Is that all we've got?

Is that all we’ve got?

Is that all we’ve got?

Chris Ashton - 'Ben Tune' like

England crushed the Wallabies today in an awesome display of power, pace and passion.

There are ominous signs that this team is readying for a real shot at RWC 2011.

Their performance was so un-Pom-like it looked as though they’d detached from the Six Nations and taken up residence in the South Pacific?

The soft underbelly that’s Australian forward play has been exposed yet again.

The Wallaby forwards were completely vanquished by their robust opponents.

It would have been appropriate if the Remembrance Day two minutes silence had been repeated after the match in memory of Wallaby forward’s missing-in-action.

Apart from Squeaky Moore, who was my Australian MOTM, only Sharpie, Bam Pocock and to some extent Rocky actually stood up for this challenge.

Squeaky was into everything, carried the ball forward like a truck (10 runs) and his lineout throwing was top notch. He was also prepared to take on the Pommy forwards in defence and topped the tackle count with 18.

Some serious questions need to be asked about the commitment and wherewithal of some of these guys.

How can our so-called ‘world class’ backs conjure up a bit of magic if the forwards are unable to lay a proper platform? Our go-forward was average at best and we rarely got over the gain line.

Benn Robinson was effective in defence but he’s well off the pace of previous years and some serious consideration needs to be made about replacing him with someone who is in form, like James Slipper.

Some were calling him ‘the best loosehead in the world’ last year but sadly, there’s no sign of that in 2010.

Mark Chisholm is another who’s time has come. It’s a shame that someone with his experience and physical attributes just goes missing when the going gets tough.

It looked like we’d adopted the tactics of the failed Kangaroo mungo team. We just line up across the park and hit it up one off from the ruck. Consequently we got smashed every time by a more physical team and just didn’t get over the gain line.

There seemed to be many occasions when the opportunity presented itself to counter ruck and win turnover ball but what is it with these guys? Doesn’t Robbie allow that or something?

We just stand there and go into a defensive mindset, unable to react to the circumstances. We’re reactive, not proactive; or worst case lazy.

Chizz - MIA

Where is our ‘pick and drive’ game? Surely that would suck a few opposition forwards in and create some gaps in their defence?

It’s no wonder the Poms sneer at our scrum and general forward play when we come to town, because it’s deserved.

The scrums were themselves a non-event as the game was relatively mistake-free and there were bugger all of them. The few that were set ended in free kicks or penalties anyway.

Moving onto our backs, they just couldn’t get any momentum going without the forward platform being set. And their defence was woeful.

I’ve counted 21 tackles missed by the backs alone with QC (5) and JO’C (5) the worst offenders (37 in total).

KB was the standout and featured with two tries. He was always trying to create something but was playing a lone hand.

Goalkicking again let us down with JO’C only succeeding in 3 from 7. I think if some of the earlier kicks had been successful a different complexion may have been put on the game.

You could say ‘bring back Gits’ but I’m not 100% sure he’ll be in the starting side next week?

As for the Poms, well they were simply outstanding. Their piggies completely outplayed the Wallabies and secured loads of quality possession, and one of the keys was that it was generally quick ball which didn’t allow the defence to settle.

Importantly, Toby Flood kicked 9/9, which was Wilko-like. Their backs threw caution to the wind and confidently attacked from within their 22. The last time we saw that was in 1991 and we all know how that ended…..

One of those attacks, after a Will Genia turnover on the English goal line, led to Chris Ashton’s first try. He scored a brace and looked every inch a Ben Tune in the making.

Mark Cueto, the other winger, was also elusive but helped to some extent by our poor tackling.

Foden at the back proved to be ‘a dangerous little bugger’ and the Mike Tindall/Shontayne Hape midfield partnership completely shaded the Wallabies pairing.

Ben Youngs at halfback was the official MOTM but I thought Ashton was hard done by there.

For me, their forwards set the tone and just killed it for them. Every one of them played their part with Coles, Sheridan, Lawes, Palmer and Easter prominent.

If this was supposed to be a foretaste of the RWC 2011 Final then it just might be business as usual…..

  • Reddy!

    Agree with all points – should be an interesting week!

