Have a Rank: Wallabies vs All Blacks Suncorp 2012
All Blacks

Have a Rank: Wallabies vs All Blacks Suncorp 2012

Have a Rank: Wallabies vs All Blacks Suncorp 2012

How do you reckon the Wallabies went against the All Blacks on Sharpie’s Farewell? Have a rank on us!


Wallabies vs All Blacks Suncorp 2012

  • Graeme

    At the moment Tiamani has 3 thumbs up and 14 thumbs down. Surely he want on long enough to give anything other than 14 no votes!

  • Kiap

    If a player is subbed in the 1st half like Timani was then his replacement should be in the poll.

    Douglas would have been close to Motm (or Top 3 for sure).

    • Ooaahh

      Agree, he was a menace.

  • Billy Balls

    if this is a draw does this mean we are as good as them now?…um no, the All Blacks are the best, well always give them a fright but ya kidding yaself if ya think we would have won without kiwi boy Harris ..i mean leading up the only hope that was flying around was that the hot weather would tire them.. shit, we need to change the coach, we have the players.

    • Steve

      Is it ok with you if the rest of us enjoy the happy feeling without you?

  • Red Kev

    How the hell is Beale third on that list? He had a bloody shocker, forward passes, dropped ball, kicks out on the full, aimless out of hand kicks, one break (that he kicked away), no break creates with his passing, oh and a spilled pass dead in front of the posts.
    If Quade had played that poorly the press would be howling.

    • whatwouldberniedo

      Absolutely RK,

      Beale cant pass to man at pace on his right (requisite skill for 5/8 one would think). he habitually tries to beat men on the outside (giteau disease), he closes space outside for the guys he’s meant to be servicing (the shining light of the backs last night was Taps ability to do something with nothing), and guess what you do once you’ve run enough sideways (with no ability to pick up an inside runner because he’s facing the touch line)? chip kick perhaps? the only 3 on 1 open field opportunity in the whole game. UNF&^%$BELIEVABLE!!!.

      Lions tour backline should be (if fit):
      9 Genia
      10 Cooper (possibly Lealifano)
      11 Beale (until he learns to value the ball)
      12 Tapuai (head and shoulders above everyone in this position at the moment)
      13 Ioane (better front on defender than Beale)
      14 Mitchell (best positional winger we have with the instincts and hands to match)
      15 JOC (most consistant under the high ball by a fair margin)

      Harris would rightly feel hard done by but these are the athletes that have more potential to dominate

      AAC hasnt run through a hole at pace in either S15 or a test in over 2 years and his hands are awful. (all his higlights in this period have been either defensive or open field broken play where cooper/genia has created huge space for him to run to. OK winger, not much more)

      Mccabe is simultaneously the posterchild of the wallaby spirit and its tactical mediocrity. if i want stories of bravery, I’ll watch a kakoda doco. this isn’t war, its footy, and he can’t play it well enough to wear gold.

      • Luke

        So you’re basing the 2013 Lions Tour backline off the players’ form in 2012?


        • Rob

          You redneck queenslanders need to stop being so biased because little baby quadey doesn’t cut it anymore and call it like it is. Quade blooper is mud and should never wear gold again. Pretending he is a better player than Beale purely because of the state he plays for is laughable. Get over it.

  • Great effort by the forwards, the best i’ve seen from them as a unit in a loooong time. Big thumbs up for that.

    Great leadership from Sharpe.

    Surprised at the low rank for AAC. His defence was just outstanding. And this game was more about defence and the breakdown than blistering attack. Sure, he dropped the ball in the 22, but his overall performance was okay.

    Not Phippsy’s best day, but a great trysaving tackle in there.

    Agree with Kiap that Douglas deserved to be ranked.

    Maybe LeftArmSpinner is right re anointing the Rosario 22.

  • Redsfan1

    I was glad that Jourbert gave it to Ritchie McCaw. In no other sport in the world do they allow one player to be such a law unto himself. Last night Jourbert ref’d him as the rest of the world’s players get ref’d & poor Ritchie didn’t like it one bit!

    • Jimmy

      It was interesting last night watching the referee actually referee the All Blacks and in particular McCaw at the breakdown. Definitely put him off his game and Higgenbotham also contributed.

