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Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News sees the results from the weekend, the results from the Commonwealth Games, big news out of WA and the fallout from the Tahs-Reds derby.

2017 is back!

Photo courtesy of Keith McInnes

Photo courtesy of Keith McInnes

Well, shit.

It was a god-awful weekend of Super Rugby results for Aussie fans to stomach, unless you’re from Sydney.

We’ll start down this rabbit hole of awfulness in Melbourne, where the Rebels lost a crucial match in their season against the Jaguares. Leading until the last five minutes of the game, the Rebels lost a player to the bin and couldn’t keep up with the fast finishing Argentineans.

You can check out the highlights of that here. 

Oh, and also check out our match review.

Dave Wessels however, ever the philosopher, reminded everyone to keep things in perspective, despite being disappointed with the result.

“The reality is we came last, last year,” Wessels said.

“We won one game and already we’ve scored 10 more tries than we scored the whole of last year.

“If anybody thought that the journey from last to first, which is ultimately where we want to end up, was going to be absolutely smooth it’s not possible.

“I’m definitely frustrated at the fact that we lost, but we did some good things in that game.

“I think the reality is we’re a good side, we know we can be a good side, we’ve just got to learn that winning consistently is hard and it takes as much mental application as it does physical application at times and I thought we went away from that.”

Meanwhile, we have to talk about Dunedin.

This week felt like, as a Ponies fan, I was heading towards a car crash in slow motion. And, judging by the final score 43-17, it certainly looked like that was the case for the Brumbies as they went down hard against the Highlanders.

But, truth be told, the Brums did throw everything at this game, and for 60 minutes, were right in it. The moment it all went to shit was in the 59th minute, when the Highlanders picked out a pass to score an intercept try that if they missed, would have seen the Brumbies draw level.

Unfortunately though, rugby is an eighty minute game and that last twenty minutes they were run off the park. Again.

Check out our match review here. 

And finally, the SCG hosted it’s first rugby match in 35 years when the Waratahs put the boot into the Reds and won 36-17. It was a good performance for the men in blue, who really had the Reds at their mercy for most of the night. Though, as we mentioned in our match review, there are still plenty of issues they’ll have to work on when they face the Lions next week.

It was a tough night for Reds fans. A lot of issues in the team were exposed by the Tahs, and the Waikato coaching team will be watching this game closely for their game next week.

It could be worse though. You could be the Sharks, who after a really encouraging NZ tour, got embarrassed at home 10-40 by the Bulls. Or the Moon Dogs, who lost to the Blues 10-24 at home for their seventh straight loss this season. In the only other result, (being your typically entertaining Kiwi derby), the Hurricanes knocked off the Chiefs, 25-13.

Still Not Happy

Photo courtesy of Keith McInnes

Photo courtesy of Keith McInnes

Both the Waratahs and the Reds were not happy with their performances after the derby on Saturday night.

We’ll start with Brad Thorn. In typical fashion, he blasted his own team.

“Probably tonight was probably our most disappointing game of the year,” he said to

“I thought we were disappointing, I thought we were poor.

“The first four games we were really bringing it right to the last minute.

“The last game of the tour of the tour, in Cape Town, we got beaten but we were right in it competing every play, giving ourselves every chance.

“That’s fine, but the last two games, especially tonight, just that energy or something doesn’t seem to be quite there.”

We’ll they’re going to have to find it quickly, as they’re playing the Chiefs next round at home. People are beginning to ask questions again, including whether to bring Quade Cooper or (to the fury of fans) Karmichael Hunt back into the mix.

“Quade’s been playing club rugby, he’s been playing well but we’ve just been working with the guys we’ve got there and for me, the last, especially tonight, our whole team performance is more what I’m talking about,” Thorn added.

“Like I said at the start of the season, we’re going in a different direction (to Quade).

“[Hunt] hasn’t been in, he’s not playing club rugby at the moment. That doesn’t look to be happening,” he finished.

As for Daryl Gibson, it was a real case of happy so far, but wanting more.

“We’re really chasing that 80-minute performance,” he said to 

“We felt at times we lacked that ball control that we’ve been striving for and also that ball control that leads to pressure on ourselves.”

To be fair, eighty minute performances are seriously lacking in the Australian teams so far this year, so I pretty much agree with that.

