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Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News has Genia looking forward to England, Cheika also looking forward to England, QC winning the NRC and the scores from the November intls

Genia Wants More

Will Genia shapes to pass.

The Wallabies lost to England four (4) times last year, but this time it’s going to be different. Mick Bynre’s skills coaching has had another year. Nathan Grey and Michael Cheika got a scare about the whole defending thing. Cheika might have figured out that Reece Hodge can do some of the kicking. The game in Australia has been possibly irreparably damaged by the whole Force thing.

But most importantly, Will Genia (and Kurtley Beale, and Ned Hanigan) wasn’t there.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Genia told “I missed out on the England games last year so on a personal note, I’m just looking forward to that big challenge.”

The last England game Genia played was the game famously known as Lancasterstock, the game where Australia knocked England out of their home World Cup.

“It was a great performance [in 2015] but that is all sort of done and it’s similar to the game tonight,” he said.

“People talk about the record we have here (in Wales) but none of it counts for anything once you get on the field.

“We’re not worried about things that have happened before. The game isn’t extra special, it’s just for us as we get to London, we do our work and give ourselves a chance of performing on Saturday.

“Any match you go out starting at zero-zero,” Genia blathered on.

“What happens six months ago, 12 months ago, two years ago is irrelevant with different players, different mindset, different conditions.

“We’re humans and we love to pick these patterns but at the end of day it’s what happens next.

“It’s only about what happens in the future that counts.”

Cheika Unhappy

Michael Cheika, Nathan Grey and Mario Ledesma

A great man on a great podcast once said, “never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel”. That saying perhaps applies to Michael Cheika, as he’s now set his duck-shootin’, Ned Hanigan-pickin’ shotgun on the English meedja.

“The pundits over here don’t think we are much of a chance – they [the media] have already given England [3 wins] for November,” Cheika said, according to the SMH. “I saw one guy say: ‘with all respect to Australia, a good club side would beat them’.

“I don’t think there is too much for them to worry about. We’ll just prepare as if we are going to play our best game on Saturday and go from there.”

Cheika, who regularly disrespects GAGR by not bigging us up on Twitter,  is also just plain annoyed about the whole press coverage it seems. Especially, the bits about him and Eddie Jones having a rivalry and that.

“Mate, it’s irrelevant, it’s Australia versus England,” Cheika said. “That’s the only thing that counts. It’s not about fun with Eddie or anyone. We’ll have fun in our own camp and then prepare ourselves the best we can each day.

“Some of the players spoke to me at the start of the year about how we prepare for matches and making sure every match has the same type of preparation, the same importance.

“We don’t prioritise one team over another. Next week we’ll try to prepare the best we can.”

Country Win

NRC 2017 winners

Queensland Country won the NRC title on the weekend as well, after they used to their farmboy skills to grab the Vikings by the horns 42-28. It is the Country’s first ever title; Queensland’s (the state) third title overall; and Canberra’s second silver medal.

At half-time, Country were losing 21-7, but scored five (5) tries in the second half to come out winners. Wowee! Filipo Daugunu scored a hatrick, while pseudo-Wallaby Duncan Paia’aua won man-of-the-match after getting meat twice.

Brad Thorn is exactly like the Crusaders coach, winning a title in his first season in charge.

“[Thorn]’s has a massive influence on us,” Paia’aua told the Daily Telegraph. “He’s changed the culture of the team.

“He’s turned us around from losers into winners and now we’re champions. I can’t thank him enough.”

If you want a better written report – actually, if you want better writing – you can find Steve’s match report over here. Meanwhile, here’s more quotes:

“These boys deserve nothing but the best,” Paia’aua continued.

“All that hard work paid off this year and I can’t wait to go around again. These boys are unreal. They just turn up each week and I can’t describe how hard they’ve worked.”

“Boysboysboys,” Paia’aua unfortunately didn’t add.

Week One

ireland grey

It was week one of the November internationals this weekend past, which meant there were a lot of countries playing other countries.

One of those countries was New Zealand, who went to Paris to beat the French, 38-18. Hilariously, Sonny Bill Williams had a massive brainfade again, punching the ball out league-style, just as a crossfield kick was about to land in the arms of a French player for a sure try. Wiliams was sin-binned, and our best friend Angus Gardner also gave France a penalty try for SBW’s efforts.