      I’m certainly not one to support foul play and I don’t think you can justify what Higgenbotham did. He deserves to be cited and i think he will get a few weeks with is probably consistent with what we have seen. Having said that it was great to see someone react to McCaw doing his usual and scruffing some poor back lying on the ground (I think it may have been Mitchell but can’t remember – feel free to correct me). It seems to me that teams have just had enough. The refs haven’t been policing him for the last 6 years so it seems as though opposition teams have just decided to do it themselves. I think the blame lies squarely with SANZAR and the IRB for what is happening to Ritchie. People will only take so much and when they aren’t seeing justice done they will administer their own. Sad it has come to this and bad for the game.

      • Dirty Socks

        The game was really decided when Joubert called advantage over after Beales knockon within his own 22. the ABs recovered the ball, were still behind the advatage line and had no advantage. Their knockon immediatedly after lead to the excitement of the last minute and extra time, which while good, really was not decisive to the game. A scrum at Beales knockon would have led to a different result. We having played well under good captaincy at long last, were all the same very lucky at that point. Dont let me hear anyone bad mouth Joubert again.

      • redbull

        I have said it before.

        The best footage is of Irish No8 Heaslip continuously kneeing McCaw in the head. He got red-carded but McCaw should have been sent well before the kneeing from pure cynical play at the tryline.

        Hansen wants to complain about Higgers reaction? Have him watch a video of McCaws indiscretions. It will be a long, long video

        • Sledgey

          Would you mind posting a video of McCaw kneeing or headbutting anyone……..anywhere…….please, just so we can excuse the same being done to him week after week.
          If not, then what are you talking about?

        • Bob
        • ooaahh

          It’s not a knee but he’s no saint either Sledgey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkDTkXuxr7Q

        • Sledgey

          So……that’s the worst anyone can come up with?
          That’s the worst of his so called “dirty” play?
          Well hell then, I can’t understand why he wasn’t cited for that career ending miss kick!

          Now I understand why he’s targeted with knees to head and the odd eye gouge every time he takes the field. Against the poms, the bokkies and of course the wallabies.
          It all makes sense now, thanks

        • Benny

          This is about as violent as I’ve seen RM and could explain why the refs protect him


    • sarco

      Joubert is a ‘homie’ – no matter where the game.
      technically one of the better referees out there but never a man to upset his hosts.

      Very impressed with wallabies scramble and effort but little in the way of real creativity despite the talk pre-game about having a go.
      Loved the McCaw call for a scrum in front of your own posts with time up on the clock

  • AB

    57 people and counting were not watching the game I was watching. Tatafu Polota-Nau had an absolute shocker. I can vividly remember 2 knock ons in the 22. There may have been others. Also threw that shocker in the lineout to Richie McCaw. How did they didn’t score was a miracle. Lucky they came away with just 3 points. I don’t care if he can carry 50% of the time well. It’s the other times that really hurt the team. And the set pieces. We’ve seen it in the Championship games, he’s just not gelling. Hanson to start first Europe test please.

    • matty_k

      Or 67 and counting people think that the rest of his game made up for and then some for the shockers that he had.

    • Gunner

      I agree, a terrible effort by TPN on the night.

    • easts

      I disagree mate, TPN made a few telling runs in the first half where he broke 4 or 5 tackles, and that was shortly after he rushed up on Messam and delivered a headbutt-to-the-shins tackle which made him knock on. Also cover defended really well and i recall him chasing down Aaron Smith and made him push a silly pass. The only reason he dropped that ball in front of the line was because of some super-human defence from Kieran Reid

  • Reds man

    TPN shouldn’t be near a test jersey. Last night was the biggest disgrace display of a player who is the softest man to pull on the gold jersey. When he dropped that ball he was never injured he put his head down and faked being injured. Sorry that shows weakness and every Super rugby team know it too so how the hell does a player like that get a test jersey? Deans should have pulled him there and then especially after the replay was shown twice. Go and soccer mate you just aren’t made for test rugby. Other than that I thought it was a team effort and everyone put in.

    • Reggie

      TPN copped Whitelock’s shoulder to the head after Read tackled him. Not sure too many players would have got up straight away let alone played on like he did.

    • MrMouse


  • Gibbity

    Has anyone else come to the sad realisation that Nathan Sharpe should have been named captain a very long time ago?

    It’s a shame that Australia was constantly looking for some young gun to be the face of the Wallabies all the while Sharpie was quietly doing all the hard-yards for his country and never asking for his piece of the pie.

