G&GR Podcast 184 - Northern Hemisphere experts - Green and Gold Rugby

G&GR Podcast 184 – Northern Hemisphere experts

G&GR Podcast 184 – Northern Hemisphere experts

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This week Hugh, Matt and Jamie dissect the Wallabies brilliant victory over the All Blacks in Sydney. They break down key moments and players, as well as some hard-hitting analysis of the set piece. It’s then time to look ahead to Eden Park, with Matt giving some hot tips as to the starting side. We then wrap up all things rugby from at home and around the World.

The podcast proves once and for all that G&GR is the only place you need to be if you’re an Aussie rugby fan… except maybe if you need to check scores or key facts from the Northern Hemisphere.


  • Aron

    Yes, I was very curious about the GAGR traffic stats after Saturday. I dearly hope you need another server soon.
    With regard to QC – Even it jeopardises our Bledisloe chances it’d be good to see him on the paddock at Eden. We need to have another look at him and the US game won’t be an appropriate test. Hopefully he’ll take his cues from Toomua (Toomua to start, QC to finish).

    • harro

      We haven’t won the Bledisloe in 12 years! We should do nothing that jeopardises our chances to win it this year, and I’m not saying Cooper off the bench would jeopardise it

    • Huw Tindall

      I fear Cheika has made too many changes. More worried about the pack than Cooper though. As the guys identified on the podcast, our pack set the tone for the match by establishing scrum and ruck dominance early on. I fear we lose more by benching Poey and Mumm than we get by starting Skelton and Palu. Two great players in tight subbed for looser players! Yikes. Hopefully Skelton has learnt to scrum and it was Sio who made the difference last week!

      Pocock deserves a rest though and Cheika needs to continue the experimental combinations. It’s a tough balance to strike with a Bledisloe on the line. Maybe Cheika is just messing with the ABs? I bet they didn’t expect this team.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    By the way guys, I loved listening to the podcast. Great hearing differing opinions supported with ‘why’.
    TBH I’m even more confused about ‘the game changer’. Was it White, was it Toomua, was it the finishers, was it……… See confused? But that’s rugby for you.

  • Pedro

    I’m so sick of players getting away with getting under Folau’s legs while he’s in the air. They call that tactic “tunneling” in basketball and it’s a flagrant foul/ejection offense. I noticed he stopped jumping for kicks after the first one on Saturday as he felt he wouldn’t be protected by referees which is sad for rugby in general.

    Great Podcast as always guys.

    • Mart

      I noticed it a lot more in the South Africa game, with Habana

    • Patrick

      he should do what Joe Roff used to do and jump with one foot pointing directly at the rushing defenders

  • Mart

    Good work guys

  • harro

    Did you say the Shute Shield final is at TG Milner? I thought it was at Concord?

  • DazGoneSouth

    Great to see you all writing off Ireland. I remember Phil Kearns’s classic dismissal of a poorly coached Ireland in 2011, that worked out well. Nice to be ranked 2nd (guffaw, etc) and totally under the radar.

    • Hugh Cavill

      Did it work out well? Yeah you beat us but you lost in the Quarters… as usual.

      Agree you’re under the radar. And could get a pretty good draw if you beat France. Just have to get past that pesky QF!!

  • Who’s this Rugby Reg character?

  • Hugh Cavill

    Our performance really dropped off in the last 20 minutes of the podcast. Maybe we should enlist a few of our contributers as specialist ‘finishers’ to add some spark in the closing segments??

  • harro

    It appears as if the Tahs might have been the team that suffered from Cheika’s dual appointment


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