Michael Hooper also added that, despite it being a patchy performance, to come away with a bonus point was still encouraging.

“It’s a really pleasing aspect within that negative not being able to finish our passes,” said Hoops.

“I think there would have been two or three tries that we just would have ran in under the sticks.

“The real pleasing thing is we were able to come back from that.

“That can sometimes get you down, when you create a really nice opportunity, turn it over and sometimes  we’d turn it over and the Reds just started galloping away and then we were able to come back into it, refocus, (That) was a really pleasing aspect out of that negative.”

The Tahs however did see a lot of players in the hospital wing, with Rob Simmons, Will Miller and Michael Wells all under injury clouds.

What an absolute Cox up


There’s been some explosive accusations that has come out of the West over the weekend.

Perth Now has reported (through confidential documents obtained by Seven West Media) that Rugby Australia effectively paid money to keep the Melbourne Rebels in the competition at the expense of the Force.

Late last year, as the whole debacle went down on which teams were getting cut from Super Rugby, the then ARU agreed to pay then-Rebels owner, New Zealand businessman Andrew Cox, $300,000 and then-director Peter Sidwell $200,000. On top of that, two other directors Lyndsey Cattermole and Bob Dalziel were also paid an additional $250,000 each.

This money was then subsequently paid to the Rebels.

The Rebels at the time has a debt of $789,811, and with that being cleared by these payments, this allowed Cox to sell the club to the Victorian Rugby Union for $1 under a Put Option agreement in August last year, effectively legally ensuring the survival of the club into the next year.

As a result, it meant that the only option that could be taken was the removal of the Force from the competition.

In the documents that Seven West Media has, Cox and Sidwell say that they “had suffered loss and damage as a result of statements alleged to have been made by or on behalf of the ARU on and from 10 April 2017”.

Coincidental, much?

April 10 was the day that Cameron Clyne said that a decision on the Force and Rebels being cut would be made. Soon afterwards, the Rebels rejected that move, and aimed to seek compensation. And these payments were the apparent result.

According to Perth Now, “RA and the Rebels did not respond to questions.”

The plot thickens….

Comm Games Results

John Porch

John Porch

The Commonwealth Games results are done and dusted on the rugby front.

So, how did we go?

Well, our girls put in a hell of an effort, smashing their way through the group division and smashing Womens heavyweight outfit Canada 33-7 in the semi-final, but fell in the gold medal match in an unbelievable game, going down 12-17 against New Zealand in extra time.

The whole Womens side of the tournament was really a two-way race between the two sides, with the Kiwis similarly knocking off the only other contender, England 26-5.

It was a tough end to Tim Walsh‘s time as Womens coach, which saw the Aussie girls win the Olympic gold and become World Sevens champions.

But hey, grabbing the silver medal is better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick. I’m still proud of them regardless.

The Mens side on the other hand had a tougher time of it, putting on some outstanding pool match performances before going down to the old enemy England 17-26.

However, they did finish off the competition and ended the Andy Friend era of the Mens team in style, pummelling heavyweight outfit Kenya 33-5, and then doing the same to Scotland 26-0 to clinch fifth place.

After such a disrupted preparation time, hats off to them for putting in a brave effort. This Mens team really is going places this year, and despite not winning any silverware, this performance did show just that.

Oh, and New Zealand won this one too, beating Fiji 14-0 in the final.

Check out all the highlights here. 

  • Julie T

    Thanks Nick for sharing the coverage to the rest of the country of the news regarding the sale of the Rebels. It is heartening to see west coast journalists continuing to seek the truth behind the saga. I’m sure many on the east coast want us to just move and get over it. But the injustice that continues to surface is a hard pill to swallow.

    • onlinesideline

      speaking of which when is kick off in Twiggy Ball – just curious, is it hapenning ?

      • Bakkies

        Kicks off in 18 days against Fiji Warriors. The IRB has approved it behind the RA’s back.

        • onlinesideline

          are you actually joking ? – the RA didnt back it ? whats the deal re wallaby selection ?

        • Bakkies

          The IRB approved it on the weekend. Apparently Pichot had been in Perth and Beaumont is in the country.

          The RA had taken too long and put 50 conditions on the competition due to start next year. Forrest said he is going ahead regardless and the Force need games this year.

          He has put a list of fixtures selling memberships and season tickets. I am pretty sure they have sold 3,000 memberships in just a couple of months.

