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How the ARU could spend the money from Folau’s contract

How the ARU could spend the money from Folau’s contract

With all the talk continuing to rage on about Israel Folau and his saga, an aspect that has rarely been discussed is the $4 million that is freed up by the termination of his contract. Assuming that does not/loses his appeal to be paid out of his contract, myself along with the fellow news writers have come with a list of the serious and not so serious ways that the ARU could spend the money.

  • Put in all on Black so we can finally support an all black win
  • Give Hooper more money (because one boat isn’t enough)
  • Donate to Pocock’s charity
  • Pay Twiggy for dinner
  • Give Dave Wessels whatever he wants to stay
  • Give Will Genia whatever he wants to stay
  • Pay off Nick Phipps bar tab
  • Invest in superhero jerseys like the South Africans
  • The Smith brothers grocery bill for a week
  • Shake up the Fox Sports commentary team *cough* call me
  • An assassin for whoever made that Yenda beer ad
  • A real beer sponsor
  • Bribe NZ for a Bledisloe win
  • Better pathways for those who are not in private schools
  • Recruit the players AFL/NRL stole
  • Proper spreads for the underweight forwards (I’m looking at you Hanigan)
  • A night on the town with Kurtley, O’Connor and Hunt
  • A decent attacking coach for the Wallabies
  • A decent defensive coach for the Wallabies
  • A decent head coach for the Wallabies after the World Cup (Anyone have Joe Schmidt’s number)
  • Convince the likes of Kerevi, Arnold and Phipps (ok maybe not him) from going overseas
  • Actual funding for grassroots rugby union
  • Making the Shute Shield the premier club comp (nevermind it already is)
  • Social media training
  • Invest in Brigham Cup

Finally and most importantly:

  • Greater funding for Green and Gold Rugby
  • Sean Clanchy

    Could we bring back Liam Gill?

    • RedsFanDan

      Two Votes! Or Van Humphries.

      • David Creagh

        Isn’t he about 100 now? Sure it’s not Van Winkle?

        • Timbo

          I assume you mean Van Wrinkle being that’s he’s 100 years old

    • Nathan Williamson

      Like the ARU with WA, I completely forgot about that, good suggestion

  • joy

    The loser in this battle will probably be Australian rugby so it’s more appropriate to speculate on those expenses RA will have to terminate to pay him out plus costs. Then there is the likelihood of losing a major sponsor or two, falling gate receipts and TV audience. All because of a few thin skinned whingers. Well done RA.

    • RedsFanDan

      It’s my understanding he’s in breach of contract so not sure why RA would have to pay him out. Unless he’s going to ask the courts to sort it out of course.

      • Andrew Luscombe

        Apparently his contract has no special clauses in it, and no clauses related to social media. RA are relying on code of conduct clauses that have never been used for this type of thing before – things that normally cover criminal acts, bullying, and the like. He’d probably argue he is spreading “the word of god” because he wants to save people from hell, or something like that. Perhaps it comes down to a question of style or tone of the message, and who he directed it to – i.e. his fundamentalist Instagram followers, or the world.

        • Timbo

          Im not even sure it’ll get that far. What he posted was a paraphrase of biblical text. If he’s getting done for code of conduct for something that is used to swear in members of parliament, swear oaths in legal proceedings and some such, then RA have no leg to stand on. that 4mil is gooooone and RA are going to be stuffed unless they fall further into the QANTAS pocket with Mr Joyce. Izzy may also just take the hit. Who knows.

        • Andrew Luscombe

          Maybe they can lease him to the Tennessee Titans as a 3rd running back / kick returner for a net loss of $800,000 per year? Or maybe a Japanese rugby team might have him.

        • Pearcewreck

          Andrew, if as you say, his contract has no special clauses in it, then RA is doomed.
          He will win any potential court case.

          Based on that, I make the following prediction.

          In 6 months time:
          Israel Folau will still be in Australian Rugby, and

          Rayleen Castle and the RA board will be gone.

    • AllyOz

      There is a significant proportion of the Pacific Islander community who share Israel’s views. We will probably save some additional money in even less training camps and development money for them now that they will all go to league.

      • IIPA

        Why will they all go to League? NRL have said he’s not welcome there and so why would those who share his views then try to head over to the dark side themselves ?

  • ALJ

    Well a decent chunk of the cash for this year of the contract will go to legal fees. Cash for the following years doesn’t exist yet, but assuming it materialises, I think the bribe is our best bet

  • Huw Tindall

    Lolz love the mix of jokes and serious options Nathan. Need a laugh out of this sh!t show.

    Honestly $1m a year won’t go far and that’s assuming no exit costs from legal fees or termination payments.

    I’d like to think $0.5m could go to retaining talent and the other half into pathways. Probably coaching clinics and free footballs etc to get the kids in and also starting up an all schools comp in NSW and Qld. GPS and CAS thing has had it’s day. I’d like to see them play a proper comp with two tiers and relegation so you don’t get permanent cellar dweller schools making up the numbers. Open to all schools. Maybe consider some clubs as well if they’ve got a 16s and <18s team?

  • Keith Butler

    To avoid protracted and expensive litigation, I predict an out of court settlement that gives Folau a nice golden parachute. Maybe he had this in mind when he re-signed with the ARU -but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  • Gipetto

    I will not be attending any more Tests, just as I have denied the Reds my $ since they let Coach Goon drop Quade. I am not happy that I have to give the Dirty Digger money to watch rugby on Fox – But I know he will not pay much for the rights.

  • Mart

    hlaf price, cooked Inglis?


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