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Review – New Zealand v. Australia Bledisloe II

Review – New Zealand v. Australia Bledisloe II

Last week I half-jokingly predicted a 10 point win to Australia. It was more of a hope than a belief but what I did expect was a pretty good showing from my team. What I didn’t expect was a six tries to two drubbing. While it was 17 points on the scoreboard to me it felt like we weren’t even that close. So with my unbreakable Aussie spirit intact I head into Bledisloe II full of hope. Maybe not for a win (although I’d have taken one) but definitely for a better showing from the guys in the gold jerseys.

The Match

The first half was very frustrating for the Wallabies. They had the majority of the possession and territory but poor execution of the basics had cost them dearly. Both teams started shakily with their lineouts not performing well. But it was poor kicking, passing and especially tackling that cost the Wallabies. The first quarter showed great improvement in the Wallabies game management. Two penalties from Christian Leali’ifano’s boot was all they had to show despite crossing over for what looked like a fair try.

In the second quarter of the game the Wallabies were still showing improved game management but their errors were starting to give New Zealand opportunities to score. And score they did. In fact they managed to scored two tries and a penalties in the next twenty minutes. The first try was the result of a poor kick from Jesse Mogg that should have gone out. The All Blacks put up a high ball on the kick return, regathered the ball in the swirling conditions, and when the backline quickly realigned it was only a matter of ball through hands that put Ben Smith away down the right touchline.

The second try again came from New Zealand running the ball back from an Australian kick.  This time they put Steven Luatua through a big hole in the Australian backline and again their backs caught the Wallabies out and again Ben Smith was at the end of a simple passing drill to dot the ball down.

Despite having the majority of the ball the Wallabies trailed 15-6 at halftime. Australia were playing better than game one but the All Blacks were punishing every mistake just like game one.

The second half started with more enterprising play from the Wallabies mixed with errors at critical times. A knock-on close to the tryline, the ball slipped out of rucks and scrums for the opposition to pick up and missed kicks for touch were all momentum killers. Despite that the Wallabies were only 21-9 behind at the 60 minute mark.

But the Wallabies scrum and lineout struggled and with their lead the All Blacks were able to play a territory-based game. Australia’s attempts to kick their way out of their half were foiled by poor execution. Then against the run of play Israel Folau intercepted and ran 70 metres to score under the posts.

Briefly the Wallabies were only eight points behind. But they were unable to mount any attack against the now dominant New Zealand side. The All Blacks closed out the match with their usual professional manner and were deserving winners. The final score was a fair reflection of the game with the better team winning on the night.

Despite Australia losing again and what appears to be a negative report I am happy with the team’s improvement from the first match. I never expected the side to win this match and to see them compete well for a lot of the match was pleasing. I was disappointed with the errors at key points as I’m sure the players are themselves.

The Game Changer

Twenty minutes into the match Jesse Mogg had the opportunity to put Australia on attack with a good kick from within his 22. Instead he failed to find touch and New Zealand scored off the resulting kick return. The game changed from that moment on and Australia never recovered.


I usually try to pick an Australian man of the match here but this week I can’t single anyone out. Scott Fardy was good. James Slipper was great before his head knock. But Kiwi try scoring machine Ben Smith has to get my nod this week.

Wallaby watch

Jesse Mogg was poor. There is no hiding it. As were Stephen Moore and Ben Alexander. I can’t understand how Moore played 76 minutes. Matt Toomua was better than last week but still needs a lot of improvement and it must be tempting to start Quade Cooper next week. Scott Fardy had a good game as did Folau, O’Connor and Slipper.

The Details

Crowd: 34,000

Score & Scorers

New Zealand: 27
Tries: Ben Smith 2
Conversions: Tom Taylor
Penalties: Tom Taylor 5

Australia: 16
Tries: Israel Folau
Conversions: Christian Leali’ifano
Penalties: Christian  Leali’ifano 3

Cards & citings

None (God knows how – Ed.)

  • nameface

    In classic Wallaby fashion we will scrape past South Africa and Argentina before putting in a barnstormer of a game in Dunedin leaving us thinking what might of been.

    • I’d take that Nameface. Definitely take it.

    • MW

      I wish you all the best but your pack will get stuffed by the Saffers. Losing every ball on the put in whether its your feed or not is not going to help. Also unless the team comes on in leaps and bounds you may struggle against the Pumas away. The only good news is that they don’t look in too good shape either.

      England have our own problems but if you don’t sort out that front row you won’t be making it out of the group in 2015. Good luck though.

      • Tibor

        ….. fairly smug. What was the score last time England played Australia?

        • MW

          Not smug Tibor, it’s just an observation.

          I love watching and having my team play against a great Australian side. As a fan of rugby I find it frustrating watching a team like Australia year after year fail to address one of their fundamental problems. God only knows what Aussie fans feel like.

          Refs tend to know frik all come scrum time. The new laws will (and have already shown to be) advantageous to dominant packs and hookers who can actually hook. Do/will Aus have either of those things in the foreseeable future? You’ll do well if you do as your backrow are fantastic and your locks aren’t to shabby either ;)

        • Hendo

          I live in Hertfordshire (UK) and stumbled on this website a month ago. I’m a huge rugby fan and I think it’s amazing, it’s the first rugby site I’ve come across with such insightful analysis. Even the “peanut” gallery are pretty sharp / sane.
          I wish the rugby debate over here could be as mature and educated.

        • Tibor

          Finally someone who appreciates a good peanut.

        • Funk

          Well there’s plenty on here for him to appreciate then:)

        • Tibor

          Fair call about short term but I was more referring to not getting out of the group stage in the World Cup. No chance a Wallaby side fails to get out of the group stages.

      • gerald

        nah we’ll beat the saffers at home.

  • Dougall

    I thought we played some pretty decent footy for the majority of the game. There were still some of those silly errors and just pure misjudgements on both attack and defence, but the boys hardened up and looked ready for the challenge. Just a few points….

    How many times did Genia get charged down from behind the ruck?

    Mowen goes off and we lose our next 3 lineouts? That also really concerned me.

    Mogg NEEDS to really start gettting his act together with his kicking, and find the sweet spot between kicking it long, and kicking it out. I’m sick of these long kicks that just go straight to an AB back 3.

    Folau needs to be used more, this cannot be brought up enough in conversation. His right foot step is deadly and make Dagg look like a fool. He’s great in the air and allowed us to retain possession after kick off on several occasions.

    Still a alot of areas to work on, but I’m liking the look of the squad, and what it can achieve as it mature’s towards the 2015 RWC.

    • Where is the pillars for Genia to kick behind.
      Mowen off did mess with the lineout.
      Moggs kicking was terrible and a real negative for us. Second week in a row for different reasons.

      • Dougall

        Yeah exactly, I thought after the 1st, if not the 2nd time he had his kick charged someone would have fixed the situation…but no.

  • Justtacklehim

    Poor ref performance in the first half

    • Ref didn’t lose the game so not worth mentioning.

      • MW

        Really? Didn’t give or refer Moores “try” and failed to sin bin either Aaron Smith (tackle no release, last man) or Conrad Smith (a mile offside and preventing use of the overlap) tbf Hooper should also have probably gone for repeated infringements but New Zeland have too much quality to be given that mush assistance by the ref.

        New Zeland were the better team but how close would this game have been if they had been behind and without their first choice ScrumHalf (for ten) in the first half?

        • Jamie Miller

          Don’t forget Nonu’s shoulder charge into Slipper’s head – straight up yellow. Maybe more.

      • Who?

        He was poor both ways. At least next week we don’t have a Saffa ref (Rolland, followed by Clancy, then Garces, who I don’t rate, and lastly Barnes).
        Definitely should’ve referred the Moore try, or at least given some explanation of why it wasn’t referred (he actually communicated his rulings very well most of the time), missed the massive shoulder charge by Nonu…
        And how can a team give away 16 penalties, most of them for ruck offenses, yet not be issued a warning for repeat offenses?!

        • Bob

          I think Moore try probably would have been ruled a double movement no? Elbow was on the ground.

          Shoulder charge was blatant and should have been dealt with
          Also Rolland and Barnes are not good to see on your schedule either. Mind you, they have the worst job in sport haha

        • Who?

          This is Rugby Union, not Rugby League. There is no ‘double movement’ in Rugby. There is a requirement to immediately either place, pop or pass the ball. He went to ground, then he immediately played the ball. The only time you’ll hear ‘double movement’ used – and it’s a misnomer – is when someone tries to crawl to improve their position, and that’s a penalty for playing on when held, not releasing the ball, playing the ball on the ground.
          I don’t mind Rolland, and I actually quite like Barnes. Provided he has working touchies. ;-) I’d take both over Joubert and Peyper. Surprised you went Rolland and Barnes – Clancy seems to be more maligned than those two. At least Rolland has courage – it takes courage to follow the IRB’s directives and give a team captain a red in a RWC SF. Credit to the man for having the intestinal fortitude to do so.