          Re Wallaby selection no clue.

        • joy

          Perhaps playing for the Euros (Macropus robustus) will become the top honour.

        • Bakkies
        • onlinesideline

          they will get back in to super ( by 2020 – the theory that 4 teams = more wins will be so debunked as by then it will be 80 matches and no aussie wins against the kiwis – haha) Looks good – cant wait for the day they run out in the new Super comp.

        • Perth girl

          Its more likely that Super Rugby will be dead and RA will be desperate to get teams into Twiggies comp!

        • Bakkies

          The next three years will show they will be better off out of it. Sanzaar gives you no control over the draw and the Force often went five weeks without a home match.

          That’s why the Brumbies are interested in Twiggy’s plan as they aren’t happy with the kick off times and weeks without a home match.

        • Mica

          Great message – I hope it does really well.
          It looks like there is a real focus on grass roots and inclusiveness too and this is great!

        • Julie T

          And all contracted Force players have to give 350 hrs community service to grassroots local clubs and RugbyRoos program.

          We just want a local team to support and watch home games. NRC is months away. Super W had 2 home games. The TV has WA’s new governor Kim Beasley, Justin Langer (WA cricket coach) & John Worsfold (WA AFL royalty). Force CEO was CEO of the Perth Wildcats for many years. Trying to invigorate the game here not just standing still wait for something to happen. We’re excited and sorry at the moment Super Rugby just not on my radar. No games here, don’t have pay TV so no interest

        • Mica

          I’m just a rugby tragic. I want to see it succeed everywhere and I always had a soft spot for the Force

        • Troy

          Did the swan just DAB at the end there? Great piece, will it be aired anywhere? Be good to watch.

        • Julie T

          Been on Channel 7 during the Comm games here. Not sure about elsewhere. The conversation in WA has been it was not so much a DAB but did a U-Swan Bolt. …. But we love it. Our Swan has attitude!

        • Alister Smith

          Great promotion and $10 tickets as well should hopefully open the game up to a whole new crowd.

      • Brumby Runner

        May 4th. Star Wars day – may the 4th be with you. Easy to remember.

        • Bakkies

          Done intentionally by Twiggy

  • Ruggaman

    Problems on and off the field for Aussies, now you know what it feels like to be a Saffa :)

  • paul

    Interesting article about last years financials in SMH on Saturday.

    Gotta love this little nugget in there.

    So when RA says, ‘‘We would love to spend more money on the grassroots but can’t,’’ it’s not strictly true.
    More accurate would be to say, ‘‘We would like to spend more money on the grassroots but we’re choosing not to.’’

    • Dally M

      Yep and confirms that Super Rugby is unsustainable regardless of the Force being cut.

      We need to get those exit strategies sorted for 2020 because this ship is going down!

      Would be interested to see the NZ and SA financials for Super Rugby too. With crowds down across the board it has to be affecting both of them too.

      • Bakkies

        SARU have already announced a loss.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Thanks Nick, you know I think Wessels is right. The Rebels were never going to go from last to first and maybe expectations have been a little bit unrealistic following a very very good start. I think the Reds are in a similar position and both teams will need a lot of work to be more consistent. Both have stepped up from last year and that’s a really good start.
    Good to see the Tahs using the opportunity to build some confidence before meeting the kiwi teams. Im not sure the light weight high tempo forwards will be as effective againzt the Canes, Crusaders, Highlanders andd Cheifs though. Going to be interesting that’s for sure.
    Hat off to Hoss – great call mate

  • Missing Link

    Isn’t it funny how all these exclusive breaking news articles about the ARU and the Rebels either come from perthnow or thewest?

    • Who?

      Why’s that funny..? I’m not looking to push the Rebels out – never was. But neither is the Victorian press. Meanwhile, the Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra press don’t care. So who else is going to spend time investigating these things?
      And it’s not like RA’s left them with much else local to report.

      • Bakkies

        Well said Who. If they had done investigative journalism a long while ago the RA would have already been brought to task.

        • Dally M

          There’s still hope it gets investigated by ASIC

        • Richard Patterson

          Why do I fear ASIC need to peel a lot of layers back inside Rugby in Australia. Shady deals in Victoria, misallocation of funds in ACT, excessive payouts to former executives.

