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Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News

Monday’s Rugby News sees a return to Super Rugby, a change to the Brisbane Tens for 2019, a possibility to lose a 7’s star and a review for the Australian U20’s.




Super Rugby is Back

Duncan Paia'aua can't avoid the Brumbies defence.

Duncan Paia’aua can’t avoid the Brumbies defence.

After a tasty June Test Series, it was good to finally see our Super Rugby sides back in action.

On Friday, the Reds travelled to Auckland to play New Zealand strugglers the Blues and went down 39-16.

I caught this game myself and it was a miracle to the lord that my eyes didn’t start bleeding. The games highlights included knock ons, drop balls, miss passes and a whole heap of penalties. Talk about a great game of footy.

The games officiating continued the questioning of how games refereed.

Four yellow cards were given out at different stages and the plethora of penalties made the game incredibly stop-start when the scrums were added to the equation.

On the plus side, If the Queenslanders could pack down for 80 minutes they’d be the best team in the world, let alone just Super Rugby. Tupou and his fellas were utterly dominate and drew 8 penalties from their scrum.

Only onwards and upwards from this one.

The next game up was a classic derby between the Rebels and Waratahs, with the Bernard Foley led side victorious 31 points to 26.

With the Rebels in need of a win to stay in the hunt for the finals and the Tahs leading the Australian conference, the game was always going to be a battle of the heavyweights.

Playing at AAMI Park, the Rebels took confidence from the Tahs lack of cavalry in Michael Hooper’s injury and Israel Folau’s suspension for his aerial pursuits yet a strong fight back from Daryl Gibson’s men sent them packing.

Having been part of the Cheika led title of 2014, Foley knows what it takes to get to the big dance and was quoted by foxsports saying:

“We found ourselves in a real grind tonight and it was just really pleasing that the guys fought their way out of it,” Foley said.

“It wasn’t easy. The Rebels really showed up and challenged us today. We probably lost our way a little bit in that third 20, but the way that we responded and stayed at it was pleasing.”

Finally, the best performance of the round goes to the Brumbies who were in full flight on Saturday night, defeating the Hurricanes 24-12 in Canberra.

Trialling 12-5 at half time, Dan McKellar’s boys produced their best 40 minutes of rugby under his leadership, scoring 19 unanswered points, showing the form the put them at the top of the Australian conference last year.

June series squad member Folau Fainga’a won the man of the match, keeping his name firmly placed in the reckoning for a spot at the end of the season.

Fainga’a said “The theme of the week was playing without fear and the boys showed that on the park tonight,”

“We just played rugby and were not scared of failing.

“We’ve worked on having those second touches and we stuck to our guns.”

The Hurricanes were missing Test stars Beauden Barrett, Ardie Savea, Vaea Fifita and Englishman Brad Shields although the Brumbies had their own issues up front with key pins Allan Alaalatoa and Sam Carter absent.

The Brumbies finish the season with two tough away trips against the Chiefs and Waratahs.

Brisbane Tens Dumped

Blues Men win the Brisbane Tens Final

Blues Men win the Brisbane Tens Final

After a bumpy road to get everything up and running, The Daily Telegraph reports that the Brisbane Tens is likely to be dumped in 2019.

It is reported that a full announcement is to be made on Friday, with the demands of the Rugby World Cup year will cut too deeply into the star quality player stock.

A four year contract to host the tournament at Suncorp is currently in place, but a World Cup year hiatus was always in reckoning, similar to the rugby league (ew) nines tournament in 2017.

Last year 30, 000 fans turned out for the tournament after they moved it to the night timeslot following ridiculous heat in the previous year.

The tournament was a hit with players, coaches and clubs as a way of getting match fitness and a chance to get off the training paddock and back out onto the field.

Hopefully by 2020 the Reds will be primed to take home a Super Rugby Title (sounds legit right?) and we should have 80,000 people.

In all honestly, the 10’s format could really be electric for Super Rugby as it can allow us to give our young stars the opportunity to learn in a high pressure environment as well as providing a free flowing style which suits a young mans mind.

Tournament chief executive Rachael Carrol said

“After wonderfully entertaining tournaments in 2017 and 2018, it’s a real shame we’ve had to make what is a very tough call,”

“We’ve considered many scenarios for 2019 but, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to come up with a viable option.

“The positive feedback we received after the events was incredible. Spectators in the stadium, viewers at home, players, coaches and administrators all clearly loved the event.”

Hopefully we can permanently have the 10’s on the rugby calendar.

