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No Laughing Matter: Cheika’s Right To Be Angry

No Laughing Matter: Cheika’s Right To Be Angry

After the third Bledisloe on the weekend, Michael Cheika did seem to insinuate that the All Blacks/NZRU management ordered the New Zealand Herald to draw him as a clown. On the face of it, that is a bit nuts.


cheik 1

But to hear those words, in the context of the press conference, and then extrapolate them to mean what Cheika literally said, is absurd. It also lacks empathy. As a journalist/reporter/writer/whatever, getting what’s in your head out as an argument that stands up to criticism is what you do for a day job. Cheika’s just a rugby coach.

Anyway, let’s go straight to the source.

The Rant

After you watch the press conference in full, it becomes quite clear that the Clown cartoon is, excuse the pun, a complete sideshow. Cheika says it himself at 3:39 “It’s no big deal, really”.

Ok, he (and Stephen Moore, who’s sitting beside him) do express their disappointment with the cartoon – Moore says he found it disrespectful to the jersey – but again that’s beyond the point.

The thrust of Cheika’s argument is that the All Blacks management demand respect from the Aussies, while not sending any in return, to point that Cheika rightly feels they’re disrespecting the team. While the All Blacks mightn’t have told the NZ Herald to draw the cartoon, in Cheika’s eyes that’s just another straw on the collapsed camel’s back.

The set piece of Cheika’s ‘Clowngate’ rant is the whole hotel bug episode, and the Wallabies coach is quite right to fume about that.

To recap, the All Blacks found, a bug in their hotel on the Monday before the first Bledisloe game. They didn’t release the news about the bug until the Saturday morning before the game.

Suddenly, before the biggest game of the year, the Wallabies are having their preparation disrupted over this bug. Not too long after it was revealed, allegations were following that the Wallabies had bugged the All Blacks.

If the ABs had the best intentions at heart, they would have surely foreseen that news of this sort would immediately lead to allegations that the Wallabies did it. Quite rightly, in Cheika’s eyes this is slander by subterfuge.

In the presser, Cheika himself says (5:52):

“The thing that really got me offside was the accusation that we tried to bug them…they had that the whole week…for me, that’s what show a lack of disrespect.”

You can now see Cheika’s internal logic, and it makes sense.


On top of that, there’s other things frustrating Cheika vis-a-vis the WBs-ABs relationship: the fact that Hansen dropped his two cents on what he thought of the Eddie Jones-Cheika relationship during England’s tour to June; the continuing mystery as to how the ABs correctly guessed the backline re-shuffle before it the squad was released; and how the ABs also seem to unpick most of Australia’s lineouts.

(And there’s also the fact that the NSW Police only came out yesterday to say they don’t consider the All Blacks as the planters of the bug, two months after the story first came to light) – there’s chicken left on this bone – Ed.

Then There’s All The Gracious Comments

Everywhere else in the press conference – including throughout his rant – Cheika is quick to say that the Wallabies have to own their mistakes, and that the All Blacks are a very good side.

“We know that New Zealand are very good on turnover counterattack,” Cheika says, “And we made a lot of good play then turned the ball over and allowed them to score, that’s it, simple. So we gotta own that first before thinking about the turning point.”

While not gracious (but not bitter either), Cheika reacts to the question of the Speight no-try with this:

“I obviously can’t say anything, because they [World Rugby’s naughty step committee] have you by the throat. I’ve just never seen shepherding from behind before.”

All of this, however, is lost because Cheika wants to let it be known that he thinks the ABs are dicks.

Don’t Even Mention The Richetty Grub Cartoon

And this is another thing. Bringing up the Richetty Grub is a deliberate confusion.

Cheika had nothing to do with it, nor any other tabloid cartoon thing – or that time when Stephen Hoiles annoyed Eddie Jones earlier this year. In fact, if you asked Cheika about the cartoon – has anyone, actually? – he’d probably, given his previous lines about respect, say he doesn’t like it.


Painful memes are made in New Zealand too

The media just loves pointing out shit like that because a) hypocrisy and whataboutery sells newspapers, and b) the media loves talking about the media above all else.

