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Queensland Reds

Jaguares v Reds – Round the world in 14 days

Jaguares v Reds – Round the world in 14 days

Is there anything better than rugby with breakfast on a Sunday morning?

On a form front, the Jaguares start the game with three wins from the opening four games. The Reds were the complete opposite with one from four. And the Reds have not won on the road since 2015. Sigh….

A late change to the Reds side saw Leroy Huston being left out of the 15 with an eye injury, Hendrick Tui moving into blindside flanker & George Smith coming onto the bench.

Looking for something positive, I had a quick glance at the team sheets. Did you know that all but two of the Jaguares have test caps (with a total of 521 in the team)? This compares to only seven of the Reds for a total of 342 (this includes the 38 cap contribution from Hendrick Tui for Japan), over half of which are donated by two men – Stephen Moore (117) and George Smith (111).   On the positive front (I told you I was looking for one), the Reds started the season with 727 Super Rugby caps compared to the 182 of the Jaguares. So let’s pretend that the teams are pretty even on experience.

So, let’s see if all of this matters…

The Match

First Half

I started watching this game with the thought that the Reds would be having a tough night at the office. The first half turned out to confirm this, but it was perhaps better than expected. Most of the first 40 minutes was played between the 22’s.

Both sides had their chances but were let down by poor handling and/or poor decision making. After a lot of back & forwards the first real scoring opportunity for either side came in the 16th minute with Juan Martín Hernández taking an unsuccessful shot at a penalty.

With a bit more trading of handling errors the Jaguares eventually launched a raid on the Reds line which ended with Nabuli knocking on in the tackle. After what seemed like an eternity, and a few helpful replays, Fraser decided to review the incident and binned Nabuli for the knock on being intentional. In my opinion, politely, this was a bullshit call but this doesn’t change the outcome.

A minute later Douglas was shown the yellow card for driving in the side of the maul that resulted from the lineout, and the Reds were, for the second time in two weeks, down to 13 men. From the resulting scrum, it was only a matter of time before the Jaguares crossed the line through De La Fuente. Hernández converted and the score was 7 to zip.

Life continued until the 28th minute when the Jaguares 14, Moyano, showed some dancing feet and clean pair of heels to break through a sparse Reds line to score their second try. The conversion was missed so the score remained 12 – 0.

Coming into the 34th minute the Jaguares were penalised for being off side and McIntyre stepped up to put some points of the board for the Reds. Five minutes later Hunt was penalised for a marginal high tackle and Hernández returned the favour, taking the score to 15 – 3 at the half time break.

Second Half

If the first half was hard to watch as a Reds fan, the second half didn’t start any better. They seemed to continually lose patience and after holding the ball for a few phases would kick the ball back to the Jaguares. Rinse. Me screaming at the television. Repeat. As one of the other correspondents (TheKing) put it The hosts provided just enough rope for the Reds to hang themselves on attack as the Reds squandered opportunities again and again.” How can the Reds have had 67% of possession yet still finish 14 points behind?

In the 48th minute the Jaguares got a throw into a line out following a penalty against Lukhan Tui for sealing off. The resulting maul left a gaping hole in the Reds’ defensive line which allowed De La Fuente to jog over for his second. Hernández drop kick the conversion to bring the score to 22 – 3.

The Reds were the last to trouble the score board when Higgers eventually forced his way over the line. The conversion dropped short from McIntyre and the score was 22 – 8.

The rest of the game was mostly difficult to watch. Ezcurra was binned for a deliberate knock on and then a TMO “check check” meant Douglas was penalised for cleaning out a Jaguares player by the neck. He was probably lucky Fraser didn’t think it was a bad enough for a yellow card, he would have been seeing red.

After 2 hours we were eventually put out of our misery. The continual referrals to the TMO, either by his “check, check” call or from Fraser, really dragged out the game to a ridiculous level. Not sure the officiating from any the games this weekend has done the viewer numbers any favours. So.

The Jaguares are now 4 from 5 and the Reds 1 from 5. This is looking like it could be a long season.

The Game Changer

The two yellow cards for the Reds in the first half was always going to make life difficult for them. Also the continuous referral to the TMO meant that neither team could maintain any momentum.


There were really no stand outs on either side. Hernández probably takes it, if only for his contribution to the Jaguares.

Best of the Reds is even harder to find. Anyone got any suggestions?  

Wallaby watch

Hunt again put in some good work. Yes he is being penalized, but he is also doing a lot more work than the rest of the team. Moore played well this week, and the two P’s (Paia’aua & Perese) also played well. Perese was replaced at half time however so here’s hoping there is not an issue there.