    • fatso

      No Lance – we have the Poly Hop.
      Dancing lesson. Lift your right knee up, put your left knee down, jump in the air and spring right around, join Quade, Curtley and little Jimmy boy in doing the Poly Hop.

      • garyowen

        I tried that and disappeared up my own arse.

  • Gibbo

    Deans needs to get out the electric chair.

    Chis, QC and Genia all need to be strapped into it and left for the weekend.

    Man that was a piss poor performance by the “men in gold” ah gad, what an embarressment.

    • Thomas

      Genia didn’t play bad what are you on about?

      • Gibbo

        What game did you watch?!

        – poor decision to attack the line when we had options out wide which led to the length of the field try. Sure the forwards not clearing was the reason for the turnover, but Genia should have gone wide at that point.

        – Genia ran sideways for 3 steps before the first pass placing the first receiver under immense pressure, usually led to the first receiver taking the pass as he was being tackled so we lost ground and momentum.

        – very slow delivery at the rucks

        He’s not been playing very well for the last few games. I’d start Burgess ahead of him at the moment. Needs a shake up!

        • murph

          Agreed re: running sideways

          Genia has let this creep into his game somehow. He runs sideways with intent to probe the defence but this only gives the defence to to rush up to the poor bastard who’ll receive a hospital pass when the probe fails

        • Garry

          From the little of the game that I did watch, the Poms were slowing our ruck ball, again. They learnt from the Perth match, and used this in the Sydney match.

          Our piggies haven’t a strong clean out game, and our coaches don’t seem to be able to correct it.

          May have had something to do with Genia’s slow ball from the ruck.

    • Gnostic

      And take first go.

  • Ok, so QC tackles like an u/12 schoolgirl touch footballer. The worrying thing is that there appears to be a team-wide lack of conviction in tackle situations. This is compounded by the reticence of Wallaby forwards (minus Pocock) to challenge at the breakdown. This was made all the more evident when Luke Burgess came on and showed the forwards how to do it. It’s a sad indictment on the forward pack when the halfback is the most aggressive player on the pitch. And while we can all have our opinions, some of the blame must surely lay on the shoulders of the coaching staff. Deans has his strategies which you may not agree with.
    However, Jim Williams and señor Noriega, irrespective of the game plans Deans wants to
    employ, should have the forwards champing at the bit to smash the opponents. That obviously isn’t the case. Someone should be accountable!

    • Thomas

      As my coach says “Players win games, coaches loss them” Damon Emtage (2010)

      • Josh

        The coaches need to take the blame, and so do the players. Everyone on the pitch, except the english, didn’t have a good enough game, including KB, Pocock and the ref. If we played better, we coulda tried to put that one on the ref, Unfortunately, the boys didn’t play well enough to deserve that.

    • Patrick

      I saw at least three occassions that the ball was out and the pussy-whipped Aussies (BA, DM and I can’t remember the third) left it there even though they were right on it!!

  • Brando

    Were the forwards all out on the piss all week, or what? Can’t understand this team. Aspirations of world number one indeed… Keep dreaming boys. As far as I’m concerned this is just another in a long stream of disappointments. And don’t get me wrong, because I’ve believed in this team through everything, but how long can it go on? Defence, kicking and attitude are the difference between this and previous great Aussie teams. Just my opinion.

    • Red and Ready

      Completely agree Brando. We beat the blacks, final win a game back to back against Wales, and you would have expected them to rise to this one, but alas no. I too struggle to understand this team.

  • Robson

    It was humiliating for sure and I went for a walk after it rather than watch the AB v Scotland match.

    As I stumbled around the block in the early morning darkness a dreadful thought occurred to me which is kind of a response to the title of the current article. Is it only possible to win against the top sides in the world when they are having an off day? Because that’s the second consecutive time England have beaten us, but this time they made a real job of it. The Bokke appeared to be at sixes and sevens in the latter part of the TN, the ABs were definitely a bit rusty in Honkers and last weekend the Welsh proved to be a handful especially in the forwards.

