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Hot-tub crime machine – storm in a tea cup?

Hot-tub crime machine – storm in a tea cup?
The offending pic

The offending pic

As discussed on our latest podcast, a picture shared on Instagram by Quade Cooper and showcased in our sidebar over the weekend has caused quite a brouhaha. 

Many above the age of 25 see this as the reason we won’t beat the All Blacks for another 10 years, those below 25 wonder what the problem is.

Speaking of All Blacks, how many can you count in this piece of Gen Y frivolity?

[youtube id=”qOCAlL9WPyE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yet, we’re not hearing so much outrage about this are we?

What’s your view – storm in a tea-cup, or an underlying sign of softness?

PS – it could have been worse – see this pic

Yes, it could be worse

Yes, it could be worse

  • SuckerForRed

    Can’t see the issue. Most offensive thing that I can see is that Digby has trousers on……
    PS. Gagar next time you are going to post pics of the latest editors meeting a warning moight be in order.

  • nodramas

    no dramas, and they actually look sober..which certainly wouldn’t have happened in the old days. Nor would a heatwave in Melbourne.

    • Ooaahh

      plus there’d be girls… which is the thing I’m most disappointed about

      • Patrick

        They kinda look like they’re doing alright without them

        • Ooaahh

          what picking up guys literally playing for the other team??

  • Really?

    Seriously that is the image some media outlets are describing as gangster style. I have to get to LA to see some of those gangstas cruising in their budgie smugglers. LOL. Sorry Reds admin you are gun shy.

  • Guest


  • Compare

    • Jimmy

      Mate after you win a world cup in freezing temperatures you can do whatever you want. That’s a big difference to where this current mob is.

      Seems there are a lot of shaved chests and tans going on in the new photo – perhaps that time would be better spent practicing catching and passing the Rugby ball

    • Nutta

      It’s official. I’m old. I say that because if anyone cannot see and recognize the differences in the pics then they just aren’t worth talking to. It’s like the judge said about porn – I can’t define it but I know it when I see it.

      1. As mentioned before, the blokes in the baths actually won something great
      2. The bath shot is a pic of celebration. The hot-tub shot is of self gratification
      3. The bath shot is one post combined achievement. The hot-tub is one of momentary competitive individualism (“I pose better then you”)
      4. Beer. Not ink.
      5. But the biggest thing is the almost-trepidation of the bath shot. You can see this is a pic born of spontaneous intrusion into a celebration between comrades (Yeah – okay – take a pic then bugger off cos we’re busy). The hot-tub is a staged pic of manufactured posers (Shit – someone get a pic of how good I look).

      My club want me to coach. I can’t. If I wound up with a bunch of prefabricated half-hearts like the hot-tub fairies I would be the one fronting the cops for assault.

      • Nutta

        This one is really getting to me. The moment after I posted the above in a fit of old-man-superiority my wife reminded me of an ancient Roman tourist/archelogical site we visited years ago (feels like a century ago) whilst back-packing in Italy. The site uncovered (amongst other stuff) two walls with Roman era graffiti on them and put them behind perspex with an english translation of the text next to it.

        The first one said “All the girls in this town are sluts”

        The second one said “Young men have no respect anymore”

        Over 2,000yrs later and ask anyone down the street – the girls are still sluts and the boys have no respect… nothing’s really changed has it? It’s just now there are pictures of it… But seriously boys, can’t you see what a pack of WANKERS you look like

        And BTW – is that Buddy Franklin in the background? Holy Smoke those AFL boys do lack meat don’t they? I think they need to spend time in Dan Palmer’s hot-tub environment…

        And speaking of Dan the Donkey, there’s a couple of Waratarts who you could possibly see in the hot-tub pic, but I can’t visualise any of the current Donkey squad in there. That says a bit in its own right…

  • Larkhage

    fake! just like the all-blacks summer skills

  • 51 kilo prop

    Some of them need to see a doctor about being born without underarm and chest hair. Tests need to be carried out. What else weren’t they born with

  • Key difference: All blacks and Crusaders are winners.

    There should be a difference between a players public image and private persona. How can all the endless tweeting of fashion choices / scented candles and talk of ‘life balance’ result in any opposition team thinking – gee this guy is totally in the zone, he might kill us.

  • HardenUp

    The showcase picture = oooo look at me, look at me !!!!
    Harlem Shake = a team building exercise

    Maybe it shows our lack of creativity and ability to organise a well executed backline move….

  • Westo

    Where the fark have I been as that Harlem Shake is halario… The Australian press need to grow up and take note as they are turning into the English press, actually they may have already surpassed them.

  • Gottsy

    You have to think about what sort of message it sends.. Do we really want our kids coming through thinking its ok to hang out with your mates and have fun after playing a hard game of footy? In all seriousness though I think it would be a different kettle of fish it was 3am in a nightclub or something

  • Polo

    Generation gap .how would you coach this group? Take all mirrors out of the dressing shed just to get there attention . As some of us are older we looked like that back in the day, drank as much , nude , difference is there was no social media , if it gets us a cup

  • fatprop

    Why get into a spa with a whole bunch of guys?

  • Cutter

    There’s a lot more ink in the latest photo and one less trophy.

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