The Details


Score & Scorers

Jaguares: 22 Tries: de la Fuente (2), Moyano Conversions: Hernández (2/3) Penalties: Hernández (1/2)
Reds: 8 Tries: Higginbotham Conversions: McIntyre (0/1) Penalties: McIntyre (1/1) 

Cards & citings

Yellows all round – Nabuli, Douglas, Ezcurra

  • SucckerforRed said,

    The continual referrals to the TMO, either by his “check, check” call or
    from Fraser, really dragged out the game to a ridiculous level.

    Truly ridiculous yellow cards handed out today! I could handle Douglas but the two for deliberate knock ons were jokes. A couple of the penalties for high tackles were just as bad.

    Having said that the Reds can see what is happening why aren’t they adapting to stop it happening?

    • John Tynan

      Sully, I reckon the Douglas one doesn’t stand up to review. Douglas was involved in the maul, detaches to re-position, Creevey (I think) detaches or rolls off the back and runs at him. All of this happens in lines perpendicular to the tryline.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      agree 100% mate. Fraser needs to grow some balls and just make a decision. The deliberate knock ons were crap and took away from a good game and even Douglas was a rough call and open to interpretation and Yellows shouldn’t be given for that. I thought the Reds played with a lot of heart. They still need to sort out their poor decision making and maybe some old fashioned holding onto the ball and driving up in 10 Man rugby might suit them while they build confidence.

    • paul

      Yes agree with that, watching the game was frustrating with the constant stoppages, the ref was to eager to stop things.

      There was no flow, the game should not be about the ref, who seemed more concerned with checking everything possible rather than letting the game play.

    • McWarren

      How do you adjust to such incomprehensible officiating. If anything they did adjust, the Jagueres gave away penalty after penalty with no indication of an impending yellow.

  • Harbo

    I don’t think I have missed a Reds game for nearly a decade, after the first 5 rounds I might have to miss the 6th to save me the heart break, anger and frustration. Surely we have a 10 in Queensland who can kick more than 20 metres for touch from a penalty and not make a beeline for sideline every time he catches the ball?

    I’m with you though, Karmichael and Pai’aua have stepped up, can anyone see anything else positive at all from the Reds so far this year?

    • Pai’aua and Hunt can kick further than McIntyre so why do they get him to kick?

      • Harbo

        Poor coaching perhaps?

      • idiot savant

        Give it to Higgers.

        • Simon

          That was a bloody great kick by Higgers. Even for a back it was an excellent kick, from a forward it was awesome.

        • Harbo

          The bloke played soccer till he was around 17 or something

  • Nutta

    Thanks for the write-up. After watching that dribble I admire the application of anyone to even bother.

    I am becoming an old man. The cards being given and the reason for their use is beyond me to the point that I am obviously the one who is suffering old age blindness, comments about ‘Jezz, in my day…’ and/or stupidy.

    K.Hunt seems to be getting better each time I see him

    • SuckerForRed

      Trust me, it was tempting to have a very long rant. But I have learnt some self restraint…
      Yes Hunt is showing some great skills. Hope all his injury troubles of the last few years are behind him and he spend most of the season on the field. Certainly not doing his Wallaby prospects any harm.

  • kp

    The Reds, and Australian teams for that matter, are being aggressively targeted by referees for innocuous incidents. These same incidents are ignored when the perpetrators are kiwi teams … and rightly so. We cannot yellow card people for coughing to the left.
    Rugby has been losing support in Australia since 2000 and is now just about on life support here. Smart arse referees have A lot to answer for. I’m now switching to league.

    • Robert

      You’re so right kp. I’ve been a Reds member for 11 years and I’ve just about had it. Not with the Reds so much as rugby in general.
      I have only so much time to devote to sport (actually a fair bit) but one must be selective. My son, once a bolted on rugby follower, now watches AFL, as does my wife, admittedly a fair weather rugby aficionado. More and more people I talk too though, people that have been involved in their youth, feel the same way. It certainly doesn’t help that AFL is free to air and rugby isn’t. How does that grow the sport?

      And as today’s match shows, Rugby does itself no favours with interpretation of the laws being left to the individual referee. As well, assistant referees and TMOs have to get in on the act, so too much time is spent not playing rugby. People don’t want to pay to see what, 30 minutes of rugby a match?
      This wonderful sport is on life support, as you said, and the true believers like me are dropping off. If we are struggling to keep our interest, how can Rugby attract new participants?