        • Bakkies

          ASIC I believe already have the emails that showed that the RA was behind the Rebels’ sale.

          In regards to the Brumbies’ land sale as all land is leasehold in the ACT I reckon Andrew Barr and the ACT Town Council have got their grubby mits over it. They would do anything to get a block of apartments up to suit their developer mates.

          The ACT Libs haven’t got the nous to nail them.

        • Richard Patterson

          Interesting Bakkies. I sense most parties think they’re getting away with it. In the meantime, the code does not seem to be progressing. I hope I am wrong.

        • Bakkies

          Yep the trap that Soccer fell in to. Funny that it took an investigation by the FBI in to USD transactions that brought down the parasites in FIFA.

          The game itself cannot conduct reviews. The RA have had 13 of them over the past few years. One of them was conducted by Patrick Allaway’s Saltbush Capital. Allaway is a member of the Friends of Sydney University Football Club with the Sukkars, de Clyne, Hawker, Roger Davis, etc. How so independent.

      • Missing Link

        let’s just say the more hate directed towards the Rebels from WA, the more I support the Rebels. WA have an axe to grind and it seems they will do and say anything to trash the Rebels simply to prove a point. It reeks of a spoilt little turd taking their bat and ball home after getting out first ball.

        At the moment, the Rebels are in super rugby and they should be supported as one of the 4 Aussie teams, we need as many of our teams to be successful. Maybe this year we can actually get 2 teams to make the finals. This internal sabotage is not healthy for Aussie rugby.

        • Who?

          I don’t read that as being directed towards the Rebels, rather towards the mismanagement of the game by RA and particularly RA’s board. If we want to talk about people taking their bat and ball and going home, it’s RA, who shut up WA. RWA’s doing the exact opposite – trying to find a way to start again.
          I’m not talking down the Rebels. Never have. I want them to be successful. But the internal sabotage isn’t from journalists, it’s from the possibly criminally incompetent or worse behaviour of people at the highest level of RA.

        • Perth girl

          Their is no hate being directed to the Rebels team but there is a lot of hate directed to the RA and VRU/MRRU boards. There has been alot of “ball tampering” going on behind the scenes that needs investigating

        • Alister Smith

          I don’t think Force fans are anti-Rebels – i think they are anti-ARU/RA and I think with good reason. Few Force fans wanted 4 teams – they wanted 5 including their team. A few have argued that, on a number of measures, if the decision was made to cut a team that their team met the KPI’s better than other options (not just the Rebels but some of the other Super franchise including the Brumbies). I am no longer a player so I don’t make a financial contribution to RA (other than as a spectator at the odd Wallabies/Super/NRC game) and I am an East Coaster but if funds have been used inappropriately to support one franchise over another and if the board/executive of ARU/RA or state organisations have acted inappropriately then I think it needs definitely warrants further investigation. I want Rugby to be a game that is available to all Australians, rich or poor, east or west, north or south, private or public – I would like every kid to have a chance to play a game that has given me as much as rugby has.

        • Julie T

          Thanks Alister. Spot on! Totally how the majority of WA fans that I know think. We also know however that if we just walk away quietly nothing will change in the future and all the years of progress in our junior pathways will be eroded.

        • Brumby Runner

          And it would provide fertile ground for a similar action to be taken in a couple of years time if it is thought to be necessary for the people at the top to retain their lofty positions in the game.

    • Perth girl

      Read the Financial statement and the Senate enquiry papers ML, its not a WA conspiracy but many people have their heads in the sand. By the way were you one of the 5500 to attend the Rebels match? what is the excuse this time?

      • Missing Link

        It would have cost me a lot of time and money in travel to attend the game on Saturday but I watched it on TV, thanks for asking. I’m not really interested in digging up anything about the Rebels, I’m not in a position to pass any judgement. Right now though, the Rebels are actively competing in Super Rugby and I want them and the other 3 Aussie teams to be as successful as possible.