    If that is the case, there is something wrong with the chemistry of the team and I am including the coaching staff in that too. It’s just my opinion but I’ve constantly thought over the last three years that there have always been one or two players outside the squad who were better alternatives to one or two in the starting fifteen or 22. I think selection decisions form a significant part of the puzzle

    The other issue which seems to be a chronic disease is our reluctance to attack the breakdown. Yes sometimes we’ve done it, and sometimes we’ve done it for only part of the game. At other times we don’t do it at all. Last night was one of those “don’t do it at all” times, coming right on top of seven turnovers to Wales last week!!!! I’m totally flumoxed that Deans can talk about “our work in the collision area” and then nothing happens on the paddock. Are they listening to him? Or is that just a message he gives to the media? It’s such a basic part of the game that you shouldn’t wonder whether it’s going to happen or not, it should be taken for granted that it will. I remember the pick and drive being hugely successful when employed by Tony Daly, Phil Kearns and the Wallaby forwards of that era. What has happened to the uncompromising attitudes of that kind of trench warfare among the Wallabies? Getting them to be like that consistently is like trying to get a child to always eat his greens.

    I also believe that there are players in the current Wallaby setup who are getting a free ticket to ride; despite continued lacklustre performances that no other international rugby coach would tolerate. How come?

    Australian rugby is much, much better than the embarrassing plate of squandered opportunties, missed tackles and gruntless endeavour that was served up last night. But I dread to think of what platitudes and hogwash will be ponderously trotted out to the media when they interview Robbie Deans now. If he doesn’t make some big and brave changes RIGHT NOW, the rest of the tour is at risk of becoming a pantomime – and as for the RWC next year, don’t even think about it.

  • Dally M

    SOS – John Muggleton & Michael Foley!

    • Gnostic

      Neither will work with Deans, hence why Foley quit.

    • JnrG

      Foley isnt really in the picture, by choice as perhaps deans and he dont see eye to eye.

      Doesnt anyone else here feel we are missing ‘Link’ ???

      He had the reds forwards playing dynamic smart football with a high level of agro. The forwards had a solid game plan and more than a few ways to gain 5 m here or 10m there as the situation required it.
      He took a group of has beens and never was’ and turned them into a thrill ride.

      Hes got the brains to develop a plan (see bulls, see crusaders, see 79mins vs tahs) and also to play to the weaknesses/strengths of oppositions/conditions.
      And he knows the european game and the emphasis they put on the work up front- the type of nous that our young’uns need to learn from…

      Surely he would be an asset to australian rugby. Not at the expense of Deans, but to work with him. Pato N and Jim Williams are NOT up to scratch and if anything our forward play has been steadily devolving since Foley left. I cannot think of a single facet of play where our forwards have improved over the past 2+ years…- Can you? seriously? Not even one little thing has improved. Those two need to go, no questions asked. the sooner the better.
      For the greater good- he (link) needs to be sounded out!

      As for phil blake- maybe all the new D coaching he has been doing has confused the boys- or maybe hiring him was just a baaaad move, but that was a shit-show on the weekend. Last time I saw 1st up tackling like that i was watching the Lions game in the s14.


  • Yes, QC missed tackles last night. Don’t worry, I’m as surprised as you are.

    What I will say is this. Previously his faults have been that he was going too high, trying to tackle with his arms etcetera. Last night, he consistently went lower, making contact with his shoulder. It was a significant and, to me, obvious change representing a concerted effort likely on the back of Phil Blake’s inclusion in the touring coaching staff.

    Of course he was broken a number of times and improvement is still needed but I hope I’m not the only one who noticed this change. Hopefully, the efforts are continued and we see more tangible outcomes in the future.

    • Josh

      Its not about learning how to tackle at international level rugby. If he wants to play for the wallabies he should learn it at super 15 level, if he even gets picked. He NEEDS to tackle!

    • Garry

      I realise these are different times, but some players are gifted with skills in other areas than defense. I remember the great Campese, who had it all in with ball in hand, and although his tackling was lamentable, it was accepted. And although he practiced as much as a professional, his defense never improved, but he was able to cover it. QC is a gifted athlete, who’s attacking skills could turn out to be the equal of someone like Campo, but he’s not a great tackler.

      I hope the coaches have him working on this because he’s developing a reputation, so that piggies will be lining up to run at him (over him). And with the current terrible work rate of our pigs in defense, expect more work for him.

      What I am worried about is that the bad press will embarrass him into engaging some tackles on some old warhorse, with hispoor technique, who puts a hit on him and he gets injured. Then where would this team be with out him?