Just A ‘Lil Bit

Perhaps Cheika is a bit soft – maybe it’s all a bit of fun, mind games and all that. (But then again, a couple of Australians drank out of a boot and wore a country’s flag on their bum, and then got thrown out of that country, so maybe some people are really keen on symbolic respect?)

Maybe he’s also a bit naive. As he and Moore insinuated, and as Rugby Reg said on the GAGR Show, you can’t really win taking on the press. With the media wind on both sides of the dutch mostly blowing against him, perhaps just to maintain face Cheika should have just pokerfaced the whole press conference.

But you know what, maybe it’s ok he’s letting his feelings be known. Cheika’s just asking for the same respect he shows to the other teams. While he’s a passionate man, and, uh, has given the glazier industry a leg-up a few times, he justifiably feels put aside.

As Iain Payten wrote in his piece for the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday: “One player said of Cheika yesterday: ‘He’s not the lunatic people think. He says things emotionally but I don’t doubt for a minute all of this was to say to New Zealand: We are not scared of you.'”

  • Seb V

    I’m not sure I agree. Cheika’s words and actions don’t align for me. He says “it;s no big deal really” but then proceeds continuing speaking on the topic and then brings up this bug incident again. He just seems like an emotional wreck to me, far from a humble loser. Whether he is right or wrong, and ironically out of respect for the wallabies jersey, he could show a little restraint and stop painting Aussies as sore losers.

    • Merrow

      Screw being a humble loser; that’s not going to get them anywhere. I want them angry, and wanting to win. Maybe he said some things that were a little far fetched; but funnily enough, even as a Brumbies fan, that’s the Cheika I’ve come to begrudgingly like. I couldn’t give a stuff what the Kiwi press, or Hansen think about the Wallabies. Why should Cheik?

    • Phil

      Emotional wreck?Ffs how did you arrive at that from the press conference?I had only seen reports of this “controversial” presser,so now after actually seeing it, I wonder what all the fuss was about.Both he and Moore seemed quite calm considering all the shit they have had to put up with and,as usual,they were only responding to questions put to them by the journos.
      I liked both their attitudes,that they had to own their mistakes and not blame others.They could have easily come out and said the TMO was crap,Nigel wasn’t much better and the All Blacks were lucky,but they didn’t(of course fines might have had something to do with that).Also,why ask Cheika to comment on the 18 straight victories?As he said,NZ couldn’t give a toss about his comments,but he did say what a great team they are.
      Nothing said by Cheika or Moore painted them as sore losers.

    • MM

      And you’d be a kiwi troll?

      • Colin Fenwick

        I invite you to check out Willem Labuschagne’s post below.

  • Pedro

    Great piece Nick.

    I suppose I can’t know cheika’s motives but I prefer him to be aggressive.

    If we did that kind of shit to the Argentine coach I’d expect them to be shitty about it.

    Secondly press conferences are normally so boring and he’s just being honest so who cares.

    Furthermore, people getting upset about cheika being upset is ironic in the extreme.

  • I 100% agree with you. I’d say that the All Blacks players themselves have respect for the Wallabies – they know what it’s like to put in the work to win the game – but their Coach and most of all their fans have no respect for us at all. They’ve spent so much time sitting back and watching those 23 guys in Black notch up win after win, they make it look easy, so it must be easy right? Any kiwi not on the field is taking what they are doing for granted. Success breeds arrogance.

    I love that Chieka is biting back and standing up for us. There shouldn’t be a non-kiwi rugby fan in the world who doesn’t want the AB’s taken down a peg or two. He demands the respect that we (and any other team that faces the All Blacks) deserve and never get from Hansen or the army of Kiwi trolls.

    • Pearcewreck

      Well said Michael.

    • Tim

      I can’t understand this myth about Hansen not respecting the Wallabies. Nearly every single interview the first thing he does is congratulate the opposition… just like he did on Sat night to the Wallabies. Just like he did in the RWC final…

      What more do you want? Now compare that to his Wallaby counterpart’s ‘respect’

      • ozrugbynut

        Sometimes its not what is said – anyone can act the politician..

        • Tyson Kershaw

          What the fuck do you want him to say then?