        • Old weary

          Double movement?

        • jkb

          he only promoted the ball once, elbow on the ground was while he still had momentum, when a players momentum is stopped he is allowed to promote the ball once. different to league.

        • MW

          Re the last point. It’s poor refereeing and communication unfortunately. The same last week with Whitelock (4 penalties) and McCaw (3 penalties) both should have been warned. Whitelock had two killing the ball within minutes and should have been binned.

      • Justtacklehim

        Of course he didn’t lose the game but his performance was poor in the first half.
        I know this is a gold eyed view of the first half but the steve moore “try” deserved a look, the nonu shoulder charge was a directly in front kick & would have been a yellow card, the “holding the back” penalty reversal may have been another 3 points.
        So if things had gone wallabies way with those calls it could’ve been a very different score at half time, & momentum is an incredible thing.
        So not worth mentioning is poor.
        His 2nd half wasn’t as bad thou.

      • Bobas

        The ref cant lose the game…

        Had he TMOd Moore’s try in the first minutes the Wallabies could have won.

      • dsb

        No but he made it harder to win! A much improved performance over Sydney and going to Brisbane to support the Wallabies. Much more direction and strategy in the side since Link took over. Just got to get over the wobbly bits.

  • Patrick

    We just need to pass. Especially close to the bloody line we need to get it to Folau and JO’C.

    • I hate to admit it but Alan Jones may be right and we need to play the ball more in the air and less on the ground. ie: more passing less pick and go.

      • Alan Grouse

        I thought Alan Jones was marvellous on the rugby show the other night. The issues with the Wallabies and the hopes he has for the team echo many on here

        • RJ

          I actually thought he seemed to have lost touch with the game a little.

        • galumay

          I thought it was a disgrace that he was even on the rugby show, he is a misogynistic, bitter and twisted old queen who doesn’t deserve the air he breathes.

        • Alan Grouse

          Why? Did he talk about politics?

          All i can recall him mentioning was concerned with rugby and seeing as he is a past wallaby coach and a dam good one at that, i thought his views on the team and the coach were really interesting.

          Personally I would love to hear him as a guest on the podcast at some point, would be a cracking rugby conversation.

      • jkb

        you can play in the air but if the ball doesn’t come out of a collapsed mall the defending team wins the ball, if the ball is killed in the ruck usually goes back to the attacking side. could work as long as we don’t get held up ie Ireland in the world cup.

    • Graeme

      I noticed the Reds seemed to be doing it a lot this year and the Wallabies also did it tonight, running multiple pick and drives until the ball eventually gets turned over, without even attempting to get the backs involved. It seemed like a no-win strategy for the Reds, since even when the piggies cross the line, it usually went upstairs to be denied because there were too many bodies in the way to determine if it was grounded. Ewen even commented as much himself in an interview.

  • Southerner

    With 57% of possession, the Wallabies should have done better. Their dominance in the first 30 minutes was not converted into points, a real let off for the Blacks as admitted by McCaw in post-match comment. I don’t like the way Genia gets at his team mates during the game if they make an error. In fact I suspect that the team mateship is not in the right place and they are playing more as 15 individuals rather than as a team.

    • Sam

      I hate to say it but Genia was poor tonight!! slow service and poor decision making.

      On another point, I thought the real turning point in the match was when we decided not to try and catch any high balls, lights must have been in the boys eyes.

      • Alan Grouse

        Not challenging for the high balls was a disgrace. Windy? Blustery? No excuses at this level. Nothing should be done without some purpose and some level of pressure. The AB’s rarely kick without intent or a committed chaser following and usually always have someone contesting the high ball.

        Its like not jumping for an opponents lineout! Failing to at least try and challenge doesn’t make any sense to me.

        • stevo

          I got the impression there was a lot of confusion between Genia and Mogg (and perhaps others) as to who was supposed to be catching those midfield bombs. Frustrating. Something to go over during the next two weeks.

        • Brax

          Well Mogg is the fullback so if he’s in position to take the kick it’s his job by definition!

        • Benny

          Agree. Even the commentators said the scrum half should not be the one to go after the high kick, at times it looked like Genias attempts put Mogg off.

    • Newter

      Very astute comment. Genia is a good halfback, but a terrible, terrible leader. He gets bitchy under pressure, and is easily knocked off his stride. We need him composed and confident when the chips are down, and neither (nor any of our other senior players) are providing this.

      • Muffy

        The fact that your comment has been marked down, proves Will reads GaGR

  • Bill

    Much better from Toomua and Lilo this week in attack. Poor reads at times in defence though. Cooper didnt do himself any favours when he came on in terms of his kicking other than that though we still looked better for his prescence. Mogg? Id like to see him make that position his but he hasn’t. I thought Hooper if anything had a better game this week. I thought we needed Gill on earlier but our lineout went to shit when Mowen went.

  • Knackers

    Normally don’t comment about the ref – but Jaco you were sh!t…. an away game against the AB’s the last thing you need is the ref to be a biased AB supporter.

    Some observations….(I didn’t see too much that gives me confidence)

    Genia – 3 chargedowns…. wake up mate, you were slow and pedestrian – I’d start Nick White before him next test, his passing was fast and crisp in his 5mins – seemed to have more urgency.

    O’Connor – Put him at 15. He was good under the highball and great attack. His cover defence willbe better than his wing defence.

    Mowen – some pretty bad mistakes, looked lost at test level. Need a bigger ball carrier at 8 – Higginbotham needs to come back asap!

    Mogg – bye bye mate. You had a terrible game. See you in a few years, you’re not ready yet.

    Set pieces – total shambles it seemed. New scrum laws will handicap us until we can hook the ball correctly. Can;t even put pressure on the other teams feed. We will get rogered by the Bok and Pumas as well.

    Wallabes – not good enough. Again.

    • BulkMilo

      JOC – Did well better than last week and stepped up, saving a try.

      Mogg – did two up and under and tackled dagg and flipped im to cause two turn overs in all black territory

      Genia – Those box kicks were read like a book. Seriously you’d put White in front of Genia. Good thing you aren’t wallabies coach.

      Set pieces – weren’t reliable and we need to work on that.

      Notice how you didn’t mention any positives. You are a disgrace as a Wallabies supporter

      • Max Brammer

        Genia is playing himself on to the bench with his kicking, Should have been pulled earlier.

        • Muffy

          I thought the same when he was playing or the reds this year, they looked heaps better when frisky came on, there was no arm waving at the ref and he continually shits on his team mates when things don’t go his way.

          White MUST start against the Boks

        • Muffy

          Farming auto correct Frisby, not Frisky..funny though

        • Muffy

          Jesus Christ, this farming thing won’t even let me swear

        • Bill

          Keep it, it’s good.

      • knackers

        a disgrace? Calm down you fool.

        I just expect better from the best our country has to offer – you heard Horwill at the end – it wasn’t good enough. You heard Kafe talking about some pretty simple errors that were constantly being made.

        If mediocrity is what you are happy to see then go support some other side. The wallabies are waaaaay better than this – and loyal fans have a right to be pissed when they have not been consistantly performing for years.

      • sirpigeonnipples

        ‘you are a disgrace as a Wallabies supporter’

        ??? Put down the bong and act like an adult. Christ.

      • FWIW

        I think what we’re just seeing Genia being effectively shut down not playing poorly. Behind a badly beaten pack, if you take away his box kick and his sniping around the edges, you’ll strangle him. Same thing with Cooper. Slow ball and umbrella defensive patterns shut down time and space for his running and passing games and just highlighted his other weaknesses. The AB’s know to beat us they just have to disrupt 9 & 10 and each year they study them and find ways to suffocate them. We analyse this but in the end we’re just going around in circles back to the same elephant in the room. We need parity at least at the scrum. We need to secure the ball quickly at the breakdown and get the AB’s to commit numbers. We need to protect Genia and Cooper/Toomua. Christ even the line out didn’t work. Unless we can develop the forwards to muck in and hunt as a pack and fix their technique at the set piece be prepared for a long time in the wilderness against the ABs. We’ve got the heart, no question, but in the modern game that’ll win us a match on occasion, not the Bledisloe.

    • Jitterry

      So agree about Genia and Mogg. Genia has that slow delivery that you can’t have, great at broken field stuff, not necessary for a test 9!
      Mogg needs to learn still, even Jake White said he isn’t ready!
      Still I think that we will beat springboks, more positives than negatives, just against one of the great all black squads off all time

    • Alan Grouse

      I’d move Izzy to 15. Dominant under the high ball and always looks threatening with it in hand. He never fails to suck in a few extra defenders which could open space elsewhere and it would make teams think twice before they kick it to him.
      Mogg? Well he had a great season but like last week the jump to test rugby is at this stage too much for him. His booming kick is nothing but a memory now and his running.. well i cant recall him taking the ball to the line once tonight. Defence needs serious work. One for the future but not at this time. Genia.. id like to see him sharpen it up too. Maybe a bench spot would do him no harm. Set pieces need to be reassessed too. Unbelievable decline in the lineout and the scrums were atrocious on occasions.