      Wouldn’t that be a bad situation?

      • Langthorne

        Don’t worry, it won’t happen.

      • Josh

        SO basicly, you are worried QC will MAKE a tackle? What QC isn’t a nice big tackle on a fat prop, but a match where he make’s every tackle, even if he does loose a few yards in the tackle… He needs to take them low, and take their legs from under them.

        • Garry

          Sign you up Josh. Report at camp wallaby asap. God knows no-one can teach him.

          Your retainer will be 600K with 20k per win, agreed?

  • murph

    Someone needs to be held accountable for this. Deans has had three seasons and we are nowhere.  The team is harder to get out of than into.  People like Chisholm, Mumm and Brown are passengers who continually get picked for absolutely no reason whatsoever, whilst forwards who had great domestic seasons are overlooked and not even given a chance.

    Gits should be sent to the knackers. Genia is just not the same after his final round injury in the s14. Even QCs role needs to be seriously reconsidered.

    Deans’s selections are not the only inflexible aspect.

    The defence was utterly appalling and showed no signs of coming to grips with England’s unexpected running rugby.

    The game plan for the breakdown was similarly rigid with the Wallabies constantly failing to commit numbers even when it was painfully obvious to any one watching that they needed to do so.

    Deans should resign and, if not, he should be fired.

    Elsom should resign as captain.

    • Joe

      Robbie Deans really has done absolutely nothing for us as coach. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s helped us out when all of the new guys he’s brought in, for the most part, would have been picked by anybody else and under Deans, we have lost so many games against s#IT teams that it has become absolutely ridiculous.

      • Josh

        Like Scottland… I’m worried about Italy now, Genuinely worried!

      • Garry

        Good to hear some sensibilities. It was only last week where I was reading how great Deans was, how far he taken the team, and we couldn’t have been where we are with out him.

        Don’t worry about Scotland, it should be back to ‘click-boom’ this week.

      • Toadman

        I have been banging on for 3 years to anyone who will listen that Deans appointment was a national disgrace. Australians coach the Wallabies. This bloke has had wind blown up his skirt about being the world’s greatest coach and has thus far demonstrated a complete lack of a tactical plan. We have watched endless kicking for 2 years, inability to catch the pill from kickoffs, awful use of the bench. He has failed with NZ at World Cup level as an assistant and completely ruined any hope we have for the World Cup. But thank god Deans comforts us with the usual tripe about how much we have learned. Seems we will be the smartest team flying home from NZ after the quarter finals. O’Neill needs rogering for his role in this debacle. I am not a young man and only have a few world cups left in me so bring on Link ASAP. P.S. Just wait till Deans is gone he will bad mouth the Aussies within 2 weeks of his contract finishing and you can take that to the bank

  • murph

    Oh and to answer your question: yes. It is all we have under the current regime

  • ChargerWA

    We have been on a false high. Our last wins against NZ and SA could have easily gone the other way, and we should beat Wales every day of the week.

    We are still flakey mentally and physically. At this rate, we will be out of the RWC in the quarter finals comfortably.

    And if Deans doesn’t start to pick sides on form, instead of some twisted man love for smallish men, he should be fired.

  • realist

    We need guys like, Horwill, Hynes, Digby, Sheppard, and Palu. Tough men not these piss-weak little dancers who are a disgrace to a proud tradition. As for the people who put them there…

  • Andy Findlay

    Hi guys pom here, I missed the game – anyone know the score?

    I guess the aussies won it again with your pace and true aussie grit. Its so frustrating being an english rugby supporter these days – I sometimes think we could only beat a group of girls – big stupid girls.

    That flyhalf of yours is good isn’t he – I bet he bossed the match.

    Respectfully yours

  • RockyElboa

    I don’t think enough of us have given credit to the English for a great game, they exploited every weakness we have and played a great running game. They dominated our weak breakdown, our scrum, our defensive frailties (QC) and took advantage of our poor kicking.

    I agree that when a team is winning well you persist with the team, but I don’t think when you win badly (Wales) you should keep the same team.

    • Robson

      Absolutely agree. But it will be interesting if not nerve wracking to see what happens now.

  • NTA

    I’ve just watched the game – or at least up to the 72nd minute where I turned it off in disgust. There were three key points that turned the momentum, in my humble opinion.