Ireland meanwhile battered South Africa, 38-3. Yes, 38-3. Ireland did that. Unfortunately, Ireland ruined it a bit with a horrible away jersey, that looks like that grey matter your brain creates when you see Bernard Foley gets charged down. They had a whole year to prepare an away jersey, and they chose that?

In the other big game, England beat Argentina rather comfortably, seeing them off 21-8. Argentina scored their only try of the match 3 minutes from time.

The other Tier 1 games had Scotland narrowly beating Samoa 44-38 and Italy overcoming Fiji 19-10. Meanwhile, Georgia-Canada has this try, which seems to be the first time a player has desperately asked the ref to TMO what he just did.


France 18 New Zealand 38
Ireland 38 South Africa 3
England 21 Argentina 8
Scotland 44 Samoa 38
Italy 19 Fiji 10
Georgia 54 Canada 22
Germany 45 Brazil 12
Barbarians 27 Tonga 24
French Barbarians 19 Maori All Blacks 15

  • Jason

    One interesting quote I found from Thorn in an interview (I think a few hours after the game), he said “[…]we’ve got 20 year olds and 19 year olds and they’re just going to work and going to war, in a rugby sense, I just couldn’t be prouder. Everyone goes on about New Zealand, all the talent — mate, we’ve [Queensland?, Australia?] got talent coming through everywhere[…]”

    Very big words from the New Queensland Reds Coach. Also does he think of himself now as a Queenslander?
    We’d be happy to have him!

    • BigNickHartman

      he played Origin for Queensland..he only played rugby for the All Blacks. I’d say he’s a glory seeker, but him being associated with the Reds puts a hole in my theory…

      • Jason

        Honestly, winning State of Origin is probably pretty close to winning the RWC. Plus Thorn did play for Queensland Country last year (in his last game before retiring) so really a few games for some team who can’t even get coloured jerseys shouldn’t count for much.

        I think the Reds are actually very ripe for a very sudden turnaround, Skiles was probably the ideal holding pattern coach, sure they underachieved last year, but frankly even at their best with all the changes to the core of that team they’d be getting bounced out in the first round of finals instead of the Brumbies. This way the Reds get a scapegoat who likely wasn’t a particularly heavy loss, they get a season to gel and a good excuse to overhaul the team for this coming season rather than trying to do it all last season.

        Thorn isn’t wrong about the tsunami of talent Queensland have coming through, Tui, Rodda, Paia’aua, Stewart, Tuttle, Perese, Tupo, Timu, Ready, Hockings, Wright, Scott-Young, Gunn, Daugunu, James, every one of those players have the potential to be Test Level rugby players and are all under 25 and are involved with Queensland Rugby. The most challenging thing for the Reds in the coming future will be holding on to all their talented young players.

        • Twoilms

          “Honestly, winning State of Origin is probably pretty close to winning the RWC.”

          Two states vs 20 odd countries. Not quite.

        • P00chie

          Different sports. SOO is clearly the highest representative honour considering the farcical World Cup they have.

          However, considering its frequency I’d say it is more of a “Bledisloe” type honour.

        • Pedro

          Plus the best of three aspect.

        • John Tynan

          What’s farcical about Samoa making the quarter finals without winning a game?

        • Pearcewreck

          “Honestly, winning State of Origin is probably pretty close to winning the RWC”.

          Haahha, classic comedy Jas.
          You should do a stand up act someday.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Bit harsh calling him a glory seeker mate. Yeah he wants to be the best he can be but I’m not sure that counts as being a glory seeker. I personally think he’s a friggen legend and I hope he goes well with the Reds. Loved him playing for the AB’s and I think he’ll have a really positive affect on the Reds.

        • BigNickHartman

          Yeah, perhaps not glory seeker…but you know what I mean!

        • idiot savant

          Not sure Big Nick. Do you mean what Plato meant in that glory seeking is part of the human soul, that Thorney will have risked anything for victory? Or, do you mean what Rousseau was trying to get at that it was a strategic play to rise above your class? Or, are you with Jean Paul Sartre, that it satisfies a kinda narcissistic reinforcement of the reason to be here at all – like Facebook?

        • BigNickHartman

          a priori, i’d suggest that perhaps my discursive comment was in the vein of Sartre’s teachings

        • idiot savant

          Im of the view that the evidence is more prima facie than a priori, but to quibble over it would be Kant. (And we know he was a real pissant who was very rarely stable…)

          But you know since you raised it, I have found myself pondering Thorn’s motivations. His endless discipline to train and play at that level for so long is extraordinary. Religious in its devotion. He also sat at the feet of Wayne Bennett for a long time. I look forward to monosyllabic expressionless press conferences. You might have your work cut out for you reporting him next year!

