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Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News has Daryl Gibson being sad, Jake Gordon being proud, bad news for the Reds, and international rugby rankings.

Gibson Takes Cop

Waratahs coach Daryl Gibson has admitted his team are in a “hole” following Saturday’s night crudfest at Allianz.

“That’s my responsibility as head coach to set the direction,” Gibson said, according to the SMH. “That’s firmly on my shoulders and then we’re all still very united in what we want to achieve and it starts on Monday with getting our training and preparation right for Friday.

“That [loss] puts us into a real hole. We’re in a real battle again and that’s down to our own doing. We’ve got no one else to blame but ourselves.

“We’ve got our own problems so we’re focused on fixing those. We’ve got to get that right before we can really go forward.

“We’ve probably been our own worst enemies in the last two games in terms of those losses and losses are worse when you feel you’ve contributed to that loss.”

The bigger and fatter version of Ian Kenny, Jed Holloway, then had his say.

“I know you guys gave Hoops plenty of s— in the media about his comments last week, but we’ve been training really well,” Holloway said. “The most frustrating part is that we’ve been training really well but not executing when we get out under lights and playing that 80 minutes. We’ve got to keep competing, stay tight as a group and keep showing up Monday eager to fight.

“What we say doesn’t mean too much at this point. We’re one and three, so we’ve got to come out fighting. We’ve got to shut our mouths and get working.”

Meanwhile, the best case scenario for Jack Dempsey is a return in 8 weeks.

Gordon Chill

Despite being decent at playing scrum-half, Waratahs no. 2 Jake Gordon doesn’t have his sights set on Nick Phipps.

Gordon’s been getting rave reviews, after demonstrating on the weekend that he can pass it to Israel Folau.

“Nick’s a really good mate of mine, I don’t really look at it like that,” Gordon told

“I think he’s the ultimate competitor, trains so hard, plays so hard, I think I definitely don’t look at it like that. I think he’ll bounce back and be really good again next week.”

“I think it’s just (about) being ready when the opportunity comes,” Gordon said, possibly as he was pricking pins into a Phipps-shaped voodoo doll.

“We’re all mates in the backline, we’re all really good friends. You don’t hope that that sort of stuff happens, you just want to get better a a collective.”

Gordon, who was first noticed by the Waratahs staff after lobbed not one but two opponents’ shoes during a Shute Shield game, is just keen to knuckle-down and learn.

“I think my first year that I was here I was just trying to learn the straps and just trying to figure out how the Waratahs actually worked,” he said.

“I think this year training and on the field I’ve just been a bit more competitive and more confident.”

Reds Woes

To add on to the misery of getting tonked by the Lions and being Queenslanders, Reds fans now have to suffer even more with the forced and unforced absences of two key players.

Quade Cooper, sent off on Sunday morning for yet again playing “Highlander”, is likely to face a ban for his tackling efforts. The Courier Mail says that it’s likely that Cooper’s poor judicial record will mean he’ll get a bit of a ban.

The Reds have already flown the enigmatic flyhalf home, with Jake McIntyre to play against the Jaguares next Sunday.

When asked about Cooper’s red, Stiles’ reaction was said to be akin to this vision of Homer Simpson.

James Slipper also managed to knack his Achilles in the Lions game. That’s the season for Slipper, who will be replaced as Reds captain by….Stephen Moore! Heady times for the Reds.

Meanwhile, squaddie Phil Kite will replace Slipper at whatever side of the scrum it is that Slipper inhabits.

Reds head coach Nick Stiles said: “It’s obviously really disappointing for James to suffer such a serious injury this early in the season. We’ll miss his contributions on the field, but knowing the sort of bloke he is, he’ll still be heavily involved from the sidelines.

“We’re fortunate that we’ve got Stephen Moore in the side, who is the current Wallabies skipper. He will take over the captaincy in Slipper’s absence.”

Rankings Sealed

You might have heard the news that England lost to Ireland over the weekend, ending their hopes of overtaking New Zealand in the win streak stakes as well as grabbing a second successive grand slam.

The loss didn’t stop the English for winning the Six Nations – a title they clinched by smashing Scotland last weekend. But with the end of the Six Nations, it was the last real chance of any major nation of shaking up the World Ranking and thus their place in the coming 10 May draw for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Yep that’s right, the Rugby World Cup does the draw based on a team’s for 2 years out. Without much further ado, here are what the pots (of the automatic qualifiers) are going to look like:

And yes, that’s right. Argentina are ranked ninth, and Georgia are ranked above Italy. Noticeable from the top 12 is the lack of any Pacific Island nations – last time around Samoa (7th) and Tonga (11th) were in the mix.

