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Karmichael Hunt… WTF

Karmichael Hunt… WTF

News reports coming out of Brisbane have Karmichael Hunt being charged with drug offences… Again.

The Facts!

What we know so far is that Karmichael was walking McLachlan Street in Fortitude Valley about 12.40am on Saturday when they were approached by police officers conducting a random street stop. A bag of white powder was found on the ground between the two men. Hunt was charged with two counts of drug possession.

The other man, who was with Hunt at the time, was also arrested and later charged with possessing an item used in a drug offence.

This is not Hunt’s first run-in with the law. In March of 2015, he pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing Cocaine. He was fined $30000 dollars and suspended for six weeks by the Queensland Reds.

Karmichael Hunt scores

Karmichael Hunt scores

Brad Thorn’s First Test.

Brad Thorn was probably hoping to do his talking on the field. He has already made a statement by sending high profile players back to clubland, but what if anything can happen at the Reds before the judicial side of the matter is cleared up. One thing that can and should happen immediately is to stand Hunt down until a proper investigation can be completed.What happens after that is anyone’s guess. If Hunt is found guilty again it would be hard to see his rugby career continuing in Australia.

The Reaction!

From what I’ve seen so far it comes down to three general statements:

  • What kind of a… Idiot messes up a big money Rugby contract by messing around with drugs!
  • He’s had a chance already. Sack him now!
  • WTF, This shit has got to stop!

Not much sympathy there. What do you think? Should the Reds stick with a guy struggling with drug addiction, Assuming there is a drug addiction. Or should they cut their losses and let him go?



  • Adrian

    He’s an addict

    He has plenty of form, long before his 2015 cocaine dealing arrest. Most involved alcohol.
    Not his fault, but is his responsibility.

    He has to cop the consequences, and they should include delisting.

    He needs to own up to being an addict, that’s the hardest thing, and Managers always try and talk them out of it.

    He needs to go to AA or NA (equivalent to AA but for addicts). It’s not just a matter of going once or twice, but going all the time,….and stopping using.

    Plenty of people do this, and have great careers afterwards. Some are sportspeople.

    In the meantime, it clarifies the Wallaby bench, and the Red’s backline ….IMO

    • I think it puts a much bigger hole in the Reds team than the Wallabies. What ever happens he not playing for a while.

      • Adrian

        Can’t see why my comment was removed

        • I’ll have a look.

        • Adrian

          Thanks, it’s back

    • Packy

      Adrian your first sentence looks like slander.

  • Timbo

    Honestly. What does it take for this shit to just stop. RA will tear up his contract regardless of an admission of addiction. If they don’t, they will look weak.

    Any first class Australian sports person knows that any drug that ASADA have on their no-go list will get them suspended. This is a clear cut case of knowing the right thing to do, and purposefully disobeying it and after a second chance in 2015!!

    sadly KH will no longer be a member of the Australian Rugby Union community and we are poorer for it, however this type of disregard for the laws surrounding drugs cannot be ignored.

    If you contravene RA policy for illicit drugs, you are gone and more testing should be done to clean up our sport. This isn’t Rugby League

    • I don’t think any sport knows how to stop this. he’s certainly reported to be inconsolable. For what it’s worth.

      • Timbo

        Inconsolable is great, good to see some remorse, but what the fuck does that matter after the fact?

      • Who?

        The problem with being ‘inconsolable’ is that it doesn’t say why he’s inconsolable. I’d be pretty gutted if I’d just lost my income source. Doesn’t mean he understands that being involved with wrongdoing is wrong. Or that he’s genuinely sorry about that.
        I’m not saying this to judge Hunt – I’m pointing it out as it’s a major difficulty for anyone dealing with issues of addiction or habitual misbehaviour, both as a person and as a friend/counsellor/etc.
        At this stage, Hunt going into hiding until such time as the court case comes through is the only sensible course of action. Anything else damages himself and the code. We need to see what the police have to say when it goes to court.

  • Simon

    What a dickhead.

    Let down himself, his family and rugby fans.

  • Straith

    It’s cocaine who gives a fuck?

  • Pedro

    Lack of intelligence.

  • Phil Kcraig

    Simple – had first strike and final warning – repeat offence – GONE>>>> can’t afford to have this sort of behaviour in our code if proven guilty of second drug offence.

