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Mack knifes the Reds with last second win

Mack knifes the Reds with last second win

The Brumbies have extended their lead on top of the Super Rugby AU ladder after they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a penalty goal to Mack Hansen after the siren and send the Reds home with a tough 22-20 loss. It certainly wasn’t a pretty win as the Reds did well to nullify the Brumbies attack, but Dan McKellar will take it.

The visitors recovered from a slow start in the first half and a brilliant ten-minute period after half time where they scored 17 points with tries to Harry Wilson and Angus Scott-Young that looked enough to break a long drought in Canberra but those efforts were to no avail as they came away with the last second loss that sees them remain second on the ladder, 7 points behind the Brumbies.

The Match

The Reds could not have gotten off to a worse start to the game with a knock on from the kick-off to put them under the pump. Numerous penalties followed that to give the Brumbies a chance to launch their rolling maul and the Reds infringing didn’t help them and it was Folau Fainga’a who eventually got over for the opening try after 5 minutes.

The Reds settled after that poor start and after a mountain of tackling, did well to repel more Brumbies attacks with Liam Wright getting in to disrupt the rucks and win some key turnovers.

After finally getting their hands on the ball and building up the phases, the Reds put the Brumbies defence on the back foot in the opposition 22 but just couldn’t execute and

The much-anticipated return of Jordan Petaia happened much sooner than most expected, as he came on before the 25-minute mark for the injured Chris Feauai-Sautia on the right wing for the Reds and his 65 minutes were impressive after such a long time out of the game.

A couple of more penalties for high tackles went against the Reds just after 30 minutes, and it was Groundhog Day, again, as Fainga’a scored off the rolling maul.
And just like the first try, the Reds were lucky the five-pointer stood, or they would have had a player in the bin for infringing.

The Reds finally got on the board just before half time after a penalty goal to James O’Connor and looked to have scored after the half time siren to Jordan Petaia after a brilliant 80-metre counter attaking movement.

But as the replays were being shown, referee Nic Berry asked the TMO for a check and ruled a high shot from Lukhan Salakaia-Loto on Tom Wright as he lost control of the ball on attack to cancel out the try. The Brumbies opted for a shot at penalty goal but Kuenzle’s shot was wide and the Reds were off the hook with only an 11-point deficit at 14-3.

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The Reds didn’t let the disappointment at the end of the first half deter them as they swooped on a Brumbies mistake with a counter attack and a brilliant offload from Petaia found Harry Wilson and he ran untouched to the line and after a look from the TMO, the Reds were only 4 points down.

Then just minutes later they were in front after James O’Connor and Filipo Daugunu linked up to find space and it was Wilson again who made good metres before Angus Scott-Young finished off the well worked move to make it two tries in three minutes for the visitors.

Another penalty goal from O’Connor extended the margin to 6 points to make it 17 points in 11 eleven minutes and the confidence in the Reds side was obvious as they kept the pressure on the Brumbies to keep them in their own half.

O’Connor had a chance to put the game to bed with a penalty goal that would have made it an 8-point game but his shot was just to the left of the posts.

The Brumbies barely got into the Reds 22 during the second half such was the pressure they were under and it took an unfortunate offside mix up from O’Connor to allow the Brumbies to kick for the corner and come up with their third try to Connal McInerney. Mack Hansen missed the conversion to leave it a one-point game with 5 minutes to go.

The Brumbies launched one more attacking raid, but Reds replacement Fraser McReight stood up to the test to win a crucial penalty that looked to have sealed the win.

But the Reds couldn’t win the resulting lineout and it allowed the Brumbies another chance to push for the win as the full time siren sounded. A penalty that will probably be debated for days was awarded and Mack Hansen stepped up from about 45 metres out to make up for the earlier conversion miss to land the killer blow to the Reds for a 22-20 win.

The Game Changer

A few moments went against the Reds such as Petaia’s no try right on half time and James O’Connor having a chance to ice the game with around 10 minutes from a penalty goal but missed to allow the Brumbies the slightest chance of an unlikely win. And just like in the Waratahs game a few weeks ago, they crushed the hearts of the opposition.


