Gallery and Match Review: Wallabies v. Argentina - Green and Gold Rugby

Gallery and Match Review: Wallabies v. Argentina

Gallery and Match Review: Wallabies v. Argentina

Ewen McKenzie’s Wallabies have lost their first three test matches and head into their fourth match with their third Captain. Argentina must sniff blood on the air. Can the Wallabies lift?


Photos courtesy of Greg Seaton 

The Match

The game started off very scratchily. The Wallabies had opportunities to pressure the Pumas defence but a poor pass from Nic White and an offside from Rob Simmons let them off the hook. The Argentinians managed to score off their first trip to the wallabies 22 after Nick Cummins made a poor decision to run across his goal after fielding the ball from a kick. He failed to release the ball and the Pumas slotted the easy penalty. 

Australia hit back with their own penalty for a ruck infringement moments later. Five minutes later when the Pumas scrum collapsed trying to put a second shove on and  Leali’ifano slotted it and the Wallabies lead 6-3 at the 20 minute mark.

The Wallabies tried to play for territory but poor handling and sloppy play kept them from adding points. Then a nice mini break from Christian Leali’ifano and quick hands from White, Cooper and O’Connor allowed Israel Folau to cut back to score the Wallabies first try.

The Argentine forwards short passing game in the wet was exceptional. They used it to good effect to pressure the wallabies try line and it was only Scott Fardy who, playing the ball off the ground,  managed to save the day. Right on half time the Wallabies won another ruck penalty and Leali’ifano slotted it to have the Wallabies leading 14-3 at half time.

Both teams looked disjointed in the first half. The conditions were  horrible and both leading to a lot of unforced errors.

The first ten minutes of the second half was all Argentina. They used their scrum dominance to park in the Wallabies 22. The Wallabies scrum again looked very ordinary and they survived without giving away points by pure chance. Ben Alexander was again popping like a cork and gave away penalties in half the scrums he packed.

As the game went on the Argentine forward dominance continued and the Wallabies couldn’t rely on the set piece for clean ball. Nic White then compounded his average game with the boot by feeding the scrum crooked and handing Argentina their first points of the second half.

Then the Pumas sneaked a little closer with a questionable converted try to Leguizamon after Leali’ifano appeared to be checked tackling him. But the video ref awarded the try and the  score was 14-13 with 15 minutes to play.

After the kick off Australia managed to drive the ball deep into the Pumas half and won a ruck penalty but Leali’ifano missed to the right and Argentina was able to kick their way out of trouble.

The 14-13 score line remained at the end of the match but this would have been a very frustrating game for both teams. Australia’s set piece look shockingly bad and Argentina’s discipline let them down.

The Game Changer

From about the 45 minute the Argentinian scrum dominated. Australia had no answer and I fear this will not change without changes at the coaching level.


FardyLook I really can’t pick any player in particular. If I had to name one I’d say Scott Fardy as my man of the match.

Wallaby watch

Nic White kicked far too much and poorly. Ben Alexander had a shocker! Cooper look okay until going off injured.

The Details


Score & Scorers

Wallabies: 14
Tries: folau
Penalties: Leali’ifano 3

Agentina: 13
Tries: Leguizamon
Conversions: Nicolas Sanchez
Penalties: Nicolas Sanchez 2

Cards & citings


  • J-Rugby

    White kicked poorly??? I thought he kicked well given the conditions

    • Jimmy

      White was porr and Cooper was ok?? Give me a break.

      White was ok, Alexander was poor. Simmons was poor. Moore looks really tired and might need a rest.

      Timani, Sio and Tomoua made a huge difference when they came on.

      So lucky to win that game. Still plenty of work needed.

      • Ok.

        I saw Toomua get the ball once… Hardly a ‘huge’ difference.

        • Jimmy

          I mentioned 3 players there. And following Coopers running backwards, fumbling and cross field shuffles, Toomuas first kick alone was impressive.

          Timani bought some heavy hitting and Sio played quite well.

        • brumby runner

          Cooper’s fumbling nearly caused me apoplexy.

      • Graeme

        Toomua ‘s one touch of the game was very good but hardly enough to make a ‘significant’ difference. And Sio didn’t solidify the scrum when he replaced Slipper. The only scrum we didn’t lose that half was once the Argies front row had gone off. Slipper at least held a few scrums when he was fresh in the first half as opposed to Sio who came on against a tiring front row and immediately got shunted for a penalty.

        I agree Timani did well when he came on.

      • I didn’t even mention Cooper in the match report except to say he passed the ball.

        • Jimmy

          “Cooper look OK until going off injured” – down the bottom. That’s what I was referring to.

        • Are you saying he wasn’t okay

        • brumby runner

          Yes, imo he wasn’t ok. In the first half especially, Christian played first receiver more often and Quade only came into play if the Wallabies got over the gain line. His fumbling of the ball was bad to say the least. Don’t remember him doing anything in attack in the second half, though that could have been the game plan playing into the wind. His defence in the front line was better than usual, but he was never really dominant in the tackle.

        • we never had the ball in the second half and when we did we kicked it out of our territory. Seriously talk about bias.

        • brumby runner

          Where’s the bias. I said I didn’t remember seeing Quade do any attacking in the second half, but that that might have been due to the game plan.

        • IFeelLikeImTakingCrazyPills

          Didn’t we only have 20% possession in the second half? Of which almost all was used to gain possession. Poor argument there.