  • formerflanker

    Everyone is assuming he is guilty. Let’s wait until the facts are presented in court, tested, and decided on.
    Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      I’m with you mate. It certainly doesn’t sound good, but always I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.
      If true, then a huge loss for him, Qld Rugby and the Wallabies. He’s been looking great in Gold.

      • Good point. One we don’t hear often enough. Guess it doesn’t sell papers.

    • Pearcewreck

      Yeah right….
      My wife has been a journalist for 21 years and covered many court cases.
      As she always says, these days the police don’t charge you unless they know you are guilty.
      Proving it in court is another thing, but you can bet he did it.

      • Parker

        This opens up a whole new can of worms about what’s wrong with the police. You could say just as blithely that the police don’t charge a lot of people who should be. But this is not the forum for that.

  • Tom Carter’s sprint coach

    I know this is thinking a few steps down the track… but it will be interesting to see if the QRU, and Thorn, revisit the Quade situation rather quickly given he is still on the payroll. At a minimum Hunt is clearly missing some footy, if not completely gone.

    • Simon

      You could certainly do worse for an emergency fullback than Quade. That’s where he played most of his rugby with Toulon and he’s got a decent boot.

      • Tom Carter’s sprint coach

        That’s what I figured… plus obviously it would remove the need to pay an additional player. Otherwise most teams have their rosters set, so you would struggle to find a replacement.

        • Simon

          Yeah exactly. Normally this sort of loss at this time of year would mean a club player finding himself suddenly thrust to into the big league as emergency cover, with the odds stacked against him.

          Not many teams have the key member of a Super Rugby championship side just sitting around spare.

      • MNIMD

        Given that he was dropped by Thorn for “perceived” defensive frailties I cannot see him picking him at 15! being able to tackle is a pretty crucial skill for a fullback!

    • Alister Smith

      I think he is probably a more natural fullback then he is a 10 personally

  • Parker

    Innocent until proven guilty. Cos cops have never planted drugs right? Especially in Queensland. Could be the ghost of Rus Hinze getting motivated after the PM’s recent praise of that bigoted gangster Joh.

  • Parker

    “One thing that can and should happen immediately is to stand Hunt down until a proper investigation can be completed.”
    No, the one thing that should be done is for an impartial investigation, then when the conclusive results are in, make a decision. I think you’re jumping the gun Sully.

    • I bet you that he is stood down.

      • Alister Smith

        I think he could be stood down on full pay until an investigation is completed. The fact that he is stood down doesn’t reflect on the impartiality of the investigation if his income isn’t effected. Some federal politicians in the past have been stood down or stepped aside from ministerial positions until the legal process has been complete (Arthur Sinodinos for instance). And for issues like alleged sexual assaults or domestic violence players have been stood aside until things have been resolved although it does seem to be a different approach by some clubs compared to others.

  • bigDsmallorgan

    Random street stop while walking down the street?
    Pardon me but as a Canadian, this seems extremely invasive. No chance he would have or needed to have co-operated with them in my part of the world. Now if he was driving it would be a different matter. Am I missing something?

    • Queensland has a few dodgy laws like this one.

    • MST

      Why they were stopped is an interesting question. His lawyers was not crying “stitch up” or “illegal stop” etc so potentially there was a reason.

      I think if you reverse engineer this and consider that allegedly when stopped there was a bag of white powered on the ground between them (automatic trigger for a legal search) and a mobile phone allegedly contained information related to dealing the grounds or “suspicions” for the stop appear to be bang on the money.

      For me, Hunt would have to be very naive to be willingly associating with anyone who is around the stuff knowing that even being with someone who was arrested with the stuff would drop him in it.

      IMHO I would suggest he knew and this is a massive issue for both the Reds (in particular as player ‘partying” incidents appear to be regular events) and RA in terms of a recreational drug issues and management of player behaviours.

      • Alister Smith

        I agree with pretty much all you have to say but on your point about him being naive to associate with anyone around the stuff it’s the other bloke who is charged with “using a device to procure drugs” or whatever the charge may be but it is Karmichael that is charged with the possession.