    Through very dire circumstances, can we call this man the best captain since Mortlock gave up his reigns?

  • Nutta

    Random thoughts for what they are worth:

    First up, great test match played by two committed opponents. That was proper Test match rugby. Yes there were elementary errors on both sides, but that’s what pressure does. The INTENSITY and COMMITMENT was 1st rate. We made it a dogfight, niggled, hassled and gave nothing away for free and bugger me we nearly stole the choccies from the best in the business – the reigning world champs.

    I thought the reffing was fair enough in that my beefs about decisions went both ways.

    We bombed 2 tries. So did they. We bombed 3 goals (2 missed penalties and a drop goal that never happened). So did they (2 missed penalties and a missed drop goal). So a draw was fair enough in terms of points.

    Generally I thought our forwards were better then theirs. But then again their backs were much more dangerous. Draw their too.

    I thought we scrummed well. Fat Cat was great to watch and welcome back Kepu. Kepu danced with his outside foot twice that should have been punished, but he got away with it and his hips and drive were a mile in front of BenA and Slipps. Despite one school-boy like sucker on a wheel I thought we were strong all game. I thought the fronties were grand in this area and were served well by a back 5 who stuck with them and didn’t play Meercat.

    Restarts continue to be a problem. Not sure how to fix other then get more enthusiasm to get around the ball-catcher quicker and stop trying to catch high-balls front-on or tap-back. Get airborne, get sideways and catch it. That being said, we were playing the best I’ve ever seen at restarts so what do you expect?

    There were some uncharacteristic missed 1st tackles by the Wobblies. But I couldn’t fault the heart to throw shoulders at runners especially at the red-zone pick & drive defence. McCabes milked penalty on the Nonu was gold.

    Obviously our decision making needs work – losing our way in the last 10min in particular and of course not taking the field goal. But that will come with time and familiarity.

    I was disappointed with the coaching that introduced 3 cold players (Dennis, Gill and a returning Hooper) at such a crucial defensive lineout. It should have been Hooper only and leave the others until we are off the tryline. That nearly cost us the game at one stroke.

    The yellow to The Croc was more then deserved and hearing “Roll away Black 7″ even made my wife laugh. I thought the yellow to Hooper was “iffy” at best. But that being said, how Phibbs got away with not being yellowed (at least – arguably a red) for his deliberate off-side from the Two Dads dropped highball was wrong and he should of been marched for that.

    For those who are getting all sanctimonious about Higgers vs McAwe, well there was enough niggle all round and it’s a complete fantasy to think there wasn’t going to be some pushy-shovy-butty at some stage. Besides, after years of watching the likes of Botha and Chris Jack bully-boy away it was nice to see some Owen Finnegan attitude back in Gold (check that Cooper – it’s “GOLD” ok. Reckon that was too toxic for you? You poser)

    My MOTM – Kane Douglas. Great game.

    My “Get Hooked” was a tie between TPN and Phibbs. Phibbs passing and general decision making was very poor. That’s 2 tests in a row now. And TPN certainly cost us a try with a poor carry and damn near gave them a 2nd try with poor throwing. TPN was hit very hard by Read when he dropped the ball, and admittedly TPN made some terrific tackles around the field. But we have had to carry TPN’s lightening lineouts for some time needing a wrecking ball. Now with the likes of Timani, Douglas, Palu etc we don’t have to carry that any more. He needs to get it right or make way.

    Considering that we drew with the reigning deserving World Champs at the tail end of a crap year (including losses to such powerhouses as Samoa, Scotland and Ireland) that saw 12 debuts and more then 45 heads play in a Wobbly jumper, I’m happier then I could have been. Of course more neecs to be done. But we may have even turned a corner in terms of heart & depth just in-time for the Lions

    • Jimmy

      Nutta mate – Last week you gave the same speech that earned your team a draw to the Wallabies. And it ended up with its own article. And the Wallabies ended up with the draw.

      Could you please break out the Winning speech in the coming weeks please??

    • ooaahh

      I think you will find that TPN dropped that ball due to him not being able to hold it properly as Phipps pass was slow and behind him so he had to reach back over his right shoulder to get it… if he got it on the button we may well have kept it and possibly scored in a phase or two.. i agree phipps aint the answer for us at half.