          I kind of agree with Sully in that in the second half White’s kicks dropped off, there were a few unnecessary kicks that just gave possession back – which at this level you shouldn’t expect. (and also if you’re writing a match review straight after it will be these kicks fresh in the mind).

          However, if you consider all of the kicks that he did during the night you got to say he was pretty good. It was great to have someone thump the ball.

        • Jimmy

          He had the fumbles in the first half and only ever shuffled the ball along the line. He made one textbook tackle but I can’t really rap him for doing what he should have been doing for 6 years. I thought he was alot worse than Toomua in his games this year so far.

          His kicking is worse than Toomua and he isn’t offering any more on attack than Matt so I don’t really know why he is there.

        • So you agree. He was okay.

        • Jimmy

          Well he was “OK” by his own standards this year…which have been poor.

          Look, before I’m accused of being a Quade hater, a lot of what I say is based on some basic points.

          1.Quade has not even come close to retuning to the sort of form he was playing pre WC in 2011….and even with that form, we all saw what happened when the pressure was on.

          2. He has been really average this year. I watched every Reds game and even by his own standards his error count has been high.

          3. He isn’t the threat in attack he was a few years ago and tends to go backwards and throw passes to players in worse positions.

          4. Most of the negative comments around Tomua’s performances have been around him shuffling the ball and not asking enough of the defence. If Quade isn’t offereing anything different surely we would go with Tomua given his superior defence and tactical kicking game??

          I’ve got to give you credit though Sully. You don’t just write an article and walk away. Appreciate your efforts to continue the discussion.

        • Now I understand all Australian fly halves have to be compared to 2011 Quade.

        • Jimmy

          I’m happy to report that Bob Dwyer agrees with me Sully. He also thought Quade was not good and shouldn’t be there.

        • Here’s what Scott Allen had to say.

          “The good things he did need to be balanced against his errors so that blind optimism doesn’t get ahead of reality.
          He put two kicks out on the full, was charged down once and made a real
          mess of one chip kick. He also threw the forward pass to Mowen in the
          second minute of the match with the Wallabies in good attacking position
          and didn’t move forward to take a high ball in the second half that was
          clearly his.”

        • Hypersensitive Brumsfan

          He can thank Nic White for putting him under pressure on a couple of those:-)

    • Guest

      Sully’s just dirty his mate Genia didn’t get on.

    • AJ

      White played well. His big boot won us plenty of territory, and in wet conditions, against a dominant forward pack, he did a pretty good job polishing a turd.

      Cooper was pretty good I thought – he made a lot of effort to get involved, wasn’t lazy, and mixed up distribution with taking it to the line.

  • Matt

    Must have been watching a different Nic White, the one I saw gave quick service (especially considering the conditions), locked very well for touch and kicked mostly well in play.

    • Graeme


      This is not a great review. Saying White had an average game sounds like either parochialism or a poor understanding of the game. I had low expectations for White leading into the game and was afraid he would get found out. But I thought he was superb. He regularly got fast front foot ball to the backline and his kicking and clearances were an instrumental difference between this week and last week.
      The weakness in the second half was quite glaring, and unless we can do something about our scrum I can see us dropping out of the top 6. Before when scrums were a lottery and open to all sorts of trickery we could hide behind that and even get a few decisions go our way each game. But unfortunately (for us) with the new laws and application, the dominant scrum is going to awarded the win every time.

      • Again I said he kicked averagely!

        • PiratesRugby

          Thanks for your review but you’re just dead wrong about Nic White. He had a great game and should remain our run on half back for the rest of the TRC. In terrible conditions he kicked with purpose and accuracy. A couple of mistakes only. He was let down by typically poor Wallabies chasing. Seriously, do they practice NOT catching the ball? His service was quick. What did he do wrong?

        • RJ

          again, he said he kicked poorly.

  • It’s a win I guess

    A couple nice kicks from White but he seemed to not make use of our pack in the first 40. Starved QC of some easy gaps when we moved forward. Either way I’m happy to see him do ok in tough conditions and push Genia to pick his game up.

    I’m not commenting on the back 40…

    • Colm

      What about commenting on the last 15 mins when the Argentines didn’t have the territory and the Wallabies did. Pretty important in the grand scheme of things.
      This is a massive win, regardless of how it’s done. Fair play to them for grounding it out.

  • The Rant

    I reckon 3 of whites kicks were poor but generally it was when we weren’t going forward. His MANY good kicks however gave us so much territory and in the end today superior territory control is the only reason we scraped out of this so THANK FK he had a bloody great starting debut!

    • Rodrigo Rezende

      I liked White’s game, really. He was communicating well, and that fast service… not saying he should start head Genia, but the Wallabies have two very good scrumhalves. Now they need a very good prop.

      • Again I’ll say I didn’t criticise his game just his kicking.

    • Jimmy

      Yes I agree. It wasn’t the easiest night to be kicking wither.

    • Three went out on the full. Are you saying every other kick was good? The charge down was good? The one that went straight across field into the Pumas hands was good?

      • Maxt

        ..and how about his many big touch finders and box kicks in the first half that were very good?

        • two of the out on the fulls were in the first half.

        • Pedro

          One was after cleaning up after our scrum was demolished and he was in a very tough position. Another landed on the line. I can’t remember the third. But seems weird to highlight those errors when he did have a few great kicks and even the up and unders looked good.