      JOC was great tonight, looking like the JOC of old i thought. Hard not to acknowledge the cynical and downright dreadful play by the ABs. Its borderline disgraceful and the ref was either afraid or not interested in stopping them. He had more than a few shockers tonight, Moore looked to have scored a perfectly good try.

      Turning point for me though was the ref calling back play and reversing a penalty against Mowen for holding Reid i think it was. It looked like a card was coming out and potentially another 3 points till the linesman decided to pipe up and needlessly interfere.

      • Jenkss

        Agree a bit there. Folau to 15. Bring Cummins in on the wing. I don’t think Mogg should start, drop him to the bench this week. He can cover the back 3 places fairly well. At least temporarily.

        I think Genia was poor this week, maybe he goes to the bench and gives White a chance to start. If it goes pear shaped bring him on and then see what happens. Needs to step it up, I hope all this “best halfback in world rugby” business hasn’t gone to his head.

        Mowen was better but I think he is best at 6, he’s only at 8 because Higginbotham is out IMO.

    • mania

      aus did dominate in the 1st half and shouldve capitilised more on their possession and territory. of course ABs arent choir boys but they have richie mccaw and now read as expert ref managers. both these guys speak to the ref with the utmost respect and manners. politeness goes a long way to getting the ref on your side.
      and aus got away with a lot as well. mogg not rolling away on his 2 runs meant ABs ball got turned over.
      sht happens, it was a good game and WBs are making big strides

  • RoffsChoice

    Great: Slipper
    Good: Simmons, Fardy, Folau
    Okay: Horwill, Hooper, Toomua, Lealiifano, Mogg, Faingaa, White, Cooper
    Average: AAC, Sio, Kepu, Douglas, McCalman
    Poor: Alexander, Mowen, O’Connor, Kuridrani
    Bad: Moore
    Very Bad: Genia

    • Sorry Genia ‘very bad’ bullshit! Mogg ‘Okay’ also bullshit.

      • Bats

        Good to see those at GAGR encouraging others to express their views.
        Genia was bad, very bad. He was too slow, predictable, often went the wrong way and, even the commentators mentioned, showed poor awareness at times. Usually I think he is great, but tonight he just was not. Stop begging the ref for a penalty and go in after the ball!

        • Justtacklehim

          Tonight he played like an older gregan. Trying to be too smart rather than his aggressive younger self.
          White looked to have a far crisper pass from the base. No 2 steps before passing above or below the first receiver “sweet spot”.
          I love genia but tonight wasn’t his night & starting White may be the call he needs to wake up.

        • He expressed. I disagreed. You disagreed. What’s the problem?

    • Graeme

      Showing quite a bit of bias here! Mogg ok, O’Conner poor? Other way around surely

      • CD

        Agreed. RoffsChoice’s choice is clearly intravenous drugs. O’Connor played well. Was a threat with ball and made a huge effort chasing kicks. Mogg, for mine, was not up to scratch. Missing touch from a penalty is unacceptable. Surely JOC or Folau will be wearing 15 against the Bocs.

        • MW

          Wasn’t O’Connor largely responsible for one of the tries by failing to drift and trust his inside man? I thought so. Maybe I need to watch it again.

      • pete

        JOC was once again one our best players, yet he will be blamed.

    • Bob

      Apart from the try I don’t think Folau did enough.

      • walla

        folau’s contest of kick restarts was just great towards the end..

        • Alan Grouse

          We should have that EVERY SINGLE TIME. The bloke is a freak – especially in the air. We have a genuine weapon in him whereby we could retake potentially every short restart. Imagine if the AB had someone of his leap and ability, they would certainly not hesitate in utilising his talents

        • Hendo

          Folau’s take off one restart was v.v. good, he looked more like an Aussie rules player. Agree something to take advantage of.

        • brumby runner

          His name is Keiran Read!

    • DaveL

      Roffschoice you’re on drugs. I thought o’Connor was one of our best tonight. Made some great runs and also saved at least one try.

      • mjw

        Once again two tries on JOC’s wing. Not entirely responsible but just saying.

        • Gary Gleeson

          He wasn’t in his position where he should of been to defend his corner so yes he was entirely at fault when the ABs scored in his corner. Being a winger is just not about the glory dash down the sideline to score. It is als about defending, especially defending your corner.

    • Wibbles

      Good: Slipper, Simmons, Fardy, O’Connor, Lealiifano
      Okay: Folau, AAC, Horwill, Hooper
      Poor: Alexander, Mowen, Moore, Genia
      Very Poor: Mogg

    • FWIW

      Yeah agree with Sully this is a little harsh. Moore and Genia were below average, but they weren’t very bad. Also I’d give Horwill a bump. He needs to take some responsibility for the poor set piece, but I thought he was everywhere tonight. He never tires of the grunt work, he could do with some more support. I thought Mogg was average. He did some good things on the chase, definitely better than last week, but cancelled them out with some poor tactical kicking.

    • Mica

      Which game were you watching?

  • Davy

    Really poor under the high ball tonight, so many bouncing into Kiwi hands.
    Not sure why the ref didn’t go to the TMO in the first half when Moore seemed to have the ball on the line or perilously close.
    Didn’t expect miracles but encouraging signs. Folau to 15 please.

    • Only thing I can think of was that there was an error before then.

    • the ardent b’stard

      I have a sneaking suspicion Falou might be playing 1 rather than 15

      • Bill

        He didn’t look ovely excited about being there did he? Well if he can’t get excited about that challenge both he and we would be better off without him. Which would be a shame, he can play a bit.

        • Timbo

          If i wasn’t getting good ball to run with i’d be a bit peeved too. I hope the Mungo’s don’t steal him back. Like Bill says, he can play a bit.

  • zeeman

    I just wanna thank Green and Gold for always being there regardless of a win or not. You guys are always analytical at the end and it’s good to know someones doing the hard yards even if the team isn’t sometimes.
    Never expected the win but the ref had a shocker – blantant favourtism for the Blecks simply has to stop.

    • always appreciated.

    • devils advocate

      but an 11-6 count in Sydney was fair?

      • Who?

        It was 16-8 against the AB’s tonight. If there were complaints that there was no warning for repeat infringements after that game, how can anyone justify a team with 16 infringements – many of them in the same area of the game, many of them inside the 22 – not receive a single warning?

      • Brax

        If one team cheats more than another they should expect to be penalised, fairness doesn’t come into the equation.
        Most peoples gripe is about the cynical nature of a lot of the penalties which robs other teams of tries or at least the possibility of a try. Ried’s offside at the ruck tackle on Genia was a classic example & he should have been yellow carded. It was outrageously blatant!
        Also where was the advantage when Moore went over the line in the early minutes just for the Ref to come back for the penalty? He may have seen a Wallaby infringement, however this was not communicated….. it was at least worth a look with the Video Ref.
        Not to mention Nonu’s fucking shoulder charge!

        • rossco

          I think the Wallaby’s are lacking any genuine on field leadership

        • southerner

          I see Link is publicly questioning if not criticizing the Referee. However justified this may be (and there are many comments to the contrary on this site), the effect of Link’s strategy is to take the pressure off his players and even perhaps let them off the hook. Hardly a good idea as the team prepares for a tough encounter with the Boks. On another matter – Link is in a very difficult position; can he “drop” Genia in front of his home crowd? I agree with everything that has been said about Genia’s poor performance but then the NZ half is very quick and a right-in-your-face player. I don’t think one really poor performance warrants the bench for Genia.

    • Peter

      The other week i stated this straight out that in regards to the refs and not one iota of support !!
      How many times in the 22 zone did we get a penalty and no yellow card !!
      Now fanatics on GAGR get with it and get collective as a mass we can make a change to this ref debarcal !!!!
      I am sick of it !!!

      • the ardent b’stard

        To answer your question
        twice in the first half and once in the second
        Wallabies conceded 4 red zone penalties in a row second half – you seem unconcerned with ref on this
        We should have the debate – but use both eyes

        • Lambar Odelmeyer

          I was happy to see the Wallabies kill the ball in the second half – if you see the opposition not getting penalised for it, do it yourself. This ability to adapt is what helps make the ABs so good.

        • Who?

          If refs don’t hand out warnings, what’s to fear from the ref? And if he’d carded us, then it would’ve shown clear, blatant bias. The penalty count across the Bledisloe so far is 27-14 (ABs penalized 27 times). I don’t think I’ve seen a warning for either team other than for not throwing the ball into the scrum straight.

        • the ardent b’stard

          you have the penalty count stuffed up – have another go
          Aus conceded 16 yesterday NOT NZ – do you even watch the games?

        • Who?

          Sorry about that. I read elsewhere it was 16-8 against the AB’s. But thinking about it, we piggy-backed the ABs up the field plenty of times (i.e. penalty in their 22, then a penalty near halfway). If we gave away 14 penalties, where was the warning to us?!?!