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        And when you lose a team because of SANZAAR mismanagement it’ll only get worse. Pay dollars to less less rugby teams here. It’s a crying shame

      • Old_Laurentian

        Yep, I spend more time watching the French or UK Rugby on TV now rather than the “Super”. What a turnaround from my old Reds season ticket happy days.

  • John Tynan

    Thanks SFR. Very frustrating. As for the Crusaders game, if we were good enough, we could have won or at least lost more closely.
    The whole officiating team deserve a demotion for the (non) spectacle they co-ordinated over today. They need to realise the impact they have on games. At one point I tweeted that the ref was now feeling the result of setting the bar too low too early.
    To answer your question about who on the Reds, definitely Hunt. Head and shoulders above his team mates in skill, attitude and commitment.

    • idiot savant

      yep Hunt was a standout again for workmate and commitment. He is also showing leadership which the backs need. Higgers was solid.

  • idiot savant

    Having been to Perth, South Africa, and now Argentina, you would expect the air miles might be catching up with the legs. Perhaps thats one of the reasons why the Reds appeared a bit off the pace. With all that ball, you would expect a few line breaks in structured play but there were almost none. Do the Reds lack strike power? Or does the ball come to the backs too slowly? Or were the Jags just great in defence? Or are they yet to find real cohesion? Or do they lack good decision makers in key positions? Maybe a bit of each column.

    Decision making appears to be an issue on and off the field. I think appointing Moore as captain was a poor decision for example. Its not that he’s not a good captain its just that it now means the Reds won’t get the advantage of a fresh legged hooker (Ready) in any close games for the entire season. Personally I would’ve given it to Higgers (yeah I know about the Valley) but he was a revelation in that role for the Rebs. Hunt for VC.

    Speaking of poor decisions, that refereeing display was incompetent. Why Fraser wouldn’t ask to see Nabuli’s knock down in real time is beyond me. He wasnt even looking at the ball. How can you say beyond doubt it was intentional? There wasnt enough evidence for that. It was a penalty at best. Why didn’t he go to the TMO for Douglas? He went to the TMO for everything else. If he had he would have seen there was some doubt. Both decisions were incompetent, and then of course somewhere down in his lizard brain he realised the impact of 2 yellow cards, and then refereed the rest of the game in a kind of square up mode only building on his incompetence. And the Hunt high shot? His eyesight must be better than mine. What I saw was contact on shoulder and chest but because Hunt hits so hard the Argie’s head recoiled into Hunt’s chest. In NZ thats play on every day. Surely Fraser gets sent down to a lower level for while.

  • Simon

    People talk about the complicated structure of Super Rugby as the cause of losing market share, but for me, my love of the game is being over-officiated away. Nobody wants to see the game interrupted while the ref and TMO fart-arse around reviewing half a dozen different camera angles in slow motion to pick up some minor transgression like Nabuli’s knock on or Hunt’s chest-high tackle while multiple other incidents equally bad or even worse go overlooked.

    If SANZAAR put out another viewer survey this year, I’ve got a lot to tell them and it ain’t pretty.

    • DrewB

      That’s the broadcasters fault. They want the drama. They show you the camera angles, they have the 3 pundits telling you why the ref is wrong. They think this creates excitement and will sell. And I bet it works in other sports, or other countries. And the annoying thing is they can’t lose. If the model fails they can move onto other content. Its not their job to look after the game.

      • Simon

        I’m not sure about that – in the NRL they are moving away from this video ref dependence and it’s the broadcasters who are leading the charge. They know full well it’s harming their ratings so it’s Gus Gould and Sterlo who are the ones complaining about it more than anybody else, and they’re managing to get it changed because the administrators are taking it on board.

        The World Rugby administrators on the other hand appear to be clueless and think that 15 video replays on Nabuli’s swinging arm is the way to get fans. The broadcasters, be it Aussie, Kiwi or Saffa, all complain just as much as Gus and Sterlo but the administrators ignore them.

  • joy

    Oh dear. Another game ruined by zealots.

  • Bobas

    Someone does need to compile the cards against Australian players in super rugby this year (as I would love to see what the quantative data says)

    QC gets a red and three weeks for a high tackle when the other player is attempting to score.
    Dargaville cops a shoulder to the head after a mark and the offending player is penalised only, because the “mitigating factor”: Dargs lowered his centre of gravity to balance for the catch…
    Surely the guy Cooper tackled by trying to score also ‘ducked into it’…

    • Braveheart81

      The still frames of Cooper’s tackle show that the ball runner wasn’t really any lower than normal when Cooper hit him. I think red was reasonable under the new guidelines. Cooper swinging his arm into the contact is always going to increase the penalty because it brings in the “with force” methodology which increases the penalty based on a couple of the tackles that have received red cards this year.