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I think so. He’s definitely someone who wants to be the best he can be and expects others to also strive to achieve the same.

    • He moved to Qld when he was eight. I’d say he thinks of himself as a Qlder. I know I always have.

    • P00chie

      Thorn is a gentleman and a legend.
      I’d love to see him reinvigorate QLD rugby for the sake of the domestic game.

  • Bakkies

    Senate Inquiry report is also due out

  • Tomthusiasm

    That Georgian try was pretty damn good, the plead for a referral was even better. I reckon they should bring Georgia in and call it the Rugby Crampionship, I wouldn’t want to see Italy leave at their expense.

    I thought SBW had a good game, I don’t agree with Gardener’s decision to award a penalty try though. If Williams had not decided to batter the ball into touch, he would’ve caught it – he was perfectly placed to receive it, how could the French player possibly score?

    • Patrick

      I was watching with the sound down but I thought the penalty try was going back to the only very marginally high but very definitely last line of defence tackle on Dupont.

      • Tomthusiasm

        Me too, that would’ve been harsh too but perhaps technically correct

        • Pedro

          The best kind of correct.

    • onlinesideline

      at the very least one could say that if SBW didnt bat the ball out, there would have still been SOME kind of competition for the ball between the 2 of them, negating the scenario the ref was claiming would have “definitely” happened. That decision reeked of “justice for the rest of us” – Terrible decision.

      • Tomthusiasm

        Yeah, wasn’t sure what Gardener was on about, but maybe the ruling was what @Only1Sully mentioned – SBW is removed from the picture so the Frenchman “definitely” scores?

        • Bobas

          from memory the wording is ‘probable’.

        • onlinesideline

          in other words while SBW is in a state of crime his presence is negated from scenario ? – thats a very inappropriate notion to apply to a team sporting game.

    • Bobas

      Penalty try every single time. He prevented a more than probable try with an illegal act. If he tried to catch it then it wouldn’t have even been a penalty, but he didn’t, sport is all about decision making and SBW made a brain shart.

      SBW could have headed that out of bounds and he would have legally stopped the try. But he didn’t. If he doesn’t commit the penalty, the ball transcends his hands and into those of the French player.

      I’ve made the a similar mistake in league where their goal line drop out didn’t go 10m and I slid it in for a try, my error as I wasn’t aware that you had to wait for it to either go 10m or stop.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I agree. As soon as he batted it away it was a PT. Dumb by SBW but apart from that he had a really good game

      • Tomthusiasm

        Yeah, definite brain fade

      • Bakkies

        There was a penalty advantage being played closer to the posts as Cane ignored the ref’s warning to keep his hands off the ball at the breakdown.

        • Bobas

          I meant not a pen against SBW

      • Braveheart81

        Correct. The law basically assumes that the player who committed the act is instead out of the play and would a try have been scored without them there.

        It doesn’t test whether a try would have been scored if the player had instead tried to do a legal play.

        Clearly in this situation it should have been a pretty simple situation for SBW to diffuse the kick legally and no try would have been scored. Once he bats it out of play though, it has to be a yellow card and given the close position of the French player, had to be a penalty try.

    • I’ve had a look but can’t find this anywhere so I’m probably wrong.

      I thought the if foul play is involved in a try that player is removed from the ‘picture’ and the referee would decide if a try would be scored if that player wasn’t there.

      ie: would he have scored if SBW wasn’t there.

      • MNIMD

        Rightly or wrongly that is clearly the interpretation Gardner was working with.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Nah mate. That’s a fallacy that some of the commentators have brought in. Law is simple. If foul play prevents a try that “probably” would have been scored then it’s a PT. Referees lean towards the attacker in determining the probability as part of the process to cut foul play out. To me it was 50/50 and that’s enough to award the PT

        • Braveheart81

          Sully is correct though that that is how they evaluate it. Once SBW does what he did the referee doesn’t consider the alternative as being if SBW had done something legal instead. They consider the play without him being there.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Not how I was taught mate. There was never anything in any of the training about that. I’m not sure how that would work and it could only complicate it. “Probably would have scored” with benefit of the doubt to the attacker is enough in my opinion. I would think bringing anything else in would only add complication and the referee has enough of that already

        • Braveheart81

          I think that is the way they have to practically do it though. They can’t work out whether a try would have probably been scored had SBW not done something illegal. Clearly if the referee could rule that way it wouldn’t be a penalty try. It was a very easy situation for him to prevent legally.

