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Green & Gold Rugby 2017 Wallaby Player of the Year

Green & Gold Rugby 2017 Wallaby Player of the Year

As we arrive in the early days of 2018 Australian Rugby fans are no doubt keen to see the back of 2017 and speaketh of it nevermore.

What with the dire Super Rugby performances, the Force debacle and some mixed Wallaby performances (even the wins) and Aussie rugby fans had a whole lot of yuk to deal with.

But, there were still some enough glimmers of gold (in gold) to perhaps provide us a slither of hope and once again and, for the ninth successive year the fans at Green and Gold Rugby have come together to determine our annual GAGR Wallaby Player of the Year Award.

Before we get into the votes, a little bit about the process.

After every Wallaby test match, over in the forum, our readers provide their old school 3-2-1’s for that game. That is, they declare their top three performing Wallabies with the best getting 3 points, 2nd best getting 2 points and the third best getting 1 point.

At the end of the match (voting usually stops by about the Thursday following a weekend test) we accumulate the votes and come up with the three highest point-getters. They are then assigned the 3-2-1 for that test and kept in a spreadsheet, which accumulates the points across the season.

Then come season end, sometime after the November tests we name our winner of the largest fan-driven player award in Australian Rugby.

Our readers have time and again showed extreme astuteness in their selections with the list of winners undeniably at the top of their class in Australian rugby.

Previous winners have been as follows:

2009 – George Smith
2010 – David Pocock
2011 – Will Genia
2012 – Michael Hooper
2013 – Scott Fardy
2014 – James Slipper
2015 – David Pocock
2016 – Will Genia

Let’s get to this season gone and have a look at who were the standouts each match before unveiling our 9th Green and Gold Rugby Wallaby Player of the Year.


(Australia 37 defeated Fiji 14)

3 POINTS – Adam Coleman

2 POINTS – Karmichael Hunt

1 POINT – Israel Folau


(Scotland 24 defeated Australia 19)

3 POINTS – Michael Hooper

2 POINTS – Adam Coleman

1 POINT – Israel Folau


(Australia 40 defeated Italy 27)

3 POINTS – Adam Coleman

2 POINTS – Israel Folau

1 POINT – Karmicheal Hunt

Lopeti Timani, Adam Coleman and Rory Arnold about to pack down a scrum

Adam Coleman was the stand out Wallaby in the June tests

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  • RobC

    Thanks Reg and team. A fine selection

    Can’t help but think that barring injuries, these two will improve even more. Though in the case of SeanMc we won’t see it.

    Another thing is the wide variety of players who put in good performances. I wish there were more forwards in the mix

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Great choice. Adam Coleman is a friggen legend. I love his uncompromising attitude and his hardness. I still think Arnold is his best partner as they really compliment each other. Sad to see McMahon leave for Japan as he really stepped up when he played this year.

  • Dud Roodt

    Certainly can’t argue with our genius.

  • Huw Tindall

    Posted on Jan 2nd – thought this had been forgotten in 2017 – like we should be forgetting much of the rugby – but glad to see the tradition continue. As others have said it’s hard to argue with the results so I won’t and will just say well done Adam. We certainly missed him for the final games of 2017. Now just to wait out the off season and we can do it all again in 2018!

  • Gallagher

    Any chance of getting the player points breakdown for each previous year as well, would be some great viewing?

    • RugbyReg

      if you click on the players’ names in the intro it takes you to the respective article for each year which as each breakdown. Is that what you want?

      • Gallagher

        Ya sweet mate

  • Joe Blow

    Both worthy and integral in the side moving forward. Tell us then why McMahon has been shunned and is slurping down beef ramen as we speak?
    Pocock will replace him but he offers a slightly different skill set.
    Adam Coleman is a beast. Congrats to both!

  • McWarren

    thanks Reg very interesting to see who scored what and cant argue with the winners. I was surprised to see Hooper only pick up points in 4 games, like him or loathe him, he has a consistently high work rate.

    Any chance we can get Taf back to a super club. With Pocock’s return I think we’ll miss him more than McMahon.

    Happy new year everyone!!


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