      Tomkinson should have absolutely been yellow carded for the hit on Dargaville. It was clearly high.

      • McWarren

        BH what I have an issue with is the damage done doesn’t seem to factor into punishment. From my playing days I know a shoulder delivered to the head hurts more than Coopers type of head shot. For me, not going by the guidelines, a yellow for Cooper and a red and suspension for Tomkinson would have been fair. And don’t get me started on consistency of interpretation. If Coopers was a red then I feel the Reds should have lost Higgers and Korcyk during the weekends game and how wasn’t Douglas’ neck roll a yellow?? Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted that Fraser started poorly and maintained it throughout, but sheesh that game was carnival of inconsistency and over zealous officiating.

        • Braveheart81

          The damage done is only one factor and I don’t think it will ever be the most important one because the same action can have entirely different consequences. Cooper’s swinging arm was reckless and they are treating that more harshly (similar to Luatua and Bothma’s red cards and suspensions) which were all high shots with a swinging arm “with force”.

          I think yellow only for Tomkinson would have been the right decision. I don’t think there was anything reckless about it. He connected high with his shoulder but it certainly wasn’t a no arms tackle.

          Consistency needs to improve but that has been and will always be an issue in every sport. Some incidents get looked at more closely than others and some get missed.

          I agree that there was a neck roll on Douglas that should been a penalty or probably a yellow.

        • McWarren

          I’ll have to agree to disagree re the Tomkinson tackle, arms or no arms he hit him in the head. As the rules, guidelines and directives have been yelling at us all year, it is the tacklers responsibility to not hit the attacking player in the head.
          There’s talk of banning all tackles above the solar plexis or something like that, not because the danger of concussions from lazy swinging arms but because of the danger from collisions between the attackers head and the shoulders and upper torso of the defender? So I think damage done is very much the most important factor at present. Concussions are very rightly the hot topic of debate with regards to safety in Rugby and sport in general. The new emphasis on carding neck rolls and all high shots is driven by what damage can be done. What other reason is there?
          Consistency has improved in other sports. Why? Because they got their heads together and worked it out. Why can’t we do the same? It will never be perfect but it can be a hell of a lot better.

      • Who?

        There’s definitely still inconsistency. The YC in the Wolves game was at least as bad as Cooper’s card. The replacement prop ran a good 5m to get to the player and never looked like doing anything other than putting on a coat hanger. There was no attempt to get low, there was no significant time pressure (compared to Cooper’s card, which was direct running with much less time to prepare/adjust). I’m not arguing that Cooper’s shouldn’t have received a card under the new conventions (I’d argue YC, and even moreso given the complete lack of consistency), but the suspension was ridiculous. And then we see the lack of consistency across the competition…

  • Brisneyland Local

    Great write up as always SFR. your writing prose again impressed!
    Finally got home and got to watch the game. Wow that was just un-enjoyable to watch. BL’s points in random order:
    – I have been saying it all season Special K is the real deal and should be lining up for a Wallaby jersey if he can keep this form going.
    – This card situation is gettting out of hand. There is absolutely no consistency. I am not using this as an excuse for losing the game, we did that all on our own. But as a spectator it is ruining the game, and I no longer can guess whether it is going to be ignored, a penalty, a yellow or a red. As apparently I have no fucking idea anymore!
    – Stephen Moore again looked the goods.
    – Our handling errors are still there. time to get Mick Byrne back to Brissy.
    – Jake McIntyre is crap and cant kick (this is a common problem in Aus franchises and we should have hung on to Sam Greene, fuck you QRU! Again pissing off good talent.
    – Our decision making is still lacking severley.

  • onlinesideline

    How come when we are winning the thread rarely focuses on the “poor” officiating.

    Lets get real – we are getting towelled by everyone and its getting worse and worse every season. No amount of ref bashing will change this.

    We need to ditch super rugby and start a nationwide replica of NRL.
    We are going to face wooden spoon season after season.

