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G&GR Lifts its Game

G&GR Lifts its Game

At G&GR we’re always trying to new things to improve everyone’s experience of the site. Recently this has included our Ranker articles and now the Infographics. We hope you’ve enjoyed those.

We’re pumped to announce our latest little upgrade: our new commenting system powered by Disqus. We’ve got it in for two reasons:


We really value the community we’ve got going here on the front page of G&GR, but the old commenting engine was clunky and didn’t allow people to build up their own profile or get to know others. Also, the internet being the internet and even in New Zealand now, you’ll always get the odd bloody idiot.

Disqus has some great features to help with both of these and achieve our ultimate goal of the best rugby conversation on the internet. Check out the Community tab at the top of the comments section, for example. We’ll be upping our game in terms of moderation as well. Remember: play the ball, not the man.

You can now connect using your Facebook or Twitter account or setup a Disqus account to build your personality more (and I’d really encourage you to, it adds loads to the experience). However, YOU CAN STILL STAY AS ANONYMOUS AS YOU WERE BEFORE, if you so choose. That element was critical for us.


The features of this sucker are A-FRIKKEN-MAZING. You can:

  • See people replying in real-time
  • Filter the comments by best, newest or oldest
  • Tag people in posts so they get a notification – even if they’re not in the conversation yet
  • Vote comments up and down, rate the article
  • See in one spot replies and interactions with your comments

  • Send your convo to Facebook or Twitter with a click
  • Drag and drop photos
  • Links to photos and videos will pop up into an image
  • See what other articles are ‘going off’ with comments

 Watch the Apple rip-off video below to give you more of an idea

[vimeo id=”43917945″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

As always, we’re interested to hear what you have to say about it — so let us know!

  • Gibbo

    Where have seen this before Hmmm…..

    • That’s right Gibbo, you were the guinea pig

      • Gibbo

        It adds so much more value. I love being able to comment on the discus site on sailing, cycling and Rugby communities.

        • RugbyReg

          I have no comment to make but just want to test this.

        • armatt

          What he said.

  • Looks awesome! I’ve been waiting for this.

  • Who?

    Great idea – love the fact I’m still anonymous…

    Word to all – it doesn’t work with Compatibility Mode in IE9. I don’t know why I was running compatibility mode…

    • drongo launcher

      Not sure why you were using IE in the first place


      • Dave

        That’s why he/she wants to be anonymous. Who would want to admit that?

  • matty__k

    I had to add an extra underscore for this. The outrage!

    • We’ll refund you that later

    • You can head over to discus.com and change your ‘Full Name’. While your login needs to be unique, it’s your Full Name that is displayed here.

  • NormanRalph

    Looks great! The Best rugby site in the world just got better

  • Top notch work.

  • The Rant

    testing testing 1 2 3

  • Ooaahh

    One small step for ooaahh… Looking foward to the improved conversation.

  • What I’m liking so far
    – you can click a users avatar and see their other posts, not just on G&GR but anywhere they’ve commented using disqus.
    – it sorts the comments by the highest rated
    – the star rating for posts is a nice way to thank the author

  • great job guys. looks excellent. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards!!!!

  • Not to do with the new system, but the twitter links on the author’s pages dont work. Mine doesnt and I thought it was just me, but Matt’s doesn’t either. see above. the error message is “This page doesnt exist.”

    • Yeah, it’s putting a http:// in when it shouldn’t

  • Checking in with this new-fangled thingy.

  • Hmm, can sign in with Twitter but my Disqus account might need a tweak.

  • Aaah, that’s better.
    This is da bomb!

  • Check one, two, did you get the check?

  • Guest

    Check one, two

  • Yeah looks noice

  • Timbo

    Hooray! telling people they’re wrong on the internet just got easier! Thanks GAGR

  • D’oh shouldn’t have used twitter, now no-one knows I’m Jnor

  • Ewen McRedzie

    looks great, love the new graph layouts as well.

  • Guest


  • Steve Timms

    And I’ve arrived.

  • Dave

    And GaGR keeps on getting better. Good stuff.

  • Bobas

    sounds good

  • Guest

    well thank god I saw this, I was seriously struggling to post comments before

  • Shtinatina

    Ooo so shiny & new.

  • ozusa

    Cheers , looks great

  • Hannibal

    Nice! Its as if I have more of an identity behind my fake name!

  • Yeah, but does it make my bum look bigger … ?

  • Dudebudstud

    Awesome. Can you also link your profile here in the comments section to your profile in the forum?

  • Jimmydubs

    is it possible for this Disqus thing to power the forum as well so there is one profile for both?

  • Just testing it out from the iPhone due to @rugbysmartarse ‘s feedback


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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