LIVE - Bledisloe 3 Wang - Green and Gold Rugby
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LIVE – Bledisloe 3 Wang

LIVE – Bledisloe 3 Wang

Join us as we go through the Bledisloe with you…

  • canuck

    Pass the ball mccabe…your last name isnt mortlock you dont have the size to crash through.

    • Timbo

      His size isn’t the issue. It’s talent

  • Johnny-Boy Jr

    I can’t find my car keys anywhere, Deans has stolen them as part of a conspiracy and the ARU are falling for it.

    Don’t ask me to explain my logic, just accept that it’s perfectly circular.

    Any fact based arguments against my posts will be ignored, and my response will be to simply re-state the opinion.

  • Frankie

    Canuck, McCabe has made some great crash balls so far, and his passing has been good, he has thrown some mean inside passes. Great stuff wallabies, everyone is manning up and going hard, especially TPN

    • canuck

      Easily pleased arent you

    • Red Kev

      I would have to check the stats but I think TPN knocked on more often than he held on to the ball when tackled.
      Not to mention his beautiful lineout throw straight to McCaw 5m from the Wallaby line.
      Why is he picked again?

  • The Rant

    Gutsy draw boys. They showed heart and gave it a real go. Forced the all blacks into mistakes and kept them tryless with excellent defense. But why didn’t we try for a drop goal at the end? We weren’t even set up for one. You just knew that after a while we were going to blow it by doing something silly.

    All black waited only about 4 phases before setting up the drop goal. lucky escape.

  • Jack

    For a team that was written off on both sides of the Tasman and was supposed to be lucky to hold the ABs to 20 points, I say they did bloody well and could have won the game with a bit more luck. Good work the team AND the coaching staff.

  • gerard flanagan

    Dumb finish. Where was the field goal by us. If we’d missed it would have been game over anyhow. Dumb dumb dumb.

  • Jack

    I agree gerard, but who makes the decision to have numerous phases right in front of the post’s until they eventually fark it up? not the coach I bet.

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