    The first was about 10 minutes in. We were hot in attack but got driven back in a tackle. We recovered, and then the ball almost spilled out. From an offside position Moody picks the ball out from between a pair of Wallaby legs, and England head off upfield. If Joubert had whistled him it was a gift three points or a tap n go try as all the Pom forwards had committed themselves to the breakdown.

    Not long afterwards the Poms score through a blatant piece of obstruction by Croft. If Genia had the good sense to throw his arms up in the air as Ashton cruised through the hole, then we would have had a penalty.

    The other was Genia’s near tap-n-go try. I see a lot of people bagging Genia for taking the initial tap that got us to within a couple of metres. I bet NO-ONE in that crowd would be criticising him within 30 seconds of the decision. In any case, the three people who tackled Genia on his last attempt toward the line in no way attempted to get off him, and its no surprise that the ball pops out on the England side with questionable legality. 14 point turnaround right there.

    There are other examples of course (Robinson pinged for not releasing despite obviously doing so; Sharpe getting done for diving over when Laws got away with an identical offence within a couple of minutes; Joubert failing to play the offside line at all), but none of them had as big an effect on the game. They are mere examples of Joubert’s inconsistency.

    But are these why we lost? Nope. Lack of composure at critical times. Failure to make first-up tackles. Absence of composure under pressure. Utter lack of leadership in decisions to kick for goal or take the line (Elsom is an idiot). Complete change in game plan for reasons that still bemuse me.

    But the worst bit of all was failure to read the ref. All of our guys have had Joubert before. All of them know he prefers a stodge game and is quite variable in his reading of the ruck. All of them knows that when it comes to Australia he has preconceptions.

    The breakdown crimes we committed in our own half were unforgiveable and Flood had a great day with the boot. When England became aware that their rush defence weren’t being governed on “last feet” they pushed it to the limit and got that extra half-yard to put pressure on our backs.

    I think the comments about England physically dominating us are shite. We gave as good as we got and it was only the English commentary that talked up all their hits and didn’t mention ours. The scrum was a debacle because Joubert knew that was a pressure point and didn’t want it to be a talking point. Thanks to England wanting to play ACTUAL rugby, he didn’t have to worry about it.

    We were not far off winning that game, and it had nothing to do with the ref.

    • DrewB

      Couldn’t agree more mate. Hope people don’t read it as you blaming the ref, because you’re not.

      • NTA

        My bugbear with refs is consistency. Joubert I think is a good ref a lot of the time, but he lacks the consistency you need to be the best. He’s only been a Test ref for a few years though so hopefully he’ll grow into that.

    • Sandpit Fan

      What that man said…

      FFS, how many times has Joubert reffed our guys, they should know what they can get away with and what they can’t. To give away that many penalties in kickable positions was just stupid.

  • slasher

    lack of desire to dominate contact. Very ordinary performance. Cannot see how the coaches can be held accountable. Every player selected is capable of performing considerably better than the shit they put on last night.

  • redbull

    An appalling game from the Wallabies full of poor mistakes and poor choices. Unfortunately it does look like this is the best they have. Lots of talk in the media how the Gen Y players want to instill their culture and way of playing but this is test rugby not touch down the local park. Genia is out of form and needs some time on the bench to think about it, Burgess has picked up his game from bench time. Was Mitchell and AAC actually playing? Did we have a back row on the park? I didn’t notice any of these.

    A good England performance, it is good to see them playing proper Rugby, two thumbs up for Martin Johnson. But I think they were made to look better by poor opposition and some dubious referee decisions…did any tackler actually release Genia when he stupidly ran on his own to the England try line?

    Rocky can no longer accept he is a viable Captain, a great player but the burden of captaincy is too much for him and the referee never hears from him.

    Mumm, Chisholm, Brown….get lost, it is time to see if Higgers, Simmons and Hodgson have what it takes for test rugby. And we need to see Hynes back in the fold. There is nothing to lose now

  • Zeno

    Lance, hyperbole is folly. Our forwards weren’t “completely vanquished” and they weren’t “smashed every time”. That just didn’t happen. England definitely won the on-ground battle, but it was not one-sided. “Crushed” and “awesome” overstate things grossly. There were two tries apiece and England won it off the kicking tee (as so often happens).

