G&GR Super Tipping Competition 2011 Wrap - Green and Gold Rugby

G&GR Super Tipping Competition 2011 Wrap

G&GR Super Tipping Competition 2011 Wrap

A big ‘thank you’ to all who participated in the Superbru comp this year. We had 164 punters throw their hats in the ring and a good time was had by all, I hope. By the looks of it, our pool did pretty well overall. The winner, mickeyc, finished in the Top 100 globally, which is a mighty effort — well done, mate. In fact, all of our Top 5 players were in the top 1 per cent globally. We’re a strong comp!

So the final Top 10 goes like this. Well done to all who scaled the lofty summit of armchair punditry.

1 mickeyc  119.50
2 Tangawizi  118.50
3 Aliciakate 117.33
4 CO  115.83
5 willo  115.75
6 WForce pkt  115.50
7 Gagger  114.75
8 Marto  114.25
9 stunt333  114.00
10 ChargerWA 113.75

  • Behind Enemy Lines

    Spewing, I didn’t realise the comp was in Super Bru! I came 5th overall with 123.5 and my pool came 2nd.

    • yep, I forgot to put my tips in for the last month but looking back I got 137.5 points.


      • Behind Enemy Lines

        Do I detect some skepticism about my claim?

      • Behind Enemy Lines

        Fair call I guess. Best to back up a claim like that with some type of proof. http://twitpic.com/5pzxzh

  • ChargerWA

    Who’s in for the Winter Test’s on Superbru?

    I vote for TBH to be pool captain again.

  • Whoever is in the top 10 must be shit-hot. Congrats to those brainiacs

  • mickeyc

    First time I’ve ever won a tipping comp. Definitely one to put in the memory bank.


The Brown Hornet, or TBH for short, is a rugby tragic from way back. It's hard not to be with rugby union being the greatest game on Earth. Growing up in the Southern states of Australia, it has often felt like exile, but the entry of the Force and then the Rebels has made union increasingly feel like a code that includes all of Australia now. I remain an ardent Force fan, but one without too much bias I hope.

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