    • People should also read Missing Link’s comment below:

    • subfreq

      The AB’s play down Australia at every turn because we are one of two nations that have a realistic chance of knocking them over if we are 100% focused and prepared, the other being England. Every sledge is a sign of respect all be it in an under hand way because they can clearly see that these mind/media games distract Australia and that gives the AB’s an advantage.

      Wait until they finally play England and see the bombardment from both sides.

      IMO Chieka should cut out the malarky in the press. The only victory that matters comes at the end of the 80 min. His words aren’t helping him or the team achieve that, he’s just tangling himself up deeper and deeper in a media mind games mess.

  • Owen McCaffrey

    I prefer coaches and players to say what they think any and every time. Our society is to scared to hear what people think. Richie McCaw and Dan Carter never uttered a meaningful word to a camera in their whole careers and never has an All Black coach. It is all secrets and subterfuge. The only time I listen to an All Black coach is when they are announcing the team and I never listen to an All Black player. They are told to say precisely nothing.

    • Danny

      ‘The only time I listen to an All Black coach is when they are announcing the team and I never listen to an All Black player.’

      … yeah you’re probably not going to hear many meaningful comments if you don’t tune in.

      • Owen McCaffrey

        Not what I said Einstein. They are told/taught not to say anything. But you would not know anything anyway

        • Danny

          Actually I’ve just checked what I claimed that you said and… yes as I thought… it was literally word for word exactly what you said … (Einstein)

        • Owen McCaffrey

          Nope. You are firstly wrong and secondly lacking in basic intelligence since I said “Richie McCaw and Dan Carter never uttered a meaningful word to a camera in their whole careers and never has an All Black coach” which means I have listened to them a lot. I no longer. Brush up your English.

        • FourEyes

          Owen, what’s your source for
          “They are told to say precisely nothing”?

        • Owen McCaffrey

          The fact that they say precisely nothing (of value). When you find an All Black coach of player speaking to the media giving out information of value let us all know by the way.

        • Attizar

          The AB coach announced Wallaby team changes while Chiek was delaying. That information was of some value.

        • Owen McCaffrey

          Yeah. I agreed that only thing of value they do say is the team announcements. The rest is kept shrouded in double speak and secrecy. Listen to one of their press conferences if you like. I don’t blame them for giving nothing away. It’s to their advantage. I just said it’s not interesting and I stopped listening long ago when they interview an All Black player or coach.

          I would much prefer to hear what these players think or feel about things but I am 100% sure they are coached to say nothing of value.

        • Colin Fenwick

          Ohhh….who’s the fucking Eintein now?

  • Brendan Hume

    This is mostly a beat up. In Australia the only people who really care about this are Wallabies fans – nobody else in Australia would know who the Wallabies coach is. Wallabies fans are thinking or talking about it because we’ve had a disastrous year in terms of results, and we see this as a symptom – perhaps it is, but I’d agree with Hansen here and say it’s probably born out of frustration on Cheika’s behalf. He could probably check his comments, but it really only matters to the Kiwi’s and their press, and they’re winning anyway. I’d prefer if we were talking about the games more, the spring tour more, reviewing players and doing more game analysis, and talking about all the good things that are happening in a market that’s bloody tough.

    • BigNickHartman

      Here’s an interesting counterpoint to your comment that “In Australia the only people who really care about this are Wallabies fans – nobody else in Australia would know who the Wallabies coach is.”

      • Brendan Hume

        Any publicity is good publicity? I don’t know about that… there are so many great stories to be told in Australian Rugby, they’re the ones that I’d rather see.

        • Qld Reg

          Yes like the time we beat… Argentina and South Africa… ah those were the days.

    • McWarren

      I really don’t understand your point mate. Its like going onto an AFL site and advising its readers that the above story is pointless because not everyone in the country knows who the coach of…..Essendon is? But I’ll test your theory tonight and ask my old man who the Wallaby coach is. We needed two TV’s growing up, Dad’s for league and mine and my brothers for Union.

      • Brendan Hume

        My point is that the media is starved of anything interesting to write about so they write about a ‘dummy spit’ that – in the context of the press conference – was really a nothing event. And as a community we’ve taken the bait and started also talking about it when the real issues are being ignored.

