G&GR World Cup Podslam 7 - Green and Gold Rugby
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G&GR World Cup Podslam 7

G&GR World Cup Podslam 7

After the purely emotion (and alcohol) driven podcast from Sunday, I cut the dead weight and have a chat with defensive maestro Matt ‘Tatsy’ Taylor.

We take a look at the massive result on the weekend and cast an eye over the weekend ahead.

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  • ula

    using lots of usb’s boys?

    • MrTimms

      Yeah, didn’t think that had come through into the recording, by the time it had it was too late.

  • Skip

    spent the show looking to see what was wrong with my work pc and answering my iphone for no reason :-D

  • Brendan

    Where does matt taylor gets his stats from? Is it any particular site?

    • Matt was using some software at the office.

  • Mart

    Good podcast. A coherent MrTimms, pretty entertaining.

  • Garry

    AB’s v France for the third place playoff? Don’t tease me.

    My Christmases at once.

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