      • Bill

        We could have had two abs yellow carded for professional fouls in their qtr. and if the ref was consistent hooper could have been done as well for the same. I’d have been happy enough with that. To be fair to Jaco I thought one of the penalty situations I think people are talking about I thought we were lucky not to be done for holding on. Even allowing for that the abs took liberties.

    • abr

      Two reasons why the ref had a shocker:

      1. AB’s tactic this week (and last) was to kill the ball whenever they were stretched in their own 22. Given their try scoring potential it is not a bad tactic – risk 3 points knowing you will soon score 7. But I would think any premeditated penalty thats purpose is to prevent a possible try is a professional foul / yellow card. Ref didn’t have the smarts or balls to recognise and act on this. So Aust had 9 points to show for 4 try scoring opportunities. Instead of an even scoreline and/or NZ playing with 14 men we are chasing the game…and the mistakes followed.

      2. NZ are no.1 team in the world and it’s reasonable to expect them to have great skills, pressure their opposition and to win. Refs also expect this. So it’s easy to prejudge 50-50 decisions in NZ’s favour and Jaco did just that.

    • VLad

      I think the other teams (aus, sa, eng, fra,…) should start yelling more. Stop being hypocrites, and enjoying the whipping.
      It’s been a long time already as some, that no kiwi fanatic could call biaised, already pointed at:

      • gekko

        That is rather eye opening. Wow.

  • Bill

    I generally try to not talk about refs, especially after losses and especially after some quiet whiskies but that would have been worth getting James red carded over. Yes Jaco it is a new game, but its the same old behaviours and same lack of reffing isn’t it. The last non reffing performance I saw like that involved Glen Jackson and the brumbies. …no brumbies fans not letting it go. :) .That takes nothing away from the kiwis who were great again.
    Maybe James shouldn’t directly ask for a card next time just ask the ref if he’s seeing any change in the other team’s behaviour.

  • Ali

    Move JOC or Folau to fullback; bring in Cummins to the wing; McCalman in place of Mowen; White in place of Genia.

    That’s my two bob’s worth!

  • Bulkmilo

    Cynical All blacks denied us two tries. Wallabies had a good game and the first 20 mins was looking great!

  • Timbo

    Well I remain a frustrated depressed Wallabies fan.

    Eat a d#@k All Blacks and if you do it’s probably Jaco Peyper’s

  • Henery Hawk

    Let’s face it Wallabies were poor again. There I said it. I keep the faith like everyone else but there is something bad that has happened to us over the last few years. I am hopeful that Link will fix it but the evidence at moment isn’t good.

    Wallabies need to watch some schoolboy matches. These kids play positive total 15 man rugby. Was at the Scots v Iggies game today and watched a great brand of rugby between two teams going hammer and tongs. It was great to watch even though the bad guys won. Sure there were errors but hey, they are schoolboys.

    What always impresses me is the direct play up tempo ruck and mauls and beautiful backline moves. I don’t know what happens at test level where “forcings back” is so important but if you want to watch passionate rugby played with no cynicism at all and in the true spirit of the game you couldn’t go past a schoolboy match or a Shute Shield match for that matter.

    As far as the rubgy brand goes it sure as S@#t ain’t helped by test performances.

    Unlike NZ market we are 4th string code so we HAVE to be better or we will lose fans.



    • southerner

      OK – Schoolboy rugby at GPS is great but it doesn’t necessarily translate into great Wallaby sides. The Auckland schoolboys top grade comp has not produced many All Blacks. To me, the big recent error in Australian rugby has been to virtually ignore the Western Suburbs of Sydney – there are heaps of Islanders (Tongans, Samoans, Fijians) and Maoris desperate to play in their community and not have to travel miles to play in the eastern suburbs (which is pretty much the situation in Sydney). The untapped suburbs between Parramatta and Penrith and south to Liverpool is where we are going to find the future Luatuas. The fifth Super 15 franchise should have been based out of Blacktown, not out of Perth where AFL will always capture the attention.
      Sorry to go on about that but it is related to the future strength of Wallaby rugby.

      • Tyrone

        Where the heck did this Luatua kid come from?!? I’d just got over nightmares of Jerome Kaino, now him?
        You’ll find Auckland are the Parramatta of rugby. They have the biggest talent pool but they’re the worst at identifying it, then someone else picks them up and they’re AB material – take Kieran Reid for instance.

  • AJ

    Wasn’t Mogg’s non-touch-finder passed back into the 22 by Genia, or am I thinking of a different passage of play?

    • I’ll wait for the replay to confirm but I’m pretty sure he received from a kick in his 22. I will check it though.

      • Yes it was passed back. But it still should have found touch.

  • Tyrone

    All Quade did when he came on was get the back line running sideways, the same way Matt Giteau used to, he forced O’Conner into touch in the later stages. I didn’t see Mogg inject himself into a back line either, something Folau would be handy at.
    As well as Hooper is going, I’d like to see him running a bit wider of the ruck, he seems to take those one out hitups the front rowers are supposed to do, or pick and drive. He has initial power that can beat a first tackler more often than not.
    In all I think the skill level is not quite there: kicking, passing and line running, going back to basics of which the all blacks are supreme. The ABs rarely rely on moments of brilliance, just good solid fundamentals applied over 80 minutes. 6/10 performance from us.

    • Mogg ran O’Connor into touch not Cooper

      • Tyrone

        My bad, just sick of seeing everyone except AAC running a direct line

      • Timbo

        Pretty sure Cooper ran someone into touch at the end there.

        • MW

          Himself? :D

      • Bill

        JOC’s fault that. Should have cut under Mogg. JOC is too good to leave out but, he’s gotta cutout the mistakes.

    • Bert

      Its up to the outside backs to run straight or even better setup some switches on a wet track like tonite. Cooper in running across field is setting himself up as support if a break is made and keeping the defence in two minds as a runner himself.

      • Tyrone

        Still don’t like it, you’d never see Carter run sideways like Cooper does, even if he could. It screams of the Deans era – play whats in front of you. Its too adlib for my liking. It also puts his OWN team mates in two minds.
        He’s not setting himself up to support a line break- he’s running at right angles to where he should be for a support line

        • Who?

          I know there’s much talk of Ella running straight, but the reality is that you can’t have a loop play if you don’t run sideways. The first movement for a 10 must be forwards to engage the defense, but then they may either immediately spread the ball or drag that defense sideways. Or take other options (come back towards the ruck, though that’s rare). If they drag it sideways, it’s then up to the outside runners to cut back through the drift. And if they can’t get through in the midfield? They pass back to the 10 on the loop, or take the tackle and the 10’s already outside to go again from quick ball.

  • RedsFanDan

    Negatives: Poor kicking out of hand, poor decision making at crucial moments, poor under the highball. Too high a % of the team having an OK or poor game (compare to AB’s – how many of their squad would you rate as OK or poor from the last two games?). Forcing our wingers to come in looking for work. How many of the AB’s tries have been in the corners? Not protecting our rucks well enough. Lastly, too much ball down the throats of Dagg et al., scrum is still a shambles, the AB’s lineout is their weak link at the moment, all kicks need to be in touch or be contestable. Period.

    Positives: Some nice intricate passing between forwards and backs that actually got us some go forward. More please. Some good intensity shown for a longer period. More please. We punished the ABs for a mistake. More of that please. Toomua took it to the line at least twice. More please. Biggest one of all, some noticeable improvement in several facets of play while no facets of play went backwards. Some facets remain shit.

  • devils advocate

    I’m just going to say this, because no doubt there will be people abusing and whinging forever at this comment.
    Was the referee good? No he was poor. But how can you turn around from an 11-6 penalty count in Sydney and lose by 17 and yet in NZ it’s bias and cheating? End result is the same, and until the Wallabies and you guys realize that until performances improve on the field, no amount of pointing fingers will get you anywhere. It will be a long wait for the Bledisloe unless there is any accountability from the side. Go ahead, blame the referee. It won’t hand you the trophy.

    The Wallabies have shown good signs in areas. That first 30 was dominant performance. The difference is that ruthlessness the All Blacks possess and the stubbornness in defense.

    Referee’s are never great, someone will always complain about them, just like last week when an 11-6 count wasn’t enough. It’s not the reason the Wallabies lost, their performances are.

    • again I’ll say don’t remember mentioning the ref in my report.

      • Guest

        more in response to other comments, commentators and everything in between

        • I don’t think I can think of one game in recent memory where someone didn’t have a go at the refereeing. There are review systems in place for referees and I think our commenting on them constantly makes the game poorer.

        • ben

          Mate read blogs from “who” and just about all your loyal subjects. If they and your coachibg staff look at the real reasons and address them they might break the 11 year drought. Please. Do it soon to make it a real contest …

        • Who?

