Have a rank: Wallabies Player Ranking vs England

Have a rank: Wallabies Player Ranking vs England

Have a rank: Wallabies Player Ranking vs England

How would you rank each of the players in this gutsy Wallabies performance?


Wallabies vs England, Twickenham 2012

  • Fin

    Great to see the new centre pair working. Tapuai looks the real deal at 12 and AAC appear comfortable running the crtash ball that McCabe normally would. The Honey Badger played like one of those classic wingers who runs the 5 metre channel with pace and timing and makes the guy throwing the wide ball look like a genius.

    Watching how well Barnes played at fullback and how much his presence seemed to contribute to Beales game and the general composure of the backs makes me think back to Deans selections in the WC semi.

    If Deans had started Barnes at fullback or at least brought JOC across from the wing to provide a second option, once Beale was ruled out he had to. In that match Cooper was the only ball player and the only one directing the play and he just had no chance, not against the Allblacks, all they had to do was get in his face and shut him down and there was no back up plan, no second flyhalf to exploit the space and ABs knew from the satrt all they had to due was dominate one player and they win the match.
    I like Barnes at 15 with Cooper Beale or JOC at 10, and I think that’s what you’ll see come Lions time.

    • Who Needs Melon

      “Tapuai looks the real deal at 12 and AAC appear comfortable running the crtash ball that McCabe normally would”.

      Yeah, who would have thunk it? Oh, that’s right – just about every frikken blogger and rugby observer and commentator on the planet. Robbie will probably put McCabe back in next game though.

      • Brumb

        Except McCabe has a broken neck (which he played on with) from last weeks game and will be out for the next three months. Got to give the guy some credit for putting his body on the line behind a forward pack going backwards.

        • Mart

          No one can fault his heart. Wether he’s the best inside centre in the country is another question

        • Robson

          Agree that he is a brave un, but no he is not, imho, the best IC in the country. Taps proved that he is just as solid, but has got a much better eye for the gap, then there is JOC, who runs lines that create gaps. Both Taps and JOC are also great distributors. I just don’t rate Patty as an IC at all. Whilst he is all heart and puts his body right on the line, his crash ball doesn’t put a hole in the defence like Ma’a Nonu does, so he doesn’t create the half break needed to get an offload away.

          Frankly I think his best position is on the wing or at fullback.

        • bill

          I’d love to have McCabe in the team but until he has a pair of hands wing and fullback are the only positions for him and I think we have better players there, he did play well at out centre for the brumbies in a limited gameplan, but at test level in that position we can’t afford him. It’s a shame because he’s compulsively watchable. I dunno, maybe blindside flanker from the bench? Again we have better options. Never know, that 5 second rule may speed stuff up enough to make it an option.

          If he was a leaguie he’d be a second rower, I don’t think he even has the hands to be a league lock let alone a centre.

        • bill

          A large part of the reason the pack goes backwards is because of the crash ball. That’s not McCabe’s fault but the gameplan that is so one dimensional.

      • Bearfact

        Yes, I’m glad that Tapuai took his chance to show his penetration at 12 for the Wallabies. I hope that McCabe takes care of his neck and isn’t picked to run at the nearest tackler again.

        • bill

          I’m not sure penetration should be allowed on a rugby field.

          Hang on, I was joking, but maybe that’s the genesis of Robbie’s abhorrence of playing rugby as opposed to clarity through crash ball self flagellistic bullshit. He’s a secret puritan!

    • idiot savant

      I agree. Barnes is the hardest working back and never stops reading the play. He comes up into the back line every time Australia has the ball and provides an option. He was the reason we sneaked home against the Pumas at the Gold Coast. He gave Cooper the option to bypass McCabe and contributed to Ioane winning the MOM because he got so much ball from Barnes. His ability to play first receiver really gives the attack another dimension and he and Beale interchanged well against the Poms. And his courage is second to none, under the high ball, quick passing while absorbing the hit, and making try saving tackles. And now that there are finally some chasers, his kicking games doesnt seem so bad.