7’s Change to 13

Charlotte Caslick

Charlotte Caslick

Aussie 7’s Golden girl Charlotte Caslick could become another cross-code star, eyeing off a two month stint playing in the inaugural women’s NRL premiership. reports that the biggest star of Australia’s successful rugby sevens team wants to put together a new deal to stay with our world champion’s, but the lure of being part of league’s new competition is strong.

Caslick is Brisbane born and was a longstanding childhood Broncos fan while her brother Sam, who is involved in the local Brisbane 7’s competitions, plays rugby league for the Ipswich Jets in the Intrust Super Cup.

Thankfully, Charlotte’s focus is on the upcoming Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament in San Francisco in late July 20-22, but there is a four month break before the Sevens World Series kicks off. This is a big enough time slot Caslick to be part of the new competition.

Caslick has a big enough star power and following to rival our top rugby players in Australia and it’s extremely important that her brand is associated with Australian Rugby.

Right now, our impressive 7’s ladies are our biggest ambassadors for Australian Rugby and it’s important that we keep them.

By holding onto Caslick, it sends a strong message about a.) the value of our women’s players and b.) the financial strength of our union

‘Fighting fund’ to help Junior Wallabies’ in the future

Isiah Latu

Isiah Latu

Junior Wallabies coach and former Reds assistant Jason Gilmore believes that despite a 5th place finish this year, a return to the top four at the Junior World U20’s Championship isn’t far away according to

Australia has finished no higher than fifth since the 2011 tournament and while that has plenty to do with the cutthroat nature of the group stage – with only the top nation from each pool progressing to the final four – the fact remains the more successful sides in the Test arena in recent years have been perennial contenders at U20s level.

While we have struggled at this level, England have qualified for six straight finals and claimed three titles in the process so it is makes perfect sense that their next generation have claimed 18 straight Test wins under the eye of Eddie Jones. (before they pooped their pants the last 7 months)

The Baby Blacks also have added to the talent pool and It’s no secret the All Blacks are the best side in the world, matching England at the Junior World U20’s Championship with 2 championships.

Our Wallabies show a true reflection of our production line, with patchy results at the tournament falling in line with patch Wallabies performances.

Gilmore believes that next years group will have the ability to make a charge at the big dance.

“The tournament itself we were pretty happy with when you consider the exposure and the experience of the guys in this year’s squad,” Gilmore said.

“We will have quite a lot of the boys back in this squad next year and when you take out that first game – which is something we need to work on – we had a pretty good tournament.”

Unfortunately there is no clear protocol with our young talent, Super Rugby and U20’s, with players being moved between the two groups, but by increasing our player pool with the new ‘fighting fund’ Australian Rugby has put together, we can keep our best talent in our U20’s squad and away from the other winter sports.

A prime example is Apenisa Driti, who played for the Australian Barbarians and has been chased by multiple NRL clubs.

“It’s early days for (the fund) but it is something that is certainly needed,” Gilmore said.

“We have the most competitive winter sports market in the world and they’re all after the same players.

“If we can successfully identify who those critical players are, keep them and then develop them through the Super clubs and this program, we’re on our way.”

It’s time to fight back.

  • Perth girl

    Congrats to the WA under 18 schoolgirls side for winning the schoolgirls final beating a NSW side 14 to 10. Great result girls!

    • Bakkies

      Hopefully the RA Chairman wasn’t there so no photos were ruined.

  • Perth girl

    If we are relying on “the financial strength of our Union” to hold onto Caslick then we have no hope!

    • Bakkies

      They have enough money spare for another official on six figures.

      • Nutta

        Based on another consultants report…

  • Brisneyland Local

    Morning GAGR’s. Late start to the news. I was hanging for this all morning! BL’s random thoughts whilst scoffing lunch:
    – that round of super rugby was a little dissapointing. But really glad the Brums got up!
    – Foley is still shite. He had some nice bits of play, but failing to find touch three times. are we fucking kidding.
    – The Reds scrum is a weapon, but their attack is shite. A world class 10 would help.
    – Gee I think Pocock has the toughest neck in the world. How many times can it get rolled til his head pops off. But knowing Poey, he will just pick it up, shove it back on, and get on with it!
    – RA cant establish a fighting fund. To do that they have to have an excess of operational funding which I am pretty sure that they dont have.

    • Braveheart81

      3 times? I reckon the Tahs missed touch on a penalty once. Foley had a poor game though. His goal kicking was very good though.

      • Brisneyland Local

        There were two penalty kicks in the first half where he failed to find touch, and I am 99% sure there was one in the second half. Dont know the exact time, but I will find it for you!