    Additionally – Every away team is so jetlagged they can hardly play – its idoitic.
    Sanzaar are treating the players like international freight parcels.
    The flying and hotel factor in a SA and Argie tour is massive.
    Of course most teams would lose.
    The Saffas struggle big time over here as well.
    We have to ditch the saffas and make a nationwide comp or ANZAC comp.
    We should meet the Saffas and Argies and whoever else in internationals only

    • McWarren

      I’m not sure anyone has said that we lost because of the ref. Although I think the Reds would have been within bonus point territory. A lot of the comments and the write up blame the Reds poor handling and decision making. But did you watch that game? It was pure unadulterated shit, and not by the doing of the players. The officials completely ruined that game. You are constantly on about ditching super rugby and if the officials keeping dishing up that crap you wont have to wait too long. Its no wonder SR is struggling, when a star player from your team is Red carded and out for three weeks, for a foul committed 10 further times in the subsequent rounds with no punishment at all. I get the shits with it as well. But having an ‘NRL replica’ is still going to be shit if the quality of officiating is as it was on Sunday morning.
      So you really think a replica NRL competition between the wooden spooners would be the saviour of Australian Rugby? Bad!

      • onlinesideline

        Well you have a good point about the reffing being the same in an NRL replica – would also be shocking and yeah QCs 3 weeks is pathetic. But if you read what I said re my idea previously the idea is that because it would be truly national ie 10-12 teams across OZ repping the whole country in all regions, far north, country parts and main cities, their would be more feeding in from schools and over time we would attract potential NRL and aussie rules guys because we would be more acessble and identifiable to younger blokes that we are missing out on. People keep reading my idea and super imposing the present pool of players in super rugby into my imagined comp – like you did re wooden spooner comment. But Im suggesting completely start again and ultimately within 2-4 years tap into the real aussie talent pool we all know is out there – thus better NRL replica comp standard and Wallaby teams etc

        • McWarren

          I agree with your idea, but I think it is the blue print we should aim for the NRC. We already see the NRC giving guys the exposure and stepping stone. So expand on it. Keep SR and give the guys in the NRC a carrot to aim for. The NRC should also be used to coach our refs and officials. Don’t give them the option of going to the 4 official.
          I loved getting up on Sunday morning to watch my team play against the Jags live from Buenos Aires, that is what excites me about Union over League. When the Tarts, Brumbies and Reds were winning championships no one gave two hoots as the whereabouts of the opposition. The only that mattered was we were winning.
          We definitely need to expand our penetration into schools. I live in the West of Brisbane, Rugby heartland, and every year the school gives 20 minutes of school assembly time over to OzKick for a free promo and hard sell. Neither the Wallabies (4 or 5 of whom live in the suburb), the Reds nor the BJRU have entered the school premises in my 7 years their? My sons have been playing at a junior Rugby club for 7 seasons now, once, ONCE, the Reds have turned up for a bit of a promo. This just isn’t good enough, and it seems to me to be the easy low hanging fruit.
          Put SR on free to air, even just the bloody home derbies. Sort out the reffing world wide, and stop apologising to every f..king League or Rules supporter about the quality of the game. The Reds game may have been shit, it would have been shit on free to air in prime time too, but League bores the crap out of me. 3 tackles up the guts, 1 backline move, then kick it down field, rinse and repeat. If we can’t provide a spectacle better than that, well I give up.
          I’d like to see the clock stopped for scrums, and restarted as soon as the half back clears the ball. Same for the lineouts, as soon as the hooker prepares to throw start the clock. We’d at least then get 40 to 45 minutes of actual rugby. And apart from the front row, restrict replacements to 3 tactical and two injuries. Let the game open up a bit.
          Rugby is a fantastic game, especially if you go and watch it live at club and school boy level, where it is played as it should be, not as a job or a business. If we can carry that love of the game through to the super teams who look to have lost it then we’ll be alright.

        • onlinesideline

          mate I gotta split – interesting read what you say – but just quickly I dont think an aussie broadcaster would ever put super rugby on free to air – thats my point. I agree we desparately need FTA and Im arguing that if he had an NRL replica – an almalgam of NRC and all the super rugby guys – atruly national OZ comp then channel 9 would be interested – super is too international for them – ie legals and jurisdictions etc – i hear you that you like reds v “hugyouarrays” but the reality is is that we are just not getting the crowds at our home games – anyway gottaaaaa bolt – catch ya

    • SuckerForRed

      Part of me agrees with you about the fact that the “poor” officiating gets concentrated on when our team loses…… but I can remember times recently that the comments have been along the lines of “Team X won despite the officiating”. I do try not to complain about the referring because I know it is a hard job. I am also acutely aware, more so than the comentators even it seems, that what you see on the broadcast through the lens is not the best view of a lot of the game and the angles of the vision mean that there is really no point trying to determine if passes are forward or not.
      But…. the display across several games this weekend of the officials was just abysmal. And I currently have no suggestions as to how it can be fixed. Humans are involved so we are never going to get it “spot on” all the time but the inconsistancies and just outright strange decisions have to be cut down.
      Would the Reds have won that game if the officiating was better? Probably not. But we would have been closer and I would have 4 hours of my Sunday morning back. (I watched the game twice…..)