      • muffy

        Couldn’t agree more re Barnes.
        I have never really understood the hate campaign for this tough and honest country boy

  • Gibbo

    Interesting comparing this weeks results to last weeks.

    Last week only 3 players were in Positive territory – This week – all but 4. Talk about a turn around.

    Also I thought that Gill did some good graft work when he came on.

    Kurtley’s defensive game really has turned around.

    • Garry

      Yes, agree with you on Kurtley, he was grassing them all over park.

      Our defensive game is still solid, and a win comes with just a small improvement in attacking quality. As we suspected, there is substantial untapped potential in this squad.

  • Barbarian

    How is Benn Robbo at number 11? We DEMOLISHED the England scrum and he can’t even crack the top 10??

    It’s an outrage.


    • Like the refs, the crowd is pre-judging him on past form.

      I am going to go out on a ledge here and say THE CAT IS BACK!!!!

  • Red Kev

    How does Cummins get 17 down votes?

    • Spoilers. Or blokes that don’t like wingers with perms.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      Yoga people doing head stands?

    • bill

      Maybe he wasn’t the best wallaby out there. i know I rated Tapui and Hooper ahead of him. I had him behind Phipps.

      • Brumby Runner

        I agree with Hooper and Taps but Phipps? I think the overall ratings by the fans is pretty much spot on. Honey Badger certainly in the top three performers.

    • Obviously cobras and lions are now able to vote.
      Youtube if you don’t know what I mean.

  • Who Needs Melon

    Is there some way you guys can give us an average this season for all starters or something? I’d love to see how Hooper has gone. Has to have been near the top every time. I actually thought this last outing WASN’T one of his best games.

  • Big Ted

    And there it is…One average victory over a slightly more average opposition and every punter reckons we are on the way to the top. All the pocket pissing! Sounds like a bloody Growden article. I will admit there was some improvement that I believe was due in most part to improved team make-up (I.e Taps to IC, AAC to OC, Barnes 15).

    Lets not forget that late in the first half 37% of the game to this point had been played inside the England 22. Despite this, we still only managed 1 try. That try also happened to be scored from counter attack starting in our own half (which was nice to see I might add)

    Defence, effort and even numbers at the breakdown have not been our major problem, and once again these aspects were admirable on the weekend but the whole of the wallabies play smacks of “No farking idea”. No tries from red zone play, trying to kick the friggin’ ball away into touch and failing for the last 15 mins of the game, no penetration of first phase and subsequently no 2nd phase flow! Just to name a few.

    Robbi Deans has no idea whatsoever! He hasn’t been able to either pick a team or devise a game plan that suits the players (inept or otherwise) he picks. His “play what’s in front of you” plan has failed miserably and he’s too fucking stubborn to let it go and move forward.

    • Brumby Runner

      There was noticeable improvement in the backline attack compared with what we’ve seen over the past year or two. I put that down to the players (better players playing in their correct positions) rather than the coaching. The consistent failing imo in the whole of Deans’ tenure has been his inability to recognise talented players and then to use them in their best positions. His reputation for identifying talent is completely unwarranted.

      Whether or not that improvement is a sign of things to come, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • goldman

    Wow quade going.good ridance

    • bill

      Well that’s brave, do we have anyone else near that ability? Was what he did so wrong, or is it just reactionary bullshit from the aru to protect it’s own authority, which isn’t at all in question.

      The only guy I’ve seen find a hole for Pat McCabe to squeeze through is Cooper. Think about that.

  • Johnny-boy

    It’s always a bit of chuckle watching Sitaleki Timani defending the lineout at number two. He just stands there with his hands up like he’s been sponsored by Hillsong, praying the ball will come to him

    • Brumby Runner

      Why is it so? Is he too big to lift?

      • Johnny-boy

        Personally BrumbR I think it’s because Timani is a lazy bugger.


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