    I thought England were surprisingly good in executing a surprising game plan. This is Test rugby and it delivers surprises all the time. England lost last week, to New Zealand, who lost the week before, to us. This is how it goes.

    I certainly don’t see the sense in saying that England’s one good performance bodes well for the World Cup while wringing your hands over the Wallabies’ slump. What will you conclude when the Wallabies next turn in a good one?

    Let’s keep every game in perspective.

    • Robson

      Zeno you make a good point about England and their RWC chances. This far out nobody can realistically assess anyone’s chances.

      But the benchmark for all rugby this year (and most years) has has been set by the ABs who, so far, have only lost one in Hongkong against us. When you are losing the odd game every dozen or so played it’s reasonable to ask that the odd one lost is kept in perspective. But when you are struggling to get 60 percent of them over a period of three years, the odd win against the top teams isn’t going to change things too much. So the next time the WBs win one we’ll all be pleased, but we’ll be holding our breath over the next one after that.

      Our next assignment is against Italy. They nearly pulled one off against us the year before last, but the reality is that we should beat them next week. The last one for the year, however, is against France in France and that will be an immensely testing assignment. If we can come away from that with a win, it should be a good note to finish the year on.

    • Lance Free

      Zeno – you must have been watching the Scotland game then?

      England’s 2nd good performance against us, with a ‘mention in despatches’ against the ABs.

    • Brax

      Hear! Hear!

  • AndrewWA

    This was a hard game to sit through at Twickenham being surrounded by a sea of red and white. Apart from Stephen Moore, Kurtley Beale and the unsupported David Pocock the Wallabies were like a bunch of headless chooks. dressed up in the Gold and Green

    1. England were ready to rumble. Wallabies’ body language and lack of match readiness was obvious even during the warm-up. They looked losers when running on after half-time.
    2. Can’t blame Joubert as he gave his consistent offering and we should know him by now.
    3. Game plan was either flawed or went missing. Can’t win a game without the ball – Wallabies had little possession in the first half.
    4. Even the Force doesn’t use JOC outside 45m. We should have gone for the touch-line and showed we were ready to play. Seriously lost any momentum in the first 20 minutes.
    5. Yet again Rockie Elsom showed ZERO on-field effort to rally his troops or turn the game around. He too had another poor game.
    6. Apart from Mooore and ever-present Pocock the Australian Forwards went missing out the breakdown – have they forgotten how to cleanout and support Pocock???
    7. Mark Chisholm and Ben McAlman have made little contributions so far this tour – both MIA against England. Even Sharpie’s effort well below par.
    8. Richard Brown has yet to offer anything from the bench.
    9. Matt Hodgson gets MoM against Leicester Tigers (and only played 60 min) and doesn’t make the 22!!!????
    10. Van Humphries had a reasonable first outing against the Tigers. If he plays well against Munster he deserves to be beside Sharpie.
    11. Matt Giteau needs a break – has made ZERO contribution so far this tour. At least Barnes looks like he wants to be on the field.
    12. Quade Cooper should be used off the bench unless he shows some commitment to providing an effective tackle – even occasionally – running through Quade was obviously part of the England game plan.
    13. Off to Limmerick where I expect to see the 2nd 15 show the same level of commitment that they showed against a good Leicester Tigers outfit.
    14. There should be significant changes for the Italy and France games just to reward the efforts of those who weren’t part of this poor showing against England.
    15. I hope Robbie Deans sends the right 5 home after the Munster game – he needs to reward effort not reputation.

    • Robson

      “15. I hope Robbie Deans sends the right 5 home after the Munster game – he needs to reward effort not reputation.”

      I sure as hell hope so too, but I’m far from convinced that he will.

    • SteveWA

      If he did, Rocky would be first on the plane.

  • Andy Findlay

    Pom here again

    Just watched the game on VC – thats video casette. I just found out Australia lost heavily and England won, I just realised my previous comments about England only being able to beat a bunch of girls could look anatgonistic.