          If there’s another defender in the vicinity that might have prevented the try then the referee can certainly consider the impact they might have had.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Personally I think it would add to the complication. I think it’s quite easy to determine if it was probable and easy to give the benefit of the doubt but to have to evaluate someone as not being there in the moment becomes more of an issue

        • Greg

          Same for me. The concept of players vanishing didn’t exist when I was taught either. It was also a long while ago :-)

          For example, a ball is kicked through and a defending FB is about to take the ball on the 22. An attacking player is following the kick and is 15 m away. The defending FB has a brain snap and punches the ball into touch.

          if not for the brain snap, the FB would likely have gathered the ball and run/kicked/passed. The attacking player might have tackled the FB or not. On the balance of probabilities it is unlikely that the attacker would have scored in that situation. No PT.

          ON the other hand if the approach is that the defending FB just “disappeared” then clearly the attacker would most likely have scored. A PT would not not be a correct ruling.

        • Bobas

          That’s an interesting scenario, based on what I know the penalty given away ‘saved’ a certain try. So it would be a yellow and a pen try.

        • You’re probably right. Wish I could remember where I got it from.

      • Tomthusiasm

        That would make sense then

    • Greg

      btw – I think it is the wrong thing for Kiearan Read to touch the ref to get his attention as they walk to award the penalty try. Nothing malicious at all…. but i was taught you call the ref Sir and you don’t ever touch the ref. being old fashioned isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

      As with all discussions with a ref who has made a decision, the likelihood of him changing his mind is pretty small.

      • Tomthusiasm

        I guess it’s up to the Ref to police that, as for Ref’s changing their mind, it does happen occasionally and every good captain will give it a crack

      • Dud Roodt

        You can be sure if Hooper had done it he’d have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

        I jest of course.

      • HK Red

        It’s been Read’s MO for quite a while, he works on becoming very “matey” with the Ref. As Tomthusiasm points out, it’s up to the ref to decide whether or not it should be allowed. To be honest, it’s the same as everything the ABs do regarding the Laws of the game. They push them, until they get told to stop, then they change tack. It’s bloody annoying to watch, but it’s very smart.

        • Greg

          KRL and I disagree on this point…. but I am with you.

          The Abs are very good…. they don’t need to bend/break the rules the way they do.

          The cynical play under pressure diminishes them.

        • Parker

          Yes, now that refs are better at policing their offsides, lying in the ruck, clean outs far away from and way beyond the ruck, they have turned their considerable skills to perfecting forward passes and shepherding. I would love to see one you video editing maestros put together a reel of AB forward passes that didn’t get pinged.It would be a long video and it would be as effective with refs as that great overhead clip of the English props angling in on scrums.

  • P00chie

    “Ireland meanwhile battered South Africa, 38-3. Yes, 38-3. Ireland did that.”

    Was anyone expecting anything other than a comprehensive victory for Ireland in that game? South Africa are no longer a force in world rugby.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I certainly didn’t expect them to fold so easily. Mind you Ireland are looking good so maybe it’s a bit of them playing bad and Ireland playing well. The combination of quota and Europe is killing them but I still expected better

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Disagree it is the quotas. There are as many useless white players as there are black players, and a lot of the black players who deserve to be dropped should be dropped in favour of other black players.

        What they need to do is pick the form players and pick guys from Europe too, and the coaching staff needs to get some better tactics and strategies. But they will never be able to compete with the current backline and back-row they are running.

        • Brumby Runner

          They did a pretty good job of competing with us in the RC just finished. Actually, I thought the scoreline favoured Ireland a fair bit. SA were just as threatening most of the game with the ball. Ireland finished with a flourish once the benches were emptied.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I think that says more about where we are (were?). Their forwards demolished us in both Tests, I thought, and their forwards even dominated the All Blacks in Cape Town, but they didn’t win any of those matches because of their useless 9-15.

          Agree the scoreline flattered Ireland but the result was never in doubt. South Africa just never threatened to break the line and score tries.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah that’s true. I must admit I find some of his selections very confusing. I’m just not sure there is anyone better out there

    • Pearcewreck

      I’d be surprised if any other country had that many proffesional players in Europe.
      Europe has decimated SA playing stocks.

