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G&GR’s World XV 2010

G&GR’s World XV 2010

As per tradition, Aussie D ran a rigorous and democratic selection process in the forum to select the 2010 G&GR World XV. No doubt there’ll be plenty of challenge, but for mine it looks (perhaps surprisingly) balanced with only 4 of the #2 side in the world making the cut.

Remember, it’s not about reputation or latent talent, just performance over time in 2010.

1 Gunthro Steenkamp (SA)
2 Stephen Moore (Aust)
3 Owen Franks (NZ) / Martin Castrogiovanni (It)
4 Brad Thorn (NZ)
5 Nathan Sharpe (Aust)
6 Juan Smith (SA)
7 Richie McCaw (NZ)
8 Keiran Reid (NZ)
9 Ben Youngs (Eng)
10 Dan Carter (NZ)
11 Drew Mitchell (Aust)
12 Ma’a Nonu (NZ)
13 Conrad Smith (NZ)
14 Corey Jane (NZ)
15 Kurtley Beale (Aust)

Got a barbarian side that you reckon could take it on? Let us have it

  • Pedro

    Pocock and AACooper were unlucky to miss out although I can understand why.

    Fair ratings, just look forward to more Wallabies in the line up post world cup victory next year.

    • Laurent

      Pedro how do I import a picture (like yours) to a post?


  • Simo

    What’s going on at #3? You couldn’t choose? Don’t sit on the fence – make a decision!

    • Thomas

      These results were from polls made in the forums and Owen Franks and Martin Castrogiovanni got equal number of votes.

  • Reddy!

    I actually feel Rocky is unlucky not to make the cut.

    • Richo

      I doubt Rocky was even in the top two. Surely it had to come down to Smith/Kaino?

      • Seb V

        i was surprised it wasnt kaino

      • cyclopath

        It did, and Kaino was close.

    • ForceFan

      Rocky went missing way too often.

      He also failed to make an impact as captain.

      Not even close!

  • Bullrush

    Given the poor Wallaby scrum this year, I’d say none of the tight five from Australia should have got the nod.

  • Reds Fan 2011

    This is the Barbarian team that would pound your World XV.

    1 Rodrigo Roncero (Arg)
    2 Andrew Hore (NZ)
    3 Carl Hayman (NZ)
    4 Victor Matfield (SA)
    5 Paul O’Connell (Ire)
    6 Rocky Elsom (Aust)
    7 David Pocock (Aust)
    8 Pierre Spies (SA)
    9 Will Genia (Aust)
    10 Quade Cooper (Aust)
    11 Adam Ashley-Cooper (Aust)
    12 Sonny Bill Williams (NZ)
    13 Brian O’Driscoll (Ire)
    14 Chris Ashton (Eng)
    15 Mils Muliaina (NZ)

    • D.

      I like it!!!!

    • The Rant

      switch AAC to 13 and put Gear in at 11, cut O’Driscoll and your talking.

      • Reds Fan 2011

        O’Driscoll, with a better team than who he is running around with is almost unstoppable. He also is a great rugby brain and a very good leader. AAC is still an issue in defence at 13 for me. I would actually put a (C) next to O’Driscoll as well.

        • Reds Fan 2011

          Sorry forgot to say I like Gear as an attacking winger but he was never tested by a good winger on tour and he is very very questionable in defence. Thats why he is not in my side.

      • boogieblunt

        yeah i agree with that and put meleamu in hooker sick shit

    • Jay


      • Muffy

        Quite right Jay, he is an overrated show pony that is only good as a turnstile. He should be a wing anyway, that way he wont have to tackle or do anything too tough….pussy

      • boogieblunt

        yeah yr right didnt see Spies there haha hes fuckin overrated that boy he goes missing far too much,Reed,or me @ Number 8 lol

  • Homer J

    IMO, Brian O’Driscoll is a shadow of the magician he was, still a good player but hamstrung by a team that waits for him to do something special. OC and Hlafback have no outstanding candidates although Weepu always scares me as a Wallabie supporter and has an amazing range of skills. OC was changed so much and no one was outstanding so AAC gets the gurnsey for a few memobale matches topped off by smashing France.
    Lawes just pips Sharpie as I reckon he has another few gears to move up while Sharpie is at his peak.
    English backs are the most overrated bunch of showponies since the 2003 edition put away their blowdryers.