    Since when did you guys convert to touch rugby and wasn’t it desparately unfair that England didn’t play touch rugby with you. Man to man England played better, more pace, more aggression and Australia looked like Rabbits in headlights – they could not cope with the pace around the breakdown and into the second phase. If there had been more scrums the Aussie pack would have fared even worse. Despite individual brilliant efforts to regenerate the Aussie momentum, the team was not cohesive and appeared to lack confidence under pressure. In the long run before a world Cup this experience could be beneficial as long as Australia learn the lessons – dare I say it but occasionally a Southern Hemisphere side needs to kick for territory and lock a game down when they are under the cosh.

    I think Pocock summarised the Aussie’s performance a little ‘Po’ played by 15 ‘cocks’.

    • Bullrush

      Mate…I liked your first post better.

      Can you delete this one :D

  • Brax

    Oh listen to the handwringing & tears and accusation in this thread! You blokes are as soft as what you claim the Wallabies are.
    England came out firing last night. We made a few crucial early misjudgments that could have changed the games direction…but we didn’t and once they were on a roll there was no stopping this English team… as much as it pains me to say it.
    Still, it’s not the end of the fucking world & you “supporters” should stop sounding like the bloody Kiwis after they have choked at another world cup & support your fucking team! Through thick & thin….thats what it means to be an Aussie Rugby supporter.

    • Brax

      BTW. Good & fair match report Lance.

      • Garry

        I would just like a little more ‘thick’ to my ‘thin’. As a matter of fact, I’ve had a gutful of unnecessary thin.

        • Muffy

          When you do lose, you at least want to see blood on the field from the effort, but the way we never competed for the ball at the breakdown was too much to swallow.

          Just no mongrell for the ball!

          How many times did we just stare at the pill when the counter was on or the ball was out.

          You might lose a few penalties, but it keeps the opposition on their toes and forces them to panic and lose composure ultimatly making mistakes our dancing boys can feed off.

          We got the dicking our play deserved.

          When did you last see us but the boot in on someone not rolling away…we just throw our arms in the air and look pleaingly at the ref…when did we last even have a decent blue??…not that I condone the biff (OK maybe a little bit)..I am sure you get my point though..Are we becoming pussies??

    • murph

      You keep on dreaming there mate. Meanwhile, back in the real world…

      • Brax

        They are still a very young team. I know that when they finally click & become the champions that they now only promise in glimpses, I can hold my head high & say that I supported them all the way…unlike a lot of you mugs. I guess being a Reds supporter over the past few years has toughened me up a bit….I sneer at fair weathered “fans”
        I suppose most of the whingers are from the “I Must Have It Now!” Generation.

  • Gnostic

    Ah Lance, if I wasn’t so depressed at how shit they played I would be smug and say “I told youse, but nobody listens to the Gnostic.”

    The signs were there. Just to get in early I will predict a close win against Italy where they will dominate the scrum and breakdown (maybe) and then a loss to Le Frog.

    The poor selection of the tour squad means that Deans really doesn’t have strong back-up to face Italy this week especially in the front row. That means we either concede the set piece or play the top line front row. Van will get a plane ticket on Wednesday whil Chiholm will get two more tests in which to not shine. Ir will be a huge travesty if Chisholm end up with more tests than a great like Eales. The fact that he already has more than McCall and Pogo Morgan is already shameful.

  • E.

    A brief spark, but fear not, the Wallabies still aren’t where they could be. Goddamn it.

  • Ben

    If you have the chance you need to watch the game again…….it WAS NOT a smashing killing etc….there were a couple of crucial moments that changed the complexion of the game. JOC missing goals was one…but they were tough shots and he didnt miss by much……Ashtons second try was opportunistic, well taken….but that was it. It surprised me how easily we got back into the game with a little continuous ball. We ahve always known we are a little lite upfront. Horwill & CLiffy will go a long way to changing that, especially in the one up tackles and go forward. Chislom has to go……DOnt forget this english side still has NO Centers of any calabre…..they have to make some changes there….it will be very interesting to see how the boks go against them……I think they will dust them up.

    Honestly how good is test rugby though……RWC is going to be incredible

    • Joe

      “JOC missing goals was one…but they were tough shots and he didnt miss by much”

      Im pretty sure this isn’t AFL where you get points for missing closely

      • Funk

        Agreed Joe, when D Carter and M steyne don’t miss by much the get 5 or 6 out of 7 not 3. Our goal kicking is a big worry!

