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GAGR Wallaby Player of the Year 2013

GAGR Wallaby Player of the Year 2013

So who was the overall winner? Oh boy was it tight in the end.

Ironically both of the final contenders, in Scott Fardy and Quade Cooper, didn’t play a minute of rugby for the 2013 POYWallabies in the Lions series. Fardy made his debut in the first Rugby Championship game against the Kiwis (turns out this was his first trip to a Wallabies Test!), while Quade returned to Test rugby from the bench.

After finding his way in his first Test, Fardy soon won our hearts and he was our Man of the Match in  four of the next five matches, with Quade breaking his run against the Boks in Newlands and then capping the domestic season with another MOTM against New Zealand in the shaky isles.

Moving to the tour of the northern hemisphere and the story of the trip was Quade’s new-found consistency. Meanwhile, Fardy was still performing, though he didn’t pick up any of our Man of the Match awards. In the end, the Welsh game would prove decisive with last year’s winner, Micheal Hooper, the fan preference ahead of Cooper.

Fardy managed to scrape into third place, and his one point was enough to give him this prestigious award and follow in the footsteps and a trophy that has been dominated by Brumbies back rowers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scott Fardy is our Green and Gold Rugby Wallaby Player of the Year for 2013.

It wasn’t that long ago that Australian Rugby fans were crying out for an abrasive back rower – a ruck monster I think we called it. Lo and behold Scott Fardy appears on the scene and like any number of Australian pub rock bands, he’s an overnight success that has taken years to achieve his ultimate success.

Fardy now joins the roll of honour that includes George Smith (2009), David Pocock (2010), Will Genia (2011) and Michael Hooper (2012) as winners of this illustrious award.

Thanks to all who took the time to vote this year. We here at GAGR wish you a very merry holiday season. Stay safe and have a great time, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2014 in what will be a massive year for Australian Rugby.

matt fardy2

Scott Fardy receives his Player of the Year Award at the G&GR Sydney Christmas drinks.



  • Duncher

    Well deserved!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next year, all of a sudden I’m excited about the Wallabies again…

  • Josh

    Well deserved, Fardy had an incredible debut season.
    So good to see that 3 of the top 5 were forwards, we really needed the pack to put in stronger and more aggressive performances this year, and they really did. Can’t wait for 2014

  • Patrick

    The first sentence. Wow. Ironically indeed.

    • Garry

      Ironical to Dean’s supporters = sinister to us (ostriches without our heads in the sand)

  • iScreamAtTheTelly

    Wtf? Fardy shaved?

  • JimmyMosquito

    Going by that table our starting team should look something like this:

    15. Folau
    14. Tomane
    13. AAC
    12. Lealiifano
    11. Cummins
    10. Cooper
    9. Genia
    8. Palu
    7. Hooper
    6. Mowen
    5. Horwill
    4. Fardy
    3. Insert tighthead here
    2. Moore
    1. Slipper

  • porpor

    Did Cliffy got a point for staying on the field for more than 5 mins?

  • PiratesRugby

    Great to see Scott Fardy rewarded for playing good hard rugby. The Wallabies do well when the forwards are doing well. And to think we still have Pocock and Higginbotham coming back!
    I also hope QC continues his good form. I’m afraid I was one of those who wrote him off. Keep proving me wrong Quade.
    And good on the G&GR crowd for providing a great grass roots rugby forum. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Incredulous

    Are you people high on drugs? Folau was your best player all year. Put down the bong G&GR.

    • Muffy

      Tongue in cheek or brain in arse?

  • Who Needs Melon

    Very well deserved. And great to see Cooper earned his place up there again too.

    Interesting that GaGR tends to be voting in forwards more than backs with Genia the only back to win this thing to date. Does that say the knowledgeable GaGR forum value forwards highly (as should be the case rather than the all-flash backs)?

    Or is it a peculiarity in that we tend to have only one or two good forwards whilst the points are distributed amongst a greater number of backs? Hmm… maybe a bit of both.

    • Gold12

      I think we all like to see a forward showing some A-class mongrel, us backs included.

      • Muffy

        Add to that, us forwards love to see a back that is willing to hit a ruck/go for a steal generally get involved in the very thing that desperate sour game from the others…pains me to say it, but that was one thing James OC did have… Ant Finger is another. Tivita looks like he has it in him too.

        Warms the heart to see.

  • Joe Blow

    Well done Scott Fardy. He really did add some starch to the Wallaby back row. Looking forward to seeing him play alongside a fit and firing duo of David Pocock and Scott Higinbotham.
    Congrats to QC for how he has responded this year as well. Stephen Moore has had an excellent year as well and an honorable mention should go to him.

  • The Slow Eater

    Nick White gets the same score as TK or the Honey Badger ? That doesn’t seem right.

    am surprised at LILO getting more than Toomua.

    Don’t think Genia deserves to be anywhere near the top. His form this year was not great (although it did pick up in the last couple of games).

    Think Fardy probably deserves it although I also think Moore deserved more than a 9.

  • RubberLegs

    Quade Cooper might well have won have won if McKenzie had the courage to select him from the start of his tenure. The team did manage to win without Toomua.

  • Phil

    I think the top 4 all deserve their place,but Genia ahead of Folau??Surely a joke.


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