  • Nick Gregory

    Cheika lacks the intelligence and mental fortitude to play these games. His skin is too easy to get under. Both Eddie Jones and Steve Hansen know how to play him like a piano.

    • McWarren

      Actually Nick, Cheika is a very intelligent man, he’s also very stubborn and very emotional. If combined well such attributes make a great coach.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Really? Sorry mate but I think you’re stretching. The idea that NZ Rugby and the press are collaborating is complete shit. Cheika is under pressure because the results this year have been crap and he’s doing everything to take the focus away from that. This whole disrespect thing is a crock of shit and is only hiding the fact that poor selections, shit tactics, and his motivation to over the top aggression that just gave away penalties has caused most of his problems.
    NZ absolutely wants a strong Australia to challenge us on the field, and most of us want to sit down with most of you a share a beer about it, knowing that whoever won last night not next time

    • McWarren

      KRL I’ve been critical of Cheika’s selections this year and last. His tactics are poor. But whether I agree with his assessment of Hansen’s lack of respect for the Wallabies or not I like the fact that he hasn’t just shut up, he was offended and he stood up and said so. Maybe he’s learning from Hansen, trying to fire the boys up with an us against the world mentality.
      So who did plant the bug? Indian bookies?

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I read an article about that and it makes sense. Look if his talk inspires the team that’s great, but I’d still like to see Aus and NZ closer. I think together we can do more if we’re not fighting

        • ozrugbynut

          You misunderstand how important an intense (sometimes spiteful) rivalry was, is and can be to oz rugby. It makes commercial sense, so i have no issue with Cheika calling it how he sees it. Take man u/city as an example. Union barely makes the fkn papers here(as im sure you are aware)!! There is a LOT of pent up frustration here from 14 years of nz wins (and jonathan kaplan) and its about time it was all unlocked. Its important the sporting consumer at large understands there is a real rivalry there (regardless of the results). there is far too much ambivalence to rugby in oz. I hope that australia waking up to nz hatred can help ignite it and we’ll one day return the favour (less the trolls) and rub hansens grubby nose in it.

    • Kev

      Actually going off social media I think most kiwis would love to see Australian rugby be buried.

      I do agree that this article is stretching it a bit but at the same time I have no doubt that the All Blacks and NZ don’t respect the Wallabies.

      • Kev

        Case in point being McCaw’s snubbing Australia in his post-match interview in the RWC.

        I have never seen that from the captain of a team ever.

        • LoveThePoop

          And Hansen turning his back to avoid shaking hands when Chekia went to shake Richie’a hand

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I disagree mate. Yes there are trolls, like those idiots that still boo Quade, but those kiwis who love rugby don’t think like that. The trouble is a lot of them are very vocal on social media

        • LoveThePoop

          Dont forget the kiwis who think that someone clawing at a players face and eyes isn’t an attempt at eye gougeing

        • Colin Fenwick

          You really need to build a bridge over this one. What it looked like and what it really was, are 2 very different things. Kane Douglas said himself there was nothing in it and stated it looked much worse than it was.

        • Andy

          I find the whole the kiwi-ozzie relationship thing quite funny. I work with plenty of kiwi’s over here in oz and are all top guys/girls. We talk about the footy quite a lot and almost all the time it is very respectful. Most Kiwis I know do say they wish we were better (when speaking about rugby(and coitus…..).

          On these rugby forums you tend to get the trolls who’s social skills are usually questionable in the first place so you take all the nonsense with a grain of salt.

          But when I was in NZ for a year it was a mixed bag, so to speak. 2/3 of the people were very respectful and friendly and the other 1/3 were, dare I say, complete c###s and had a great disdain for Australia and Australians in general. I was spat on a cricket game ffs! So what did I take from all this? Kiwi’s and Ozzies are basically the same whether we like it or not…..

    • LoveThePoop

      Say what you want about the wallaby “aggression” (how dare they show some in a game of rugby) but let’s not forget that it was an All black doing his best to gouge out an oppents eyes… nothing compares to such a low act on the field

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        He never went near the eye. FFS Douglas himself said so. I suppose he was forced to say that under the same conspiracy theory that stopped Cheika raising it when asked three times by the citing commission.