Even though the Reds lost, they had plenty of players step up and Harry Wilson’s effort tonight was impressive with a try and 20 tackles to go with it.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Fainga’a 2, McInerney
Conversions: Kuenzle 2
Penalties: Hansen
Tries: Wilson, Scott-Young
Conversions: O’Connor 2
Penalties: O’Connor 2



  • Huw Tindall

    Thanks Steve. I think we just watched apreciew of the final. What an absolute humdinger of a game that was. Best in AU so far I reckon and on par with Aotearoa quality. And to think the Reds side still has so much growth in them. Fair play to the Brums for finding a way to win again. Sign of a quality team. Just need to figure out a way to score besides the rolling maul!

    • Brisneyland Local

      100 agree.

      • sambo6

        Put Lawrie Fisher in ruck/maul play with Jim McKay in attack…….

        • Brisneyland Local

          And there my freind is the Wallabies Coaching staff.

        • sambo6


        • Brisneyland Local

          Dont even write half of Voldemorts name! that is a crime in and among itself.
          However I am just glad we will see serious players in serious form get a shot at positions.

      • Huw Tindall

        And to think I watch all the AU games before mid-day so I’m a sober judge….or occasionally still drunk and making outrageous comments about why the Tahs should fill out the Wallaby XV

        • Brisneyland Local

          Around Mid day! Lucky you I am just getting home form kiddies sport. The first Kiwi game kicks off about 4pm here, just intime for that first beer or G&T. THen roles on, and we watch the Aussie game during dinner, which on Sat night is generally a BBQ or ribs and wings. I know it is Covid and all. But am just loving the Kiwi and Aussie conference at the moment. The Kiwi games are so intense. There is no easy game for them. And watching them belt the shit out of one another without having a dog in the fight is great. You just get to appreciate the game for what it is. Then onto the Aussie games. Loving it.

        • Huw Tindall

          If I didn’t know better I’d think you were rubbing it in

        • Brisneyland Local

          God no!

    • Brumby Runner

      Just have to pick you up on the Brumbies try scoring abilities Huw. Still leading the competition for tries scored and the majority from general play, turnover or set play, including length of the field efforts. Fewer rolling maul tries than in previous years I believe. This game, the Reds defense required a reversion as it was almost impenetrable otherwise close to the line. Just like the Brumbies defense has been all year.

      Shame Mack had to spoil the no penalties record to win the game.

      • Red Block

        But wasn’t it three tries from rolling mauls last night?

        • Brumby Runner

          As I said, they reverted to the rolling maul because they had trouble penetrating the Reds defense near the line.

          The Brumbies maul isn’t the real problem – all teams including the Reds attempt the maul when they have a lineout near the line. It’s just that the Brumbies are much more efficient than most.

        • Mica

          Also if it’s that much of a strength for you why wouldn’t you? Find a weakness and exploit it.

        • RedAnt

          I think they’re really missing Lolesio. Kuenzle seems to be struggling to get the backline working. It may be a confidence thing, but he seems to be a much more northern hemisphere style of 10.

        • Mica

          Agree, but I have been pretty impressed with him given his level of experience. I think he’s doing the basics really well and will only get better. Lolesio definitely has a spark about him though.

      • Huw Tindall

        That’s fair! Brums have scored some cracking tries this year. Guess this game was an aberration on recent times.

  • Not sure that was on a par with the best matches from across the Tasman, unlike Huw I see, the Reds were really error prone. They shot themselves in the foot to be brutally honest about it – if they hadn’t cost themselves the chances they did (I’m not going to blame JOC for that missed penalty, it was a pretty long shot) but quite a few others have to go down to the general poor discipline and poor execution at lineout, and could have swung the match.

    But it was good to see two teams striving for the win. Kudos to the Reds who took on the Brumbies when they were playing well and made them look really deep to scratch a win.

    • numpty

      Was definitely a better game than the saders chiefs before hand. But, who cares about these constant comparisons – it was a humdinger of a game! Physicality, ups and downs, 80m tries, what more do you want! Agree, it was the reds errors that let them down. Which is encouraging because it should be an easy fix. Not many teams can make the brumbies look that pedestrian.

      • UTG

        Every time there is a cracking game the usual suspects come out with “still not up to the Kiwi standard” to reaffirm their pessimistic view of the game in Australia. The constant self-flagellation is really tiring.

        I look forward to them trying to rationalise their views as Harry Wilson runs over the top of AB 10 and Jordan Petaia cuts the ABs’ defence to ribbons later in the year.

        • formerflanker

          Why can’t I “like” this more than once?