        • Braveheart81

          Foley missed touch in the 56th minute from a penalty. That was the only one. He almost missed touch in the 6th minute from a penalty but Naivalu was in touch when he caught the ball.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate but even when he does get the ball out the distance is shit. I watched the Canes and from the goal line their 3rd best kicker still put it out on the 10 meter line. Foley struggles to get it out of the 22. His kicks for the line in attack are short so no chance of a rolling maul score because the poor bloody forwards have to role more than 10 meters instead of 5

        • Braveheart81

          Sure, his kicking distance is an issue although it has improved. His clearance kicking is not good and Beale does this much better. DHP is another option for the Wallabies. Hodge tends to be too slow. Let’s focus on some facts though rather than suggesting he missed touch three times from penalties which was patently false.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          The thing is BH81 I don’t think it has improved at all and that’s what pisses me off the most. In the test he kicked for the corner a number of times where the ball went out more than 15m from the corner which meant the rolling maul option wasn’t there. He just isn’t hitting it consistently enough for a guy playing at this level. How the hell is a team meant to roll a maul in from that far?

          I actually think this is all a moot point though as there are no options in Australia due to a lack of planning at every level. I’m not actually blaming Cheika on this, I think the fault lies in every franchise and with RA

      • first time long time

        Either way his punt kicking is worse than a ‘80s mungo shin kicking a steden off his wrong foot.

    • Missing Link

      I hope Cheika was watching that game

      • Brisneyland Local

        ML, I dont think it will make a difference.

    • Happyman

      Do I need to repost the Youtube BL to prove your point.

      With respect to Foley the first axiom of Rugby is don’t shovel shit for mine Foleey just shovels on to much shit to the next person.

      Pocock could end up in a chair if he is not protected.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Yep he’s shit. He’ll stay because A. Cheika loves him, B. There is no one else, and C. The Super rugby hides his frailties in general play.
      Since that good game against England a few years ago he has regressed rather than improved. I know I’m guilty of seeing the bad over the good but I can’t see how a senior test player can regress without an arrogant attitude thinking they don’t need to keep learning. Maybe there is something else in the mix but I don’t see it

      • Andy

        Can I ask what what QC’s reason would be for regressing? Arrogance?

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Good points

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep, preaching to the converted.

  • Bobas

    So not cited, but warnings, also article shits the bed and calls David Pocock Naisarani and then includes a picture of Naisarani.
    Everyone who saw the coverage would have seen the neck roll by HCanes 8. Here’s the Savea one that saw Liam Gill suspended for a while when he did a similar manoeuvre to Nick White.

  • Bobas
    So not citing, but warnings… also article calls Pocock Naisarani and then includes a picture of Naisarani.

    Everyone who saw the coverage would have seen the neck roll by HCanes 8. Below is the Savea incident that saw Liam Gill suspended when he did a similar manoeuvre to Nick White. It also shows more off the ball attention DP was getting all game, 10 secs into the 2nd half he was hit off the ball in the back, no arms by Sam Lousy and then this shows a straight arm just before the ruck where he’s cleared with the Savea WWE flip back-slam.

    • Bobas

      Considering the Canes were on a yellow card warning from 15minutes into the game you’d think this cynical play would be worth one.

      • Hoss

        What, late, no arms, off-the ball, cynical and dangerous ……………..miles off meeting the threshold for a NZ side.

        ‘Christian, Christian, we’ve had a look I didnt think there was much in it eh’

        • Bobas

          Reff: ‘(not a yellow) They weren’t under pressure’
          CL: ‘But you just called it sealing off under pressure’
          Reff: ‘Yeah but they had the ball, so it’s a different kind of penalty’

        • Hoss

          Leave it to my counsel to explain

        • Greg

          That really is poor isn’t it.

          We need a new law…. “don’t be a dick”

        • Tah Tragic

          Aaron Smuth will never play again.

        • Hoss

          TJ Paranioa could face the ‘chair’

      • first time long time

        Also after the second warning, they gave away a penalty and the Brumbies scored while playing advantage…. still should have been a card. Thank faaark brumbies won or my whinging would be off the charts!

    • Bobas
      • Greg

        “potential foul play” What part was “potential”

    • John R

      Yeah but remember when Richie got cleaned out off the ball that time.

    • Hoss

      Perfect lift above the horizontal by the head and neck region, Pocock lucky not to be penalised for being on Canes side of the ruck if you ask me.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Hahaha. To be fair while one arm was high the other was under his chest. I love Pocock but I think he needs to be careful, he reaches forward to pilfer and I think more often than not he isn’t actually supporting his own weight on his feet.