        • LoveThePoop

          I never said he did eye gouge… I said he was doing his best in attempting to eye gouge… to say he never went near the eyes is laughable and as far as I’m concerned there is no difference between trying to eye gouge someone and actually eye gouging someone in terms of the punishment they deserve… it was a low act and just because it wasn’t officially cited and just because Douglas wanted to leave it on the field doesn’t make it ok… jumping to his defence is just pathetic and speaks volumes of the NZ fans, competitors, and coaching staff themselves… at least when Phipps threw old mates boot and pushed over the Physio we could say yeh that was a dick move on his part and wasn’t it funny to see all you kiwi trolls come running out of your cave to label him a grub but at least he never tried to gouge another blokes eye out…

  • Oden vai

    Looking in, I’ve never heard Hansen, Jones, Gaitland or any top tier nation coach ramble on, complain or talk about anything that had nothing to do with the performance of there sides. Professional in there response and always accountable and honest in there post match press conference. Pure class, watch and learn Cheika, composed and professional no matter what clown jokes are thrown at you. Lead accordingly and your players will follow suit. Lead with frustration and excuses and a knack for letting the media get under your skin and thus the following bad habits will be learnt from your players. To be a leader of men you must be more……….be more

    • McWarren

      Are you talking about ‘Eddie’ Jones and ‘Warren’ Gatland? For second there I thought you just called them pure class!!! Very funny.

      • Oden vai

        There’s a reason why I choose those coaches, Lions 3-1, England 3-0, AB 3-0, jezz are readers so ignorant?

    • Fatflanker

      Maaaaaaaaate, have a listen to Gatland on the next Lions tour if you want a master class in coaches having a whinge.

  • Happyman

    We can expect the usual one eyed Kiwi response to this balanced article. I am with MC the AB’s are a excellent team and we have to own our mistakes. We are faced with the usual rubbish from trolls across the ditch and in Australia who could not show a balanced view about their precious All Black’s with a gun to their heads.

    I for one like MC’s press conferences at least you know how he feels and what his opinions are. While I cannot agree with some of his delivery at least it is not “just taking it one week at a time” style of press conference.

    The AB’s and some AB fans show very little respect towards any opposition, every post and Journo talks about how last weekend they played poorly and lacked execution without acknowledging that the WB’s were exerting real pressure on the vaunted AB skill set leading to errors.

    The work by the host broadcaster in manipulating the result cannot also be overstated however until World Rugby comes up with a better system it will not change. This has happened all over the world so I am not blaming NZ for this alone but to illustrate. The Try no Try did not show any lead up where DHP was impeded that could have lead to a different outcome (even though I will always maintain it was a rubbish call). then the charge down try was never shown from a side on view my first thought was offside but we were never going to see it from the side. I am sure if that boot was on the other foot we would have seen it more than once.

    Chieka is correct to feel under siege as when you travel to a country where you play against a national team you are welcome to come but you are expected to lose and then tell them how great the experience was.

    • Huw Tindall

      Simple solution to the local broadcaster issue is to ban replays on the big screen – they did it in football (soccer). The actual televised broadcast they can do whatever they want.

    • LoveThePoop

      I’m glad someone else noticed tj was possibly offside… I only saw one quick replay but I’m pretty sure he was more than 5m away from the scrum but not 5m behind the last feet… I’m not 100% on that law but I thought a scrum half was not aloud to drift to far away from the scrum unless he retreated back the 5m… to be honest Phipps blew it with the pump fake before the pass, however in his defence I think he was expecting hodge to be on the other side and that’s what caused the pump fake… I guess you could put that down to the first time they have really played together

  • Kev

    To be honest guys
    (1) How did Cheika even come across the clown thing? It was in some piece of trash NZ tabloid.
    (2) Why does he even read these things? Doesn’t seem like a good idea for the national coach of Australia to spend his time on these matters.

    • SuckerForRed

      1) He was shown it & asked about it by the press.
      2) See answer to 1

      • Kev

        That must have been before the post-match press conference because he brought it up by himself there?