        • McWarren

          Thanks mate, my thoughts exactly. And god forbid a compliment could be paid.

        • Nice to see you can read the whole article. Or don’t you count the last paragraph as a compliment? It’s certainly meant as one.

        • You’re entitled to your opinion, and I hope to see it happen. Honestly, I doubt it will, but I will be happy if it does.

      • I’d like to agree that the Reds should be an easy fix. But they’ve been there for a while – sloppy penalties, poor lineout and so on – and they seem to be part of the way they play.

        In year one, I gave Thorn a pass on it, he was encouraging passion and a sense of can-do, giving them free rein to play rugby and if they made mistakes, so be it. I honestly don’t mind that in young players and a young team adjusting to a new coach. He was also new to the role.

        In year three, the system should be a bit more familiar and the players that much older. Thorn might still encourage an edgier style of play and accept more penalties than the norm but, in my opinion at least, too many are consistently dumb and clearly cost the side.

        • idiot savant

          Its hard to argue with that. And when you get a reputation it makes it more difficult as we saw only one side getting refereed in the first half. Its also hard not to think that the second half turnaround was in part due to the ref having seen how lopsided the count was at half time and restraining himself in the second.

        • Maybe. I think the Reds got shouted at a bit in sheds and cleaned it up too.

          I think they must get a bit of whiplash and I’d love to know what the team talks are like. I think they get really amped up before kick-off, then reined back in when they’re just too enthusiastic and a bit too indisciplined. If they could play with the intensity of the first half and the discipline of the second, they’d do a lot better.

        • idiot savant

          There was suggestion somewhere that the Brumbies coaches had targeted reds indiscipline as a game plan which would explain the ducking into tackles and wrights Oscar winning soccer performances

    • idiot savant

      The Reds over enthusiasm let them down. A lot of the penalties came from rushing in to tackles and a lot of dropped ball was due to pushing passes and offloading and trying everything. Entertaining to watch though.

      • Pushing the passes is a bit forgivable. Offloading everything you can learn, once you start to get used to it, you can learn to only throw the ones that have a high chance to stick. That’s one of the differences between NZ and Australian SR – total errors might be similar if you just count them, but I’d be willing to put good money on how they occur being rather different.

        And every side gives away penalties at the breakdown, the Reds need to balance their commitment and enthusiasm with a bit more discipline though. I’m all for the former, but just giving away territory, points and YC so often is only hurting themselves.

  • laurence king

    That high shot by LSL looked innocuous on Wright imo with the player ducking into it. It seemed LSL’s first contact was on the back.

    • Hoppy

      Agree wholeheartedly. That last penalty was also very debatable as Steve says. The Brumbies 5 comes in from the side to try to take McWreigt off the ball but can’t and only succeeds in screwing around him and then driving him into the halfback Fines. McWreight didn’t lay a finger on Fines – he was still on the ball – so 1) how could he be pinged for interfering with the halfback and 2) why wasn’t McWreight awarded the penalty for being on the ball and Brumbies not releasing and 3) why wasn’t the Brumbies 5 not pinged for entering from the side?.
      Nick Berry had a good match but the high tackle decision at the end of the first half and that last one were bad errors. His assistants were not so good I think and that doesn’t help him.

      • Rugby Truth

        About 5 minutes earlier, with Brumbies inside the Reds 22, McReight earnt a penalty for the Reds at the breakdown when coming in from the side. At the death he concedes a penalty for virtually the same thing.
        1 all in the 50/50 calls.

        • Hoppy

          The earlier MCReight turnover – I would argue he didn’t come in from the side. At worst that was a 50/50 call but the last one was wrong on 3 counts and nothing 50/50 about it. Great game though and Brumbies get away with a win.

        • Rugby Truth

          Just watched it again………..
          Nick Frost goes for the clean out, makes contact albeit not a dominant contact.
          McReight‘S knee is on the ground therefore he’s not entitled to compete at the breakdown (aka not supporting his body weight).
          Then he makes contact with Fines (aka. Playing the half back).
          So, you could argue he offered twice

        • Hoppy

          McReight was not on hid knee when frost comes in from the side. Penalty offence by Frost. At that point McReight has all the rights and the Brumbies player holding the ball should be pinged for not releasing. McReight does go onto one knee from Frost impact – not before. Frost continues his attempt to disrupt McReight and forces him into Fines. Nothing from McReight could have avoided contact but there was no penalisable attempt to interfere with Fines. Berry just got it badly wrong on all counts including the penalty he awarded. Reds had their chances and Brumbies won’t but let’s not distort the commentary about that last penalty being justifiable on any measure.