    • johnny-boy

      Unfair to describe Phipps as deliberately offside from AAC dropping the pill. More like just an unfortunate reflex action, which the ref recognised

      • Nutta

        Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying he should be beheaded. I would have done the same thing (assuming I had the pace, skill, fitness etc to be there – which I don’t) in his shoes

        But it was still a deliberate offside to prevent any of the 3 or 4 AB chasers from getting the ball and most likely scoring.

        That’s a professional foul to prevent a try and as such deserves to be marched.

  • Devils Advocate

    Congratulations to a platted and battered Wallabies side, they played a very smart game, kept it tight slowed it down and didn’t let the AB’s backline into the game.

    Harris kicked superbly well, Sharpe had a solid game but I struggled to identify anyone that really played well, from either side. There were penalties and errors galore!

    I was disappointed by Higgonbotham and Hooper’s cheap shots, they were unnecessary and shows the immaturity and inexperience in the squad.

    Disappointments from both sides:
    Had-Enough Now (TPN) is a bad player, period. I know he is all they have cause of injury but he is not good. Couple of good runs but I do not think he should be near a gold jersey

    Nonu was shaky, couldn’t catch a cold and struggled to get the ball through the backline.

    AB’s back’s – weren’t in the game, didn’t see the like of Gear, Jane and Dagg terrorize sides like they do week in week out.

    Biggest Disappointment from this series – Australian media and fans. I’m sick of the excuses, whinging and criticism of the AB’s and McCaw in particular. I’m from the darkness and I try to keep an open mind and look at all sides objectively, and McCaw is the greatest 7 there is an has ever been. And Australia’s media and fans going after him EVERY game and the players going for cheap shots is just sad. Australia needs to grow up.

    • Jimmy

      Perhaps you will find the “fans” and “media” you are sick of, are sick of your team and especially McCaw destroying free flowing games with illegal tactics. They may also be sick of the arrogance and “holyer than thou” attitude expressed by so many of the All Blacks fans.

      I personally love this sentence “And Australia’s media and fans going after him EVERY game and the players going for cheap shots is just sad”

      After what the media and All Black fans did to Cooper during the World Cup you have got to be joking. If the hypocritical ramble you have written above is your version of being “open minded” then i dont think you understand the term in its correct meaning.

      And finally, as always, if you don’t like the comments here – don’t read the blog. You are aware that this is an Australian site?

      • Dirty Socks

        Jimmy, they were cheap shots on Ritchie and Quade did the NZ experience to himself. Bleating in defence of a moron is getting me pissed off. I am not proud of either aspect. But I am proud of Sharpes captaincy. God what we have missed for a number of years.

      • Devils Advocate

        The media going after Cooper, I admit were extreme, but the man is trash, and he has come out against his own team and pissed off everyone and isn’t in line for selection anymore, he is a prime target.

        What I can’t stand is the lack of recognition from Australia about NZ rugby. I understand that it’s for Australia blah blah but every comment is trying to put the AB’s down in order to try and make themselves look bigger and better.

        Not once has anything positive been said about the AB’s and that is what annoys me, Im not expecting praise and worship, but blindly ignoring them is tough to see.

        When Australia win, I accept it and congratulate them and put my mourning to one side. It is incredibly hard to remain objective in rugby for me.

        And also I come on here because it gives me an insight into the minds of rugby supporters here, reading NZ comments gets dull, we win all the time you see, it gets repetitive.

        • Jimmy

          So basically your point is that you are pissed off that we don’t “recognise” you enough.

          Wow – I’ll give you credit to finally admit what we have known for so long – In NZ there is some kind of psychological problem with the people feeling inferior to their neighbours. And its manifests itself as open hostility.

          Well let me put your mind at ease. It’s not that we don’t recognise you, you just need to understand that you are such an unimportant part of our lives. We have bigger fish to fry. Australians have a long history of recognising great sportspeople from other countries (Eg Tendulkar) but Rugby is so far off the Radar over here you aren’t going to see much press – it’s just the way it is.

          And for the few of us that do follow Rugby, all we hear from your side is how humble and perfect you are in comparison to us who are “arrogant” and “dirty”. Read any of your own press following the draw and you will see that not one of them has said anything other than “The All Blacks played really badly and that’s why they didn’t win”.

