublin.

Refusing to be drawn in to commenting in fear of retribution in the hearing, Cheika instead promised that Australia would mount their defence and let the process take its course.

Rubbing his eyes, Cheika also revealed that World Rugby Referee’s boss Allain Rolland had not yet responded to the Wallabies requests to discuss concerns with the performance of referee Jerome Garces in the 27-24 Grand Slam breaking defeat on Saturday night.

“[Rolland] hasn’t got back to me so I doubt it will happen,” the Wallabies coach said. “I made my calls throughout the night and the ball is in their court. I don’t know if a meeting will happen.”

  • Campbell Kyle

    Well that’s very unprofessional by the supposed head of Referees to ignore a communications request for advice by a top coach

    • Haz

      Well it was a Sunday and now it’s Monday morning. You’ve got to consider the time difference.

    • mikado

      Too busy writing his latest apology to the All Blacks ;)

    • BF

      every time we lose, cheika always blames the referees – without fail.
      perhaps he should be accountable for his rubbish tactics and selections

  • Pedro

    Mumm will be suspended twice this international season, time to admit he’s less disciplined than Fardy.

    • jamie

      Far less disciplined, when you consider Fardy actually competes at the ruck.

    • AB

      A lot has been said about his yellow, but Ireland scored directly from the penalty given for his high tackle. Total momentum killer on both occasions – as Gough said – Its Time!

  • Darrin Briggs

    Hope Mumm doesnt play.. after the French game it was so bleedingly obvious that our back row was totally unbalanced.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Yeah but it’s more than just Mumm at 6. Your 8 plays a 7’s game so you lose out there and your 7 ranges around the field like an 8 but without the dominance in attack and defence that is required.

      • Brisneyland Local

        KRL agree. These are all coaching decisions and Cheika has to own this one. I will wait to see what the squad looks like for this test to determine how much we are going to lose by! But with Phipps at 9 we are screwed anyway!

        • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III


        • Brisneyland Local

          Which part is Bollocks?

        • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

          I was taking issue with the Phipps comment.

        • BF

          We don’t have anyone to dent the defensive line.
          Hooper is a 3rd winger
          Mumm and Simmons are water pistols
          Pocock is working the breakdown
          The front row are too busy trying to get parity in the set piece
          We are so imbalanced it’s not funny.

          #7 – has to be competing at the breakdown,, Has to be Pocock
          #8 – ball carrying, and defensive pressence, plus a set piece option. Timani
          #6 – breakdown, ball carrier, defensive, set piece – Fardy

      • hasto

        I feel for Timani, plays the house down, does nothing wrong, gets dropped for mumm….

        • BF

          imagine the selections if Mumm played for the Rebels!!!!

  • Nutta

    I think Mumm has become the new QC. Poor bugger.
    If it is indeed true that the Ref Boss hasn’t responded to queries (and given that correct protocols were followed) then unfortunately it only adds to the whole Untouchable All Black theory. I simply can’t see the AIB being treated similarly. Ah well.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Really! I think he just does dumb things and keeps getting caught. I thought he did a couple of good things on Saturday but I see him as a lock not a 6. I don’t think he has the ability to dominate which you need at 6 whereas he is good in the lineout when he puts his mind to it. I still don’t see him ahead of Coleman, Arnold and Simmons but far better at lock than 6.

      • idiot savant

        I think what Nutta was referring to was that Rolland has returned Hansen’s calls (with an apology) but hasnt shown the good grace to even return Cheika’s call. A clear case of double standards.

        • Nutta


        • Haz

          It’s the same as Moore on the pitch being ignored by the refs. Both Cheika and moore disrespect and irritate the refs and officials and then are surprised when they don’t like them.

        • Nutta

          And that’s a fair point to. There are ways to do things and ways to not…

      • Rebels3

        Agreed KRL.

        I actually think he offers some case to be a bench forward with his versatility, but shouldn’t be put anywhere near the starting side.

      • Nutta

        In terms of Mummy, what I mean is he has become a bit of an Aussie whipping boy. He’s getting blamed for everything short of the war in Bosnia and the election of Trump lately. He is (unfairly in my mind) copping personal slants to boot. I don’t know him personally but it seems the guy is a pretty straight up fellow who keeps his off-field nose very clean. But yet he still cops vitriol usually reserved for scum-bags like QC, JOC and Beale in their prime hot-tub days. Ok, some of us might not pick him (including me and btw I largely agree with your points) and his cost in penalties and cards (rightly or wrongly) is bloody high. But that’s all rugby/game related. What’s getting thrown at him by webinators of late is tending towards personal and not rugby related and thus not really deserved. I feel embarrassed for his mum.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I just don’t like him as a 6, especially when you’ve got so many better options. I think he’s an alright lock but not your best and he is doing some dumb things. Probably is a pretty good guy and I agree some of the stuff is over the top.

        • ozrugbynut

          Dare i say it but the sally robbins (lay down sally) of the wallabies, when that poor girl should never have been picked in that crew..

    • Fatflanker

      Cheika could probably have given them another day or two to respond. He has a point but always comes across as a bit of a petulant sad-sack – that’s just nectar to the opposition.

    • HighPlainsDrifter

      No , I suspect the Kiwi’s are happy when Mumm is in the team. Unfortunatley the die was cast pre World Cup when form became a side issue for selection ….it’s not his fault , the whole saga lies at the feet of the coach . As for the referee the constant deflections to highlight the count is in my mind counterproductive . The Irish deserved their win end of subject now take it out on the poms with some improved discipline !

  • ozrugbynut

    I like even numbers. If mcmahon comes in, why not make up the entire pack with 7s..


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