G&GR RWC 2011 Fantasy League - Green and Gold Rugby

G&GR RWC 2011 Fantasy League

G&GR RWC 2011 Fantasy League

The Rugby World Cup is upon us and FoxSport’s fantasy game is up and running!  So make your account, pick your team, and join us at G&GR in our own league.  Many of you have probably already participated in our SupeRugby fantasy league, but if you’re new to the site, what better way to join in?


  • Go to the FoxSports site here:   http://rwcfantasy.foxsports.com.au/
  • Click the ‘Enter Your Team’ to register a new account or log in
  • Pick a team name and fill in your squad
  • Go to the ‘Leagues’ tab and hit join.  The private G&GR code is 3524-4072.

And you should be right.  Good luck weeding through all the NH, PI, and minnow nation squad though.  Far too many for me to keep track of or know much about their form.

A few tips for everyone:

  • FoxSports has their rule page here:  http://rwcfantasy.foxsports.com.au/rules/    It’s worth a quick read.
  • During pool play a max of only 3 players are allowed from the same team.  That goes to 8 for the knock-out stages.
  • Only your starters earn points.  The bench is there just to store players.  Captains get double points.
  • Transfers are tricky business.  You get unlimited before the first round.  During pool stages you get only 4 per round.  After the pools are done you get one round of unlimited to get rid of the players in teams that were eliminated.  Then 8 per round for the remaining finals matches.  How confusing is that?

Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you back here for some updates along the way!

  • D.

    The code isn’t working for me. Any ideas?

    • AngrySeahorse

      Keep trying it didnt work for me until I did it a few times, you do need the dash in the middle of the 8 number code too.

    • Newb

      Any luck yet? Code worked for me and others. Don’t start thinking you’re the special one!

  • Patrick

    This world cup thing is a disaster, I actually have a pretty good job and it seems such a shame to lose it :(

  • Swat


    Made another group of 8 head to head league. Bring it!


Newb is a rugby convert from the US. Naive and uninitiated in his youth, he was educated on the glory of the sport during a study abroad stay in Sydney. But don't hate him for being a Yank. Love him because he's not a Kiwi.

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