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All Blacks

Leaked All Blacks’ tactics

Leaked All Blacks’ tactics

Super Mario may have dropped a bollock at the Captian’s run, but here’s your exclusive insight into the All Blacks’ tactics as supplied by @SweatyJester

Leaked All Black tactics

  • Cramps


  • Bay35Pablo

    Love 15

  • Reggy McCaw

    cant believe those duckhids across the dutch are taking the puss out of us. Go get em Ruch.

    The whole of Pokatane will be watching. We’ve got the Hungi going.

    Love always
    Your cuz Reggy

  • You funny fucker

    Bah ha ha, wet myself!

  • Moose

    Ch7 is showing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ tonight, in which a badass in a black suit leads the evil Empire to triumph over the noble rebel Alliance. A bad omen?

  • Brisneyland Local

    Again a legendry effort! Straight into the starting 15 for you young son!

  • JimmyMosquito

    This is probably the best humour piece I’ve read on GaGR. Great job!

  • Mucca

    Don’t forget: the team hairdresser will visit after Haka practice, from 11am until 2:30pm. Last-minute touch ups also possible in the dressing room but only after Sonny is happy with his.

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