LIVE score and report: Wallabies vs Gloucester Kingsholm

G&GR reporting LIVE: Wallabies vs Gloucester

G&GR reporting LIVE: Wallabies vs Gloucester

wallabies logoIn what we believe might be a world exclusive, yours truly will be reporting LIVE from Kingsholm where the Wallabies will be playing Gloucester, Wednesday morning Aussie time.

As far as I can tell, no-one else is covering it live. The action should start around 06.45 AEST, so check in between your sh*t, shower and shave to see how the dirt trackers are getting on, or perhaps over a skinny soya latte at the office. Hopefully we’ll be able to run our interactive service, so you’ll be able to fire questions (and sledges) in as well.

  • Scarfman

    You’ll have to print out out your own match program.

  • Looking forward to the coverage, if you’re really keen you could film a segment on the gheyphone and upload it to youtube..

    Not sure that I’ll be up but will definately read before I head to work. Go the white Mummba!

    Can’t we say shit anymore?

  • Lance Free

    I’ve put up the Glos team on the Gloucester blog from the other day. It’s relatively no-name with only Carlos, Tom Voyce and maybe Jake Boer as players of ‘renown’.

    It’s as expected – a group of Academy players in the backs and some Firsts and ‘A’ team journeymen in the forwards + the above. Lower grade Glos teams this year have been abysmal so don’t expect too much.

    If the Wallabies can get some combo’s going early they should have a resounding win. Well, that’s what it looks like on paper. That said, we all know how difficult it seems to be with this lot when expectations are high.

    I’d be picking a 40 + point flogging.

    • Scarfman

      Does anyone else think that this is poor form from Glos?

      A – obligation
      B – honour
      C – their claim for history

      If it was the ABs they’d put up their A-team. Some of the guys on the Glos forum are whinging about having to play the game at all.

      • Lance Free

        I can understand the whinging, they’re poms after all? Glos have had a horror run with injuries, suspensions and results this year so they’re frightened that they’ll lose even more players.

        Conversely, 16,000 punters are going to fill the place up so there’s got to be a bit of support for the match.

  • Epi

    Good work fella!

    By the way, Gloucester is famous for its pies. If you want to be a real rugby journo you’ll have to do some research in this area.

    • Juan Cote

      If Grumbles is there Gagger won’t even get close the pies

  • Bobas

    Is that cover it live score thing meant to be up and running, cos its not coming up on my pade. its 11:30 aedt here now.

    • Scarfman


      • Noddy


        5.45am Briso time? Ok.

  • Lance Free

    Very pleased with myself – won both MC sweeps at work + on the nose at the TAB. Shocked really…..

    • Robson

      I was in Melbourne on MC cup day in 2007. My enduring memory of it was people dolled up to the eyeballs getting off the train just up the street from Batmans Hotel where we were staying, as pissed as newts.

      I’m glad I spent the day shopping with her who has all the pingers.

      Anway congrats on your win Lance. No doubt you can afford to put a few cents on the WBs v ENG match.

    • Juan Cote

      Had a motza on the nose?
      The Laksa’s are on you….

  • Spook

    Remember..don’t let Grumbles spill sauce on your keyboard.


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