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Its Brumby Time: Do it for George & Stirling

Its Brumby Time: Do it for George & Stirling

Think of me not as your coach, but as your special “Friend”.

It’s been a bad week for Brumbies supporters: Firstly we have Kaplan reffing a home game, which is bad enough. Then our (booby)prize recruit, Matt Giteau, is made fun of for having ample possession and territory and not being able to build a big lead with it and now we’re being called the ugliest most boring Australian team to watch in this years Super 14.

Well enough is enough, and that last one was certainly a low blow. Every other year there are more contenders for the most boring award, this year the standard for Aussie rugby has been raised so high we have 3 Aussie teams only on 3 losses with only 3 (4 actually) matches to play. A situation never been accomplished before and probably never to be again.

Also all this criticism has come too early and will mean nothing when the Brumbies ‘Van Humphries’ the Waratahs come this F*ing Saturday Night. We already thrashed the South African Tahs 61 – 15 last time both teams played. We’ll have no jetlag having played in Canberra last week and we’ll be playing on a field the Tahs can’t claim a large amount of home ground advantage on.

Last week the Brumbies didn’t overcome the tactics of the Hurricanes but I hope it was a fast learning curve for the players in the team; that they learn how to change their team tactics during the game and certainly before they waste another 2 hours of every rugby supporters life.

This is a whole new week and it will be different. The Brumbies will step up for this derby match as their season is more on the line and they need to keep their finals hopes alive and maximise the chance of George Smith and Mortlock playing again for the Brumbies. They are sitting 3 points behind the Tahs, so a bonus point win to them and a double bonus point loss to the Tahs will square everything up. As a Brumby supporter a win at all costs is imperative, but as an Australian, I would like to see 7 points come out of this match 5 to the Brumbies.

Below I’ve named the line-ups but I’m not too sure about some of the injury clouds over some Tah players.

The Tahs may be without TPN and Benn Robinson for this one, so the brumbies have a chance up front with only old man Baxter as the usual starting front rower. If Alexander can dominate him in the scrum it could set up the rest of the team nicely.

In the Locks Mumm and Chapman will face off in the converted blindside derby. And either Hand or Chisholm will line up against Douglas.

In the back row Elsom will try and outmuscle Ben Mowen. Hoiles will cover Palu’s replacement (probably Caldwell) [ED: really? What about Dennis?] and Waugh will try and show the third Faingaa whose boss.

You can draw your own conclusions about the backline but I think the dumb move of taking AAC out of outside centre will give the Tahs a huge advantage in this area with Horne and Barnes being a much more experienced combination than Tyrone and Andrew Smith.

Brumbies v Waratahs
ANZ stadium
Saturday, 24 April, 2010
Kick-off: 7.40pm

Julian Huxley 15 Kurtley Beale
Pat McCabe 14 Lachie Turner
Andrew Smith 13 Rob Horne
Tyrone Smith 12 Berrick Barnes
Adam Ashley-Cooper 11 Drew Mitchell
Matt Giteau 10 Daniel Halangahu
Joshua Valentine 9 Luke Burgess
Stephen Hoiles [c] 8 Will Caldwell
Colby Faingaa 7 Phil Waugh [c]
Rocky Elsom 6 Ben Mowen
Ben Hand 5 Kane Douglas
Mitchell Chapman 4 Dean Mumm
Salesi Ma’afu 3 Al Baxter
Stephen Moore 2 Tatafu Polota-Nau Fitzpattrick
Ben Alexander 1 Benn Robinson Kepu
Huia Edmunds 16 Damien Fitzpatrick Freier
Guy Shepderson 17 Sekope Kepu ?
Mark Chisholm 18 ?
Michael Hooper 19 Dave Dennis
Pattrick Phibbs 20 Josh Holmes
Alfi Mafi 21 Tom Carter
Brackin Karauria-Henry 22 Sosene Anesi
  • Does Mudskipper know you’ve got that picture of him and Gits?

    • Bobas

      Update: Ben Mowen will play in 8, with either Caldwell Dennis or in 6.

    • mudskipper

      You know I have this manlove for the Brumbies committee.

      I’ll take one for the team.

      • mudskipper

        The above wasn’t posted by me… jeez People signing on at G&GR adopting other contributors identities? … rather gutless work boys… I assume by a jilted Giteau worshiper from the force TWF site…

  • Westo

    I do prefer the Brumbies win because I cannot stand the biased nature of ‘Rugbyheaven’s’ naritive and I want Steve Samualson to go down. Every day its the the Tahs are the best, the Tahs should ‘be’ the Wallabies, the Tahs have secured Barnes. OK maybe that last one cuts deep for I am a Queenslander, but I am so stoked that I found for some non-biased commentary – “hang-on!!”

    • D

      i was pissed about barnes leaving but now I’m glad he’s gone. I don’t think the reds would be as good as they are this year with him

    • Groucho

      Surely, if you don’t like the “biased nature of RugbyHeaven’s naritive” then you should read a website other than the Sydney Morning Herald’s?


      • Cameron

        Wayne Smith’s commentary and analysis shits on Grumbles Growden at any rate.