          I’m not Sully’s loyal subject. :-P

          AB’s won tonight. They did very well to scramble and cover the Wallabies when we made line breaks. They picked up the scrum a long way and were dominant. I reckon that Peyper wasn’t as pedantic on the straight feed as Joubert last week (both 9’s threw a few crooked ones), but the ABs’ tactic of driving through the ball worked very effectively (i.e. they were smarter – completely legal, too). And the lineouts were reversed. Last week the ABs’ lineout melted down, this week it was out turn.

          I don’t think it was a great AB performance for the ages. It wasn’t as clinical as the best AB performances. There were overlaps missed. But they did a better job than last week, even if the score was tighter.

          I do wonder whether JOC should be playing the left wing. I haven’t seen it widely mentioned, but when he played wing – well – in 2010, he wore 14. Diggers wore 11. Once again tonight, he was infield when the ABs were scoring tries down his wing. Folau’s experience on the wing (mainly League based, but still) is all down the right wing. It makes sense to stick him there, given he’s still finding his feet. But should JOC be on the left wing, when I can’t recall him playing there, and the most recent experience he has on the wing was on the other side?

          We were often outnumbered down our left wing (ABs’ right wing). I’m wondering who’s in charge of our D line? Ant Fainga’a does it for the Reds. Carter’s done it previously for the Tahs (not sure who did it this year?). Not sure if it was Lealiifano or Kuridrani who ran it for the Brums? Whoever it is, they need to learn to count, and start evening up the numbers.

        • sorry Tyrone It came out wrong I’ve edited my post above.

    • Old_Laurentian

      Well done Sully, and you did manage to find some positives. Some of the ref comments are really sounding like a broken record.

  • ben

    I luv it. Every time you guys lose to us its the ref and ritchie cheating. Keep that going we keep winning. Yehaa. 1 day youll concentrate on the real reasons and tben you might start beating us.

    • Don’t remember mentioning the ref in my report.

      • ben

        Reffering to your loyal followers

        • sirpigeonnipples

          IP ban this troll

        • ben

          Yea ban me bro then you can read nice things about your team instead of truth. You’re like a spoilt kid. Write something worth reading instead of moaning “ban him” i dont like what hes saying. Like a little……look tomorrow. I’ll still be here

        • Bill

          Get over yourself.

        • ben

          Thats it? Thats your in depth analysis!

        • Bill

          When you stop paddling in the shallow end of the gene pool and give me something to work with, in good faith, then I’ll pay it some mind.

        • JKB

          forward pass by France in 2007 wc. Didn’t NZ spend about 50% of their GDP on a royal commission into that one call?

    • Who?

      Ref was a joke. In the second half, Ben Smith kicked the ball out 5m behind where the Wallabies had knocked it on, and that was advantage to the ABs?! How’s that work?! He wasn’t bad only one way…

      • ben

        Like i said keep blaming the ref. We keep winning. Your real issues……… refuse to address……yea the ref …………..easy blame.

        • Parker

          So you think we should address some issues and ignore others such as deplorable reffing. I say we cover all bases. Now go off and have a celebratory drink with your mates if you have any.

        • ben

          Yep i got 4 million of them. Dont get angry get even. Ive addressed your guys probs before…see gatlands comments post lions tour…but you wont…maybe too painful… Address them you start beating us…..dont shoot the messenger. Or is this site fir aussies only?

        • sirpigeonnipples

          go play on

        • Robson

          No this site is for Kiwis too and I’ve been participating in it for six years now, but if you are going to preach from the lofty position of someone on the “winning side” instead of sharing as a rugby equal don’t expect to be warmly welcomed on it.

    • sirpigeonnipples

      Go and troll a decent NZ rugby site if you can find one. Dont come here and stir trouble. You add nothing.

      • ben

        That aint trolling. If you cant take cold hard facts dont read this. Your problems are far far deeper than 11 years of refferringing and sir ritchie but you wont admit it. Theres none so blind as those who wont see. Look we went thru 99-03 when you guys kept beating us. We got an 11 yr streak that you wont address like we finally did 03 onwards.

        • sirpigeonnipples

          You said we are whining about the ref and ritchie cheating…but you’re pretty much the only one who has raised those things as an issue. READ THE POSTS. You are a poor troll. Bless you.

        • Over the whinge

          Ben is spot on. I’ve read this forum, and pretty much every other one where Aussies whinge, and the basic argument is the ref screwed Oz. face some truths and one day you might win

  • Foybus

    Some thoughts from the game.

    Mowen did have an average game, dropping the ball on two different occasions and played with some indecisiveness. However, when he came off the field his pressence at lineout time was sorely missed.

    Moore didn’t have the best game, some of the key aspects of his game looked unpolished and with the scrum going backwards it is imperative we hook for the ball properly. For me you’d have to leave Moore at 2, Faingaa is no first choice Australian hooker (no offence intended for Saia)

    White in place for Genia should be a
    definite against Argentina, hopefully the brumbies connection between 9,
    10 and 12 will benefit Australia. we need to have clearer communication
    when a high ball is out up against us and some scrum practice with
    hooking being a major factor.

    If Cooper is to come on to the field he
    needs to run straighter and have better kick placement. Toomua looked more comfortable tonight and I’m liking his playing style.

    Last but not least I think even though he’s been ordinary, we should keep Mogg on next game just to see if he handles the pressure a bit more.

    • Parker

      I believe in second chances, but not thirds. Mogg to be rested.

      • Foybus

        Parker are you thinking Mogg on bench or straight out of the 22?

  • Peter

    Again i will say it early but u can watch the replay
    O’connor coming off his wing killed us !!
    For example at 1 stage he made a tackle on Folau’s wing !!
    Reason: trying too hard !!
    Thinking he is still a 10 !!
    I said this last week and was knifed early early until Scott Allen on ROAR backed me up.

    • Who?

      O’Connor’s not played left wing before. He’s only played right wing. Can’t play him there, because Folau’s a right winger. So, we’re playing two right wings. Which doesn’t work…

      • Peter

        I am actually very confident about O’Connor as soon as he stops trying too much and stays on his wing we will actually win !!!!!!
        In going forward he was grt
        Grt tackles
        Stay on his wing and we will win.
        A grt player for Aus.
        Also grt in the air!!

        • Who?

          Not complaining about him as a player, just pointing out that he’s probably got some adjusting to do, given I can’t remember him playing wing this year, and the last time I remember him regularly playing wing was on the other side of the field. There’s no debate that he ran the ball well for us tonight, and last week.

        • Peter

          With u
          Just adding some extra thoughts

        • Ave

          Again, over simplification. Just because a try is scored on his wing doesn’t mean it’s his fault. The game is flowing and after a few broken phases the position is just a numer n your back really… You defend where you need to.

          JOC imo should be the wallaby 12. I’ve thought this ever since he got in jumper. But i’ve never been heard by the coaches, sadly.

  • cosmo

    i hate how one minute Genia is the best 9 in the world and praised by most if not all Australians’ but the minute he has a bad game he is suddenly a bad test 9? Everyone has bad games it happens… Lets get behind this wallabies side, we need to remember they’re 2 games into a brand new coaching era and realise success doesn’t come overnight. We weren’t that far off tonight and i saw some huge improvements but also some areas to improve on, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Id much rather know we can improve on a loss than know we were beaten at the top of our game and cant go any further. My opinion: Folau to 15, give the guy some ball and get him running back some kicks and causing some havoc in open play, he made Dagg look like a child tonight on that intercept which is no mean feat. Mogg is not quite ready for test footy yet but he will have his time. Get behind this team fellas, dont loose hope just yet!

  • Spectator

    I guess i watched a different game.
    Wallabies often had advantage over Blacks in tactical kicking outcomes, & although Dagg had the better overall game, Mogg was a challenge

    I wouldn’t say the Blacks were living off scraps at all, but there was quite alot of pressure there for them which was deflected by having an adaptable 10 take it in his stride so well, if that hadn’t been the case, the game may have had a different complexion.

    The Blacks look like they are going through abit of a transition period of their own, as the second half showed for both teams The 3rd test will be abitt of a preview of what we can expect of the potentials in both sides approaches over the longer time frame.

    • Tyrone

      Respect to Tom Taylor on debut, was solid as ever. Hasn’t played at flyhalf this year and comes up with a game like that? Life after Carter might be fine, but they still don’t have decent replacement for McCaw yet… or at hooker

  • Seb V

    I am really liking Slipper, he is proving he is capable at Test Level, having said that we still need work at the scrum. JOC proved his worth. Toomua played a lot better but I liked how cooper looked when he came on so that’s going to be a tough call for McKenzie. Fardy did well. Lealifano stepped up his attack and linked well with Cooper when he came on. Lots of positives but still not quite there.

  • Kiap

    “Despite Australia losing again and what appears to be a negative report I
    am happy with the team’s improvement from the first match.”

    Agree with this, even though there were still too many errors and they were well beaten in the collisions and set piece. There will be some lineup changes, but let’s not forget last year’s away Bled match was a 22 point thrashing.

