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G&GR Aussie Super Team & Player of the Week Round 1

G&GR Aussie Super Team & Player of the Week Round 1

Here it is, our Aussie team of the week from round 1 of the 2013 Super Rugby competition.

The base was clearly the Brumbies, with a few ringers thrown in.

1. Ben Alexander – the Brumbies’ front row bossed the Reds’ scrum and hit rucks to boot
2. Stephen Moore – ditto
3. Dan Palmer – ditto
4. Hugh Pyle – strong in the lineout and dynamic around the park
5. Scott Fardy – shifted rocks
6. Ed Quirk – abrasive
7. David Pocock – everywhere, while managing to keep on the right side of the ref
8. Ben Mowen – a counter-rucking powerhouse who kept the Reds destabilised
9. Nic White – sniping, vision and an educated boot
10. Quade Cooper – struggled behind a beaten pack but directed traffic nonetheless
11. Alfie Mafi – like this kid called Alfie Mafi I used to know, but stacked
12. Kyle Godwin – gave the Force backline some much needed edge
13. Andrew Smith – key link in an impenetrable defensive line
14. Richard Kingi – sprightly and threw a gorgeous miracle ball
15. Jesse Mogg – looking Roff-like? G&GR PLAYER OF THE WEEK

What do you say — how would you improve our Team of the Week?

We’re looking for ideas on other “of the week” awards we can give out. Let us have your suggestions in the comments!


  • Slim 293

    I think you could’ve flipped a coin with Fardy or Carter for that second lock position.

    The Brumbies’ pack won that game for them on Saturday night, and aside from Kimlin they all had a good game. Even Fotu added some good physicality when he came on in the second half.

    The flyhalf pick would’ve been a tough one because no one really stood out on the weekend.

    • Alex

      Henry Speight has to have put in the most complete performance of any outside back on the weekend.

    • Too right on the fly half and Fardy/Carter – Pyle pushed his way in somewhere though

  • mjw

    By my estimate QC put in about 20 minutes quality work.

    • About right, but wasn’t easy to pick out another 5/8 clearly better

      • Mick

        Yeah agreed. Good games from the Inside Centres in all teams though I thought.

    • Johnny-boy

      Yeah if Quade doesn’t play brilliantly for every game for 80 minutes it’s definitely worth having a bitch ….

  • younggun

    good reasoning with your choices, see too many totw’s without any reasoning behind them

  • I actually thought Liam Gill played better than Pocock – Pocock strong as usual though Gill was everywhere.

    • Thought Gill had a great game but Pocock’s experience kept him on the right side of the ref

    • USARugger

      Gill was amazing but Pocock had some steals that literally stopped the Reds dead in their tracks/put the Brumbies on attack inside the Reds half/22. While both played well, those game changing moments from Pocock stood out for me.

  • I thought that Ged Robinson was unlucky not to be in there, but Moore did play very well

  • Graeme

    Pretty fair list. I’d give the MoM to White, I thought he was excellent. He’s definitely looking like a strong backup to Genia. I’ve not heard of Goodwin before but he also had a good game out of the blue. No one really stood out at 10, although Cooper was fairly solid.

    • Agreed about White. He’s got that c##tish half back energy about him too. Which i like. Gets up the opposition.

  • FiveStarStu

    I would have had Robinson over Moore, but then again, of course I would.

  • Nutta

    Ben Mowen. Can’t for the life work out why Tahs let him go or why he hasn’t played in Gold. Seriously, did he throw up on someone, chuck a Quokka or shag someones daughter or something? Good luck to him – he would be a first up pick for my side. Hard as, strong over the ball, reliable line-out toiler & doesn’t take soft options.

    • armatt

      Shagging peoples’ daughters will even allow you to get picked in Gold. (ahem Nick Phipps)

      • Johnny-boy

        Who is it armatt ?

      • Roscoe Tims

        Only for so long dark shark…

        • Johnny-boy

          Tuiqiri too ?

    • Barbarian

      I’m not as keen on Mowen as others, especially at 8. Put simply, he lacks the ability to break tackles that we need from our 8. Palu and Samo are far better than Mowen in this regard. In my mind his best shot at a gold jersey is at 6. He’s a decent enough Super player, and probably deserves a shot off the bench at some point. But he hasn’t shown enough yet to convince me that he is ready to step up to internationals (especially Lions tests). I still view him as a solid super rugby toiler.