  • BRIX

    You do realise that the only player really in question for the match is Benn Robinson, don’t you?

    Anyway. Kepu is a good enough replacement for Big Benn, at around the 57 minute mark when the Tahs are up by a dozen or so.

    Good day gentleman

    • Bobas

      So the Tahs are just lying about benn’s broken arm, tpn’s shoulder problems and palu knee-reco?

      shifty bastards.

  • I agree it is a dumb move removing AAC from outside centre. Alfi Mafi couldn’t start at wing instead?

    Go Brumbies!

    • Newb

      immensely confused by this one as well. hasn’t the point all along been to get AAC game time at 13? big step back. but what else is new with the ponies lately… sheesh.

  • Reddy!

    Wow I can’t tip this game, got no idea. I probably like the look of the Brumbies forward pack better, but like the Waratahs backline.

  • reds fan

    this is shaping up as THE most boring game of the year…. oh wait! Tom Carter isn’t starting… ok maybe the Tahs have a chance of delivering something worthwhile. The Ponies?? my god they were dreadful against the Canes. They can only play better… you would hope.. I’m tipping Tahs by 15 at least.

    • reds fan

      hmmm…. i think i got that one right. dreadful viewing.

  • Groucho

    The Tahds have been playing entertaining footy. We’ve been playing turgid shite. I actually hope the Sydneysiders win. Something has to shock Andy Friend out of his torpor.

    Also, how long do we have to put up with stupid selections? Why does Friends always want to put his best players on the wing? Who next… Alexander?


    • Henry

      If Alexander can score 4 playing prop, imagine how many he would have if he played wing! Oh wait… he’s with the Brumbies…

  • Alexander vs Baxter.

    Alexander out to continue his good form. Baxter out to prove he’s not over the hill for a wallabies spot.

    One can’t help but get a tingle in the pant region.

  • mudskipper

    I’m hoping both TPN and Robinson play as their only 70% at best with injury… Robinson can’t scrum with a fractured arm. News is Horne has an injury issue as well.

    This could be rookie Andrew Smiths big day out at ANZ and the making of him. The Brumbies are a real chance to steal the show… I rather like that they’re being underrated…

    This was an authentic mudskipper message…

    • Bobas

      get yourself an avatar.

      i suggest the pic from this post

      • mudskipper

        thanks mate thats teh one on my desk…:)

        • mudskipper

          Aaaaaaaaarrrr avatar…

        • mudskipper

          Arrr Avatar

  • Pedro

    The brumbies are a chance at the souless homebush stadium, even 40 000 fans won’t make it seem full let alone intimidating. There just isn’t the excitement around this game one would’ve expected for this fixture looking at it at the start of the season, even though both teams can still make the semis.

    Hopefully antihype results in something good to watch from these two teams for a change. I expect the brumbies to me pissed off after last week and the tahs will try to use that to their advantage too.

    Still expect the brumbies to get up, but can’t say I’m expecting too much. Prove me wrong, please.

    • Brumbyfan22

      I’m with you Pedro – its going to be a dour affair! Im predicting neither side will hit 20 points (which was case in reds v bulls game but that was a cracker) and one try a piece. Superior Waratah defence and lacklustre brumby pack.

      19 – 10 Waratahs. Man of the Match: Phil Waugh

      • Brumbyfan22

        Lacklustre brumby attack not pack sorry.

  • Ian Cognito

    I have a gut feeling for the Brumbies on this one. I think its about time they stepped up

  • Feno

    I don’t think the Brumbies have played a decent game all season, unfortunately with last weeks crap I will never get those 2 hours of my life back.

    I think the majority of the 2010 Brumbies players shows last years Wallaby team to a tea. Roll up ego in hand, play *cough* 80mins of boring uninspiring rugby, come off say “I guess they wanted it more” and go straight to collect their pay checks.

    Unless they can put their players in the right position (Gits as far away from #10 as humanly possible and AAC were he can get his hands on the ball) and start playing decent attacking rugby they deserve to be just out of the 4 and possibly as low as 6 or 7.

    What I would love is reds v tahs semi final and the reds to demolish the tahs so Link can have a bit of revenge against NSW rugby and possibly Mr P Waugh.

    And I say this as a Tahs supporter!

    • It’s always the case with the Brumbies, finishing outside the top 4. I think I can see change in the attitude from the younger boys like Toomua, Faingaa, Lealiifano.

      They’ll restore Brumbies to their former glory. I don’t think it’s the case for the players to be just turning up, playing the game and collecting their pay cheques. But the way they’re performing I agree it certainly does look that way.

  • Gallagher

    Tahs already have this game in the bag. Apart from Alexander, Hoiles, Elsom and AAC the Ponies have been rather brainless with no quality interplay, continuity or game plan this year. I blame Friendy! Go the TAHS! (and thats coming from a Reds supporter!)

    • Don’t forget Lealiifano before injury and McCabe has been pretty solid this season.

    • Eggsie

      Hand back your Reds membership champ. No Queenslander supports the southern silvertails in any sport.


      Go the ponies.

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