        • Greg

          always true…. but he was defending here.

          actually what was the yellow 14 trying to do. He wasn’t competing for the ball. It was clear behind the player behind white 7. could 14 be described as binding on the ruck? it is pretty strange.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I think he was just trying to clear Pocock out and pulled him over rather than pushed him back

        • Bobas

          ‘one arm was high the other was under his chest.’

          Does it matter what the other arm is doing? Does he have that hemispheric brain problem so he can only consciously control one side off his body?

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          No but when you grab someone with two arms it has less of an affect than if it was just a high hit without the other arm

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Well picked on the result mate. Boy the Canes were poor in that game.

        • Hoss

          Just plain lucky (me) mate. I just figured there were some fresh legs in the Ponies who didnt play for gold (Banks, Arnold, TK) and the Ponies who did play were all in form Sio, Pocock et al and a cold winter night in the Porn Capital of Australia with a team already qualified and lacking a bit of motivation and a wee bit disrespectful – just thought they were right for the picking. With a decent 9 and especially 10 (i tread carefully here given CLL’s health battles – but he is dreadful and the ponies are better off if he leaves at seasons end) they ACTarians should have won by 20+. I am sick of hearing myself complain about refs, so i wont (cue dogs barking in the distance here)

          What i would say mate is the game management from all 4 Oz sides on the weekend was as bad as i have seen all year. The Ponies v 14 were dumb and rudderless, CLL is a passenger . The Rebs v Tahs – i know the finish was exciting, but the quality of play from the ‘managers’ on both sides was pure poo. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. I am with Briz – 3 times Foley failed to find touch – helped twice by Reb’s catching and then stepping out – i could throw a steak and kidney pie further than he can reef a Gilbert. The Reds – were a dog returning to its own vomit – they were horrendous. Winning can be a glorious distraction, but the cracks are getting wider and wider in our playing quality at 9 & 10 and no amount of wall paper will cover it.

          Oh – always end on a positive – i thought the ref from Rebs v Tahs was great – probably not text book great, but had a good game and let it be a contest – more than anything, he was consistent and applied liberal doses of ‘common sense’ – how absolutely refreshing.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah I’m with you. I think there are some big cracks in the game and if they don’t come out this year they’ll really let you down in Japan next year.
          Still a good win that needs to be celebrated

    • Huw Tindall

      That’s a great suplex move to be fair

  • first time long time

    I don’t think he was even in the reckoning for team of the week till that intercept.
    If the extent of his job is to straighten the attack and get it to Beale, even though I dont think Beale is a great 10, let’s cut out the middle man.
    On the SR goal kicking stats, it would be interesting to see if his position on the table changed if you took out everyone elses missed shots from over 40m out.
    I know it’s an old chestnut but his general play kicking is so awful it is affectively a few turnovers a game.
    I am harsh on him, but we are talking about a guy who has had almost 70 consecutive tests and showed no signs of rectifying his short comings.

    • Andy

      I’m certain he’s tried being a better kicker. He’s just never going to be a good kicker and he’s never going to be the best 5/8.

      To his credit though his goal kicking has improved this year.

      I agree with Adrian on the point of 5/8 development. Most players improve when there’s pressure on their position. That happens everywhere including NZ. It would be great if our other super teams actually developed some talent in this position. That’s where people should focus there attention rather than constantly piling shit on a daily basis on the same guy who by all accounts trains the house down. He’s just not that good, simple

      • first time long time

        Don’t get me wrong Andy, it’s not him personally, he seems like a solid bloke.
        If Cheika picked me 70 tests in a row I’d go out there and give it a red hot go, doesn’t mean I’d be up to it. I agree that he is not that good, and not a test level 5/8.
        I say take a punt on someone else even if they are not the finished product and see If they step up with the best players in the country around them, they may not cut it we but know that BF hasn’t, not for want of trying.

        • Andy

          That’s our problem though. Who do we punt on?

          It’s arguably the most difficult position to play(at least in the backs) and there isn’t anyone performing at provincial level.

          Personally, I’d like to see Deegan get some training time at least

        • first time long time

          I’d be happy with that, although I don’t know anything about him.
          I’d also be happy with seeing how Jack Deb went, even though his Super form is questionable. With the right guys around him he might come into his own. There has even been talk of Maddox as a 10.
          Like I said its a punt, but flogging the same horse and getting the same result is doing us no favours.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Adrian I agree that there is no one else. Planet Rugby like him because he got the winning try and that’s all they care about. Look to be fair he does play well at times but so often he crabs across the field cutting down everyone else’s room and despite all those years at the top he still passes poorly to the right and kicks very poorly. The only reason he’s playing in the Wallabies is because there is no one else. I personally think the only NZ team he’d make would be the Blues and that’s hardly an endorsement


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