  • brumby runner

    I apparently watched a different game to many of the posters here. There is a lot of bile being thrown in Mogg’s direction, but his performance today was a huge step up from last week. Those who are complaining about his kicking should be directing their criticism more at the lack of chasers following his kicks. For every high kick put up by the ABs there were usually three or four (or more) chasers and invariably they either reclaimed possession or put the Wallabies’ receiver under immediate pressure. On how many occasions when Mogg put up the high ball was he the only chaser? And at least twice, he completed the tackle on Dagg when he took the ball, resulting in turnover ball, but still he was the sole chaser. On other occasions he mostly outkicked the ABs. I am not saying he was outstanding, but certainly a lot better than he is being credited here.

    Worst performance I’ve seen from Will Genia in a very long time. Others have commented on his slow delivery, and I agree, but I am most concerned about his constant wrong decision making. On a number of occasions he used recycled ball to the wrong side. It is as if he has a mindset to go to a particular side without regard for where the defence is most prominent. Also, his box kicks are atrocious and should be eliminated from the game.

    Matt Toomua was a lot better this week and imo will develop into our most effective No 10. Would still like to see Foley given some game time in the not too distant future.

    I will get howled down for this, but Simmons again was Mr Invisible. I thought Scott Fardy was probably the only forward to finish nearly on par with the ABs forwards, although Slipper was going great guns until his injury.

    I have been a critic of JOC, but he was very good today, as was Lealiifano. Didn’t see AAC do much(?).

    Less said about Peyper the better.

    Wallabies improved today overall, but will need to continue to show improvement to match the Saffas.

    • Pedro

      I agree Mogg was much improved.

    • Justagirl

      I agree with you about Mogg. He has improved since last week. I would put him on the bench for the next game though, he has the potential to have impact when coming on.
      Am waiting for Sully to rubbish your comment though, apparently Mogg was shit, worst on field and responsible for the Wallabies losing.

      • I said his kick was the turning point. And he was poor. Even if he improved, and I don’t think he did, he was still poor.

    • Merrow

      Agree with everything you said apart from O’Connor. His non-defence is inexcusable.

    • Stubbsy

      The biggest problem I have with what everyone is saying about Mogg is the double standard that seems to exist amongst supporters. I seem to remember a player at the WC (and other international games) who made multiple errors, many of which either have cost us, or nearly cost us games. Yet, until an unfortunate incident occurred, this player was persisted with. When he was eventually dropped there was outrage amongst rugby supporters.
      Now I’m not saying Mogg is outstanding, or has the elusive, so called x factor, in fact he has not played anywhere near where I believe he is capable of. But he has been thrown into the toughest comp in the world, his run on debut was against the Ab’s in the Bled. Cup for gods sake. How much pressure is that? Did he play poorly, well he did not play as well as others, but was he solely responsible for the Wallabies losing? Yet people are screaming for him to be dropped after only 2 matches. Where is the belief and support that has in the past been afforded to other players?
      Personally I believe that he should have been started from the bench, given the chance to build confidence rather than thrown in the deep end and have it shattered.

    • mania

      now that u mention it brumby runner, yes i remember a decidedly lack of chase of moggs kicks.
      credit for mogg when he tackled dagg , didnt roll away and ball ended up in aus’ possession. it was a good kick and good chase but he was the lone ranger.

      is this moggs fault tho for not communicating the kick or the teams for not getting off their a55es and chasing?

  • Melon

    I think we are too hard on the wallabies. The All blacks continually place themselves after the tackle in positions which slow the wallabies ball. this is not strictly illegal but as always the laws do not yet have the scope to penalise and th ABs are a step ahead! in the 22 tonight they got away with absolute murder. There should have been at least two 10 minute periods where the ABs were playing with 14 men and us with penalties on their line. I think the cynical team won, we made mistakes but played positive. They executed well but at what cost? Can’t feel good to win like that, like kissing your cousin…

    • Who?

      The ABs wouldn’t get away with some of the places they choose to fall with a Kiwi ref. It’s a very distinct difference between Kiwi and Saffa refs – Saffa refs let the tacklers fall where they may, whereas Kiwi refs will penalize anyone they think could’ve fallen away from the tackle. It’s a reason I like Kiwi refs – they understand the importance of the tackler rolling away and quick ball in order to provide a good contest.

  • Old weary

    How could there be no yellow cards? Ried and Smith couldn’t be more cynical (smith after the ‘warning’). Why wasn’t Horwill screaming? A number of other penalties, that lead points, were rubbish also. Why wasn’t the attempt by Moore reviewed? In this day and age, can’t understand that.

    Anyway, I hate people that bash refs after a game as some excuse for losing, so I apologize but had to vent, and now over.

    Overall I thought WB’s were very good indeed. With the ball in hand, always looked dangerous. Defensively, some very simply errors, which I think with more time together, will come good. Offensively you can see what Link is doing, I think very promising.

    Mogg is getting bashed hard here, but up to last 20mins he was playing pretty well.

    Cooper again showed his ability – I don’t think he will start as Toomua was very effective going to the line, but he belongs there.

    Set piece strong and scrum will strengthen under new laws, so not massively worried.

    Yes we lost, but we were getting 12.5point start at the bookies. 6 to 1 odds. We are fourth playing easily best in world. We have many new players and combinations vs one of the most experienced AB’s teams to ht the paddock. This young team will make mistakes, but compared to last week this team is going good things, things we haven’t seen in years. I am very unhappy about the loss, but this is the team and rugby (ex the basic defensive mistakes) is what we have been asking for a long time, and I think they are building a good base.

    • Bobas

      fucking Moore got Khawaja’d.

      • Old weary


    • Tony Dun

      Mate I am with you – no one is blaming the ref for losing. But when you’re up against a side as good as the ABs then the last thing you need is a ref making stupid calls. I also think the ABs do an incredible job of working out the refs, as much as they do working out the opposition. They play what they think they will get away with under the referee appointed to a particular match. And it works.

      • mania

        its all a case of having manners. read at one stage engaged the ref.
        Read motioned the ref gesturing for him to turn up the volume.

        ref asked “you want me to speak louder?”
        and read replied “yes please”

        doesnt take much to be respectful and polite to the ref yet it goes a long way. i dont want to give away the ABs secrets but when talking to the ref you say, please thank you and sir.

        it was easier for the ABs in the rocky elsom days cos rocky almost always turned the ref against the WBs.

  • Duvstar

    Shockers from Alexander, Moore, Mowen, Genia and Mogg. Alexander was a far worse carrier than Slipper, he just burrows forward with his head down, will only ever draw in one defender. Moore slipped off tackles all night and couldn’t throw for shit. Mowen was trying too hard and wasn’t involved enough in the nitty gritty stuff. Genia couldn’t kick and has been absolutely school by Smith last two games. And Mogg simply isn’t ready. Toomua was pedestrian at best although did improve his kicking this week.

    I’d move Folau to FB, he was good when he had the ball but again wasn’t involved enough for me. Then Quade to ten, start Sio for Alexander. Hopefully Genia et al will get an enormous bollocking from Link and will lift there game.

  • LVR

    What do people think about moving CL to 10, JOC to 12, Folau to 15, bringing Cummins and another winger in? In particular, CL really impressed me at 10 in 2012 before his injury.

    • Parker

      I min favour of JOC at 12 and Izzy at 15. We’ve enough good options at 10 to add one more to the mix.

      • Richard

        As an interested Kiwi observer, I wonder if this line of thinking isn’t part of the problem with Aussie rugby? Everyone thinks the talent is there, but no-one knows where it belongs. Everyone wants to (correctly) jump on on JOC, but now you’re asking him to play in his 3rd position this season – and play well. Most wanted Mogg at15, now most want him gone. Some preferred Mowen at No. 6, others at No. 8. Now many are questioning his place in the starting side altogether.

        My sense is Deans did significant damage to the Wallabies by messing with too many guys in different positions and turning too many players from sound specialists into modest utilities. McKenzie demonstrated his week that by playing largely the same side for the 2nd week he is attempting to put solidity into the starting side and build combinations across he park that can develop into winners. That policy should be endorsed for the remainder of 2013. The trophy cabinet for this year may be looking bare, but some of the harder decisions have been made and focuś now should be on re-building with 2014 and the 2015 RWC in mind.

        • Old_Laurentian

          Richard I think you have made a very valid point about the damaging effect of the previous chopping and changing in the selection process. I am sure Link will look for stability, but he may need to do a bit of early shuffling now we have seen what the new boys (and some of the established names) can or can’t do against the best side in the world.

        • brumby runner

          This would be one of the best analyses of the current Wallabies’ situation that I’ve seen. Spot on about JOC, Mowen etc.

          I am hopeful that Link holds the line with most of his current selections and gives them the time and experiences they need to raise the overall performance. No doubt, from time to time, he will finesse his lineup to better challenge different opposition, or to bring better players back from injury, but he especially needs to keep players in their rightful positions (as identified by him) and not go switching them around a la Deans. ATM though, I do believe Mowen is at 8 as he is the best available until Higgers returns – then he should revert to 6. That might mean Fardy replaces Simmons then or reverts to the bench.