        • Stubs

          Lol, maybe we are so used to seeing shit kicks from others that we kind of wash over them as being a typical part of our game so they didn’t stand out as being so catastrophic to most of us. Personally I thought White did a really good job, especially considering the atrocious conditions.

        • Maxt

          And many more were not, let’s wait for the first half stats and see who’s perception was accurate

        • I look forward to your in depth analysis of the stats when they arrive.

        • The Rant

          Have just rewatched the game. So much territory gained. I still found only 3 poor kicks. Can’t blame him for the one that went out after the scrum – he was going to be put in touch anyway. The charge down you can say is poor if you want, that happens. Then there’s the little chip in the 2nd half which was crap and a bad option and the one onto the 22 that went straight to the man in the first half. Other than that a handful of normal kicks a lot of good midfield bombs and another handful of super kicks and touch finders. A statement ‘he kicked way too much and poorly’ is just flat out wrong and for that to be the only comment you made on his game is harsh given territory won the game in the end and he played very well for a first start in shit conditions behind a pack getting smashed.

        • Maxt

          Yep, just rewatched and I concur! Sully?

      • Straith

        Try kicking down a line in that wind and make it land in field consistently.

    • Lyndon Kilori Tia

      I really think people werent watching the game. Nic White ad a few alright kicks but most of them were crap

  • Rodrigo Rezende

    Fardy played really well. i’d choose him for MOTM. Wallabies need to augment that scrum.

    And the Args… well, they deserved to win. Sad they couldnt dominate the scoreboard. Why the hell Landajo was in the bench?

    • Colm

      You should ask Phelan

  • brumby runner

    Sully – two things in your report I agree with. The scrum is still shit and Scott Fardy was close to MOTM. Otherwise, I think you need to keep your biases under control in your reports. Nic White was the major reason the Wallabies won the game with his kicking in general play keeping the Argies pretty much locked down in their half most of the time. Sure, he had one or two poor kicks, but I guarantee he had a very high territory gained stat over the whole match. And his penalty kicking was a revelation after JOC last week.

    Quade was generally awful again. In the first half, Christian played first receiver more than Quade and did it better. I suggest you have a look at how many times Quade knocked on when the ball was on the ground.

    I don’t know how you can pick Ben Alexander out and say he was shit. The whole scrum is being beaten up by all and sundry, no matter who plays in the front row. Certainly, it did not improve one iota when Kepu replaced him. I’d suggest the real problem lies in the second row. It seems that neither Simmons nor Douglas are particularly effective and there was again no improvement when Timani came on. Time for some changes in the second row. Options are Fardy, Neville and Carter until Horwill returns.

    Best for the Wallabies imo were (not in any order) Folau, Cummins, Lealiifano, White, Mowen, Fardy, Hooper.

    • Brackets

      I don’t think Quade was all that bad, and i am one of those who would rather see toomua in there. i am trying to be open minded bout QC. Yes, there were mistakes, as there always are, something that should not just be accepted and taken for granted for a test standard number 10, but at least he put some effort into defence tonight rather than just backing off. But I have to say, it looked like he was a bit lost, maybe he really does need Genia in order to be effective (no, I am not suggesting we bring Genia back immediately, white did a great job).
      Will be interested to see what link does now.

    • Touko

      I thought the scrum significantly improved when Timani came on, and in – I think it was the last scrum of the match – the locks seemed to have good shape for once and actually put some force into the shove.

      As for Cooper, I didn’t think he was so bad and he actually made some good tackles.

      • They replaced the entire front row about the same time how can you pick Timani out as the difference?

        • Touko

          Yes, fair enough. I may be conflating two unrelated things, but I was watching the locks and my impression was that Timani made a difference. But I know fuck all about scrums, so I could be completely wrong.

    • They drove through Alexander all night that’s why I picked him out. And it wasn’t because of the second row it was because he dodged the pressure and has bad technique. You Accuse me of bias and then have a go at Cooper who I didn’t mention and many others have praised for stepping up. Who’s biased?

      For what It’s worth and I’m sure no one here will pay attention to it. A agreed with the white-Genia swap. I agree Genia is not the player he was. That doesn’t mean that White didn’t kick badly.

      • Brackets

        Ok, I paid attention and appreciate you putting it out there. But your write up comes across as very anti white. Yes, he made some poor kicks, but you really did make it sound like he was worst on field, apart from Alexander.

      • brumby runner

        Sully, as someone above pointed out you said that Cooper played ok. I don’t think he did, and that is my true opinion, not bias. I have always supported Quade’s inclusion in the team, and even supported his toxic comments as I believe he was only telling it like it was, and I happen to think the players should be able to do that when there is a problem.

        And again, I think the whole Wallaby scrum is deficient, not the players so much, but the scrum as a unit. It seems to me to be a coaching issue as they are not showing any signs of coming to grips with the new scrum laws. The apparent lack of power I attribute to the second row as much as the front row. If our best TH prop is a choice of Benny A or Kepu, one does not stand out above the other.

        As for Nic White’s game, I suggest you go through the comments on the game thread. Almost unanimous agreement that, a couple of poor efforts notwithstanding, his kicking game was instrumental in the Wallabies winning that game. Certainly, consensus is that his kicking was much better than average.

        • I’ll stand by comments. I have read the match thread and I’m not going to take bias claim from a guy calling himself Brumby runner that seriously for obvious reasons. And again I’ll state I saw on more than one occasion the second row hold and Alexander pop or drop under pressure.