  • Hoss

    Come on Cheik – bite back at Dr Evil

    EJ – ‘I want Australia to bring their best game – so we can measure were we are at’

    MC – suggestions

    – Why does he want to lose by 20 ?
    – nah – its nothing more than a training run for us
    – Why bother – you guys (Poms) were shite against the Pumas
    – Best game, pfffft, third best game will roll you lot
    – Why – does he want Dan Cole to see how a scrum packs square ?

    Come on Cheik – get your game face on.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. I think he is actually doing the right thing by not biting back.

      Eddie is far more adept at mind games, banter and pre-match talk than Cheika, Cheika always looks confused, petulant and out of his depth when he gets fired up. This is the sort of mature attitude I want from our natioanl coach.

      Now, if we lose we can just say ‘too good, they outplayed us’ and if we win we can say ‘we just prepared normally and played well’. Whereas if he mouthes off back it sets him up for failure and criticism and makes us look like asses.

      • Hoss

        agreed mate – revenge is a dish best served cold anyhow. Keep his powder dry, roll up and just towel them up in the piggies and on the score board – enough said really.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I agree. I think cheika is better to not get in a public argument as he always comes off looking bad.

        • Hoss

          Yep mate – no fire without oxygen feeding it.

    • Mike Thompson

      > I want Australia to bring their best game – so we can measure were we are at

      So, he’s trying to make it all about the Wallaby performance. “They have to bring their best”. Pressure’s on the Wallabies, right? We’re just here to measure ourselves.

      Jake White is the master of this stuff. He’d turn it around and make it all about England performance … they have everything to lose …

      “We’ll try to put our best foot forward. But England are comfortably world #2. They beaten us 4 times in a row. Four times. They will be wanting to show everyone that they are still building and improving. It is so important to keep improving, isn’t it, leading into the RWC. I’m sure they feel the need to take another step up. So we know we are up against it here. They are at home. Eddie is a master coach. He loves to banter and with the results he’s achieved he’s earned the right to be cocky and to throw negative smears our way. We’ll try to do our best and not disgrace ourselves.”

      BTW, I suspect that Cheika doesn’t want to get drawn on any of this because he knows it WILL effect his performance to get dragged into ANY mind-games. He’s a competitive guy and he knows that engagement will distract him personally. Just a guess. Jake White seems to be able to pick up the mind-games and put them down with ease. EJ is the same.

      • P00chie

        Re: Jake White, my abiding memory of his “mind games” is on a November tour years ago where he tells the media that no Irish player would get in his Springbok team. Ireland beat them comprehensively.

        He’s a good coach and a good organiser, I don’t think that “mind games” count for much and usually can only backfire. At best they make no difference.

        Do Hansen’s count for much? In my eyes he always just comes across as a nasty person and perhaps struggling with the pressure. He’s managing New Zealand there is no need. It can only put pressure on himself. Eddie Jones just injected a bit of confidence and arrogance that was missing in the English set-up and benefits their psyche. I don’t think it amounts to much against the better sides.

  • Greg

    I liked this instagram photo!

    There is not a lot to Beale in size….. gosh he can carve it up in broken play.

  • Greg

    Fantastic chase by the Georgian player…. I thought it touched the line


    The real shame from this weekend for me is that as a staunch and long term Canberran Rugby man I have zero care factor about the Vikings losing.

    And i Tried, I really did try to care, I watched the game and went into it wanting to get emotionally invested in the outcome but alas it was impossible for me, i just don’t have any investment in a Vikings team and I never will no matter what they do.

    And for the record (if there are any Vikings people reading this) I agree you have every right to call “your” team what ever you want and wear what ever colours you choose, because you collected and supplied 100% the funding. which by the way you are actually obliged to put back into the community because it was generated from poker machines, but fair dues you decided to put it into Rugby which is great. It just means you have chosen to have a much smaller supporter base than you otherwise could have.

    At least the Wallabies are finally looking amazing and I can get some joy from them finally!

    • MST

      It is sad to hear that players are forced to turn their backs on clubs and supporters in Canberra to get an opportunity to at a higher level and for the ACT (Canberra). This is due to the ignorance and realignment of facts by some supposed “rugby supporters” to create both farcical and desperate grounds to attempt to self-validate their arguments and points of view, just to have a go at the Vikings. We hear stories of the juvenile behaviours of gangs wearing colours; well here it is in real life.

      Congratulations to the all the Canberra Vikings players and good to see that all bar one of the JiD clubs being represented by a club based (non-Brumbies contracted) player.