          Otherwise, I am also looking forward to Henry Speight making the team when he is eligible.

        • FWIW

          Yes I think this is right Richard, but this applies to the provincial coaches as well. Benny A is a perfect example of this. I remember how much promise he showed at tight head when he first came on the scene, and he should have been allowed to develop solely there. If that had happened he’d be on par with some of the best in world Rugby today. Utility props are a nice thing to have when you have the depth of playing ranks New Zealand has, but we simply don’t. We need a coordinated approach to player development at provincial and national level.

  • Bobas

    Every time we got close there were cynical penalties.

  • Jamie Miller

    The Wallabies’ execution last night was very poor – a lot of handling errors and what on earth was happening with those lineouts and scrums? But the first twenty minutes they were all over the All Blacks and I’m still very, very puzzled as to a) why the Moore try wasn’t a try b) how Read stayed on the field for killing the ball 2 metres out from his line. Either way, we needed to respond with composure and we didn’t. A lot of silly penalties just releasing the pressure valve. The tactics also left a lot to be desired: the close in forwards rumble proved so dynamic in the first twenty, and then we seemed to shelve that tactic.

  • Benaurelius

    Mog is absolutely the worst pick for a fullback for the wallabies I have ever experienced. I seriously consider the current Wallabies as the worst side I have ever experienced the honour to see.

    Benjamin Reynolds.

  • Chiefporky

    I am currently watching the replay.
    There are some poor calls both ways.
    I have just watched the Wallabies defense strolling into the All Black back line forcing Aaron Smith to basketball pass over their heads.
    It’s a small thing but something that Wallaby fans need to hear.
    They were doing it all day.
    If the All Blacks had lost they would probably complain about it.
    They didn’t so they aren’t.
    The Wallabies did so they are.

    • Who?

      Kearns picked it both ways early in the game. Jaco just didn’t bother with the offside line all night.
      It’s a shame the ABs aren’t talking about the quality of the reffing. Because the reality is that the reffing just isn’t at the standard it should be. Now, I don’t blame Jaco alone for the offside line. To me, that’s something the touchies should be patrolling, and they should be at Jaco telling him to warn the captains if they’re encroaching. Functioning AR’s are very important. Otherwise we may as well not have them.
      The only good thing about the standard of the reffing is that it’s not clearly given either of the two Bledisloe games away. Some in the NH claimed that the reffing cost them in the Lions series, so clearly we’re not the only ones unhappy with the quality. But that doesn’t mean we should settle for less than the best we can have. The ABs don’t, and that’s why they’re the best.

  • Concerned

    I’m sick of reading about excuses on this site. Refs and penalties for and against the All Blacks are not the reason the Wallabies loose games. What happened to a game plan? When you’re behind with 20 minutes to go, with the international class and attacking prowess of Folau and O’Connor on the wings, why wouldn’t you try – just once to counter attack? Rather than aimlessly and hopelessly at times kicking the ball back to one of the best catching, kicking and counter attacking teams in the world? For goodness sake – you’re loosing already – what have you got to loose! Why give them the ball again?

    Anyone can edit together video clips of a series of penalties conceded by the All Blacks and label them cheats, or decisions by the Ref that you’re not happy about and moan about them. The All Blacks camp could do the same thing about the Wallabies penalties, but that would just might the whingers. Let’s focus on what we can control, the game plan, and the talent we’ve got out wide. Release the talent! Play the game.

    • Phil

      Concerned,you hit the nail on the head with what was to me one of the most concerning(no pun)parts of the game.Why no attempt at counter attack in those last 20 minutes?It’s as if they thought,hey this is a close enough loss,let’s not get beaten by any more.Even the Kiwi commentators were mystified why we kept kicking the ball back to them.

  • Brax

    Ben Mowen has also been poor the past two weeks but seems to escape criticism. The man is quite simply not a test 8man, he made a good fist at blindside flanker against the Lions but was shit at the back of the Brumbies scrum in the Super final & has been woeful against the AB’s.
    Who to pick there I don’t know.
    Surely Mogg has had his last shot for the time being, Folau has to be the 15 of choice!

    • ben

      Agree. I said the same after the super final. Hes a far better 6. Its a case of bidding time until higginbotham is back i guess.

  • darknessfan

    As a darkness fan, I still think the early try attempt should have been reviewed, upon watching the replays i was undecided, that is why it should have gone up stairs. im leaning towards try. it would have been a great boost for the wallabies, but lets be honest the try wouldn’t have won them the match, the wallabies were always going to come out all guns blazing, but you knew it couldn’t be maintained for 80 minutes… ( in fact it lasted about 27 minutes then collapsed)

    even with a 6 point lead they were ran down before half time, a 13 point lead would have been ran down too, because the wallabies self destructed and cant play 80 minutes . the set piece was a joke, kick receptions were uncontested, second half clearance kicking not existent genia quiet…..

    the Folau’s try was against the run of play. just like Genias try last week and JOC 80th minute consolation try, not a true reflection of the game.

    The refs missed a couple of balant wallabies forward passes, yet pinged the all blacks when they were through the defensive lines on the way to the chalk for a very flat pass, did the ref cost us a try? yep.. the game? no…… good teams play to play to the whistle, ref shoulda woulda coulda dont win the game. the 15 men on the paddock do.

    To say the game was lost because of a momentum swing that came about early in the game when the wallabies were denied a 7 pointer and given 3 instead, and then squandered a 6 point 5 minutes out from half time… is absolutely incredible.

    • Brax

      All of this is true. It just becomes very frustrating when the referee continuously allow one team to cynically infringe when another team is on a roll & a try is on the cards and prefer to give away 3 points instead of potentially 7. It’s a blight on the game of Rugby imo & the only way to stop a team from doing so is give out yellow cards.
      The game would be closer & hence more exciting, and dare I say it, the Blacks won’t look as dominant…. possibly & probably still win at the moment but not so clearly.

      • darknessfan

        As long as its consistent. I’m all for it.

    • darknessfan

      I just want to add if link sticks with this team , fixes the coachable stuff and made some positional tweaks, like Folau to fullback and JOC to…….. Im not sure what to do with JOC hes a attacking talent but his defensive decisions and sometimes his tunnel vision on attack let him down, I think the wallabies will build well towards 2015 in England. Dave Pocock when he gets back is a talent, a match for Richie easily and will only help the cause.

      as for the now, If the wallabies can get up over the Saffas at Suncorp, history shows they will, and can put a couple bonus point wins over the Pumas, the 4 nations is not looking to bad for links first year, and 2 losses against the world ranked 1 would be acceptable, and make for a hell of a show down in Dunedin don’t ya think? and form going into that game will be important.

      we need more than 160 minutes of rugby against the all blacks, to get an indication of how the wallabies will perform this year, structures , group cohesion, form will come with time, and we will see a bigger picture of what links trying to do with the team.

      I can already see some positive changes from Deans reign, tactical kicking whilst not perfect is ten times better, new talent coming through, player position experimentation is over, its not all doom and gloom its just that horrible wait and see……

  • Cypod

    Genia needs some time on the bench, too slow. The only time Australian forwards look effective against the Blacks is when they pick and drive, still we waste time running that stupid short side all the time and passing one off the ruck just to get smashed by a wall of black???? Aussies need to pick specialised wingers, you know the ones who play there all their careers, not because of their ability to attack but their ability to defend and position themselves. How many times have the Blacks scored over the last five years because our defence out wide is an absolute joke. Back in the sheds you can hear them laughing their heads off. No sin bins for slowing down Wallabies ball that close to the line, absolute disgrace. Don’t worry Wayne, Rugby league isn’t the only game where the sin bin has disappeared.

  • Robson

    The real difference between the ABs and the Wallabies is – in imho – something that can be encapsulated in two words. “Gilbert Enoka”.
    Just my opinion of course, but I don’t think the “top two inches” can be ignored as the source of all high performance both on and off the sports field.

    • Brax

      Well that & depth in almost every position. And a great third tier competition.

  • Jaco Peyper

    Errors I made against the wallabies last night

    5:48: Gold 2 scores a try but no advantage
    given. Gold gets penalty?

    9:57: penalty against gold for not being on feet
    during pilfer. He was on his feet, maintained his own weight, attempting to
    pilfer prior to a ruck being formed.

    14:33: Wallabies take ball into ruck. Ball was
    unplayable at bottom of a ruck. Scrum feed went to AB’s.

    16:15: Gold 3 penalised for slipping at a scrum.
    Should have just been a reset

    16:57: Black 9 takes ball to contact. Player
    held up and is a Collapsed maul and should be wallabies scrum feed. Penalty all

    20:40: Black shoulder charge not seen. Automatic
    yellow card hence not given.