        • BTW ‘okay’ means not good and not crap. a five.

  • sportsfan

    Mowen – missed tackles, sloppy off back of scrum, dropped ball, lays on players thinking thats how you clean out. lineout didnt work for him
    Fardy – good, but really needs a number 8 to partner him and share the workload
    Hooper – always tries hard
    douglas – start timani instead
    simmons – hey atleast he is getting in there and trying to make a difference (unlike some other forwards) hence why people notice his flaws
    front row – needs to sort out there shit

    White – less kicking, otherwise good
    cooper – why did he go off? he was good
    lilifano – did he play?
    ashley cooper – as above
    folau – thank god we have him
    cummins – standard
    JOC – standard

    • AJ

      Really? Leali’ifano was the reason we scored the try – one that Folau nearly butchered by not passing it on to an unmarked Ashley-Cooper outside him. Similarly, White played a territory game in bad conditions. I think the Wallabies played a clever game plan in conditions that typically benefit forwards more than backs.

      • Graeme

        This is a bit of a silly comment. You do know how slide defense works don’t you? Despite the huge overlap they’d managed to get across fast enough that AAC would have been bundled into touch. Folau created a try out of only small scraps!

        • AJ

          Slide defense can’t cover 5 metres of lateral space, 2 metres from the line. Quick hands from Folau would’ve been the safer option had he realised AAC was there. The only reason he didn’t get held up is that Leguizamon gave up.

    • Graeme

      I initially up thumbed you, I don’t think anyone could have summed up the forwards better. And I agreed mostly completely (although a bit harsh on Mowen). But I have a lot of disagreements with the second paragraph.

    • Pedro

      Lealiifano had some great hitsin defense.

    • Tim

      Agree about Mowen. We still lack a dominate no.8 who gets us across the adv line and has rock-solid defence that stops teams in their tracks. It’s such an important position and the Wallabies have been lacking in this position for some time now. Just look at the impact Keiren Reid has for the ABs. I guess we just can’t pluck one out of the air though :(

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    God that was so hard to watch that my couch has got bite marks all over it, and the TV has developed a lovely little boxer’s swerve to avoid ‘incoming’.

    What gives with us? Wallabies one week try to run the ball from everywhere on the park, including in their own 22 when better options stare them in the face. Then next week we become kick obsessed. Where’s the balance?

    Here’s hoping we have improved our defense & breakdown. TBH it’s hard to tell though. And that 14-13 scoreline tells us that we would have got absolutely hammered by the Nuns and the Saffers.

    • Bairdy

      Perhaps the weather had something to do with the Wallabies gameplan? A little hard for the Wallabies to play some “smart, creative, exciting, superb etc etc running rugby” when they cant execute in good conditions, as we’ve seen this year.

      It would be insanity, therefore, for them to try to play out of their half with the added pressure of a wet pill and windy weather.

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        Totally agree about kicking to get out of their half and they did this well.

        But in the second half and in the Puma’s half with wind & rain in our face, it seems to me that kicking was low % & could have oh so easily played into the Argies hand. And probably should have.

        It’s the balance I’m questioning. We seem to be all one way or all the other.

        We won and it sure as hell beats losing. But I saw nothing that made me feel confident when we meet them in Argentina.

    • ScrumJunkie

      What gives? The weather einstein. White and Cooper had good games in tough conditions. The scrum sucked, but is improving.
      I have no idea what game the bloke who wrote this article was watching. He continues to attack BA when the reality is we have no options. BA, Kepu = six of one, half a dozen of the other;

      • RubberLegs

        The Reds’ Albert Anae is the strongest scrummager in the country; he may lack the mobility of other props but he crushes his opponents. Having BA, or Kepu in the team is like driving a car with a flat front tyre. The coach has to decide whether clean ball from scrums is important.

        • Gould v Blanco

          Call Albert. We need a crusher.

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        So it was the running into heavy wind & rain that gave us the bright idea of cross field kicks & rush a droppy? How likely were they to come off?

        First half, wind at our backs, fair enough as that’s where the advantage was to pin them down in their half. Second half should mean it’s a disadvantage to boot it away, therefore more ball in hand. Or has Einstein got it wrong again as he did with his lunches?

  • cantab

    The return leg is going to be tight! Hats off to the wallabies for getting the win.

    • Nutta

      There is so much to whinge about from this game. I am having a difficult time. But I searched high & low and I have found a positive – and an authentic one at that I think:
      In the last couple of years we would of lost that game. Last night we held on and won. Think the last 2 games vs Scotland in shite weather, think the Samoan game and there is one or two other examples as well. However last night we held on (almost despite our best efforts)
      But obviously we aren’t happy. Lineout was functioning but scrum is just tragic and once again our basic skills under pressure were missing. Compare that to the Jarpies vs AB’s game before it with their accuracy and vigour and you could forgive an alien watching those games for the first time thinking it was a totally different sport

  • Joe Blow

    White was OK with some good kicks and generally quick service but took some wrong options that cost us at crucial times. He was not alone and several other players pushed passes or took bad options that stopped our momentum dead.
    To all the Timani doubters he was a step above both Simmons and Douglas. He bent the line a couple of times and moved some rucks as well as putting on some big hits. His size and strength just suit test rugby. Put him in the second row next week with Horwill.
    QC was very good in defense and did not shirk the physical stuff. This was definitely not the weather to put him in his comfort zone and he responded very well.
    Our confidence is at an all time low and absolutely nothing comes off. It was still a sub standard performance and most other top 10 sides would have put us away in that second half.
    The scrum will be much better with Horwill and Timani. I, like many here, would put Slipper at TH and Fat Cat back at LH. With Horwill and Timani this front row will hold its own.
    Pity about the weather. I would like to see White and Cooper combine on a dry track.

