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Live Bledisloe and G&GR awards ceremony

Live Bledisloe and G&GR awards ceremony

That’s right, you can to wang on about the Bledisloe afterbirth AND get a ringside seat at the Green and Gold Rugby blog and forum awards straight after. It’s a frikken live commenting bonanza!

  • not RugbyFuture

    i reckon that if rugby future doesnt win rooky of the year it was rigged….

  • JTM

    Is there a voting system for the awards or something, or do you just make an exec decision and then cop all the abuse on the chin?

  • cyclopath

    There is a stringently above board voting system, which has been carefully kept hidden from the masses, so they could lobby all and sundry to their hearts’ content.
    Of course, this allows us to keep the whole thing clandestine, and open to questions of corruption – the basis of any good poll.

  • CJP

    THe referee ruined the scrum contest after bring suckered into closing the gap by the all blacks. if youve got two packs weighing over 800-900kgs each slamming into each other – it is more stable with a solid engagement rather than having only a small gap and expecting these packs to hit with no force then attempt to drive etc. the hit or engagement is the key. the aussies dominated this for 10 minutes to open the test, the blacks scrum was in trouble… they then suckered the ref into removing the gap and thus the wallabies have struggled all test since. disgraceful refeereing.

    gits now off with 15 minutes to go. are we seeing a change here? can we carry a small 12 with coopers defence? can we tolerate a first choice kicker who misses over 10 points???

    • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

      Was our scrum better than the AB’s at some stage tonight? Really!?! Bloody hell I’ve got to stop knocking back that tawny port because I was dead set sure that they rolled us at scrum time on each occassion. Mind you, some of the penalties by Mr Rolland seemed to leave both packs looking puzzled.

      Thank God for replays eh? But that’s going to have to wait for another day. Right now I just want to stay in this wonderful ‘Wallaby supporters winning zone’ and enjoy a rare win over the AB’s.

    • JTM

      It was obviously a tough afternoon for all the kickers. Don’t forget that Carter had kicks flying all over the shop too.

  • abfan

    no fricken way… i wasnt expecting that to happen. edge of yourseat stuff. *glup. grats on a good win.. shoot………

  • Dan

    Donnybrook mate

  • Ciaron

    Well done to the Wallabies. perhaps your man of the match should be Stephen Donald?

    • Crashball

      I wondered who would be the first kiwi to blame Donald…… What was interesting was this was a relatively poor Wallabies performance.
      We were too passive in defence in the first half.
      We failed to manage the scrum engagement despite Roland’s consistent refereeing and escalation through free kicks to straight arms.
      Our lineout was a bit shaky (especially post-Moore).
      Our kicking from hand probably put more pressure on us than the ABs.

      But we won because we took our attacking opportunities and built intensity through the game.

      This is a another step forward for the Wallabies. I’m happy for the Kiwis to blame Stephen Donald, “rustiness” or their horoscopes for this defeat. They’ll have to improve if they are going to win the RWC, not sure they can, but I know we can.

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