        Having said that we don’t have all the details and he deserves the opportunity to defend himself. However, if he is found guilty then, unfortunately, I don’t think the Reds, the QRU or RA really have any choice. I think he was perhaps lucky the last time that he was between codes when he was convicted. The ARU gave him a pretty light suspension but given that he had committed the offence while still under an AFL contract (or between the periods of the two contracts I am not sure) he wasn’t really the ARU’s to punish. If you compare that to the price that Wendell Sailor paid, a full two year ban, then I think he got off pretty lightly the first time although the only difference was that Wendell Sailor failed a drug test whereas Karmichael, while admitting to have taken drugs in the past, hasn’t failed a drug test.

        I feel a lot of sympathy for his parents, his wife and children and for him personally but I don’t believe that, if found guilty, that he has left the Reds etc with anywhere to go on this other than to cancel his contract. I have always admired him as a player, he is courageous, reads the game well and has very high level skills and a balanced game but, whether its right or not, players are role models, they are perhaps held to a higher standard than the rest of us because of the public persona and their capacity to influence children etc.

        I hope that if he does have a significant issue with drugs that he can address it fully and get healthy and happy soon – 31 is far too young to have to give it all away but it may be that he doesn’t have an option.

        • Karmichael is co-accused. I don’t think he needs to have had drugs on him to be co-accused.

      • Who?

        Your statement here is the key:

        For me, Hunt would have to be very naive to be willingly associating with anyone who is around the stuff knowing that even being with someone who was arrested with the stuff would drop him in it.

        We’re talking about a bloke in his 30’s, with 3 kids, who thinks it’s a good idea to be out in the party precinct after midnight. When he’s got a history of problems with white powder (and many, many unconfirmed stories around Brisbane about him having issues with alcohol, too). If you’ve got any sort of intelligence, it’s really simple. Don’t go somewhere you’re likely to find trouble!!! Read Thorn’s statements about his own past. Look at what happened to other players – Sailor, Rogers. The problem isn’t what happened after midnight – the problem is that a bloke in his 30’s wasn’t smart enough not to end up in the party precinct after midnight. You don’t go there, you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

        • Alister Smith

          Makes a lot of sense Who? – I was thinking myself that it wasn’t something young 31 yo husbands and fathers I know do on a regular basis – particularly when players whinge about how much travel they have and it’s effect on families which I think is a genuine gripe – could have been a one off I guess

    • Pearcewreck

      Keep your nose clean and you have no worries.
      Go looking for trouble and it will find you.
      That’s what you are missing.

  • Tommy Brady

    It is a very disappointing look for rugby and makes for a very interesting early test for Raelene Castle.

  • Out walking in the Valley in the wee hours ?
    A bag of white powder ??
    I think if he was serious about his clean living rugby future he wouldn’t put himself in this position and would just stay at home for a quiet drink. A pity really, he’s a great player with a lot of ticker.

  • Tomthusiasm

    It’s hard to imagine that he’s the only high profile recreational drug taking Aussie rugby player, however he has now been busted twice. He has to go.

  • Shtinatina

    He’s been stood down by ARU/RA & The Reds….will the numpty ever learn?

    • I think he voluntarily stood down.

      • Shtinatina

        Well all 3 parties decided it was the best avenue for him.

        His choice of car park, time & alleged white powder bag in either his or his mates possession wasn’t a good avenue.

        Maybe just maybe, they happened to be stopped right adjacent to said bag…

  • Pearcewreck

    I can’t believe there are people commenting on here who think he may not be guilty.
    Wake up folks, former mungo plus prior form plus Police laying charges = guaranteed guilty.
    I hope he does a stretch.

    • Could have met up with an old mate and offered him a lift home. His mate has drugs on him and is a dealer. One of many possible reasons he may be innocent.

    • Greg

      Everyone deserves their day in court. Let the court decide?

    • mark conley

      The important issue is Mr Hunt’s health (physical / mental).
      The second is that this will be a great loss to rugby in Australia.

      • McWarren

        No Mark the important issue here isnt, a man who is/was an idol of my son’s has now been caught up in another drug scandal. i think my kids are smart enough to not think “if it was alright for Karmichael its alright for me”, but they may not be or some of there mates might not be. I’m usually the first bleeding heart on social issues but the guy has blown his chances. The important issue here isn’t the health of the moron who can’t grow up, its future decisions of the kids who are still to grow up.