    • Graeme

      To me everything else going forward is secondary to our scrum. It’s a 20 point liability a match that we have to overcome.

      I’d agree that we should be starting fatcat at loose and Slipper at tight. The core of our problems is at tighthead, and Slipper is not the solution, but the best option we have. Like Alexander he is a fantastic athlete around the field and a good, but not truly competitive at the International level, scrummager. I fear it may take a generation if the grassroot incentives are put in place today, and they’re not, before we have a supply of world class scrummagers.

      I think we also have to have our strongest pushers in the second row, ie Timani has to be one of them. And the difficult part is we need a specialist 8 at 8 who can pull the ball out urgently of the back of a backpedaling scrum, which is our current reality. The problem is that with Timani in the second row we also need a line out specialist at 8, which would dictate Mowen’s stays there at least until Higgsbum comes back.

      • RubberLegs

        The Tah scrum was ordinary all season. Skelton looked the goods when he was subbed on, but fresh reserves should always look strong against tiring opposition, Timani has to produce MOTM performances at S15 level before I am convinced of his test qualifications. Simmons has all the necessary skills and would be even better if Deans had let him play.

  • Mst

    Your bias against certain players and towards others is ridiculous. I’m guessing you don’t get paid for this so I can’t call you unprofessional. Your write up gives the impression that we lost, and lost badly. Many aspects of the game were better this week, INCLUDING THE NUMBER 9!!! There are positives to come out of the game, and yes, still things to work on.
    If you wrote this in the forum you’d be accused of being a troll trying to start an interstate fight.
    It really bugs me that someone would drag GAGR down so low.

    • He made a lot of bad kicks but his game was good. I said as much in the report. If Will Genia had kicked three out on the full and was charged down you’d be screaming for his head!

      • Stacy

        No, we’d be making excuses for him like the weather was terrible or the pillars weren’t in place to block the runners trying to charge down his kick.
        I haven’t re-watched the game and didn’t keep count so I honestly can’t remember, when were the 3 kicks out on the full?
        Having read your review, if I hadn’t watched the game I would have thought we lost. It’s sad that people can’t even be positive about a win, no matter how the game went we did win! There are definitely areas to work on, but isn’t it a positive that even though we isn’t play we’ll we still won? Personally it gives me hope that we can go up from here and keep getting better.

        • I’m sorry I didn’t sound positive enough for you. But it wasn’t a good win and we lost the second half 10-0. We hung on by the skin of our teeth.

        • S

          No, but it was still a win.

  • Davy

    White was not poor – his first start for the Wallabies in atrocious conditions he was good, the ball must have been like a ball of soap. Kicked intelligently especially with a pack increasingly on the back foot as the game progressed.
    Wallabies rarely do well in the wet – but showed great attitude especially in defence and ground out the win.

    • I said he kicked poorly where did I say he played poorly?

  • 6rpocho Jones

    Shane, you say:

    “Look I really can’t pick any player in particular. If I had to name one I’d say Scott Fardy as my man of the match.”

    That’s just lazy, self-indulgent claptrap. The Wallabies produced a range of performances some good, some bad. The fact that it was a close loss against a team you seem to despise is irrelevant to that.

    • I don’t despise any team and have no ill feelings towards the Pumas at all. I didn’t think anyone played particularly brilliantly. there certainly wasn’t anyone I would give an eight to and possibly no sevens.

  • Simon

    A victory, but questions remain. Good effort in difficult conditions but not enough tactical nous as a team!
    Spent the 1st 10 minutes trying to off load every other ball (in the wet?), some good bad and indifferent box kicks, but where were the low drilled torpedo punts into the corners? (Obviously unAustralian but if it leads to wins).
    Mixed team performance with very few people running at pace onto the ball. At least their was passion at the breakdown.

  • Alan Grouse

    A good win, the Argies are no slouches and are improving all the time. They are no longer the easy beats they were years ago

    Our stoic defence of old reappeared at times. Under serious pressure in the second 40 we defended our line very well. Some great hits particularly by Timani who surprised me with his physicality off the bench. Lets hope tonight was not a once off

    Simmons is still a penalty magnet.

    Our scrum is still awful. Get in a kiwi, argie or even pom scrum coach, someone who knows what they are doing as our guys are either just plain rubbish or being coached rubbish. We will NEVER be competitive under these new rules with SA or NZ until we at least can regather most of our own feeds.

    Unlike others i thought White was great. Some fantastic kicking considering the conditions and he was much quicker then Genia in getting the ball from the rucks.

    Izzy is a freak, beating four defenders to score his try. I preay our backline will sort itself out to give him the ball more often. Its puzzling that backline brilliance we have seen for years under Link at the Reds has all but disappeared for the wallabies

    • Graeme

      We will never be competitive under the new rules with England, France or probably Wales either. Nor Argentina obviously.

  • 6roucho jones

    Generally a sh*t review. You need to pick up your performance mate, and do some analysis worthy of this site. It’s not the Reds: get over it. Analyze the play. Get into the detail.