  • Rebels3

    Tahs have their best winger playing full back. Their best full back playing 13. Their best 13 playing wing. Their best 9 on the bench. The backline is a mess. Happy if they keep it the way for the games against the Rebels

    • Bay35Pablo

      Fair call. Here I was thinking we had a decent side. Except for 4, 5, 9, 10 and 12 ….
      IMHO ruck contest was pathetic vs Brumbies. Not for 1st time I put it down to our locks (fair disclosure: ex lock here). Mumm is a 6, and not our best 6 in many ways, Skelton not hard enough. Last time we had a decent locking pair? Hmmm probably 2014 with Douglas and Potgieter …..
      At one stage there we were on about their 10-20, tackler got swarmed by 3 nags, Izzy piled in from side (arguable penalty), Phipps trots up, starts waiting around & looking who to pass it to. I’m screaming from the sideline “CLEAN OUT, CLEAN OUT!!!!”. Forget farking recycling you pillock Phipps, we’re about the lose the ball!!!!!
      We did.
      That game in a nut shell.

      • harro

        Yep, breakdowns were woeful. Again. And how we can have a 104kg advantage in the scrums and get dusted like that is beyond me. Yes, I know, Skelton but he’s only a 40kg additiion

        • Wallabrumby

          The 104kg difference was when Fardy was in the bin I believe. Full 8 brumbies would have been heavier.

        • harro

          OK, that’d make sense. Very agile of the broadcasters, I just thought they’d throw up the starting pack weights. That’d make their full pack about 10kg heavier than the Tahs.

        • joy

          I don’t think agility had anything to do with it. A dumb mistake more likely..

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I actually think Mumm is by better at lock than he is at 6. Watching him play 6 for the Wallabies and I thought he was almost totally ineffective. I think he just needs to stop trying to be a bully and play rugby. He seems to love the aggression which is good but I always think he takes it too far

    • Xaviera

      Daryl has admitted as much. Expect a much changed backline on Friday night.

  • Nutta

    Jed Holloway is a contender for “comment of the year” right there. How bloody refreshing.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Good to see him taking responsibility to move on

    • John Tynan

      Just missing a “fake news” reference.

  • Greg

    Bad luck for Cooper I think… nothing intentional in my opinion… but the law is the law so off he goes.

    I don’t understand the subsequent citing. I thought a citing was where a player had not been sent off but an incident occurred that “could have met the threshold for a red card”.

    red card + citing?

    Can anyone clarify?

    • Duvstar

      A sending off can still mean a subsequent citing. Say if a guy had bitten someone, he’s getting a red card and then he’s also getting cited and a whole lot of time off.
      But in this case it’s a bit silly. Yes, with the new directive Cooper’s tackle met the red card threshold. But 14 men for half the game is more than punishment enough

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      The red is the immediate punishment, while the citing is to verify if there is a need for further punishment. The intent to stop people getting away with doing something really bad and being sent off the end of it.
      I agree that in a lot of cases the send off should be enough but I don’t think the Judiciary agree

      • Greg

        But in any case, if you get a red card, don’t you still need to front the judiciary?

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes there is a judiciary hearing for every Red and Yellow card. This is to ensure that the incident shouldn’t incur further sanction. It’s designed so if a really bad event occurs, like biting, eye gouging, kicking etc then the player isn’t restricted to just being sent off. Like some I think it goes a bit far but that’s just how it is.

    • SuckerForRed

      You are right in that the incident “could have meet the red card threshold”. That is, if an incident would attract a red card under the laws of the game then the player must appear in front of the citing commissioner. It doesn’t actually matter if they have actually been carded at the time.

      This means that you end up with a few curious situations –

      If a player gets 2 yellows in a game, therefore an automatic red, they still have to appear before the committee even if the original cards were not for dangerous play or that one of the cards was a “team” card & the player was just unlucky. Think Higgers a few years ago.

      A player may be red carded in the game but not face any further sanction as it is deemed to be enough “punishment” or after review the committee may believe the threshold has not been meet. There was a case of this in the last couple of years with a…. I want to say NZ player but I might be wrong.

      And the one that is not done often enough the player is not carded at all but the incident meets the red card threshold. I personally think that the citing commissioners place a heel of a lot of emphasis on the opinion of the onfield ref as to if the incident meets the threshold or not. And I don’t think this is entirely right. We have the review process for a reason – to pick up things that are missed (though no fault of the officials they can’t be looking everywhere) or where they just plain got it wrong. In some incidence the higher ups are more than willing to throw the match officials under the proverbial bus, but in other they aren’t. But I guess that just proves a point about consistency….