          Now I ‘m not saying that Australia played well. They were rubbish. But they displayed some heart and put your guys under pressure which was one of the main reasons the ABs didn’t win. If you are going to call for “recognition” you will also need to sort things out from your end. For me, I don’t really care whether New Zealanders “recognise” us or our teams at all. It’s not going to ruin my day either way. I’d rather we played do a good standard and ignored all the external rubbish.

        • Jimmy

          And yes – Cooper is trash. That wasn’t my point. It doesn’t alter what happened or excuse it. In fact, Aussies who travel to NZ to watch the Rugby have experienced the same sort of hostility for the last 30 years. It’s something that is built into the people there. Rugby just seems to mean too much to you guys.

        • Dirty Socks

          Christ Jimmy, even I find that a bit much. We can not be civil to each other depending on which State we live in, let alone across the ditch.

        • Mart

          Ha. Where’s the Violin

      • S Paddy

        It’s an Australian site….BULLSHIT! Not if its on the internet.

    • Steve

      Sorry mate, but NZ has not got a leg to stand on when it comes to media and fans having a go at opposition players. Plenty of AU fans will tell you that after the RWC. Plus the McCaw thing is global, not just in AU. You’ll just have to cop it sweet, bro.

      • Scotty in Darkest Devon

        The thing with McCaw is that..dude we all have DVD recorders and devices and means for watching the games at leisure, in the cold light of day. And he and his mates have been getting away with murder for years. Its, NOT a IRB conspiracy so that the Brazil of Rugby can finally join SA and Aus at the RWC top table, its simply that a myth has built up around him and his cohorts that they are holier than thou. Video analysis suggests they are not, and maybe refs are onto it now. For instance “gaurding” of the ruck – it was blatantly obvious what had been going on. Now they are onto it.

        Richie is the 2nd greatest 7 I have ever seen (Michael Jones was the best) and he’s a legend of the game no doubt. But on the field he has pushed it to the limit and over the limit…..

    • This phrase goes down in history:

      “I’m from the darkness and I try to keep an open mind and look at all sides objectively, and McCaw is the greatest 7 there is an has ever been. And Australia’s media and fans going after him EVERY game and the players going for cheap shots is just sad. Australia needs to grow up.”


      • Jimmy


        Can we stick that sentence and also “What I can’t stand is the lack of recognition from Australia about NZ rugby.” on the site somewhere. I’d hate to lose the evidence.

  • Devils Advocate

    I said 20 minutes from FT a draw was deserved and I still stand by that. Both teams had chances but made crucial mistakes and gave away easy penalties. An anti climax but looking forward to the European Tours

  • Darkness

    All the Bonza comments are for people saying the ref was good on McCaw – proves my point.

    • Jimmy

      What point?

      • skyeblue

        Im happy for you jimmy a draw… go and celebrate in the streets mate your half way there. when we can beat the abs back to back in any circumstance than i’ll be happy.dont blow any more wind in this team,we’ll likely be put back in our place again next bledisloe.You do remember we lost that huh?and the championship.and when was the last time we won more than 5 games in a row.

        • Jimmy

          At no stage have I said i’m happy. I’ve only tried to be a little more positive about the way we played. . I’m not celebrating anything other than an attitude improvement. I’ve always basically made the same sort of comments that you just made so i’m a little confused by your post.

  • PiratesRugby

    Wallabies held out the best team in the world with a cobbled together pack, back line and gameplay (which they probably didn’t follow). Thumbs up to everyone of them for ticker. We all saw the mistakes. We all saw the lack of skill. So what. At this stage of the Deans era, we expected no better. But the spirit in the men in Gold is undeniable.
    Having said that, let me also note that if the ABs had actually scored after defending after 90 minutes and then choosing a scrum… they would have been gods not merely the best team in the world. McCaws decision was that of a world champion. Bravo.

    • Steve

      True, and thank Christ they dont have those bragging rights! They’d be flaming unbearable!

  • J-Rugby

    I thought Sheehan should have come on earlier … He is aging and not the future, but geez he is tough and has some mongrel

    • fletch

      a footy BRAIN is what you call it

  • J-Rugby

    I thought Sheehan should have come on earlier. He is aging and not the future, but geez he is tough and has some mongrel.