    • Old_Laurentian

      Groucho, that’s a bit tough for an article written so soon after the final whistle. Analysis and detail will follow I am sure.

    • It’s not analysis it’s a match report written as the game was played. the analysis come later.

    • Gould v Blanco

      I like Sully’s match reports

  • wowjiffylube

    This was, on paper, likely the easiest Test the Wallabies’ll have in the Championship. Winning by one point, at home against a, frankly uninspired, Pumas side, ranked six places down the ladder, without scoring a single point in the second half. Hardly a renaissance for Australian rugby. It just gets harder from here on out. Next up, away to a Springboks side seething over a referee-caused loss to the Darkness, followed by even more air travel over to La Plata, to face a Pumas squad who’ll have been at home for three weeks, and who always raise their game there. This could well be the last win until they face Italy in the second week of the November series.

    • Colm

      Who’s talking about an Australian renaissance? The Wallabies are just after getting a WIN after 4 consecutive losses during what has been a very very tough period where plenty of criticism has been floating around. You obviously don’t understand the importance of getting out of a rut when you are in one and are belittling this test victory by talking about an uninspired Pumas side and about potential FUTURE test losses. The pressure McKenzie was under was substantial and they’ve finally got a win at least to stop the rot of defeats. I’m sure they’ll worry about the next games in due time which are naturally very very tough but when is test rugby anything but tough!
      Talk about the next potential test victory being against Italy in November, so soon after a test victory, is stupid. Anyone will tell you when you’re on a losing streak, any win will do to stop it but you are sarcastic with renaissance talk and don’t appreciate the meaning of a test win.

      This victory gives confidence/more steel going forward and anyway it was never going to be pretty.
      Well done to the Wallabies. It’s obvious there is much to improve but at least the streak is broken. There may well be more defeats to come but at least yesterday wasn’t.
      The Argentines are very tough, always have been and have given many a nation trouble like your own, wowjiffylube, and are better than their rankings show.

      • wowjiffylube

        These seems to be happening a lot. My apologies, I didn’t mean to suggest that people were taking this as the start of a resurgence, just that this is the start of a long, very hard, road. Obviously it’s tremendous to get a win, but I was just being a realist and pointing out that this was very possibly the only win of the Championship this year. I’m a pessimist, I’ll freely admit. Two away games, with thousands of miles of travel between, will take their toll. This Pumas squad did not show the same grit that they showed against the Boks and the Darkness. Those were my points. Though you know I’m Irish, I am a tremendous fan of Aussie rugby, right down to club level (and even in the *gasp* other code), I just get frustrated when I see a team, that should be world beaters, underperform to the level that the Wallabies did today. Again I apologise if I’m being a negative prick but that’s how I feel.

        • Colm

          A test win is always tremendous. The Argentines playing a little sub-par is irrelevant imo. I often hear this type of talk after matches but it’s a non-runner for me. Australia won on the day and it should be left at that. Why were they poorer? – it only disrespects the opposition as if the opposition had nothing to do with it. Overall I saw a match with very little in it and I’m just glad the Argentines didn’t have the territorial advantage at the end where they could possibly have won it. For me this was always a case of just getting a win, no matter how. It turned out how I expected. A hard earned win but vital. This result can be parked now and the team can move on with a more steeled feeling because no doubt it gets tougher due to away matches from now on. Away matches are always tougher for ALL countries (I’m sure you can remember some tough test matches in Paris (2002-2006) or in the Southern Hemisphere over the years that you’d rather forget!)

          As regards world-beaters, I’m not certain about that cos I tend to look at things over time. Do you think Wallaby forward play was that much better a decade ago? I’m not sure about that mainly cos the Wallabies have their own unique style. Take a look at the overall Rugby Championship roll of honour. I mean, yeah sure, the Wallabies play some lovely phase rugby off quick ball, scoring great tries, but they find it very hard to do this consistently in test matches. Teams are being very physical at the breakdown and they just can’t match it like the way the Kiwi’s do. All of the European teams have beaten them up North at some stage in the last decade and have done it not by scintillating attacking rugby but by the other big aspects of the game like the breakdown/good defence/set-piece. If the game was only based on beautiful free-flowing phase play, then I’d fully agree about world-beaters!

  • Charlie

    Important and difficult win. I guess La Plata’s match is going to be different. Better climate and both teams will have to improve their game.
    Scrumage is an art down here. It takes a lot of work to build a good scurm.
    We still lack a godd scrum-half and we give away the ball so easily…
    Our offensive kicking (Graham Henry’s recomendation) is not working at all.
    And last but not least, horrible whistling by the welsh (we were awarded the shortest advantage in history…).
    But no excuses. Hope some of you can come over to visit our country. Good luck in SA.

  • Slim 293

    I think Sully needs to stop doing the match reports…

    His provincial bias is starting to get in the way of providing a balanced report…

    • You’re completely wrong. It’s you bias that’s stopping you see what I see.

      • Bcombes

        and i think slim293 should find another forum because he is obviously so jaded he cant comprehend decent analysis and reporting.
        Well done sully dont stop, its a highlight of G&GR your match report. Unfortunately we cant always paint the brumbies players in good light as often they miss the mark but how dare we say they did….

  • Spectator

    Similar to last years game in that the Pumas lacked the rugby education to close out a game they should have won with some bad decision making, particularly at the end, although they didn’t get the rub of the green with the ref with some later decisions.