    1 Dan Cole
    2 Savas
    3 Owen Franks
    4 Thorne
    5 Courtney Lawes (he could be a freak)
    6 Juan Smith
    7 Pocock
    8 Kieran Read
    9 Weepu
    10 Carter
    11 Mitchell (and it pains me to say it)
    12 Nonu
    13 AAC
    14 Hosea Gear
    15 Beale

    • Tahzan

      Injuries aside homer, what do you think about putting du preez at 9 and teaming lawes with bekker? Thorne is a hardman legend for sure but beaker was dynamic in super
      Rugby and won’t lose a line out. Top team though. Team of the thread IMO

    • Reds Fan 2011

      Hang on Carter was in the World XV, I know he is very good but really can he play on two teams at once??

    • Patrick

      Hang on, no outstanding halves? I know Fourie wasn’t around but what about Genia or that pommy prick?

      And seriously Weepu???

  • ed

    pocock should be in the xv imo

  • pants

    Pocock for McCaw. Saying that I don’t know McCaw’s stats for this year and concede if he had better stats than Pocock than he definately deserves inclusion but I’m rating that as a very low possibility.

    • Bullrush

      I don’t know what the head-to-head stats are but McCaw lead the ABs in most of the applicable stats eg. first 3 to breakdown, ball carries, tackles made etc.

      Considering they won all but 1 game this year then I think he deserves the spot ahead of Pocock….and that’s taking anything away from an amazing Pocock.

      • Robson

        Pocock has been brilliant this year. McCaw has been sensational.

  • laurent

    M8 this team would make mincemeat out your piddly XV

    1. Dan Cole (Eng)
    2. William Servat (France)
    3. James Slipper (Wallabies)
    4. Bakkies Botha (S.A)
    5. Imanol Harinordoquy (France)
    6. Rocky Elsom (Wallabies)
    7. Heinrich Broussow (S.A)
    8. Pierre Spies (S.A)
    9. Fourie du Preez (S.A)
    10. Johnny Wilkinson (Eng)
    11. Adam Ashley Cooper (Wallabies)
    12. Sonny Bill (All Blacks)
    13. Jamie Roberts (Wales)
    14. Kurtly Beale (Wallabies)
    15. Frans Steyn (S.A)

    • Pedro

      So you could pick any prop and you would go for Slipper? Potential is one thing, but he’s no where near world’s best yet.

      Wilkinson in 10?!? Stop living in the past.

      • laurent

        M8 what are you like like 15?!

        Read your rugby history son!

        You have no eye for talent nor leadership; great men inspire and Johnny has a wise head on older shoulders. Shame on you!

        This from a bloke who hasn’t even picked a team..

        Well thanks for commenting anyway &:-)

        • Alex-A

          Sorry Laurent, but thats way off the mark. I can see the logic behind some of the selections (Harinordoquy at 5 is interesting but not impossible) but as far as 2010 goes that team is very out of date, and ignores injuries preventing some of those players from competing.

          Dave Pocock?
          Wilko? over QC or Morne is madness, and 7 years out of date.
          Kurtley has been taken, and has been primarily at fullback.
          Ashley cooper way over Roberts for the 13. I rate Roberts but he is a txt book 12 not 13 and probably would have made the 2009 team

          making mincemeat out of the world xv with your team is very ambitious, especially considering the number of players who couldn’t turn up on the day.

        • Larkhage

          Putting Wilkinson in 10 is like putting Larkham in 10

    • Joel

      Hairydonkey is an 8, Brussow and FdP did not play past the S14 and you would seriously play Wilko ahead of Carter?

    • Laurent

      Alex-A where are you?

      This is for you sir:

      Off the mark hardly, I was asked to pick a competitive team (not a mirrored image), baring injury who could compete with Marks 2010 Ba Ba’s XV and I believe I’ve done that. Furthermore I choose slipper because in true Ba Ba’s style there has to be one young but talented pup amongst they old dogs. My side is fast, abrasive and mobile.

      Now on a few other matters I would like clarify: David doesn’t have the size I like nor does he offer as much as I would like in a ball barrier and barring injury I think we would have seen the rise of Broussow stock this year; don’t get me wrong Pocock is outstanding, I’m an Aussie too, but I feel Broussow just offers a little something more in his defensive and support play.

      Imanol, is too good to be left out and I think as he gets older he will or should be selected at lock, I just had to have him.

      Jamie Roberts had an outstanding Amlin challenge cup and season and was sorely missed this year by Cardiff. I also I like my centre’s big and with a head on their shoulders and the outside channel is not where I would like SB defensively he’s prone to being exposed defensively. This is why I have listed Mr Reliable inside of SB (there is method to my madness after all) to help him defensively and offensively- pop passes and off loads all day to AC!

