Vote: G&GR Best Aussie Club Try April - Green and Gold Rugby

Vote: G&GR Best Aussie Club Try April

Vote: G&GR Best Aussie Club Try April

Here they are, the entrants for April’s Green & Gold Rugby Best Aussie Club Try in association with the

Have a gander, pick your favourite and VOTE USING THE POLL BELOW the YouTube video! If you don’t want to watch the little video again, just click on the cross in the box.

Voting will close at midnight this Sunday 23rd May 2010, so get your last votes in.

Please don’t just leave your vote as a comment!

Read more about the mega prizes from Skins and Kooga and learn how to get your entry in for May here.

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  • Can I comment? Love the competition, love the first try even more. It had everything – turnover ball, speed, power, support in numbers.

  • There is no option to vote?

    • Hi Voter,
      Strange you can’t see the voting options, can you try this link which will take you straight to the poll?

      If that doesn’t work, can you post a reply telling us which Internet Browser you are using?


      • Voter

        That one works!

  • Great compilation there, so hard to pick one winner!

    I loved that massive defensive hit in #1 to put Uni under pressure, and I’ll admit seeing Uni get smashed in the tackle was satisfying.

    #5 was enjoyable too, getting the basics right and supporting the runner.

    In the end went with #2, I liked the first wave of attack where they lost the ball was great, and after fielding the kick the individual talents combined with the teamwork to get the ball over the line made it for me. I also thought the double switch to score was great, was expecting them to draw the man passing out to the left wing so the move fooled me as well ;)

    • Agree with Scarfman that #1 had it all, but I went with Try 5 for the straight running from the backs off the lineout and the spot-on support play. Good linking from the #7.

  • gerald

    best australian club try or best queensland club try??

    • We can only put to the vote what we get sent in!

      Does NSW have the internet?

  • ash

    Nice stuff. Would be awesome to see who the teams are, if possible…

    • The team list for Brothers v Sydney Uni is listed here

  • Doosh

    Hard to choose between good individual play and teamwork. Have plumped for try 2 as most of the team had the ball in hand at some stage, or if not were in support.

  • Rupeni

    NUMBER 1 – the man that made the hit (Paul Donnelly) was the smallest on the field – the man that returned the kick (Damon Murphy) is one of the best movers in the game and the man that scored teh try (Trent ‘T BONE’ Jones) is a kid going places

  • cam

    Try 1

  • Monty

    try one…brothers

  • cam wray

    try #2, it was a great hit by donelly in #1, though, he only weighs about 65 kegs, so must be great timing then

  • Gregg Warren

    Try # 1

  • Make sure you’re voting on the poll fellas. Comments don’t count as votes.

  • Mel

    How do you vote? There are no links showing….

    • Austin

      Click on the box that has the brand on it below the main video at the top of this page .

      If you haven’t voted yet, you should see a small version of this month’s video in that box. If you have already voted this month youll see the results in that box.

  • DuffMan

    Try 1 – Brothers


Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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