      Here is another demonstration with what is wrong with rugby. On the weekend Canberra rugby got put on show worldwide which will benefit every part of the game here in the ACT but the ignorance and self interests of a few appear to be determined to damage for the game for nothing more than juvenile reason. All of which come across as petty jealousy and childish spite.

      So magnificently removed from reality its laughable that in fact every ACT based player that has desire to further themselves thanks the Vikings group for more opportunity.

      It both sickens and disappoints me that there are those who claim to rugby supporters who tear down the game from within for no reason than pettiness.

      Thank you Viking Group for putting back in to ACT rugby by paying for a licence and other costs that that ACT rugby or the Brumbies could not otherwise afford. By taking the financial pressures off the game here by funding this team, for the facilities and highlighting how good Canberra Rugby is on field irrespective of those who are determined to undermine rugby in the ACT.

      Without this team ACT Rugby would be the only premier competition in Australia unrepresented and its relevance and credibility would decline.

      Rugby fortunately benefits from those who covert these juvenile issues spending time away from the game expressing their discontent in forums and making petitions.

      I have no allegiance nor alignment to any of the ACT clubs but just love the game and anything or anybody that will do anything for the game that promotes or gives it opportunity should be thanked.

      • MNIMD

        Ok I’ve been debating with myself whether I should even reply to this personal and scathing attack, I am really not sure why the moderators have let this fly? But in the end there are some pretty common and inaccurate themes to you post which i feel I need to clear the air on, hopefully by doing this the day after will ensure it doesn’t blow out to a full on keyboard warrior debate / Troll fest.

        1) your point that players are “forced to turn their backs on clubs and supporters in Canberra to get an opportunity” This is the statement that bothers me the most and needs to be addressed: at NO POINT have I (or anyone i am aware of for that matter) ever held a grudge or discouraged any player from my club or any other club for playing for a higher team!! EVER! in fact I have personally congratulated EVERY player from my club that has been selected to play for the Canberra Vikings.

        2) “All Bar 1 JID club represented”: who cares which clubs they come from the best players from the comp need to be selected regardless of where they come from, if Tuggeranong or Easts or anyone else can field the best 15 [players in Canberra then they should all be picked.

        3) “the ignorance and self interests of a few appear to be determined to damage the game” And here is another statement that needs to be STRONGLY rebuked. My intentions from day 1 when I heard the Vikings were going away from the Kookaburras has first and foremost been for the betterment of Canberra Rugby, Yes I have a deep seated animosity to the vikings (from playing against them) which makes it hard for me to make this point seem genuine, but it is. I am not about tearing down the Vikings group, I simply knew that the Canberra rugby community would not get behind a Vikings team, I knew that they could not achieve the supporter base that a Kookaburras team would, I knew that the fans would not make the effort to invest emotionally in Vikings symbology. Not because I asked them to, not because of any petition, but because it is HUMAN NATURE and no amount of marketing spin or funding is going to change that, sorry but these are the facts of life! the petition was trying to stop them from making a huge mistake but they didn’t listen to their base and we are now seeing this decision reflected in attendance at games and other areas, rather than shoot the messenger and put your head in the sand and DEMAND support from those who feel shunned perhaps a more logical and factual way of looking at this would be beneficial?

        4) I echo your sentiments and also appreciate that the Vikings have provided this funding to Canberra Rugby and created opportunities for Canberra players, I just think that had they done so under a Kookaburras banner then those players might actually have some supporters/Fans to get behind them in more than a “I’m proud that that individual player from MY club made the team” way.

        5) if you have no allegiance to any ACT club or no “dog in the fight” then why the vitriol? makes me feel like I have just been trolled! and I should not have wasted my time with this? Well I DO have a dog in the fight, I have spent 20 years in and around the Canberra Rugby community which is why I KNEW what would happen, I didn’t cause or wish for the low crowd attendance or lack of support! Nothing would please me more than packed crowds and huge support for the Canberra team and to see them succeed (called Vikings or otherwise) I just knew that this would be near impossible under the Vikings banner and unfortunately i was correct.

  • P00chie

    Which pundit said a good club side would beat Australia?

    • It doesn’t matter now. Cheika has the ammunition to inspire his side.

      • BigNickHartman

        It was some fella called Cugh Havill, never heard of him either

        • adastra32

          I think you’ll find it was The Times Literary Review’s Buster Bloodvessel, skiing off-piste into the world of rugby.
          Meanwhile, EJ announces in the Argentina post-match interview that Owen Farrell will be water boy again this week…


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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