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Jaguares prey on Brumbies

Jaguares prey on Brumbies

The weekend of woe for Australian teams continued with the Brumbies falling to the Jaguares 25-20 in Canberra. It was three tries apiece, but the kicking and cool head of Nico Sanchez behind a dominant pack lead the visitors to a second win on Australian soil in as many weeks.

It was the Jagaures forwards who laid the platform and outplayed the Brumbies in the opening 30 minutes and then held on at the back end of the match even after being down to 14 men early in the second half.

The Match

The Jaguares game plan seemed pretty obvious to use their big forwards and even though the Brumbies knew it was coming, after 18 phases they had the first try after just four minutes to centre Matais Orlando.

The Brumbies barely fired a shot in the opening 15 minutes and when they did finally gain possession, it was turned over by either a handling error or kicked away.

Back-to-back penalties to Nico Sanchez had the Jaguares up 13-0 as the penalty count and missed tackles started to rack up against the Brumbies. They seemed rattled as even David Pocock copped a backchat penalty from Angus Gardner for arguing one penalty with the frustration setting in as they waged a running battle throughout the game.

On the 30-minute mark, the Brumbies finally had an attacking chance but it looked like it would be one of those games as they failed to execute two good chances from five metres out.

It would be third time lucky just minutes later as Tom Banks scored his first try of the half with a simple backline move to get back into the game.

It was Banks again five minutes later as he collected a grubber kick from Hawera for his second to make it 13-10 at half time.

Early in the second half the Jaguares went down to 14 men after winger Emiliano Boffelli copped a yellow card for a nasty tackle in the air on Henry Speight.

The Brumbies weren’t able to take advantage and almost went further behind was the Jaguares ran it out from their own end and were saved from the retreating Kyle Godwin who collected the ball right on his own line.

But the pressure was too much to hold out for the Brumbies and after a few scrums five metres out, Jeronimo de la Fuente had space on the left wing for an easy try. Sanchez’s conversion made it a ten-point game at 20-10.

With 15 minutes remaining and the substitutes starting the get involved, the Brumbies edged closer with a try to Chance Peni after a big rolling maul from the forwards in the lead up. Hawera’s conversion made it a three-point game.

But that work was all undone as Boffelli redeemed himself from his earlier yellow card by scoring out wide with the Brumbies defence in all sorts to allow him a simple run to the line for an important eight point margin with less than ten to go.

The Brumbies launched one last chance but left their run too late with the Jaguares defence able to withstand the Brumbies attack deep in their own half and hold on for 25-20 win with a late Hawera penalty after the siren ensuring a losing bonus point .

The Game Changer

The Brumbies failing to score with Jaguares down to 14 men in the second half whilst conceding in the same period.


Nico Sanchez – The wily flyhalf led the Jaguares backline around behind a strong pack.

Wallaby Watch

Tough game with Michael Cheika watching on with the Wallaby forwards having a torrid time against a big Jaguares pack. David Pocock went off late with a slight limp and Scott Sio and Allan Alaalatoa will be sore in the morning.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Banks 2, Peni
Conversions: Hawera
Penalties: Hawera
Tries: Orlando, de la Fuente, Boffelli
Conversions: Sanchez 2
Penalties: Sanchez 2


47 mins – Emiliano Boffelli (Jaguares) – Yellow

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    We can’t get any worse, so let’s eject the older guys who aren’t performing.

    I wouldn’t start TK, Speight, Godwin or Hawera next time. Bring in Verity-Amm, Dargaville, Jackson-Hope/Hansen.

    Faingaa needs to work on his line out throwing all day every day until the next match too. Two weeks in a row the line out has been diabolical.

    • Adrian

      Re Brums lineout.
      Elsewhere in this story I have given my opinion on Carter.
      Another issue is Arnold. Some time last year he was interviewed about lineouts. He praised up Coleman, but PROUDLY stated that he knows nothing, and simply jumps. Surely something for the coaches to attend to. He has great potential IMO

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        That’s terrible to hear.

        If he wants to be a Wallaby then he should be learning how to call the line out.

        He’s one of the first choice locks for the Brumbies, for the Brumbies alone he should learn how to call the line out.

  • Brumby Runner

    I posted on one of the threads a week or two ago that Gardner seems to have a penchant for penalising Ays sides early in any match he officiates. I don’t know what the early penalty count was against the Brumbies, but it seemed again to be fairly heavily in favour of the visiting team. And this year, the Brumbies I believe have been one of the lesser penalised sides in the SR comp. But good old Angus looked to be true to form.

  • Adrian

    Was hopeful at one stage that my draw prediction would come true.

    My only prediction that came true was weaknesses at 9,10,12 and maybe 13. Impossible to make breaks without creative players,….an issue Brums share with Rebs and Reds.

    Really and truly, a team with “lineout specialists” like Carter can’t compete at the top level if these guys aren’t robust too. It’s not just about height and weight, it is about ball skills and balance too. The ability to withstand a bump. Guys who can do these things are usually good players around the paddock too.

    Brumbies don’t really have the cattle to play the way they play, but do have the odd classy player. I wouldn’t drop Speight or Kurandrani, but I’d use them differently

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Speight cannot defend.