        • Perth girl

          This isn’t just about the Rebels ML it is about the future of Australian rugby and the mess RA are making.of course if your not interested in that you can continue to have your head in the sand but dont make comments if you haven’t done the research

        • Missing Link

          How do you expect me to do the research when every time I look at this forum or The Roar, it’s flooded with propaganda from yourself and other “Force Supporters” like Bakkies. It’s actually fucking annoying when I want to read and comment about what’s currently going on in rugby. You guys are worse than All Blacks morons who can turn a discussion about Wallaby legends into “how many All Black legends can we name that were better than these so called Wallaby legends”. You guys are turning every discussion into “why the Force shouldn’t have been cut” by flooding it with cut and paste comments. It’s like you’ve organised yourselves on your force conspiracy theory forums with some generic alternative facts for all of you to flood rugby forums, rugby pages, social media etc. so as to pull as many people into your echo chamber as possible. I’m a naturally skeptical person so I reject people trying to ram a narrative down my throat. If I want to do research, I will, but at the moment I have many other things that take priority. It still doesn’t stop me from defending and getting on with Aussie rugby.

        • Hoss

          Misery always loves company Link.

        • Habitual offender

          Oh, your annoyed because you have to read something Link? Try being personally shafted, then you may feel even more annoyed.
          I’ve read plenty of your comments, seems your happy to put your keyboard to work when it affects you.
          I will however agree to an extent, I tire of the negativity too, but I guess to say nothing/ ignore it, somehow seems letting the underhanded dishonest f$@ckers win.
          So – Roll on the WS and the IPRC, I really hope it succeeds and the West can become rugby positive again.
          Its their only path left.
          Im sorry that most of WA is not positive enough for you and RA for the predicament they’ve been placed in.

        • Missing Link

          If you read my posts you’ll see all the ones where I supported 5 teams, demanded Pulver and Clyne resign, and the ones where I support the IPRC and the Force doing well. What annoys me is the frequency of identically cut and paste comments on several different social media platforms. The information is clearly taken from a single source and instructed to be propagated around the internet. The information is purely speculative and includes bold claims of incestigations, convictions and prison time. It actually reminds me of how high school kids spead a rumour about someone they don’t like in order to destroy their reputation, rather juvenile if you ask me. Then again you talk about being personally shafted, have some empathy for the victorian rugby community who were personally shafted in 2006 when they lost the bid to the Force, the Force then spent 11 years in the super rugby wilderness, signing plenty of overseas “superstar” players and still had a poor record against the Rebels since they joined the comp. The Force were average on the park and they had poor attendance in a bad timeslot for TV viewing. Given that I still didn’t want to see the ARU cut a team, but that’s where we are at right now, we can only move forward and not back. Be careful what you wish for, destroying the ARU might sound great if you’re into revenge but it will have bigger and dire consequences.

        • Habitual offender

          Destroying the ARU? lets not bother rehashing that shite.
          I cant be f-ed with cut and paste and “yeah but” replies, of which Im sure you’ve made plenty also.
          You really cant complain, after a reply to an idiotic comment you made infering WA state media is the issue.
          I have empathy, .. shafted by not winning the bid…jesus wept you can wander on tangents cant you?
          As it stands

          WA has the IPRC…hopefully it succeeds.
          East Coast has RA…likewise.
          Hopefully one day we’ll see South OZ, NT, Tas, all those other non existant states having theirs or joining as well.

          Maybe we can both visit one day and kick the crap out of each other on a pitch, and laugh about it over a beer afterward.
          Unity at the end of the day, now wouldnt that be sweet…

        • Missing Link

          Absolutely, I want the Force back and a competitive southern hemisphere comp which includes all 5 Aussie teams and brings fans to the game. I’m sure we can agree on that.

          Melbourne has a place in rugby as much as Perth.

        • Habitual offender

          2: It sure has
          3:Rugby cannot be owned by any particular team/state (exceptions maybe made during a game).

          4: Taking 3 into account, Stuff the Rebels

  • Hoss

    Sometimes being right isn’t an entirely pleasant business.

    But Saturday night isn’t one of those times.

    Humm along to the tune of Beverly Hillbillies

    ahhh 1,2 ahh 1,2,3,4.

    Listen to my story about a man named Brad
    New Rookie Coach of the Queensland Reds

    In the pre-season he was dreamin’ what to do
    He had only one idea and he would follow through

    Forwards that it is, sheer grunt
    Red teens

    Next thing you know the fans began to dare
    Started to dream they can win ’bout anywhere

    NSW is the team we want to beat
    So he loaded up the bus and drove to Sydaney

    East that is, leather patches
    Gods own

    Saturday night his plans began to fail
    Smashed and humbled by the fabled New South Wales

    Next thing you know there’s rumbles north of the Tweed
    ‘How much longer can we put up with this dickhead Kiwi’.

