Infographic - Super Rugby Tries Scored and Conceded 2013

Infographic: Aussie teams score fewest tries

Infographic: Aussie teams score fewest tries

After seven rounds of the 2013 Super Rugby competition I thought I’d take a look at the tries each team has scored and conceded.

Of course not every team has played seven matches so I’ve used the averages for each team to make a meaningful comparison.

No doubt you’ll start to wonder what that means for the different Super Conferences – well, here are their averages:

As you can see, the Aussie teams are scoring the fewest tries on average, whereas all of the conferences yield about the same.

What’s this telling us?

  • Graeme

    Running rugby is flying in Oz, 4 teams in the bottom 6 for try scoring :-(

    When exactly did we turn into England?

    • I think you need to balance this out with most of the Aus games have been local derbies, and they’re traditionally low scoring affairs. Outside of the local derbies it has been a lot more attacking, unless you’re the Rebels who are nothing short than a small kid being bullied in the corner.

  • USARugger

    Sharks being completely buoyed by one game or they would be one of the lowest in tries scored :/

  • Can we take comfort from the stat that all Aussie teams are exceeding the one try per game benchmark set by the 2012 Wallabies?

  • Wow, Reds are conceding tries at the lowest rate in the comp!

  • RoffsChoice

    Reds and Brumbies conceding the least tries? Sounds about right to me!

  • armatt

    Reds = Stormers

    • Westo

      It’s funny, as when I saw these stats I initially thought the same thing. Then I read this post and smirked. The difference is that the Reds were trying to play great rugby, but the handling errors and turnovers were killing them – something like 30 in the Force game. Eradicating these and you get some entertaining rugby as in the Highlanders match.

      • armatt

        It wasn’t a criticism.

  • Can we credit the Aussie conference conceding tries mainly due to the sieve that is the Rebels?

  • Yes! Rebels clearly winning the ‘conceded’ race! GO LADS!

  • ooaahh

    Could it be skewed somewhat by the fact that Aus team defence is the best and we’ve played more of ourselves than the other conferences?

    Aus 9 inter conference vs 10 external
    compared to
    NZ have had only 7 internal and 10 external

  • Rugbysmartarse

    whats this telling us? Well if you take out the rebels 2 previous shellackings the AUS conference would have the fewest tries scored and conceded, telling us that our derbies are generally boring “dont lose” affairs, and we should hereby abolish the stupid bloody conference system and go back to playing every team once

  • Tyrone

    You’re all “glass is half full” kinda people, yes its good that we concede the least amount of tries but lets face it, we watch rugby to be entertained. Call me weird but attack > defence in the thrill department. In fact for me, ultimately I don’t really care who wins as long as I see some skill and flair in attack. Im sure NH rugby fans would be getting a rugby boner watching our derbies. What happened! We used to be the envy of world rugby with our attacking brand!


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