        • SuckerForRed

          Yes. I believe that he was shown it in the morning when the paper came out. I also believe that the question asked in the pesser, if not directly mentioning the article at least aluded to it.
          The way I see it is that the players and coaches, for all nations, are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.
          1. If they trot out the standard “game of two halves” type comments they are crucified for not addressing the problems.
          2. If they do mention the elephant in the room they are crucified for not showing team culture/spirit.
          3. If they answer questions directed to them about specific topics (e.g. clown cartoons), and are honest about it, they are sore losers and whingers.
          4. If they avoid said questions or answer them with ambivulance they are assumed to be “spinning the media line”. Refer to point 2.
          If I was in their position, would it have hurt? You are damned right it would have. And that goes for the Richetty Grub cartoon as well. When did it become alright to take cheap shots at a nation’s identity?
          I also think that the media outlets on both sides of the Tasman perhaps need to cool off a bit. Report the facts and don’t go trying to make the news by publishing something offensive/nasty and then poking the bear by asking about it. WTAF do you think is going to happen? Yeah maybe we should all grow a thicker skin – but refer to point 2.

    • Well it was on the front page of the paper so it was probably all over the hotel they were staying in. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Chieka showed it to all the players before the game to fire everyone up. A “this is what they think of you…” kind of speech.

  • Qld Reg

    ‘DON’T EVEN MENTION THE RICHETTY GRUB CARTOON’… why not? Seriously if our coach finds it fit to bring up the equivalent ‘offence’ from a foreign media agency and then imply some connection from their opponents (irrespective of whether this was some weird segway in to another matter)… when visiting teams here have to put up with our media’s BS all the time, surely you have to be open for people to point out the obvious hypocritical precedents… and surely it’s time for Chieka to stop embarrassing us with crazy rants that are fast making him the Trump of world rugby and start focusing on delivering something better than a 50% win rate

    • BigNickHartman

      I’m open to people pointing out hypocrisy, but it usually leads nowhere. Where does it lead in this case?

      And “embarrassing us” – you’re speaking for yourself there bud!

    • Gottsy

      I agree with the article, it’s pointless to mention the richetty grub cartoon. It’s also pointless to mention the clown cartoon. And if you watch the video of the press conference (and read the article) very little is said about it- it’s basically just used as a segue to talk about how cheika feels disrespected.
      And if he feels disrespected, who are any of us to invalidate that?

    • MM

      I’m not embarrased at all. Stop your cultural cringe or are you another kiwi troll.

  • Nomad

    So why is it then that the first thing Hansen said in the interview post matchith. I prompt from the interviewer) was to congratulate the Wallabies on a fine performance… as he did post RWC final. Also why did Hansen come out when everyone was harping on about how big the gap is between NZ and the rest of the world and insist that the NZ, Aus and SAF are much closer than everyone thinks? Why is it that Hansen went out of his way to go in to bat for Heyneke Meyer when he was being slammed by his country, telling the media openly he could do no better if he was under the same player quota restrictions… ?

    Sorry, I’m a neutral here and can see why you’d desperately want to hate Hansen (hell for his record alone) but I just don’t see the evidence anywhere to justify it.

    • “Nomad”, “Old Reg”, “Danny” and “Tim” and the rest of the sad trolling personas you make up from your bedroom in New Zealand every day –

      Mate, you’re a joke and you should know we’ve been having a good chuckle about you for a while. You should know it takes us seconds to delete what takes you many minutes to write.

      But seriously, get a life. The amount of time you burn on this sad pursuit says a lot about you – and none of it’s good.

      • FourEyes

        Whether or not these blokes are from NZ is immaterial.
        Nomad, above, seems to be making a fair point and claims to be a neutral.
        I certainly am.
        You, Matt Rowley, are certainly not.
        Nomad presents evidence to the contrary of the expressed point of view.
        If you can’t appreciate that, then you thoroughly deserve the label of whingeing Australian.
        Go on, continue to laugh at your readership and contributors.
        Have a pop at the Westies (for watching NRL), Leagies (for not converting to Union), Saffers (for Super Rugby) etc etc from your privileged public school backgrounds and then wonder why Australian Rugby is going down the toilet.
        What are you doing about it, apart from whingeing and sniggering?