    23:14: Black 10 offside and taking Gold 9 at
    back of ruck before he’s even got the ball

    23:16: 4 separate all blacks offside not seen

    29:05: Gold 3 regathers after scrappy lineout.
    Ruled that gold 5 had knocked on. In fact the black 5 hit it backwards.

    31:04: Touch judge calls penalty for holding
    player back at end of a ruck. Replay showed nothing in it. This happens in
    every second ruck.

    32:50: Black 15 kicks long downfield. 4 separate
    All Blacks did not retreat whatsoever.

    33:27: Gold 7 penalised for not rolling away in
    a ruck. He actually took the ball into the ruck. He isn’t required to roll away
    from anything. Just a complete brain fart from Jaco. In fact black 7 was laying
    all over the ball and hence why Gold 7 wasn’t able to place the ball back.
    Penalty should have gone the other way

    35:19: Penalty given against gold 8 for not
    releasing tackled player during a pilfer. He did release him. Textbook pilfer.
    Should have been penalty to wallabies.

    38:20 Gold 2 penalised for not retreating. If
    that was not retreating, there are about 10 all black kicks through the game
    that were not retreating

    42:43: Gol7 7 penalised for obstruction as gold
    10 takes it to the line. Was nowhere near the ball and did not obstruct any
    player whatsoever.

    43:06: Black 2 baulk on the throw

    48:02: Gold 6 penalised for joining ruck
    incorrectly. He was the tackler, got caught at the back and got out of the way
    as quickly as humanly possible. Not sure how you join the ruck incorrectly when
    you are the tackler.

    Scrappy scum and gold 7 picks up. Ruck formed
    and called unplayable and AB’s get put in to next scrum. The ball was ready to
    be played at back of ruck. Not sure how it was unplayable

    60:10: Wallabies penalized for collapsing scrum
    from touch judge. Clearly wallabies dominant and Black 3 actually pulled it
    down. Clear and the light of day. Kearney was about as impressed as me.

    65:14: Touch judge calls Gold 11 in touch. He
    had played ball after tackle, and from ensuing ruck ended up over the line 3
    seconds after he had placed it

    79:29: Black 16 taking out Gold 16 while he was
    trying to tackle black 9 off the back of a lineout.

    • jkb

      cheers mate, that was fantastic.
      you don’t have a wife or kids do you?
      i’m only allowed to watch the game once…

  • Jaco Peyper

    Should I have yellow carded someone last night?

    Infringements in red zone that I penalized when AB’s under pressure and wallabies on attack:

    5:41 offside

    20:40: Shoulder charge

    20:50: Deliberate knock down

    23:40: Black 9 not releasing tackled player when
    momentum with wallabies and on black tryline

    23:49: Black 1 in from the side to kill a
    penalty advantage and just concede penalty

    31:04: Not releasing tackled player

    45:39: Black 10 entering from the side and black
    15 closing off the ball and off his feet after gold 11 makes break down the

    55:52: Black 9 killing ball, black 7 not
    releasing ball after ruck had formed.

    56:13: Offside. This is third penalty in phase
    of play but advantage being played. Obvious tactics for AB’s to kill the ball
    and concede 3.

    • RedAnt

      Darkness, have you done same thing for missed penalties against the ABs? That’s an awful lot of mistakes, could there be that many going the other way too? Seems unlikely… Reffing rugby is clearly bloody difficult but surely there shouldn’t be this many mistakes.

    • BennyJJ

      2. wasn’t penalised

      6. what are you calling the red zone? It was out of the 22

      Aussies infringed in the red zone while ABs were on attack at 9th minute, 10th, 35th, 39th, 68th, 73rd, 74th. That would make it 7 red zone penalties each and no cards.

      So what is your point?

  • RedAnt

    Overall agree with your review, Sully. Felt the Wallabies improved (except for set piece where we went backwards!) but some silly mistakes let the ABs back in the game. Forwards need to work hard for full 80, not just first 30. Maybe we should have brought on a couple of forward sub’s a bit earlier. Well played to the ABs, another year with a full cupboard by the looks of it.

  • jkb

    Toomua doesn’t organise the attack. he is solid but hasn’t done enough to show he is clearly better than QC.

    Mogg is not ready and looks shaky in all facets of his game.

    Fardy was great.

    I think link should make the following changes:

    Cooper for Toomua

    Folau to fullback

    A winger in for Mogg or perhaps AAC to wing and Kirundrani(probably not spelled correctly) to 13 or vice versa

    If only Speight was eligible…
    the referee was terrible and cost the wallabies at least 4 points directly and also the opportunity to play against the ab’s with a man in the bin.

    • Gary Gleeson

      Nick Cummins is fit and in the squad. He should be playing at wing or 13.

  • Bcombes

    To be honest I don’t think James Horwill should be captaining the wallabies. I’m a long time big kev supporter but over the last few matches including the lions series he fails to get the ref to see the repeat infringements. I’m not sure whether its a case of him not seeing them or not having the balls to jump up and down until the ref does something about it. Personally I think Moore does this well though don’t know if he is probably the best man for the job


    Unfortunatley it came too late but even Nonu knew to get the ball in IZZYS hands sheeeeeeeesh AAAAARGH!!!

  • Drongo

    My top five points for Wabs to work on from last week (Bled 1). 1. Commitment. 2. kicking game 3. defense 4. scrums 5. horwills captaincy. 1. commitment/urgency was there in parts i felt. it was also awful in parts. The 10-5 mins before the Izzy intercept Wabs went awol again. This has to stop. 2. Kicking game: we came into this week screaming that we’d bring a kicking game. may as well have told AB training camp what to train for. We brought a very poor one. Genia’s box kicks were not protected and were poorly executed. Toomua wasnt used enough, and numerous kicks that had not bloody ONE chasing player. Don’t think we saw ONE attacking highballed/cross field kick to Izzy. 3. Defence: I thought we were much better this week. Re-alignment in defence was better, Hooper outstanding, Toomua solid. 4. Scrums: well I give up. Nick Bish/nutta can tell us more, but in my view -The defending scrum team has a huge advantage under new laws. 5. Captaincy: James Horwill went AWOL again. He did the same in the Lions series. I want from my captain someone YELLING at the ref when Kieran Reid professional fouled and didn’t get sent off. I want someone rallying the troops when we go AWOL. A lots been said about how bad the ref was. Indeed he was poor, but so was Horwills management of him.

  • jono

    I’m new to the game, AFL fanatic here trying to expand my horizons. This was my second rugby game. What was going on with the scrums, it took forever, isn’t the team feeding the scrum supposed to have an advantage, both sides were losing their feed but the AB’s appeared to adjust better to the scrum in the second half. The first game I watched was a reds vs rebels game and the Reds were fast, free flowing and exciting to watch. Constant stopping and starting and whistle-blowing in the Bledsoe cup game was mind numbingly boring. Is it always that way for international matches?

  • Delphy

    What do you guys think of James Horwill’s ref management? Seems that too often he is throwing a complaint over his shoulder as he walks away rather than looking the ref right in the eyes and making his point.

    Case in point where Horwill made his “It is the same place they left off last week” comment about professional fouls in the 22. To me it came across as a winge rather than a polite but forceful demand for action.

    • Bcombes

      Agreed love big kev as a player and a fellow queenslander but I just don’t think his captaining skills are up to international standards. He never confronts an issue he is just forever complaining. In comparison to McCaw, he is constantly pointing out to the ref infringements and ensuring the ref is noticing them and acting on them.

    • Drongo

      I completely agree. See point 5 below of my rant! Also numerous wallaby attacking rucks ABs lying all over the ball. Big Kev needed to forcefully speak to ref and even threaten that if the ref wouldn’t take action, he would be forced to use the boot.

  • chuchu

    The outstanding issue for me in the game was the chase for the kicks and the Wallabies choosing the worst time to kick away possession. Time and time again the AB’s were there contesting the kicks, when it came to the Wallabies they were nowhere to be found. How can the AB’s who had at least five 30+year old men sprint time and time and time again from 10mtrs to 20mtrs to 50mtrs and our team of twentysomethings can’t manage a jog?

  • Trev from the bush

    Wannabes showed their inability at the 4th minute. Turnover ball won and no one was their to hurt the ABs. The ball got to Fardy and he ran across field to fumble it to Falou who had a prop in front of him. Try went begging. Dopey Kearns comments good recovery by Fardy! Suggest the Wannabes play against some lower rated teams so they can learn how they can score !

    • Tony Dun

      Trev don’t start me on Kearns. What a boofhead.

  • RubberLegs

    Genia has to be the creative one when Toomua is standing in the backline like a bollard. Even Alan Jones says the Reds 9/10 combination should have been used. White’s performance cost the Brumbys the Super final but he and Mogg are the attacking force for the Brumbys. If you want Filau to get the ball and you believe he understands how to play rugby (I don’t), QC should be #10 because he has a vastly superior running, passing and kicking game. He will take a lot of the pressure off Mogg too because he knows where the opposition kicks are going and catches them.

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