      Johnny was actually in the running with Butch James, but I chose Johnny because of what he has done w Toulon (#1 Top14 player) and the older general I believe like a fine wine is only going to get better with age, well the next two at least and with these players around him I believe he would thrive.. On the front foot Johhny is hard to stop; thats is why I have chosen a fast, mobile and aggressive pack to compliment my dazzling backs and little general. No where on the park is the 2010 Ba Ba’s XV safe! On the matter of QC simply I dont rate him as a starting 10, rather an impact player with 20 to go as for Morne Steyn he would have been on my bench.

      Case in the point of KB, I would have chosen Chris Ashton put I had had some what of a Fruedian slip. So my team revised is as stands

      1. Dan Cole (Eng)
      2. William Servat (France)
      3. James Slipper (Wallabies)
      4. Bakkies Botha (S.A)
      5. Imanol Harinordoquy (France)
      6. Rocky Elsom (Wallabies)
      7. Heinrich Broussow (S.A)
      8. Pierre Spies (S.A)
      9. Fourie du Preez (S.A)
      10. Johnny Wilkinson (Eng)
      11. Adam Ashley Cooper (Wallabies)
      12. Sonny Bill (All Blacks)
      13. Jamie Roberts (Wales)
      14. Chris Ashton (Eng)
      15. Frans Steyn (S.A)

      • BloodRed

        Butch james was in the running? Is that a wind-up?

  • dubbonian77

    I reckon it’s a good team!

  • Cluster

    How about this Barbarian side..

    1. Tony Woodcock NZ
    2. William Servat FR
    3. Carl Hayman NZ
    4. Victor Matfield SA
    5. Paul O’ Connell IR
    6. Jerome Kaino NZ
    7. David Pocock Aust
    8. Sergio Parisse It
    9. Fourie du Preez SA / Morgan Parra Fr
    10. Quade Cooper Aust
    11. Bryan Habana SA
    12. S. B. Williams NZ
    13. Brian O’ Driscoll Ir
    14. Isaia Toeava NZ
    15. Mils Muliaina NZ.

    • That is the most sensible Barbarians XV suggested yet. I only have a couple of problems, Habana has been truly awful this year, I’d rather put Israel Dagg in there, he’s had a great 2010. The other thing O’Driscoll, I just don’t think he is the force he used to be, I’d rather have Mr Consistent – AAC.

      • Cluster

        Yeah good call with Dagg i suppose but it hurts to put more NZ guys there!!. And Habana is still Habana!! I put in O’ Driscoll as i felt it would be an incredible partnership with SBW!!

  • Ben

    Pretty good escort for Smith and Jane. Acc and JOC have to take their places….especially smith who would be behind ACC and Fourie as form 13s

  • Laurent

    Guys, this XV I created was not passed on current fitness and rather was developed around the true spirit of the Barbarian style of rugby; fast, open and risky and I believe I picked all players based upon such a virtue. Some have questioned why I picked Johnny or Slipper? It’s simple Rugby Rama asked to pick a team to compete against his Ba Ba’s team and that’s what I did; I did not choose the same players like other wanna be’s had done. I chose a team that could match his on any given day, a blend of youth and experience.

    Further more Harinordoquy at lock in my opinion is ingenious and I think he is well suited there; fast, abrasive, strong and tactical.

    Thanks again for commenting

    • Wagga Magpie

      You say “the Barbarian style of rugby; fast, open and risky ” yet you choose Wilkinson over Cooper? Elsom over Smith? Brussow over Pocock? Slipper over anyone?

      Fast and open rugby? No.

      Risky? Definitely. Massive risk.

      • Laurent

        Man read my review, you’ll see why, I can’t believe there are so many Johnny haters out there! QC please, Johnny’s a master and the only good thing that came out of Wagga were the pies and Devils rugby lol

        Don’t mess w Slipper he’s my dark horse…

    • Bobas

      You chose a team that could match his on any given day?

      What about the 1,169 days after the 2003 WC that Wilkinson was unfit for?

      I’m sorry but Wilkinson in 10 is a joke and your team would never match it with Gagr’s.

      Here’s a team I think that has potential. Without Picking anyone from yours or Gagr’s team.

      1 Gethin Jenkins (Wales)
      2 Keven Mealamu (NZ)
      3 Adam Jones (Wales)
      4 Courtney Lawes (Eng)
      5 Victor Matfield (SA)
      6 Jerome Kaino (NZ)
      7 poCOCK (WF)
      8 Nick Easter (Eng)
      9 WG (REDS)
      10 QC (REDS)
      11 H Gear (NZ)
      12 Ma’a Nonu (NZ)
      13 AAC (BRU)
      14 JOC (WF)
      15 KB (Aust)

      • Bobas

        Sorry, I would have chosen Mils in for KB, I had had some what of a Fruedian slip.