      This is a problem we’ve known about for years, but it seems to have worsened. His non-attempt on Naiyaravoro a few weeks ago changed the match, and this week every time the ball went to his wing they went 20m+ downfield. There were multiple occasions when they had an overlap and he took the inside man instead of marking the guy on the wing and letting the drift defence cover the inside man.

      This is junior stuff I learned in about under 10s.

      You cannot carry a winger who can’t defend.

      TK woefully out form and has been for a lot of the period since the 2015 WC. Offering nothing in attack, losing the ball in contact and has never run good support lines or had the best ball skills. His best abilities at his peak were his colossal defence and line-bending runs – he has totally lost the latter and the rest of the game hasn’t improved to accomodate it.

      Resting Lealiifano, if that’s what it was, was just plain stupid. Hawera isn’t really quite at this level and Godwin is both invisible and has already signed overseas.

      Powell wasn’t the issue today, although Lucas definitely didn’t cover himself in glory towards the end.

      QC to the Brumbies ASAP.

      • Adrian

        Fair enough. Perhaps the older Wallabies are past their best.
        All 4 Australian teams have about 10 Wallabies, but a few are past their prime.
        Re Brums I just wish some way was found to do something less predictable. I don’t just mean the rolling maul, but also the backs. Some way to get good runners into space without thinking that the only way is across a backline that frankly doesn’t have the ability to move it fast or make a break.

        Yes, agree re QC, he’d help, and probably play ok away from the Qld mafia and amongst people (and coaches) he doesn’t really know

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          They started attacking well in the last 10mins when they were chasing the game – started looking to offload and went for lots of quick, short passes rather than going for slow, long passes that gave the defence time to set. I have no idea why they couldn’t do that the entire match??? Hav the new ruck laws made it so that the Bruma are so comfortable retaining the ball that they don’t want to risk messing up an offload?

          Banks, Peni and even Speight are good runners. The problems are a total lack of imagination from the 10-12-13.

        • Adrian

          Yes, 100% re imagination.
          Somehow I think it is a skill, that some players have, and some don’t.
          Probably CLL has more of it than the other inside backs, but there is certainly a need for a Dan Carter or even a Quade Cooper if there is one lying around

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          The QC farce more than anything else shows the need for central contracting. Both the Rebels and Brumbies are in desperate need of a 10, and instead we have Queensland with two of the senior capable 10s in Aus (+ the best young prospect), with one of them being paid $600,000+ to watch super rugby on TV.

        • Adrian

          Right again DBTB.
          Surely RA can force and/or facilitate a resolution

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Goodness one would hope so..

        • joy

          Consider the $600,000 a stupidity fine. The Reds clearly need him along with a second playmaker. When inevitably asked at half time what he will do rescue the game Thorne’s response ranges between more of the same and refusing address the question. Pathetic.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Is there any information to suggest that Thorn is up to the task of coaching at Super Rugby level?

          People can criticise the Brumbies all they like, but at least they haven’t let their 100 SR cap and 60 Test playmaker play club rugby.

        • onlinesideline

          The more you look at whats unfolding the more Thorn cant deny its personal. It doesnt make sense otherwise.

        • Gareth

          Bringing back QC wont help the reds as i think Jono Lance has been one of the better reds players. The 12/13 have shown no brains at all it with toua the only other back showing any play making ability.

        • Parker

          Stupidity fine. Pure gold. Cheika should be chipping in.

        • Which mysterious figure was rumoured to be out of his home state recently…

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Please elucidate??

        • I’ve said too much already…

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          No, I don’t think you have ;). But I won’t pester you any further, and I will hope the rumours I heard today about Quade possibly heading overseas are baseless.

    • The Reds and the Rebels have the possibility of an excuse. They can both be regarded as teams in flux, new head coaches, significantly new line-ups in key positions and so on. I was hoping the Rebels wouldn’t blow up and that the Reds wouldn’t jinx it for Thorn but one side is essentially a new team, the other is trying to play in an entirely new way and there are going to be some glorious successes and some woeful failures this year while they sort themselves out.

      The Brumbies though… I’m not sure I understand their plans. They seem to have the wrong players for the way they want to play, like you said, and a plan that doesn’t seem to exploit the strengths of the players they’ve got. They’ll still come up against teams where they will lose, and possibly the Jaguares at home not having travelled will always be one of those teams – the Jaguares seem custom built to hit the Brumbies in places where they’ll struggle, if they’re feeling rested and have had a couple of weeks of home cooking it will always be a hard match up. But I remember Fast Eddie when he arrived in England. He wanted to look at the best players he had available, then draw up a plan based around the players he could call on. The wheels seem to have fallen off that bus this year but the Brumbies seem to have a plan that is suited to someone like the Exeter Chiefs (where is really works for them) but they have the players to play more like Wasps (where a different group of players also make an entirely different game plan work; they’re first and third in the Aviva Premiership so their plans really do work). Sorry for all the English rugby references, it’s what I see most of.

      • Adrian

        Yes, Eloise, that’s exactly it.
        Current NZ team don’t play 10 man Rugby.
        I think coaches have premeditated views which is ok.
        This means get cattle to suit your plan, or change your plan to suit cattle.
        Really, really good coaches can both change the skill set of their cattle, and modify their own plans, but Brums don’t have one of these

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