  • T

    Ben taupai is best 12 Australia has i do not know why they persist with McCabe at 12 he is a 13. Timani and tatafu are players who go missing in big games. Beale is a one man show. Slipper is not a loosehead. AAC is in the team because of a reputation. Palu is not consistent. Australia should have one that they has everything to play for. Australia needs to look at the players it has let off. It is funny the brumbies use to take players unwanted by other franchises and made them the best players in the world. Maybe they should look at more of these qualities like the brumbies did years ago and adopt it.

  • Damo

    I’m still pretty happy about the result because I honestly thought we would lose by 20 points or more. Credit has to be given to the forwards as a unit for getting parity at the breakdown and getting over the advantage line.

    However if we are to improve we clearly need more composure. It was sad that some of the most crucial mistakes came from our experienced players e.g. AAC dropped ball, multiply TPN knock ons and Beale’s dropped ball.

    It is also imperative we have more creativity in the back line. Something we have not had all year. Clearly Taupai has to play 12. He needs to get his hands on the ball more and runs fantastic angles which is the most important thing a no 12 can do.

    Harris also needs a particular mention. It’s a privilege to watch such a great kicker perform his art, it’s like having Jonny Wilkinson in the team. Harris kicking should not be taken for granted – it kept us in the match.

  • Mark

    As a surprise to nobody except Robbie Deans, Ben Tapui is a significantly better centre than Rob Horne…

  • neal

    Agree, Sharpe very impressive and seemed to be the catalyst for a determined Ozzie scrap.
    But…..If Joubert had red carded Higgers as should have happened and you didn’t have the services of a poached Kiwi goal kicker the result could have been quite different.

    • boutbloodytime

      I forgot the law in rugby that says anyone who dares encroach upon the aura that is Sir Ritchie needs to be impaled, hung, drawn & quartered…

      Bloody hell I feel sorry for you poor Kiwi Trolls, get a bit of perspective…just cast your wee minds back to the first 90 seconds of the last Lions tour to NZ, Brian O’Driscoll speared by Umaga & Mealamu, his tour ended there & then & Tana’s response in the press conference?!? Well it’s a contact sport, it’s not tiddlywinks!

      Apply that same Kiwi logic to your Saint Ritchie & get over yourselves…yes he’s a great player, one of the best the game has seen & the infuriating part that frustrates me no end is that a guy that good does not need to play like a cynical prick week in week out…right or wrong, he got a little love tap from Higgers, no harm done (ie no injury) & Higgers suspension for 2 weeks reflected that.

      Before you reply, cast your mind back to Richard Loe, just to name one example of a dirty player. I’m not saying Australia’s players are angels, anyone could probably cite a dozen incidents from any international side, I just don’t understand how Kiwis think their team is beyond criticism.

      The proof of Kiwi cynical play at the breakdown was plain to see & evident by its absence after the siren on Saturday night. The fact they were able to resist 22 phases of Wallaby forward play without infringing once is evidence enough for me that a lot of the lack of rolling away, sealing the ball off, coming in from the side etc is deliberate because it stopped & their discipline was immaculate when a match winning penalty was at stake…

      I just can’t wait for someone like Sharpie to pull the ref aside at the start of the game & say: Right ref, this prick keeps lying all over the ball, coming in from the side, taking players out off the ball etc. Ref, either you sort it out or we’ll be forced to sort it out. Same goes for our guys, you do your job properly & we wont need to do it for you.

      Put the responsibility back on the ref to do his job, take control & manage the game properly (which does not mean become a whistle nazi, just tell the players straight, before the game that these things wont be tolerated & infringements will be carded)

      It’s something Sean Fitzpatrick did so well as a captain & it’s something we could learn from.

      Rant over.

  • Nutta

    II don’t mind a bit of niggle and I certainly don’t mind a bit of stick.

    But the new-found line of “poached Kiwi goal kicker” is about as balanced as what some nameless idiot wrote about punching your opponent…

    If we start bleating about poaching, then BOTH teams have to give back all the Fijians, Samoans, Tongans even the odd bloody Irishman (John Gallagher wasn’t it?) going back to the point where whitefellas can’t play for Oz (because we are not Aboriginal) and Pakeha can’t play for NZ (because they aren’t Maori). Somehow I think such an approach would cost NZ more then it would cost Oz. Potatos Tomatos guys…

    Yet all that being said, perhaps we would have to give back a certain coach (many would be in favour of that…)

    And BTW – can’t remember if it was this article or somewhere else – the best openside BA ever was/is George Smith hands down. 2nd best was Mick Jones. Sir McAwe would be 3rd. I would say it’s a tie for 4th between Josh Kronfeld and Poido.