      • laurence king

        Haven’t seen the game yet as we have a major internet outage. Just saw the lsl incident on the phone.

    • idiot savant

      I thought that as well. LSL made contact with wright’s shoulder first. Wright actually ran his head into LSL’s chest and then ducked. Ive lost respect for Wright for the soccer style performance. There was obviously nothing wrong with him and he was trying to maximise attention to get a replay to have the try turned over. He knew where the camera was. Later he tried it again when Petaia’ threw him over the touch line. He stopped right in front of the camera and spent a minute massaging his calf. Mind you I would’ve penalised Petaia for that one. It was stupid. But in NZ the first one wouldve been play on.

      • David Creagh

        Are you f!@#$ing kidding me?! “Maximise attention to get a replay” what utter nonsense.

        • idiot savant

          He took a dive. Let’s be honest. He got up and continued to play great football utterly unaffected by it. He’s a Wallaby no doubt but the performance was pure gamesmanship

      • UTG

        You must have missed the try being called back after Aaron Smith took a dive in the Blues vs Highlanders match.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Steve, lucky win but until the Reds gets their discipline under control they are going to keep not getting there. Far too many times they gave the initiative back with dumb penalties. people can question that last one forever but the truth is the ones preceding it were the ones that killed their chances

  • sambo6

    So. I’m a massive reds fan. We played awesome. But ANY reds fan that whinges about lineout maul-drives can go and get fucked.

    Guess what……we KNEW they were going to do it. Everyone KNEW they were going to do it. And if they’re that good at it, that you know, but still can’t stop…..then more fool u…….

    No one complained when the ABs threw it to Lomu. Work out a way to stop him, and good luck to you…….

  • Brisneyland Local

    MOrning GAGR’s. Well wasnt that a top notch game. Having watched the great Kiwi game before it I was primed. And let me tell you I wasnt let down. BL’s random thoughts whilst sipping on legallyaddictive stimulants (KWoffee):
    – Not quite the standard of the Kiwi games but getting better. This game was fought hard, lots of passion and plenty of really hard hits.
    – The skill levels of both teams at times let them down, but particularly the Reds.
    – The Reds discipline int he first half was poor.
    – The Reds attack however was fantastic.
    – The Brumbies not so. The only way the Brumbies appear to be able to score was getting an infringement in the Reds half, take the kick to touch, line out rolling maul. DOnt get me wrong. For the Ponies this is almost 100% suriety of a try. But it is dour football.
    – JOC was in excellent form and with every match is consolidating his grip on that 10 Jersey.
    – The Reds scrum is a weapon, with the Tongan Thor besting his old mate Slipper in the second half.
    – I think the dissallowance of of the try before half time was a little rich. It wasnt picked up in play, the referump just happened to see it when the Canberrra screen staff put it up on replay when JOC was lining up for the kick.
    – But watching the two top teams go at it hammer tongs was excellent.
    – Dissapointed for the Reds. But have some fatih that we have serious contenders for all Wallaby 15 positions.
    Over to you GAGR’s

    • sambo6

      Mate….seeing Thor sprinting down the field in the 65th odd minute……fuck me……world class, if the world still played against eachother…….

      Also….yes jocs looking good. But still think he’s the best 12 since horan that’s rarely played there…..

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep Mrs BL was commenting that Thor can move really fast for a BFF.
        I agree I think JOC is a 12, but at the moment he is the best 10 Aus has. I think he outplayed his counterpart last night, and made Two cows look a little average too.

        • JOC had the benefit of a pack that delivered quality ball (well not from lineout necessarily) but pretty much every time he got his hands on the ball it was clean and he had choices about where to stand and how to move. His service from 9 was also pretty crisp, fast passes to nicely in front of him at a good height almost all of the time. I think the only other 10 you could say that for was Lance this weekend. The Force did a pretty good job on the Rebels ball, and the Reds on the Brumbies.

          It makes a big difference – go back a year and look at how the Saders shut down the Canes by disrupting the ball to Barrett so successfully for a really clear example.