        • They’re not ‘blokes’ you moron – they’re the same sad troll. A bit like you but smarter. I remember banning you months ago.

    • LoveThePoop

      Hansen seems like the sort of bloke that walks into a job where the previous guy was so good at what he did, that there is no real need for the position he vacated and despite having a poor track record at previous jobs he begins to take credit for everything the previous bloke established… i wouldn’t be surprised if he started giving out unwanted advice to people in similar positions, at rival companies, with less resources than his, in a agrogent “you should just do what I did” kinda way… he seems like the kinda bloke that would refuse to shake your hand because his side beat you in a game of rugby or he might stand by one of his players that attempted to eye gouge an oppent… I don’t know, that’s just the kinda bloke Steve Hansen seems to me

    • ozrugbynut

      As ive posted elsewhere, everyone can be a politician. Hes a grub. As for his comments on the gap between SA/oz/NZ, commercially they need to maintain interest in the game at home. Also, i would never expect hansen to come out in support of cheika. Never. He respects SA (and incan understand why), but he doesnt respect Australia.

  • Huw Tindall

    Good article and for anyone who hasn’t watched the press conference please do. From reading the media you’d think that Cheika was screaming his head off with spittle flying out of his mouth. He was calm and considered. Yes I don’t think Chieka should have even acknowledged the clown cartoon; it does look a bit childish. It was however a segue way into the more serious incident….

    The bug incident is the real killer here. Has anyone come up with a plausible justification for why Hansen and co waited 5 days before revealing the bug incident? It’s not just co-coincidental timing. If there is more to this – and the guys on the podcast have indicated that there is more to come – then it could blow some seriously holes in AB credibility. The Wallabies and ARU management had police officers knocking on their doors on game day. Not ideal preparation and a major distraction. If at all this timing was a tactic of Hansen and co then it is an utter disgrace. You can’t throw around serious allegations like this without heed of the potential consequences.

    • Greg

      Hansen has already explained (2 months ago) they found it and had no idea what it was, thought nothing of it… then someone casually asked the hotel staff a few days later… which is when the suggestion of listening device was mentioned… pretty plausible.

      So as Australians we’re naturally happy to take our coach’s word that they had nothing to do with it, but will be forever suspicious of our neighbour across the dutch…

      Perhaps it was us who planted it… wouldn’t that be an ‘utter disgrace’ as you say. After all – out of the two teams who would have cause to need more help with some secret intel?

  • transtasman

    New Zealand journos are just as bad as any other journos at taking one piece of a statement and blowing that piece out of proportion. Also, they are Aucklanders, NZs equivalent of Sydneysiders, the sort of arrogance where an Auckland newspaper would call itself the New Zealand…

  • Whig

    I’m still scratching my head trying to work out if this article is satire or serious.

  • LoveThePoop

    Fact is that 2 out of 3 bledisloes this year have been beyond poorly officiated… yes the all blacks probably still would’ve won and who knows maybe by even more but the job of an offical is to provide an environment where both teams are held accountable to the laws of the game in as consistent a manner as possible (a fair contest that allows each team to assert its dominance through tactics, selections, skills etc)…that was not done and it’s disapointing that world rugby remain silent… surely the last 12-24months have been enough to convince world rugby that they need to step in and manage the standard of the top 10 or so officials… it blows my mind that you can play 3 games of rugby against the same opposition with 3 of the top 5 refs in the world but get completely different interpretations on how the game should be played in key areas (scrum, breakdown etc). Of course there will always be some minor differences game to game but the game is confusing enough to average fan without them having to learn how different officials view the game of rugby

    • FourEyes

      What on earth are you on about?
      “beyond poorly officiated” – in your opinion, perhaps.
      The “fan rulings” on the 3rd Bledisloe are quite clear – there was nothing technically wrong about disallowing the 10-15 Aus try.
      That’s whats rankling you, not any other stuff.
      It was much the same against England. Aus were on top till Foley’s try was disallowed for Arnold’s obstruction.
      If you’re going to cheat and get caught then you face the consequences.
      Man up.