      • Brisneyland Local

        SFR agree. As you and most of the other GAGR’s know I always say the mantra, “take the result out of the referee’s hands!”
        Dont get me worng, the officiating pisses me off, and cost me hundreds of dollars in plasterer bills. But it does have a material impact on your game when you are already playing poorly. But I am glad Stylesy didnt blame the officiating AKA Michael Cheika!

      • McWarren

        I am getting the feeling that the role of the 4th official is to blame. I remember way back before any 4th official replays for tries or foul play and we still all gave out about the refs and touchies missing things. But we got on with life because we could blame human error. Now we have replays after replays from angles Euclid would be proud of and we still have errors, yet now it is a whole lot harder to blame the human aspect. So I say get rid of the 4th official (unless it is for foul play against the Reds) and lets accept the refs miss things. Foul play can be dealt with after the game.

    • Who?

      Don’t stress, I’m always grumpy about the refs. :-P
      For mine, the Argentine ref ruined the Wolves/Stormers game. He spent much time the Stormers had the ball policing the offside line at tackles (tackle only, no ruck – Wolves were very decisive in when they contested) rather than worrying about the Stormers players entering the tackle area with their heads down, hands on the ground, and then, when rucks were formed, routinely swimming up the side of it to join the ruck on the other side of the breakdown from the side… He gave the Stormers a very big leg up when they had the ball. And he should’ve given a RC, not a YC, for the high tackle at 65 minutes.

  • McWarren

    I think the two yellows in the first half really did ruin this game for the Reds. Two tries scored against them with two players in the bin, that would hurt even the Hurricanes. Both yellows were ridiculous. But my main concern with the issuing of the yellows was the inconsistency shown. Fraser was reluctant to send the Argie guy off in the second half but not doing so would have been too inconsistent even by his standards. How many times did the Jagueres commit fouls to slow down the Reds when we were on attack, what was the second half penalty count? Why didn’t there captain get binned for blatant hands in the rucks, or their inside centre coming around the ruck while we were 10 out. Yes the Reds are infuriating to watch due to handling errors and a poor kicking game, but they deserve the same protection and interpretation from the refs as every other team. How about Kuridrani nearly getting his head knocked off by two defenders shoulders and no arms, yet not even a penalty let own a 10 minute review.
    The positives for me:
    1. our scrum was brilliant, well done to Vanzati and the rest of the pack. I mention Vanzati cause that game will be the making of him.
    2. Our lineout functioned really well and we stole a few of theirs from memory.
    3. We can find space when we don’t run sideways.
    4. They never gave up, they didn’t capitulate.
    The negatives:
    1. Handling
    2. Kicking
    3. Tackling, anyone else just loose their mind with the amount of tackles in which we dominate the initial hit, then drop to ground and give up the position of strength. Perese and Douglas come to mind but other are also guilty.
    4. I didn’t hear the captain asking the ref enough about a yellow for repeated infringements, he may of but I didn’t hear it.
    It was a crap game to watch but I put that solely on the shoulders of the officials.

    • SuckerForRed

      I agree with most of what you have said. The tackling thing drive me spare but…… we are also getting pinged off the park for not releasing the tackled player so I can understand why players are tackling & then getting the hell out of it. That is actually the law. They have to release the player and move away. We need a 2nd or 3rd player then coming in to contest for the ball.
      What actually shits me more about the tackling is the number of times a player goes for a tackle and just seems to spin around the player he is tackling, slide down his legs & then allow them to step out of their arms.

      • McWarren

        Sucker your second point is more what I was talking about. They win a collision, or at least contest it well, then forget to hold on, even if the player spins and you lose the waist grab the leg, if you lose the leg, grab the bloody ankle its built like a hook for defenders to hold onto, and don’t let it go. Suddenly you’ve got an attacker who either looking for a risky pass or a sitting duck to be belted by the second and third defender. Though that assumes the chasing line is in the same postcode as the tackle.

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