  • andy

    I think England deserve alot of credit for the way they played. They were always going to dominate the forwards and although I don’t think they were overly dominate in that area I think the performance of their backs is what won them the game. (that and some pathetic defending by Australia).

    Looks like they took Campo’s advice midweek, that is to attack Australia at their strength, the backline (and they won that battle convincingly).

    I think the Wallaby’s lost the game through their defense. simple as that. If we defended better and held a good line and didn’t drop 20 odd tackles that would have saved us 20 points at least. Both their tries were due to terrible tackling and that’s 14 points down the shitter. The rest of the missed tackles led to pressure situations where we gave easy penalties for them to convert.

    Our points were due to good play from the forwards and the backs which is a good sign considering they only dropped 3 tackles all match. We simply need to make our tackles count.

    I do think our forwards get a bad wrap tbh. Their are some players that don’t perform to the level expected, i.e. Chiz, Mumm but the rest have been selected because they suit our style of play- they are all pretty mobile. I really don’t think they were the problem last night however. It really was our backs who were at fault. One on one they were horrible in defense and that was where we were leaking points through pressure plays by England

  • Chris

    Sorry NTA but croft obstruction for the 1st try?. He had the ball and offloaded in the tackle to Ashton….

    And how was it that not one of the scrums actually ended cleanly?

  • murph

    No. It’s not about “I must have it now” at all. Its about having a well formed opinion. If you dint like our opinion then all well and good but dont be such a fucking tool

  • Gooch

    That hurt to watch. After so many years, I should have known not to expext too much after 2 wins in a row. to me it seemed that we got our-enthused and out-smarted. We still can’t figure out how to change things mid-game to adapt to the ref. Surely we have a better captain somewhere in this team. Italy this week? We should smash them, right?

    • Dally M

      Italy were awarded a penalty try against the Argentina scrum on the weekend.

      God help our scrum!

      • JON

        I live in nz and fucjk I hope so. Cant stand the gloating . .

  • Thewah

    It seems many believe that the Wallabies should be comfortably beating all teams bar the AB’s. I can’t see how a team made up of tier 2 players can create a tier one team. On that basis the Wallabies have performed well beyond expectations.

  • JON


  • JON

    experimental backline

    genia, mortlock, AAC, higgenbotham mortlock, ioane, hynes, beale

  • JON

    sorry mortlock at 5 / 8 not centre

    • JnrG

      Put the pipe down and step away from the lighter….

    • redbull

      Mortlock can’t pass….

      How about


      • Josh

        Giteau at 9? Beale at 10? Not quite convinced;)

        • Garry

          Why not try it? We’ve got nothing to lose now. It may be just the trick?

        • Funk

          Gits has been one of our weakest links for a long time now and you want to put in right in the middle of it??? Why not give Dick Brown a shot at no. 10 while we’re at it? Maybe Ma’afu no.12?

  • I didn’t see the game between the Wallabies and England. A slick AB’s beat Scotland 49-3, a record score against the Scots. Every game is different. The AB’s were just about mistake free, SBW was player of the day and has added a new skill to rugby union. Next week, Ireland.

    • Robson

      All power to the All Blacks then.

  • E.

    I’m beginning to think that the Wallabies have far too many flaws to even get close to winning the RWC next year. Scrummaging, rucking, defence, goalkicking, kicking in general really, even passing based on Saturday’s game. Well… shit.

    • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

      “even passing based on Saturday’s game. Well… shit.” And there I was before the game thinking that ‘at least we’ve finally got the passing sorted out’.

      But nah ahhh…….. gone was the good stuff (ball out in front of the runner) and the crap resurfaced, not quite as bad as we’re capable of but bad none the less . The less said about Burgo’s inside flick that never was the better. But I guess we were well done & things needed to be tried (or am I giving him too much credit).

      • pants

        You’re being far to kind. That flick pass was absolute rubbish. It’s the 2nd time he’s done that. In fact he and Quade should probably put the flick pass back in the cupboard and focus on high percentage rugby for a while. Actually the whole team should try high percentage rugby, like taking an easy 3 point penalty kick instead of a quick tap for a try, or kicking a penalty into touch instead of a low percentage goal kick. We got everything all mixed up on the weekend. You have to put that down to lack of leadership on the field.


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