      • Nutta

        Fair call Baa. That’s what I meant – as a 6. Same as Rocky was a 6 & not an 8. Agree he’s got nothing on Palu as an 8.

        • JimmyC

          The tahs just backed Dennis and Elsom to be better. that happens I guess

        • Barbarian

          Also he was playing silly buggers with the contract negotiations, wanting a one year deal from what was reported. The Tahs were probably entitled to tell him to get on his bike if he didn’t want to commit to the team.

        • JimmyC

          BaaBaa the other one that gets me is why do the reds not take any flack for letting him go.

        • Nutta

          When he left Qld he had the tools but we hadn’t seen the performances. He goes to Tahs, puts on good weight (about 10-12kg if I remember correctly), turns into a no-BS leader, runs the lineouts and turns out not flashy but hard-edged performances week-in/out. So they have this bloke who is turning out to be a damn good investment (cheap buy for good return to-date and a clear minimum future of returns) and they let it go for a bloke who was/is grand on his day, but was clearly already busted and had a stink of white-ant around him following yet another ACT coach sacking… I know it can be always said 20-20 hindsight etc but in this case it was pretty clear. Ce sera sera. Gotta stop talking about Tahs. I’m supposed to be a Rebs man now…

  • Jez

    This list is rubbish – You have picked 11 players (including both the 9 and 10) from a game in which the two teams combined for 2 tries. One from a kick and the other from an intercept…

    • ….which means?….

      • Jez

        Surely there should be some recognition of the two teams who tried to do something with the ball / posed questions of the defence? Unless you think that the first game was that inferior to the second i.e. that the attack was no better in the first game but that the defence was much worse? If the Reds and Brumbies are going to keep playing like that it’s just as well that Jake White and Link aren’t on Cheika’s “bums-on-seats” contract

        • So name names – who would you swap in and out?

        • Jez

          Don’t disagree that it’s good to see two teams with strong defence and a desire to aggressively compete at the breakdown but I’m not sure that I buy ‘tries will come later’. It is this mentality that has seen the Tahs kick away about the last 5 seasons… Arguments about kicking aside I thought it was bizarre to pick 11 players from one game and only 4 from the other… As to who I would switch, I would take Kurtley over Quade at 10, Mitch Inman over Andrew Smith at 13 (though I thought none of the 13s really stood out). I’d also look at switching out Ed Quirk at 6 for the WF 6 (whose name escapes me) and Stephen Moore for Ged Robinson

        • Noizey

          Mate, tries are nice and I am sure that there will be heaps to come in the future. This game showed me two teams with strong defensive structures and a firm commitment to the breakdown. These are two areas where Australian rugby needs to focus, and it seems that the coaches in question agree. If we can shore up our set piece a little bit more, we can let the backs have a run later. Reasonable first knock from all of the Australian franchises considering…

  • No.8

    Nic white and Mogg need to be Wallabies by the end of the year. On the games over the weekend the Aus teams need to step it up about 5 levels.

  • JimmyC

    Scottie gave Angus Cotrell a wrap in the podcast and he delivered. Agree that Quirk was better but not by much.

    • Roscoe Tims

      Scotty would have given Cottrell a wrap – he was his bloody coach!

      • JimmyC

        Well out of the two blindsides from the kennel that played on the weekend he was the better one.

  • Larkhage

    I didn’t think QC played well enough for any achievement – Toomua should be there instead

  • Brumby runner

    I would definitely include Henry Speight in place of one of Mafi or Kingi. Otherwise I could argue for Toomua over Cooper, Lealiifano over Godwin and Rathbone over the other winger, but that’d be showing my true colours.

  • Country Kid

    First saw Kyle Godwin play for Australia U20 last year (playing No. 10 ). He looked great in the first game but pretty ordinary in the loss to Argentina (the whole team struggled in the wet).

    In that first U20 game, I liked the way he moved forward to the ball – rather than taking it ‘standing still’ and he passed in front of his backline runners so the whole backline attack was dynamic and sharp.

    Didn’t know what happened to him after U20 tournament. He still had the physique of older teenager I thought.
    Only saw the 2nd half of the Rebels V Force so I was asking myself who was the guy lining up the conversion for the Force – while also thinking, wow he looks fit and strong; where did this guy spring from….

    Then the commentators announced the kicker’s name: Kyle Godwin. Wow! He has really muscled up and it was a really impressive game by him – not at all out of place.

    Maybe he should be apprenticed in the 12 jumper for as long as possible…

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