    ‘The seasons hopes are just about to fade
    There’s still no sign of our saviour Quade’

    Much more of this and the tide will turn
    And start again a thorough global search

    Coach that is, best available
    At least for a year.

    • onlinesideline

      From Bonanza to the Beverly Hillbillies. Did you have a good childhood in front of the box mate. What else you like ?

      Big Ben
      Green Acres
      Gillingans Island
      Lost in Space
      The munsters
      The adams Family

      btw – bloody gooood call +20 Tahs

      • Hoss

        You missed my all time favourite – HR Puffenstuff

        • onlinesideline

          Lolol – classic

    • John Tynan

      Thanks Hoss, I think. My only comment on this is that it also fits in with the tune of Fresh Prince of Bell Air….

      • Hoss

        You could overlay it to a Pink song as well, actually any / every Pink song…………

    • Brisneyland Local

      Hoss, you have far too much time on your hands.
      But that is Brilliant!

      • Hoss

        Touch wood mate the empire is purring at the moment and doesnt need me hands-on. Its like when the kids play quietly and happy together – you dont ask why, you just leave them alone……………..until all hell breaks loose again.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Mate know that feeling well. I was about 1km from you visiting friends on the water at the coast. Wish I had gone to the sevens instead. If you are getting to Brisbane let me know and we will drink beer!

        • Hoss

          You’re on

        • Brisneyland Local

          I work in Newstead near the edge of the city when I am in Brissy!

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Friggen gold mate. Crow while you can mate the Kiwi teams are coming.

      • Hoss

        Yep mate – dark clouds on the horizon.

      • Custard Taht

        Tahs are starting to run red hot….they are the cause of the unseasonably warm weather in Sydney.

        I am going to don the sorting hat and sort out the kiwi teams…..Tahs will slither past the highlanders, put the chiefs to the sword and riddle Auckland blue.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          On ya mate. Blues – probably, Highlanders – maybe, Chiefs – No way. But love your confidence and support

  • Hoss

    On a another note.

    I was fortunate to attend the Rugby 7’s at Robina yesterday – possibly the best sporting atmosphere at any sporting (Rugby) event i have witnessed in a long long time (and i have attended several RWC Finals)

    The gold medal game between the Aussies & The Kiwis was a riveting, screaming, goose-bump affair.

    The crowd was electric, the quality of play breathtaking and the result was in the balance until the end.

    yes that girl sccooted 90 metres to win – but THAT tackle by Williams to deny the gold was the highlight

    What a game, what an event, what acrowd

    Live with me forever !!

    • onlinesideline

      pipped by the kiwis again in the last minute

      • Hoss

        Yeah mate – but fair result, there was n othing between them at all. We lost Caslick for the entire second half which might have been just enough. Having said that, Woodman for the Silver Ferns is a weapon.

        I cant wait to watch it again on the box and just absorb the contest and atmosphere again – i hope it translated well on TV, because it was EPIC !!!

        • Brumby Runner

          Woodman is excellent at what she does – pretty much stand out wide waiting for the ball to come to her for a one-on-one or clear run to the line. She is not a creative player in the mould of Caslick or Sykes (or many others including in the NZ side).

      • Custard Taht

        Never met a kiwi who doesn’t finish fast.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Both those finals were outstanding. I thought we got the rub of the green in the refs calls in the final but I’ll take it. Your ladies were awesome and it wasa bit unfortunate there had to be a winner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of players so knackered as those girls and while the last try was great that chase from your girl who never gave up was just magnificent. Not a lot in it at all.

    • Reinforce

      I thought I wasn’t a real 7’s fan but I go out of my way to watch Woman’s 7s rugby. It is captivating and I really do enjoy watching the girls play. It is almost over too quickly tbh. Kudos to all for how 7s is progressing as a sport.

  • Missing Link

    Gutted for our 7’s guys and girls, especially the girls, they are seriously talented and threw everything at NZ. Caslick, Tonegato and Green are just awesome, they always seem to make something out of nothing.