        • mark conley

          scandal : ” an action or event regarded as … legally wrong and causing general public outrage ”
          obviously legally wrong but outrage is certainly not warranted.
          again, i think, your post could equally apply to alcohol. what of the children of consumers
          and you use the term ‘moron’ whereas i would say Mr Hunt has a problem

        • McWarren

          You right the moron does have a problem. And the mollycoddling of him in the past has not worked. So lets give him a harsh lesson in life’s realities. If found guilty then tear up his contract and tell him he’s had his chance, but we’re a rugby union club not social services. Let the moron get help from experts out of the gaze of the public eye. Let him get a 9-5 job paying wages that don’t allow him to drop a couple of hundred on a few ounces of white shit. Lets see how really really sorry he is then, lets the test the sincerity of his claim to being upset.

          My comment could relate to a player constantly on the piss making a nuisance of himself, maybe JOC or Beale or Quade. Unfortunately for your argument alcohol is legal. And lets deal with that issue the next time it arises, right now we are talking about a moron who can’t appreciate how bloody good he has it.

          “What of the children of consumers”???

        • mark conley

          You’ve never made a mistake? You’ve never made the same mistake more than once?
          What ‘mollycoddling’. any different tx to what the other top rugby players receive?
          Your idea of what a moron is not mine.
          ” Let him get a 9-5 job paying wages that don’t allow him to drop a couple of hundred on a few ounces of white shit.” Eh, what?
          I presume all the top rugby players are paid big money and buy ‘useless shit’.
          It’s illegal because big business doesn’t profit from it, whereas alcohol does.
          ” … we are talking about a moron who can’t appreciate how bloody good he has it.” wtf
          ” … its future decisions of the kids who are still to grow up.” >>> ” … what of the children of consumers” this applies to alcohol consumption which is advertised by rugby australia, >> effects on children

  • MalachyBernard

    I like KH I really do. He is a tough and talented player who works well in the Wallabies. However if he is found guilty he should face the consequences.

  • P00chie

    The ARU (and Reds) took a big leap of faith with him after previous indiscretions. Disappointing. In the greater scheme of things, it is not a PED so I wouldn’t be too upset over this but again it is unprofessional and not an isolated incident.

    I wonder if this will force a re-think on who is and isn’t in the Reds squad for 2018.

  • Fatflanker

    Says it all about Oz rugby…everyone else on PEDs and we’re on smack.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    To be fair he didn’t see much of the white line on the field. Maybe he was just trying to get familiar with it again.
    It’s a real shame and I’m hoping there is something that will mean he’s not guilty. However, if he is guilty then I will be very disappointed if he ever pulls on a rugby jersey again, especially in Australia.


    I do not touch coke as I don’t like what it does to me and i would not recommend anybody to try it. BUT, He is a consenting Adult who has chosen to put a substance in his own body (allegedly) there is no mention of him supplying it to anyone else or dealing. WTF does this have to do with him as a footballer? or a person? Why should ANY persons career or livelihood or reputation be destroyed for what is essentially a victimless crime. This should be treated like a HEALTH issue and he should be given the care and support he needs to live his life drug free (IF that’s what he wants to do).

    I realise this is more of a society problem and the Smart thing for the Reds to do is to go along with the current societal lines but I would love for a club to one day come out and say that they will treat these things as a health issue and so long as the player is Healthy and performs his Job to an acceptable standard we are not getting involved in disciplinary action as It is not our responsibility to do so.

    • Tommy Brady

      What has this got to do with Karmichael Hunt as a person you ask?

      Well firstly cocaine is a Class A drug. In Australia it is illegal. Australian Federal and State laws provide penalties for possessing, using, making or selling cocaine. Karmichael Hunt should know this as he has faced possession charges in the recent past. The fact he chose to ignore this and re-offend raises all kinds of questions about the guy’s integrity. (I’ll put aside here the responsibilities he carries as a high profile Australian sportsman and Rugby Union representative).

      Secondly, he should be very aware of the terms of his playing contract with both the Reds and RA. Each would have VERY clearly worded references to PED’s and illicit drugs and the possible consequences if caught using, possessing or selling either. He clearly ignored these terms and put his entire professional career at risk. This raises questions about intelligence and decision making.