        Thanks again for Commenting.

        • Laurent

          u are a deadset arm chair selector… watch some games b4 you make stupid comments little boy!

        • Pedro

          Arm chair selector?

          What, do all the best selectors use stools?

          Stop projecting all your insecurities onto everyone else, if you have a legitimate criticism then make it. All you are doing is giving the impression that you are a little boy with thin skin and an innability to create a gravatar.

      • the entertainer

        Wilko at 10 is hardly a joke, THIS is a joke;


        Wilko has had 2 great seasons at Toulon and is now leading the Top 14 league as highest points scorer. He can also tackle, which is more than you can say for wet tissue QC

        • Bobas

          Wilkinson is a joke, and so is dubbo. Stop posting under different names is so easy to identify you with all your wilko man love.

          Wilkinson was not a bad fly half by any means but its as farcical as playing carlos spencer there…

          just not appropriate for a team you want to make beat the w15.

        • Reds Fan 2011

          Hey Wilko lover, if you want post videos of people in their first few years as a player how about you show Wilko in the 76 to 0 thumping he got in ’98 against us. He thought the game was touch or you had to do as many bad things as possible to win in that game. lol

        • Bullrush

          Carter > Wilko > QC

          Wilkinson is in form at the moment and not only does he tackle, as already mentioned but he can kick goals as well.

          IMO, QC hasn’t proven himself as a real game winner on the inetrnational stage yet.

          If just based on pure entertainment though then QC would definitely get my vote. Not only is he razzle dazzle on offense but his attempts at tackling are straight up hilarious ;)

      • redbull

        Bobas, I like the way you can distinguish Reds from Aus

        • Bobas

          hehe, accidental, but its only Beale from Aust.

    • BloodRed

      Hairy-nude-guy is only 192cm. Better hope there are no lineouts.

  • dubbonian77


    • Bobas

      Wow you made a friend to agree with you. It might be an idea to give them a different Gagartar so its not flamingly obvious.

  • redbull

    I like the baabaas sides that are being put forward.

    BUT the question is…..


    and can i have ticket please?

  • Scrummie

    2013, Lions vs Barbarians. Should be a pretty good match. Interested in how the young Aussies will mature in the two years.

    • Bay35Pablo

      Fark the Bar Bars. We should round off the tour with Lions v Southern Hemisphere All Stars. AUS/NZ/SAF/ARG Best of.

      Blood on the grass boys ….

  • Welsh Wizard

    On the whole a bunch of one eyed Sth. Hem. selections !

    Perhaps a more balanced team below (with some notable other NH players omitted):

    1. Jenkins (Wal)
    2. Mealamu (NZ)
    3. Jones (Wal)
    4. Wyn-Jones (Wal)
    5. Matfield (SA)
    6. Kaino (NZ)
    7. Pocock (Aus)
    8. Parisse (It)
    9. Genia (Aus)
    10. Cooper (Aus)
    11. North (Wal)
    12. Bill-Williams (NZ)
    13. O’Driscoll (Ire)
    14. Ashton (Eng)
    15. Muliaina (NZ)

  • Dujon

    My complete match day 22 would be as follows:

    1. G Jenkins
    2 . B Du Plessis
    3 . Hayman
    4 . Matfield
    5 . Lawes
    6 . Kaino
    7 . Pocock
    8 . Parisse
    9 . F Du Preez
    10 . Evans
    11 . H Gear
    12 . S.B Williams
    13 . Fruean
    14 . A.A Cooper
    15 . F Steyn

    16. Servat
    17. Cole
    18. S Whitelock
    19. Spies
    20. Houggard
    21. Hernandez
    22. Dagg

    I’ve not taken into account the fact some players have either recently returned from injury or are currently injured, it’s just my best XV who have performed at any part of this year that aren’t in the GR&R XV.

    – Nick Evans over Quade Cooper any day of the week for me, he’s a proven match winner. Cooper’s good but I have yet to see him concistenly deliver victory into his team’s hands when their chips are down. Nick Evans has – at Nth Harbour, Highlanders, and most recently at Harlequins
    – Barbarian sides always carry an uncapped player and clearly the world’s best uncapped player has to be Robbie Fruean!!!
    – F Steyn is in because I cannot be seen to biased toward in NZ by including Muiliana and include more kiwis to the backline.

    • Cluster

      Hard to argue with that except for full back!. Dont worry put in Mils, easily the best 15 in world rugby!. Beale will be, but not yet..

  • David

    To challenge the “World XV” I would pick any player who has touched a ball in any comp this year. Therefore my team would look like this.

