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The podcast channel for THE Aussie Rugby Website – Green and Gold Rugby. Each week we produce a rugby podcast that talks to professional coaches, players and administrators, as well as giving our candid view on the stories in Australian Rugby with a few laughs along the way.

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  • Richard

    It light of recent on-field woes and further off-field developments with Michael Jones and the Board, could we get an update of events with the Brumbies with Chris Dutton? His last contribution was very insightful and deserving of a follow-up. All does not feel well in the capital city and some commentary on the current state of affairs, and the way forward (in all areas) would be interesting listening. Thank you.

  • A80

    Love the podcasts. When will you be catching up with the Eggchasers for the first test debrief?


    Hi G&Gold team. I’m currently listening to Podcast 222. May I share the fact that – last week I watched my home team (Brumbies) get whatever’d by the Blues, whilst sitting in a Thailand bar, with my Kiwi mate and his South African wife……..Just sayin.

  • Jassy

    Really enjoying your podcasts, as a Kiwi at that…we haven’t anything like this to critique the SH rugby and find your analysis insightful, humourous and non biased which is great. Just on latest pod today you mentioned Charlie Ngatai – he is still overcoming concussion issues from a head knock in May for the Chiefs. He’s been named in Taranaki team but still only light training. Re your Milner-Skudder comment, absolutely agree he is a freak and walks straight back into the ABs. I saw him play for the first time for Manawatu, my home province back in the 2014 NPC season and said after the match he will be an AB – have never felt that about an NZ player since seeing Cullen also for Manawatu in 1995. NMS has one of the most , if not the most devastating step I’ve ever seen. Agree wholeheartedly with your Aaron Smith comment, as we say amongst mates, we’d cuddle up and spoon his pass it is that beautiful. Keep up the good work, very enjoyable listening. A lot of us Kiwis do all pine slightly for those glory days of Wallaby v AB rugby of late 90s early 2000s even though we came off second best. Seems some progress for you now.

  • Boulton

    Just finished your last podcast where you waxed lyrically about Koroibeti playing in a terrible Rebels team. Against the Kings I saw him let in 3 tries by either rushing up out of defense, or not staying on his man. I reckon he’s part of the problem and not the solution. He needs a season at club rugby.

  • USARugger

    The intro song for Mid Season Blues is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever listened to.

  • Little General

    Where is the latest podcast you lazy c**t’s? My drive home from work is painful without the distraction you provide.

  • Hakkon

    Where’s the Rugby Report Card this week – missing it heaps bro.

  • FritzOB

    I’m stoked you’re making the effort to talk about local competitions and things like the Women’s Sevens. Good job!

  • James Doherty

    Can you give us a breif into who these guys are? The lower ended podcasts are the best.

  • Twoilms

    Numpties don’t remember winning the Rugby Championship in 2015 haha.

    • MungBean

      Wasn’t a full series. Australia only seems to nick it in a short series when the Kiwis & Saffas are holding their cards close

  • Happyman

    Gents always love your insight and perspective. I am sure like many who tune in every week it gives some context for what is happening in the game.

    For me the highlights of the years podcasts were
    Ben Darwin’s contribution
    Dave Wessells
    and generally the five burning questions,

    I look forward to next years installments.

  • Mark

    Lads – would love to hear your thoughts on the Irish grand slam in the CAGR podcast. That was surely the biggest event of the week??

  • Mitch Leach

    Report Card 52. Marx vs Truck conversation. Classic!

  • Kiwikrs

    Not sure if it was just my connection but for about 10 minutes towards the end of “Growing pains” there was a terrible echo happening that finished with around 10mins to go. Otherwise great podcasts and keep them coming

    • Mitch Leach

      Nah mate, you’re not the only one. Made listening pretty hard ;p

  • astamax

    When are GAGR Podcast boys back? Thank you to the Rugby Report Card for keeping my rugby brain ticking along too!

  • MungBean

    Laughed my arse off

  • Red Block

    Boys not sure who does the QC but the for the last 30 minutes on Christmas Turkey, Jim wasn’t coming through. I won’t say that this made a better podcast but it is a shame we can’t turn off Phil Kearn’s mic at times.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Sorry guys but the audio quality is really bad. Volume keeps changing and sometimes people seem to be blasting my eardrums and the next time I cant hear them. Really need to sort this out.
    Love the discussion although I think there’s too much bias at times. Still I’m as biased as fuck so fair enough.