          That said, while I still think JOC is a better 12, he’s definitely growing into his 10 jersey. My guess would be that he’s start on the bench as utility cover, but I wouldn’t object if he started wearing a 10 or 12 on his back.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I think that is very true. It is just good that we now have genuine choice. And hopefully Rennie will look at everyone and play them on their merits.

        • I would be prepared for him to have a plan (ideally at least A, B and C) and pick the players that will best execute that plan now we’ve got genuine competition for shirts in a lot of places, rather than necessarily pick the player I think is the best.

          Although I’m not an England fan, it served them well under Jones: he looked at the players he thought were test quality, put together a game plan based on that, then selected the players to execute that. In just under four years they go from crashing out in the pool stages to losing in the final. There were definitely times he wasn’t choosing the best player in a given position (7 comes to mind, there were and are some great open sides who never got a look) because they don’t play the way he wants. However, he’s produced a team that, while it has weaknesses, is capable of playing at the very highest level too.

        • idiot savant

          Yeah JOC is starting to grow on me as a 10. I like the way he mixes it up all the time. Still has a high error rate. This season though its hard to see any of the young 10s starting for the Wallabies and it probably wouldnt do them any favours. We saw how Harrison struggled last week against the Rebels and Lolesio is probably going to be short on game time. I can see Toomua and JOC in the gold 10 and 12 jerseys this year, possibly interchanging throughout the match. Lance has been the most consistent but Father Time will probably edge him out unless there are injuries. Lolesio to come off the bench if he regains full fitness.

          I thought Frisby’s service was top notch too. Rennie will know him backwards from Glasgow (where he was second fiddle) so will have a yardstick to measure all the other halves against. It was noticeable how few times Frisby kicked which I imagine was the Sampson game plan. Nearly worked.

        • Yeah, I can’t really see Lance in G&G, I just think he’s been nicely pulling the strings for the Force.

          While I wouldn’t mind Toomua and JOC in 10 and 12, having them both play in a 10 jersey makes me wonder if we’ll see the start of a centre pairing for the next 4 years being established. That said, I’m not sure who I’d be picking to wear 12 over JOC. I think there’s more competition for the 13 jersey.

    • numpty

      It is the standard of the kiwi games, both objectively and subjectively. The saders/chiefs game was equally error ridden before hand with this game far more entertaining. Stats say reds/brumbies are hitting most of the KPIs kiwi teams are hitting like passes/phase, territory, l/out success etc. Also, remember kiwi teams have been playing 3 (?) weeks longer, so they should be better in terms of cohesion etc. BUT lets stop making these stupid comparisons! it was an epic match end of story all you need to know.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Very true. One of the best games I have watched in a while.

    • Bernie Chan

      If one of you big units ever tackled me it would be a penalty almost every time as I’m only 5’8″…not clear to me what LSL did wrong as he hit a stumbling Wright with his chest. And Wright was holding his ribs! The penalty against Tupou was also soft as the Brumbies players was ducking into the collision. TMO and RAs poor…who makes the ‘not in straight’ call at lineout time, as they missed a few an then pinged Mafi (Kafer said “that’s almost as bad as the one they missed…”)

      But the Reds lineout really crumbled again once Mafi came…they were 1-from-7(?) once Mafi was throwing into the lineout? Been an obvious weakness and costs the Reds…needs to be addressed.
      JOC and Toomua the likely 10/12 combo at this point (though who wears which jersey?).
      Petaia is a gun. Glad he’s back and hope he stays injury free.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep. That whole 10/12 combo thing is a whole different occaision. At least we have choices this year. And a coach who will look at form.

    • UTG

      Can you point out what specific areas of the Reds vs Brumbies weren’t up to NZ standard? Week in week out you unfailingly make the same sweeping ‘not up to NZ standard’ comment and I’d like to know why.

      • Deeeeeejay

        I tried to take the crowds of it and focus on errors in the SR Aotearoa match prior and I was surprised to find lots of them (both crowd and errors). I think we suffer a bit of an inferiority complex tbh. The crowd makes a huge difference to the perceived quality of the game I think.

        • UTG

          Yep, I would also add that differences in style of play don’t necessarily equate to differences in skill level. The Rebels play a deliberate South African/NH game plan that places much more onus on holding the ball and trying to win the territory battle. NZ sides are much happier to chance their arm and when the passes stick it gives the impression their skill level is a lot higher. However, I would guess the NZ sides would face difficulties against the Rebels when the Rebels conservative style gives them less attacking opportunities (and we saw that in the regular season when the Rebels beat the Highlanders).