      Thirdly, whilst you label it victimless, I label it selfish. Seriously think after the year rugby in Australia had in 2017, Rugby Australia want to be dealing with these headlines to start 2018? It highlights to me Karmichael Hunt is all about Karmichael Hunt, and nobody else – certainly not the people you pay his salary! In a team sport such as Rugby, he can take his selfishness, poor decision making, illegal activities and lack of responsibility and go try something else. MMA and WWF may take him. Rugby does not need people with his values.

      Oh and don’t go there on nonsense like “I’m all for giving guys 2nd chances”. Karmichael Hunt got one and blew it. The best example he can be is as reference to young guys starting out. “Don’t be like Karmichael Hunt and destroy your career” feels a powerful message.

      • RobC

        Yes. And to add to this. He already had his second chance.

        Which he literally blew it

        • McWarren

          or sniffed it?

        • RobC

          …or he’s grasping at straws?

      • mark conley

        You drink alcohol tommy?

        • Tommy Brady

          I do drink alcohol Mark. Alcohol though is not an illegal substance. Because I am above the legal drinking age, the buying, consumption and possession of alcohol is not illegal.

        • mark conley

          Tommy you have come on very heavy on another person who is ‘guilty’ of similar behaviour to yourself; difference is the alcohol industry is sanctioned by the powers that be as it profits established big business whereas cocaine isn’t.

        • Tommy Brady

          I respect your opinion Mark but cocaine is an illegal substance – I believe there is a difference. By consuming alcohol, I am not completely endorsing alcohol companies in the same way by having a bet at the TAB am I endorsing the gambling industry. Seeking out, purchasing and possessing banned alcohol products and betting on prohibited activities though is a very different matter.

      • MNIMD

        Your 100% right. he is a dumb and inconsiderate person for ignoring a law that put his carreer in jepardy and at a very bad time for RA. And nope, I have little sympathy for him so I’m not offering him any Second or third chances.

        However I am still left wondering why as a society or as a Rugby code that we see this as a reason to crucify someone. The harm done from making drugs illegal are far worse than the harm done by the drugs themselves.

        This is not really the forum for this so i’ll end my rant here.

        • Tommy Brady

          I understand your point and respect your views. However, every single one of us on any given day face situations that jeopardize our futures as employees and citizens. Hopefully we are smart enough, or taught the correct standards and values that allow us to make good decisions and not put our futures as employees or citizens at risk. Right now in this current society, being arrested for being in possession of Class A drugs like cocaine is a license to have your employment contract terminated (and your potential to live freely without jail time). Karmichael Hunt knew that. He made a poor decision. It is not his 1st.

          Oh and the harm done by illegal drugs such as cocaine are enormous. It is an addictive drug that ruins lives, relationships, careers, financial wealth and personalities. Why should high profile, influential people such as Karmichael Hunt be condoned for being associated with it? I’ll end my rant there.

        • MNIMD

          I don’t think he should be condoned but nor should he be crucified. It is not performance enhancing so it has nothing to do with him as a Rugby Player and If as a consenting adult you choose to use ANY substance in moderation and it is not effecting your health and well-being or that of your families then who am I to tell you what to do. And Yes there are PLENTY of people (I believe the majority of users) who use hard drugs that are Smart, Caring, Successful people. I know lots of them and given that Hunt has had no other issues he is probably one of those people too, and if he had’nt been caught would have continued to be so. Now Thousands of kids who looked up to him have had their Idol tarnished and might follow suit, a mans livelihood has been taken away and I have even seen calls for him to be locked up!!! and for what?

        • Tommy Brady

          Is he really being crucified? He rightly has been suspended by his current employer. That I believe would be a common practice when arrested by police for such an offense. Isn’t the saying “we all make mistakes. It is the fool that makes the same mistake twice”. I think Karmichael Hunt is a fool and rugby does not need fools who do not learn their lesson.

        • MNIMD

          Yep fairs fair I don’t think the Reds or RA really have much choice in following the course of action they are taking and under the current circumstances I wouldn’t do any different.

          But I hope eventually the Drug Laws in our country get an overhaul!