    • ooaahh

      Steve Devine

  • Bruce

    Has anyone actually watched the replay? It was such a mess and stop start game. Going to delete that from the IQ

  • Parker

    It’s good to see Sharpie get credit for a a job well done. Do you remember the time when Robbie didn’t even want Sharpie in the team?

  • KingofDubai

    Why don’t they all spray their hands with sticky stuff or go back to wearing gloves like they did in early 2000? Would improve handling surely.

    I’d rather have TPN running away from me than at me, so regardless of a below par performance, he’s all guts and the sort of bloke who respects the green and gold.

    Yes a very poor throw to McCaw- frightening!!! Gifts like that, along with the knock ons from Beale and AAC are so important.

  • buckup

    remember a certain Ali Williams or troy flavell or many more who were cheap shot kings. Just because your pin up boy gets dealt once or twice you all cry. If trucking was still part of the game riches would need skin graphs. Mike Harris is like the other multiple thousands of kiwis who don’t want to live in that country. Who can blame a guy for taking is opportunity. especially seeming the blacks were the reason for the rules been changed to only representing one country. Tonga Fiji and Samoa struggled for decades due to the so called poaching of players.

    • boutbloodytime

      For all the Kiwis crowing that no Wallaby would make an AB starting XV, Mike Harris agreed & took his opportunities when they were presented…

      Now Hansen et a can’t handle it when he repays the faith & demonstrates the class that Link recognised in him when he was languishing in NZ…

      Funny that, McCaw likes to pass judgment about guys like QC getting his beans, I think maybe Mike Harris served up a dish of his own last weekend…and good on him.

      That’s what I love about LAS’s famous Rosario 22, they are not the golden boys of rugby, some of them not even the 2nd choice, but they have fronted, and even with a mistake riddled performance, they have mixed it with the best & shown what the GOLD jersey means to them…and they rattled the ‘best’ team in the world.

      Of course there is so much improvement needed, but the heart, guts & pride is enough reason for now for me to be a proud Wallaby supporter.

  • Nutta

    Fair comments BBT

    But if we are going to support Professionals (by buying merch and pay tv etc) then they need to be Professionals and execute a higher standard of skills – on the field, in the coaches box and in the boardroom. I’m often the first to red-rag and call for guts & glory (it’s fun) but I am seriously concerned about the lack of smarts and skill throughout our game at the National level over the last few years.

    So I’m proud to. But also like you – I expect more.

    • boutbloodytime

      Agreed Nutta,

      Like I’ve said too many times that it has become boring…what we’ve done with heart & guts has been impressive, but what we need to do is add to the mix the traditional Aussie intelligent play, quick hands, good skills, running the angles & picking the gaps…like Sharpie says, getting the top 2 inches right.

      That extends much further up the food chain than just the players & we already have at least one Australian coach who can deliver on the intelligence/clear game plan/high skill execution front…his time will come & I’m looking forward to it.

  • Drongo

    BBT that is an awesome observation mate. When the darkness knew it couldn’t leak a penalty they didn’t infringe for 22 phases. Inferring that when they know a penalty can be leaked they will let the infringing begin…

    In fairness most international teams would do the same thing in the same situation (note a few mins later when the Wabs were defending against the ABs also played to the rules indicating they knew not to infringe).

    This to me indicates there is something wrong with the game. All sides openly play to the subjective referee. It is not the refs fault.

    IRB must counter this by altering rules.

    Bring back ELV short arm penalty with long arm reserved for deliberate fouls.

    Allow rucking of the ball (no heads) to keep infringers at bay.

    Allow each team capt. 2 video ref calls per game to challenge refs calls (similar to tennis). This will be controversial but will take agony out of the ref calling 50/50 calls that on replay were wrong.

    Get rid of silly/technical penalties – eg numbers in the line out, not rolling away (when ball is coming out anyway), accidental offside.

    Scums to crouch closer together so emphasis is away from getting a big “hit” which just makes them collapse, allow props to get a proper bind and allow the scrum to be about technical pushing and a wrestle. Not constant restarts.

    Penalties reduced to 2 points.

    Drop goals stay at three (they look great and are bullshit hard so why not)…

  • johnny-boy

    Spot on not such a drongo :)

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