  • whatwouldberniedo

    turning point has to be mafi coming on. 2 of the 3 high tackle calls (14 point net swing to ACT) were with brumbies runners going to ground/falling over and first point of contact below the shoulder. if the law was applied consistently, almost every forward contact would be a high tackle as the ball runners lead with their shoulder while going to ground. tupou is horribly unlucky on this count, and I think its largely due to his athleticism and the fact that he looks to dominate in contact. as good a game as Berry had in general, the moments where he chooses to be overly officious still signify how poor his judgement really is. he and Gardner are clearly the anointed ones, but they are a mile off the Wayne barnes standard. if Wayne barnes refs that match, the reds win by 10 at least. horribly biased I know, but its a RED fact!!!

    • mortlucky

      100%. Barnes is class and it’s a crying shame he can’t ref us v Eng.
      FFS some of those decisions last night, sheesh. As clumsy as the Reds were at times, it felt like they were being watched more closely.
      And I believe that offside from a “knock-on” by JOC was ok and only looked forward because the first guy was sliding backwards.

    • idiot savant

      Bang on with the turning point.

  • Mortahs Incoming – custardtaht

    Well, that was a top notch game. The Reds just need to fix their discipline and when/if Super rugby returns next year, they will be at the pointy end. Thorn is finding his groove as a coach and the results will start to follow.

    I don’t think the difference between the Brumbies/Reds and the creme that is aorta rugby is much, if any at all.

    I think under Rennie, the Wallabies will give the best aorta rugby has to offer a case of heartburn. I saw an All Black once, I must admit I was disappointed when he turned out to be just a man, not some immortal who was 7 feet tall and could shoot bolts of lightning from his arse.

    • formerflanker

      But Sir Richie has retired.

  • idiot savant

    Cracking game. Turning point for me was 3 consecutive line out losses by the reds around the 60 minute mark when they were leading by 6 points and dominating the game. If they had managed even 3 points from that period of dominance they would have won the game. Im a broken record I know but the line out has been a problem since Thorn took it over. It is the most crucial set piece and the Reds won’t win any titles until they can at least hold their own.

    If Rennie was choosing a Wallaby backline from that game he would be hard pressed to pick a Brumby. The Brumbies had huge amounts of time wth the ball and dominated territory yet never penetrated with their backs. All their tries were rolling mauls from the forwards. The Reds on the other hand were dangerous whenever they had the ball. Forwards and backs worked together and everyone provided running options running different lines and and keeping width. Their error count was also huge and it was that, not the Brumbies play, that cost them the match.

    Thorn was right to start with Malolua. The speed of service he provided was key to the running threat the reds provided. When Tate came on the ball was slower getting to the backs and they were less threatening.

    • Brumby Runner

      IS, I concede the Brumbies backline attack was unimaginative but probably was the game plan. Think the coaches probably identified a perceived weakness in the Reds defense out wide and wanted the ball to get to the flanks asap. Geez, even TK was passing it early. Had to be a plan but wasn’t effective. Out of character with the way they’ve played in other games.

      • idiot savant

        The Reds defence was good but its not something they are renown for. The Brums patterns seemed predictable which probably helped the Reds defence. Is Peter Ryan still defence coach? The Reds kept mixing it up a lot more in attack often running hard unders lines back into ruck and then going out the back or switching sides. There was a lot more variety which amazes me after watching Kerevi truck it up for two whole seasons. Id love to know what happened there. Did Thorn finally start listening to McKay or did they just change their whole pattern of attack because the cattle were different? But they went from about 32 straight games crash balling to playing an expansive running game overnight. Bizarre.

    • David Creagh

      I thought Simone was excellent, his kicking game was pretty good and he made good gain line meters. Banks was pretty solid also.

      • idiot savant

        Simone is excellent no doubt about it.

    • Rugby Truth

      Don’t forget the Brumbies error that led to the reds 1st try. The pass went behind the man, and Petaia picked it up, which led to Wilson’s try.
      If the Brumbies pass went to hand, then they have a 3 on 1. So, both sides were guilty of costly errors.
      IMO, I think the Brumbies game has a plan A, a plan B, and a Plan C

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