  • Will

    If he avoids a stretch in jail, he’s headed for France as he will never play in Aus ever again….. that is his only option I think.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Well ladies and gentleman sorry for entering the fray late. Have been working my ass off, and this is the first chance I have had to pass comment.
    1. All of my next statements are prefaced with “Allegedly” and the presumption of innocnence etc etc.
    2. What a fuckwit! Given every chance in the world and then to publically screw the pooch soooooo badly.
    3. Has was actually making a difference at the Reds, and was doing better than average at the Wallabies (mind you that apparently isnt really hard considering how much we suck ass at the moment) and has gone and thrown it all away.
    4. He has got more talent on the sporting arena than I, and thousands of others ever will have and he did not value that enough!
    5. As husband and a father, what was he thinking. Last time he commented about how much he let his family down. Well what are they going to think of him this time!
    If found guilty he can not return to the Wallabies or the Reds.
    What dissapoints me is that Thorn knows Hunt. They played together eons ago at the Broncos! tell me not for a second that Thorn had his doubts here?
    Sorry fellow GAGR’s this just sucks! And is so dissapointing. I was thinking that the Reds were starting to have potential for a half reasonable season. Then they kick out Quade, and now no Hunt. Thorn Really is going have a baby squad, other than George Smith (pending injury).

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Happy New Year BLL. Not the start we were hoping for. and I agree with everything you say. The only positive I ca find, and it’s small, is that I was never so sure that he was actually doing as well as what some here had dressed him up to be. In my opinion his defence was shaky – mainly due to his poor positioning where he got caught out a fair bit. However, I have no doubt that he had the ability to learn and work on this so it wasn’t an issue. I loved his attitude on the field where he always seemed to be looking for work and how to go forward and that will certainly be missed.

      I guess for me if this is true and he is found guilty then it displays a persdonality that has flaws and maybe that would have affected his game in pressure situations – who knows? Either way a real disappointment

      • Brisneyland Local

        Happy New year to you KRL! Definitely not the start we are looking for, for the REds or the Wallabies. The game is crying out for good news stories, of which there are a few. But they are being drowned out by this crap.
        I thought KH was doing pretty well. I think his positional defence was shown up a couple of times, but hey for me the Wallabies over complicated defensive structures, plus our hiding people in defence was always going to show up any weakness in anyone. At least he could tackle and tackle hard.
        I am sick and tired of watching people in the sporting world, and infact in all worlds throw away such prodigous talent with drugs. I would have killed for half the talent people like KH and Ben Cousins had. Yet they are not smart enough to get it. Mind you I think KH case is stupidity, where as BC has some real issues and demons.
        Also what dissapoints me is we havnt heard boo out of the Reds about the Quade Cooper Nick Frsiby issue. I have rung and cancelled my membership but can not for love nor money get a call back from then. I have rung ten times, and they will not call me back. I have emailed and got no response. They are in siege mode.
        At the moment to be honest, I am really enjoying the Big Bash League. And I am not the biggest cricket fan either. It is taking my mind off the woes of the Australian Rugby World.

        • Bernie Chan

          Things at the Reds just got worse…George Smith arrested in Japan…doing a runner to avoid a taxi fare and then (“allegedly”…of course…) assaulting the taxi driver who gave chase. Incident confirmed by Suntory Sungoliaths…
          This QRU/Reds stuff up has got to be a salutatory lesson in mismanagement #101…? Announce a squad…then decide that the most marketable player (who happens to be on a 2 year $800K per annum contract..) is ‘not required’ and can earn that money playing Premier Rugby (the ARU must have had a role…they pay a large portion of QCs contract…). The only way the QRU/ARU can avoid paying QC is IFF he decides to go overseas. K.Hunt seems to be in a heap of doodoo…at the very least his pre-season is stuffed! G.Smith must be now in serious doubt…how can the Reds keep him on the books if he is convicted? No fullback, no experience in the playmaker role, forwards ‘leader’ in serious doubt….now I am a fan of Ben Lucas (why did the ARU/QRU let him go in the first place…) but he is now 30(?) so this smacks of desperation. Reds selectors should perhaps swallow their pride and egos and bring QC back into the squad as “cover”.

  • Bernie Chan

    “Possession” charges dropped! Due to a “lack of evidence”…
    So Hunt (and the Reds/Wallabies…) has dodged a bullet. Pity that anything like this happened at all…surely his Manager should be earning his money by ensuring Hunt is never in this predicament again?

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