    Both teams seemed to lack a clear direction in their game patterns with neither team clicking where as last year it was more like the Wallabies finally clicking up a gear and digging themselves out of a hole that they shouldn’t have been able to against a more cultured rugby side.

    What direction the Wallabies did have, for my 2 cents, i thought White was a major help to that.

    Congratulations to Ewen Mckenzie for his first win at the helm.

  • Wobbled by the weather

    I was at Patterson and watched the game. Considering the atrocious conditions Nic played a great game, his service from the base was slick just what the team needed and his kicking game in the swirling wind was commendable.Thus Sanchez watched on as Nic reminded him how to play scrum half! Yes, the score was close but the boys truly gritted their teeth and aggressively contested the breakdown, they showed a steely resolved to keep the pumas away even when pumas were hard on attack in the first few minutes of the second half and also in the last ten of the game. Overall a good day at the office.

  • Reinhardt

    Don’t know which Nic White you were watching. Played a very good game in terrible conditions. Would also like to mention that I’m glad to see Quade Cooper getting more stuck in defence-wise. Scrum still needs a lot of work.

    • I watched the one who kicked three kicks out on the full, was charged down, kicked a shitty crossfield kick to the opposition and kick attacking ball away in the red zone. He kicked poorly.

      • Yadev Yablonsky

        I watched the one who box-kicked better than Genia ever has, turned the opposition around innumerable times, grubbered into the corners, kicked for touch better than anyone has all season, marshalled his forwards and got fast ball away.

        Genia to ride the pine for another week please.

  • RobC

    Nic White, Wil Genia, QC, Toomua etc – who cares? What’s going to be done with our scrum? Without decent scrummage, we’re screwed. Coaches need to fix this, or someone fix the coaches.

  • ‘BoutBloodyTime

    That was tough to watch at times, but the Wallabies have ground out their first win under a new coach, against a side that are tough up front and not a bunch of easybeats.

    Remember a couple of seasons back when we lost to Scotland twice (once in horrendous conditions) & Samoa because we underestimated the opposition & had a different coach.

    We are often bad in the wet, but, as much as it was ugly, it’s a step in the right direction for a side down on confidence.

    Yes, there is still a ton of work to do, especially in the scrums & up front in general, but give these guys a bit of time to develop & gel and to get a few of the injured players back (Higgers, Pocock, Horwill…and bring Fatcat into the squad, even if just for opposed scrummaging at training) & this side has a lot to offer.

    We’re fortunate to be able to bench a player like Genia when he’s not performing & have someone who can come on & do the job & in my view made a good fist on debut in tough conditions.

    An overall good/positive showing in the Super XV for the Australian sides shows the talent is there. This Wallabies side toughed out a win in bad conditions which, 2 or 3 years ago would almost definitely have resulted in a loss.

    We’re not up to SA & NZ standard yet, but the EOYT will be a good barometer of the direction this side is going in. Add a win or two in the RC, especially away from home & things will start to look a bit rosier.

    Keep the faith & c’mon Wallabies!

  • subfreq

    So… Who is the new scrum coach going to be? Seriously.

    Well done Ben Mowen, captained, lead well and should be the permanent Vice Captain in this squad.

    Nic White I thought played very well bar for some tired kicks in the second half.

    Forwards still not offering patterns in attack and options but some gutsy defence. They need to lift by another 20% in each of the two remaining games for us to compete. I’m not talking about scrums just general play.

    Thought McKenzie played the subs bench well, could have been the decider as they did provide an impact to the game when it was on a knife edge.

  • Ottawan

    I don’t think there was anything in that match to raise hopes, apart from the scoreline. Argentina had a more dominant scrum, a better lineout, more clinical interplay. It seems only the weather and Owens missing Fardy’s illegal rip of the ball when the Pumas were knocking on the door prevented the game from opening up in their favour.

    The wallabies have to travel to Cape Town now, and on the back of that performance I’d say they might well fall short again.

    Unless Romain Poite is the ref

  • Harpooner

    We’ve found ourselves a captain. Mowen is great when he has the pressure of leadership on him. Let’s hope Ewen stays with him. As I’ve said before – we need to play Genia / Cooper as our lead pairing and White / Toomua as the replacements. Paired both sets work well.

    • Brackets

      How good was he in the post match interview? So well spoken!

  • Stin

    Harsh on nic white in those conditions.

  • seandking

    Sully, you are entitled to your opinion as much as anyone and no one else is spending time putting together pieces for us to take pot shots at. It would be good to get an idea of which kicks you think were poor and why. I didn’t look at any NW moments and think he’s botched it.

  • Brax

    I think one eyed Brumby supporters are worse than any other one eyed supporter going around. Criticise a Brumby & you obviously know nothing about the game.

    Bottom line is White did play pretty well for his first run on game but he did have a few average kicks amongst some good ones & some of his service was crisp & fast while some of it was average at best. He hasn’t nailed down the position….. yet.

    Sully is doing the best he can with a match report & is telling it how he see’s it. If any of you fucking armchair experts think you can do better… well have a bloody go! Or at least be polite with your pathetic little opinions, this isn’t Fox Sports website!