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Well written mate

    • joy

      I see it this way. If Cooper tackled around the legs or waist the try would have been scored anyway. He had to disrupt the ball which involves a higher tackle. Get this wrong and its a lottery – penalty, yellow or red. What’s he meant to do? Run along side and pray? The law is an ass. Rugby is in the hands of safety zealots and there is only outcome possible, extinction

  • I didnt enjoy the refereeing of the reds match. Not saying I didnt agree that it was consistent with ths laws, just maybe the interpretations. Eto tried to get to his feet. Didnt release well enough. The jaguars yellow for a high coat hanger. tackle 5 out and possibly only stopping a try: yellow. Lions player dropping rapidly to score. Cms in it. Red. I understand the head laws for this year but it is tough to watch sometimes.

    • Nicholas

      Yes the reffing has been poor on terms of consistency this year. Example would be reds v crusader penalty at the end, this week there were 5 similiar that I spoted on the two games I watched. Forget about how they judge red and yellow cards, no rhyme or reason for some of them.

      I think that the refs were told to look for certain issues (head high, high ball contesting, etc) but not how to properly manage the issues.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Feel for Slipper and hope his recovery goes OK. I thought he was playing well this year and seemed to have really grown into the captaincy role. He’ll be missed

  • Metootootoo

    I’m pretty sure that Italy will not be in the top 12 but Fiji will be- between Argentina and Japan. Italy were ranked 15th going into the weekend and will not have improved. Fiji 10th.

    • Dud Roodt
      • BigNickHartman

        ah bugger – that’s meant to show up but twitter didn’t embed. ugh

      • Rebels3

        Yeh pretty sure because they were automatic qualifier

        Band 4 looks set to be

        2 x Oceania quals (Fiji/Tonga/Samoa)
        1 x America’s qual (USA/Canada)
        1 x Europe qual (Romania)

        With Band 5

        1 x Africa (Namibia/Kenya)
        1 x Oceania/Europe (Spain/Tonga)
        1 x America’s (Can/Uruguay)
        1 x Other (Kenya/Uruguay/Spain/Hong Kong)

        So guessing id say band 4 (Fiji/Samoa/USA/Romania)
        Band 5 (Namibia/Tonga/Canada/Uruguay)

        On these predictions the Wallabies could end up with a group of (Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Fiji, Tonga). That’d be brutal

        • Graeme

          I was thinking the same thing. Group of Death.

        • Rebels3

          Would be very unlucky to get the group of death 2 x in a row.

          I would love to see New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Fiji and Tonga in one.

        • Graeme

          Or England from Band One

        • Braveheart81

          I don’t think Italy being an automatic qualifier puts them ahead of Fiji who are ranked 10th when it comes to doing the draw.

        • Rebels3

          The pool draw will take place on 10 May 2017 in Kyoto. The seeding system from the previous Rugby World Cup will be retained with the 12 direct qualifiers being seeded into the top 3 bands according to the World Rugby Rankings on the day of the draw. The 12 directly qualified teams will be allocated into the top three bands as follows:

          Band 1: The four highest-ranked directly qualified teams (1-4 in World Rugby Rankings)
          Band 2: The next four highest-ranked directly qualified teams (5-8 in World Rugby Rankings)
          Band 3: The final four directly qualified teams
          The eight qualifying places will be allocated into the other two bands.

        • Braveheart81

          You’re right. My apologies.

        • Metootootoo

          Nope Fiji are in and Italy are out – so says Foxsports – the only automatic qualified would have been Japan

        • Rebels3

          Listening to FoxSports was your first mistake haha. :P

      • Metootootoo

        No they didn’t

    • Braveheart81

      I think you are correct. Fiji are ranked 10th and I think they go into the 3rd pot for the draw over Italy who are an automatic qualifier because they came third in their pool in 2015 but are currently ranked 15th.

  • Tomthusiasm

    Does Jake Gordon have a nickname yet? If not, my suggestions would be “Flash”, “Ramsay” or “Commissioner”.

  • RedAnt

    “Gordon, who was first noticed by the Waratahs staff after he lobbed not one, but two opponents’ shoes…” A+, keep up the good work, Nick.

    • harro

      He may have also crash tackled a ball boy

  • phil peake

    For something a bit (very) different I go with this backline:
    9 Gordon
    10 Hegarty (Foley when fit)
    11 Kellaway
    12 Con Foley
    13 Horne
    14 Harry Jones
    15 Cam Clark
    Lucas, Folau, Horwitz on the bench.

  • AlanDownunder

    Fiji have current world ranking of 10 but they didn’t automatically qualify for 2019 by coming within the top three of their 2015 pool group. A case of a 2015 pool distortion being perpetuated in 2019. Just as the current 2017 ratings will likely generate more pool distortion in 2019.


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