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G&GR Nostradamus Competition

G&GR Nostradamus Competition

The 2011 season is fast approaching, and there are plenty of huge rugby questions that will be answered in the coming 12 months. The year promises to be a belter, with the new Super Rugby Competition, a Tri-Nations, and of course the World Cup.

The enormity of the season coming presents us at Green and Gold Rugby with the opportunity to find the ultimate rugby tipster. Someone who sees beyond the next week’s tips or fantasy selections and looks to the future with a sharp mind and a clear head. A rugby Nostradamus.

And so we are proud to unveil the 2011 Green and Gold Rugby Nostradamus Competition. 50 questions, spanning the entire rugby year. One point for each correct prediction. To the winner will go pride, glory, and a small prize to be determined at the end of the year. May the best man (or woman) win.

  • kathryn

    How do I submit my predictions?

    • Can you see the options above? Just fill in the 50 questions then click the submit button at the bottom

      • Oh I see, the submit button was at the bottom, but it was possible to kind of invisibly scroll it out of the visible area.

        So it should be good on a refresh, or if you’ve already entered your tips try and use your mouse wheel to see it.

  • Noddy

    LOVE IT! Need to get some research done though.

    • Noddy

      the rookie question is an interesting one. How many debutants in a RWC year? And who will one of them be????

  • The Rant

    The winner will be lucky to scrape 9/50 out of these I reckon.

  • GC

    #%}^{!!!!! Bumped submit before I typed my correct email address in. That means I’m a certainty for victory now.

    • Barbarian

      Don’t sweat it. I can match it up with your email on your above post.

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  • Patrick

    I reckon 5 will nail it. First of all you need the patience to actually submit 5000 answers!!

  • WB3

    I definitely voted a bit more with the heart than the mind there.

    Ah well, Russia for World Champions!

  • wobbly

    That was fun.

  • Alan Grouse

    fact that was great fun, cheers GnGr
    will be interesting to see how the predictions turn out

  • henry

    Too easy. If i get above 5 Australia are about to have a great year!

  • Swat

    Q. Person you would most enjoy seeing punched in the face at the RWC?
    A) Chris Ashton
    B) Chris Ashton, twice
    C) All of the above

    Sorry, it’s not that I really hate the smug, tongue waggling, pockock-shirt-pulling little bastard, it’ more the fact that they gave him the IRB try of the year. What a joke! Anyone who saw what was on offer would have easily gone with Palestine poo Dagg’s try or several of the others on offer….. hmm, I feel a good rant coming on. What ever happened to the rant section of the next podcast? Are we still doing that? I also have beef with Jimmy Cowan’s hair, it bit my nephew.

    • Yep, want to do rant section in the podcast – thanks for putting your hand up

      Thing is with the poms, they get confused between scoring A try and scoring THE try

    • The Konze

      What about Dylan Hartley?

      • Swat

        It would probably make him look better

  • Tahzan

    Woul have loved a question on vickerman making the world cup? Or how many times bakkies and schcalk get penalized for foul play. Great survey!

  • ChargerWA

    Does Van Humphries still count as a rookie. Do mid week games count towards a wallabies cap?

    • Noddy

      Van hasn’t been capped, so would be a test rookie, yes.

      Mid week games? Only Wallaby test matches count as caps. This includes World Cup games v Russia, USA and even Ireland.

  • Austin

    Thanks Barbarian – I really enjoyed that – If the Wallabies have a great 2011 I’m a shoe in to win this!!

  • Gallagher

    Barbarian, are you gonna give us a graph or tally of everyone’s picks later on…?

  • Jets

    If I manage to get one correct I will be happy

  • Muffy

    What am I going to win?

    I lost my pride and glory years go….

    I realy could do with a stupidly large amount of cash though

  • Reddy!

    Anyone else getting on the Kurtley Beale bandwagon?

    • The Rant

      we’re pulling it!

    • Alex-A

      Well if Kurtley gets injured I’m in trouble!

  • Great Comp BaaBaa.

    You will see my winning entry is in.

  • Hawko

    I hit the submit button, got a very quick send indicator but then the screen reverted to the survey. How do I know its been received?

    • Barbarian

      Didn’t get it. Sorry.


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