  • Perth girl

    Not a good few days for RA. A loss announced, information confirmed that RA paid out Andrew Cox’s debt so he could sell the Rebels to the VRU for $1, cuts in funding for Grassroots and all State Unions and no gold in the Comm7’s. Figures also show that if Folau’s and QC”s wages were combined and given to grassroots it would be a 20% increase for grassroots rugby! Meanwhile World Rugby bosses have approved Twiggys competition, tickets are being sold and on May 4th the first game goes ahead!

    • Hoss

      I don’t normally get involved with conversations about RA and the Force and the whole messy, ill thought out events that lead to and surround the decisions. I have an opinion but i leave it to myself

      But to tie in the efforts of our Mens & Womens 7’s teams in that ‘no gold’ is somehow a failing is appalling on your part. I sat there at Robina yesterday and saw men with nothing but pride to play for and to farewell their coach / mentor in a befitting way, to give their all in stifling heat. I saw bodies put on the line and an inspiring group of men play their hearts out to finish mid-table. I saw those same men walk around for 90 minutes after their match signing autographs and posing for selfies with heaps of excited fans.

      I then saw one of the best displays of any national side in not winning gold. I saw broken bodies, i saw effort under extreme fatigue, i saw 90 metre chases when she wouldn’t give up, i saw our girls bawling that their efforts fell short. I saw busted noses and bleeding faces, i saw pride, i saw integrity and i saw incredible athletes give their all to not win gold, but to WIN silver.

      I walked away an inspired, proud and better person for the efforts of our 7 sides, the response of the crowds and the dignity shown.

      Much is rotten in the state of Denmark, but to take aim at those athletes who represent us the best they can is a poor reflection on you.

      • Greg

        Sounds like they were great games. Thanks for you wonderful report.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        well said mate. I agree that Perth has been royally fucked by the ARU/RA but to me that’s taking it too far.

      • Perth girl

        I didnt say it was a failing by the players, I watched the game and was screaming my head off for the ladies. What I meant was that RA has been using the success of the sevens teams to promote the idea that everything is well in RA land. I’m sorry if my remarks came across as a dig at the ladies, it wasn’t meant and I would never knowingly do that!

    • Gallagher

      Ah how about instead of giving Folau and Quades wages to grassroots for a 20% increase in funding, how about we put them ON THE PADDOCK and see a 20% increase in results…

      • Missing Link

        There has to be a balance. There are people that demand all this “Grass roots funding” and accusing the ARU of “stealing wealth” to pay for big name players, who also expect the Wallabies to be instantly competitive against NZ.

        If they want to ensure that it’s cheap for kids to play rugby, then that’s fine but it will be at the expense of the Wallabies. choose one or the other but if you want to choose both, you have to compromise.

        If the Wallabies were any worse, you could make junior registration free and kids would still be signing up to play anything but rugby

        • Perth girl

          Without funding to grass roots there will be no Wallaby players

        • Missing Link

          Kids don’t play rugby because it’s a strategic masterpiece of a sporting spectacle, they aspire to be like their heroes. Players like Folau, Beale, Hooper, Genia. Some of those guys have their faults no doubt but they are awesome to watch and kids want to play rugby because of them. As I said there needs to be a balance between grass roots funding and high profile recruiting.

        • paul

          Unfortunately right now that balance is about 99% one way

        • paul

          The job of the top level of the sport is to create the interest in the code for the lower levels to thrive, it really isn’t about funding.

          The grassroots will fund itself, but we have gone down a road at the top level that has limited our appeal and presence in the market place.

          The invisible code, kids will play a sport because there mates are. Yes the star players are important, but i would argue what is more damaging is Super rugby not attracting a greater following to create that interest in the grassrots

    • Bakkies

      Don’t forget the RA spent $1 million dollars that they don’t have on players who chose to leave to come back to Australia.

  • Alister Smith

    i think Nick got it correct when he said shades of 2017 unfortunately. Some ordinary performances this week, the only winner was from a local derby and that proved one sided – at least if it was competitive it would have suggested some improvement. I think both Wessels and Thorn can be given a little bit of leeway – they are both developing virtually new teams and new cultures and there will always be some measure of two steps forward and one back – particularly where playing squads are quite young and players are maturing. I am not so worried about the Reds inability to score points – or not as worried as I am about their frailties in defence. After showing some real improvement in this area in the early rounds they have drifted off pretty badly since returning from SA. Let’s hope that the bye weekend allows them to regroup and refocus.


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