    1. G. Jenkins
    2. B. Du Plessis
    3. C. Hayman
    5. A. Bekker
    6. R. Elsom
    7. D. Pocock
    8. W. Palu
    9. F. Du Preez
    10. Q. Cooper
    11. I. Dagg
    12. S. Bill Williams
    13. R. Fruen
    14. J. Oconnor
    15. K. Beale

    16. J. Slipper
    17. T. Polota Nau
    18. V. Matfield
    19. I. Harinordaquay
    20. P.Wepu
    21. J. Roberts
    22. A. Ashley Cooper

    Before anybody gets all lippy about my choice of reserve prop, who has gotten the better of slipper this yea by any considerable margin?? And judging by his extraordinary rate of improvement it could be a while before anybody does!!

    • Dujon

      I like the makeup of your team, although I would have chosen not to have as many wallabies as you did, but to each his own, right?

      Who’s your cover at first five eigths on the reserves bench? Are you leaning toward Weepu being primary cover for both roles of Halfback & 1st Five eigths?
      Kurtley Beale has already been selected for the G&GR XV, hence that means you would have to select someone else for the fullback position. Who would you replace him with? Would you shift Dagg there and bring in another winger, or would you select someone who didn’t make your cut the first time? F Steyn? N Evans?

    • Bullrush

      Bahahahahahahahaa…….I can understand you picking Slipper but Elsom, Palu and Quade Cooper…..Rocky would be 3rd pick blindside, Palu about 5th and Quade 3rd at best as well.

      Too funny…..

  • David

    should have put Paul Oconnel in my number 4

  • ScrumJunkie

    My BaaBaa team…

    1. Ben Alexander
    2. Kevin Mealamu
    3. John Afoa
    4. Radike Samo
    5. Victor Matfield (c)
    6. Rocky Elsom
    7 Daniel Braid
    8. Andy Powell
    9. Jimmy Cowan
    10. Quade Cooper
    11. James O’Conner
    12. Anthony Faingaa
    13. Mike Tindall
    14. Rene Ranger
    15. Mils Muliaina

    Rocky would lift his game in that company and have a blinder. Every one of those forwards is a hard man who loves to run the ball, and the backline is the perfect combination of danger and commonsense.
    Even if I do say so myself.

    • Dujon

      Main concesus within NZ public regarding J Afoa: good runner ball in-hand, workrate high BUT… can’t scrum to save himself!!! Every other position looks well balanced though.

  • Louis

    The Entertainer
    Mate if you’d have watched the whole clip you’d posted, it’s actually of the same match, and if I’m not mistaken, QC first run on game for the Reds
    Speaking of debuts, does anyone remember in 1996 when Wilko made his debut against the Wallabies, and we annihalated them 76-0? Oh and that brings me to my next point
    That game also happened to be Larkham’s debut at fly-half, and also happened to score a hat-trick and MOTM
    If an old general is what u want, and whatever wine tasting crap ur on about, I reckon picking a four year long retired Larkham would be a much better option than Jonny, the goal-kicking prettyboy with golden locks
    Do you even watch rugby?

    • Laurent


      Give yourself an uppercut.. These teams are based on current players for one, secondly you must also pick a team not big note on the exploits of a great who is no longer playing or didn’t you know? Do you even watch rugby? &;-)

      Can’t wait until the Super15 starts gotta have you in my pool to see what your really made of! Your email address please I will advise when the site is launched

  • Louis

    Mate, I’m saying that u if you wanted to pick a team with an old general, larkham would be better than wilkinson
    I was also outlining the fact that if you post a video saying how disgraceful a player is, and it happens to be their debut, it doesn’t really prove anything
    I only brought up larkham to bring up wilkos debut, which wasn’t crash hot either

  • redbull

    Alright, I might as well get some abuse hurled at me.

    1 Jenkins WAL
    2 Mealamu NZL
    3 Cole ENG
    4 O’Connell IRE
    5 Lawes ENG
    6 Rocky AUS
    7 Pocock AUS
    8 Parisse ITA
    9 Parra FRA
    10 Cooper AUS
    11 Rod Davies uncapped
    12 Bastareaud FRA
    13 SBW NZL
    14 Bowe IRE
    15 Steyn RSA

    The only discomfort is Steyn at FB. But as long as he is instructed to only kick when there are five huys about to tackle him I think he would go well.

    …..and as for the bench, well my choice of nom de plume says it all.

    16 Faingaa RED
    17 Slipper RED
    18 Horwill RED
    19 Higginbotham RED
    20 Genia RED
    21 Ioane RED
    22 Hynes RED


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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