Super 14 for and against scoring averages and bonus point statistics round 2 2009

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A rough analysis of the teams from the three nations involved in the Super 14 reveals some interesting stuff.

NZ is the worst performed country in both attack and defence, only scoring a combined team average of 19.8 points per game (P/G) while leaking a combined average of 23.70 P/G. The only indicator where NZ teams on average are out-performing their counterparts is bonus points, averaging 0.90 bonus points per game (BP/G). Interestingly, only once this season has a Nu Zulend team been able to score a bonus point and win the match at the same time.

Seth Efrican teams on average are the best performed attacking units with 26.10 P/G. This result is skewed somewhat due to the Lions v Cheetahs score-a-thon in week one and the Bulls demolition of the Blues from week two. Defensively, the Jappies on average are conceding 21.80 P/G, which is only slightly worse than the Australian team average. On average SA teams are averaging 0.60 BP/G. As no SA teams bar the Cheetahs have travelled yet, I think these results are a little kind and expect the scoring average to drop slightly but the defensive average to increase significantly over the coming weeks.

Where does that leave Australian teams, well, we are averaging only 1 point better than NZ teams in attack with an average of 20.88 P/G however we have the best defensive record of any team only giving up on average 21.38 P/G. On average bonus points are largely consistent with the SA teams with 0.63 BP/G however three out of the five bonus points scored by Australian teams were earned despite losing the game.

What does this mean, not much to be honest however the fact the the NZ teams are able to accrue bonus points while losing matches is an interesting statistic. I guess it means that once they get their travelling out of the way and string some home games, and presumably victories, together, they could be looking good.

I also didn’t expect the SA teams to be as statistically good as they are but, as mentioned, let’s see how they hold up in the coming weeks when they have to travel.

And for our teams, well I guess the lack of scoring is something that is concerning, particularly when viewed along side the P/G conceded. A paltry 27 points scored from the Force and the ‘Tahs in round 2 doesn’t help, neither does the shithouse Reds defence.

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