  • Tony Dun

    Sully thanks for this and I am sorry you are copping so much shit. Someone has to do stick their neck out and write these reports so we get to discuss the match. FWIW I thought White had a very ordinary start but I just put that down to nerves – I thought he got stronger as the game went on. I am a Reds man but I think he deserved his shot and did well enough to retain his spot. Hopefully he will improve as his experience grows. Being behind a dominant pack will help but there’s plenty been said about that already. Cheers

  • AngryAnt

    Much of the commentary and discussion on this site is now so partisan, I don’t think I’ll bother reading the match reviews anymore. The same usual suspects will come out and say either that Cooper and Genia are shit and White and Toumua are the future; or that White and Toumua are pedestrian and Cooper and Genia are proven match winners.

    The only problem I have with Sully’s post match review is that it did not mention some of the good things Nic White did and therefore gives the impression he had a poor game, which he didn’t. His comment that White kicked averagely was correct, he chewed off plenty of metres on occasion but did make some tactical kicking blunders. Given the conditions I though he acquitted himself adequately and gave decent service behind a beaten pack.

    Likewise Cooper had a decent game in the circumstances which are never going to be a feast for the backs. He reined in the flashy stuff, played generally with composure and defended well, all the things alot of people criticise him for.

    Toumua had about as much impact of the bench as Cooper usually has to be honest, though the kick for the sideline late in the game was a nice touch. The drop kick was a waste of time.

    In truth we have no more answers out of this game as to who should be playing 9 & 10, however I’d start White and Cooper again next week, they deserve another crack with each other.

    It was not a great game by the WB’s but given the team is so down on confidence its a fair reflection of where we’re at. We need to fix that scrum though, its now beyond parody.

    • Yes I didn’t even realise I was being negative until it was pointed out. But frankly I don’t think it was a game to be proud of. I thought Whites game was generally good and I can see how it could be interpreted as saying he was shit.

      • AngryAnt

        All good mate, you wrote this straight after match, its certainly not the shithouse and biased review that some have claimed

      • AngryAnt

        Yes, that’s true too, nothing much to be proud of, however the win in itself is a significant milestone for a team that has zero confidence. Hopefully now the only way is up.

  • Canuckruck

    Sully, I didn’t take your review as negatively as some others here have. At the end of the game I was disappointed, glad there was a win but….shit…waking up at 4 am to watch that was a bit painful.

    Good on the Wallabies for the win. Highlights for me were Folau busting tackles and Cooper making some solid tackles.

    I thought White was good, and i liked the quicker service from the breakdown…a strong debut in my opinion.

    Is it just me, or are people getting more angry and confrontational on this website lately? I used to really appreciate it for the comments as much as the articles…but it seems to me there are more trolls, more nonsense, and less quality in the comments as of late.

    • People obviously have strong feelings about players. I honestly didn’t think there was anything controversial about pointing out his poor kicks. Obviously I hit a nerve.

  • Canuckruck

    Lastly, like many others have pointed out here…..the Wallabies are going to continue to fail to achieve their potential until the scrummaging is sorted out. It is critically important, and I think now more than ever given the lack of the “hit” lottery on the engage.

  • RJ

    Team for the next game:
    1. Sio
    2. Moore
    3. Slipper
    4. Timani
    5. Horwill
    6. Fardy
    7. Hooper
    8. Mowen
    9-15. Inconsequential*
    This tight 5 will be more aggressive and better at scrum time than any we team we have fielded this year. These are the most important 5 players on the field. I’m sick of this aussie mentality that guys wearing 9 or 10 run the game. Its the guys wearing 1 and 3 who matter most (coming from an ex fly half).
    *If we cant dominate the collision zone, breakdown and the scrum, it doesn’t matter who’s playing in jerseys 9-15.

    • Bcombes

      couldnt agree more. sick of hearing the cooper vs toomua argument it’s Irrelevant
      who plays at 10 for the wb’s until we can actually win the contest upfront in the scrum and breakdowns

  • Fatflanker

    I was at the game. I think the point needs to be emphasised that conditions were tailor-made for an Argie upset – weather was atrocious with 9-man rugby the order of the day; a NH referee was officiating and there was very little in the way of home-team support from a small crowd. First half ended with me thinking our forwards had the Argie’s measure – scrum was under pressure but holding on, line-out was solid, a beaut driving maul that could easily have crossed the line, support to the break down was much better and Wallabies were taking the high ball with assurance, (O’Connor was a stand-out).

    The scrum fell apart in the 2nd half. Hard to say why given our relatively respectable performance in the first half but clearly the Argies came out of the sheds at half-time with a change in tactics and we couldn’t adapt. We desperately need a world-class scrum coach, (probably a lot more that we needed a change in team coach in fact). We also need some set play moves to get over the last 5m when the pick-and-drive runs out of steam – God knows everyone else is using them to good effect on us.

  • Nutta


    I just want to say thanks for writing the article.

    Luv & kisses.


  • RubberLegs

    Australia seems to been looking for props who can do more than just win scrum engagements; There was a 40 man squad formed before the start of the tests; Link must know which are are the strongest; If the strongest guys have few other skills, the rest of team will have to cover for them. It seems that scrum ascendancy under the new rules is vital, especially when you see hope poor the Boks handling skills were on Saturday night.

  • two eyed kiwi.

    Enjoyed the upfront and honesty match report. Interesting to see the feedback about Nic White. The two questions should be if he made the same errors against the AB’s or Bok’s what would have happen and are those errors acceptable at this level? “The quality of a player is the standards they set themselves”


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