      There weren’t many people on here agreeing with the World View that you were lucky to get past Scotland last World Cup or that the clincher try v Argentina had a forward pass in it.
      Note that the world rugby uniquely didnt remain silent in the case of the Aus v Sco RWC15 game – they criticised Joubert publicly.
      I’m sure if they thought the ref was that wrong again, then theyd say so.

      What goes round comes round.

      • LoveThePoop

        To penalise DHP for changing his line/obstruction but ignore 2 all blacks changing his line/holding back/obstructing only seconds earlier is pretty poor officating… yes world rugby said Joubert was wrong in his decision but he was correct in saying it could not be reviewed. Therefore Joubert had a decision to make on a 50/50 call that he only had 1 view of and that view lasted less than a second… it’s forgivable and like you said what goes around comes around. However I am more referring to the obvious inconsistency in interpretation by officials from different counties/hemispheres… I don’t understand how in 2016 we can’t get the top officials in the world to all be on the same page when it comes to interpreting the laws of the game… it’s fair enough to say that there will always be slight differences but at the moment for example you can go into a game where the officials are incredibly harsh on a players accuracy at the breakdown or the way the props bind in a scrum or what defines holding players back off the ball or not rolling away in a ruck and then you go into a next game with the same opponents but the interpretations of those things change dramatically… everyone says well that’s just how rugby is and I can except that at the amature or semi-pro level but not at test match level

        • Grant NZ

          “To penalise DHP for changing his line/obstruction but ignore 2 all blacks changing his line/holding back/obstructing only seconds earlier is pretty poor officating”

          Well, no that’s just the nature of the video review system. They saw the DHP obstruction cause it was clear in the replay, they didn’t see the other ones cause they weren’t. The actual nature of the offences wasn’t equal either, DHP wasn’t obstructed to the same degree which also contributed to the visibility.

        • HK Red

          You’re 100% correct. He wasn’t obstructed in the same way, in that he had TWO opposition players shouldering him, grabbing at him, changing running lines to crowd him out. The main difference is, DHP just fought harder to get through it.

        • LoveThePoop

          Ahhh ok so DHP should’ve appealed to ref like Savea did… then it would’ve been picked up I guess… is that what the games coming to now is it?

  • Gottsy

    A mountain has definitely been made out of this molehill.

    • SuckerForRed

      A mountain? There is a bump the size of Everest being thrown up as we speak. And the parties haven’t stopped digging yet.

  • Oden vai

    I’m guessing the overseas players rule will be revisited as it builds no depth or commitment to those loyal home based players. I’m sure the Boks will also reconsider the rule change

  • PresqueVu

    Is this the time and place to bring up the Haka and how it shouldn’t be performed outside NZ?

    • Nutta

      45seconds, 2minutes and 5minutes.

      Do you know what these numbers mean?

      On Saturday night it was 45seconds between the end of the anthems and the start of the haka, the haka itself went for about 2min and it was just shy of 5min by the time we kicked off.

      During that time the visiting team got to stand there, get cold, wait patiently and passively cool their heels until they were allowed to take up positions to play.

      Alternatively, after the haka, the AIBs are usually afforded about half a minute to catch there breath, have yet another huddle and get ready to play as & when they are ready.

      Is there any sport or team anywhere in the world where such a one-sided display is not just tolerated, but is actively promoted? And I say promoted because woe-betide anyone one who dares interrupt the haka!

      Remember the furores that surrounded:
      Wales in 2006?
      Campo et al in 1996?
      Italy in 2007?
      There are more, but you get the point. You can’t even blink during a haka without being accused from on-high of committing a crime worthy of the Nuremberg trials. Shit, people thought a gaggle of Frogs holding hands in front of a haka was daring!

      And what’s the go with the faux-reverence for the haka? Does anyone recall Fiji doing the Cibi at the opening game of the 2015 World Cup? Was there any respect for that? The Filth crowd just sang over the top of them! But because it’s the AIB we’re supposed to salaam and tremble in silence?

      For me the penny dropped last Saturday night when immediately after the haka my 11yr old daughter went to walk out. I asked where she was going and she said “They have done their dance, I’m going to watch a movie in my room.” And that’s when it hit me. The haka is just that- a dance. And the hypocritical, salivating reverence it attracts is detracting from the game itself.

      No one or no thing else is allowed to delay the start of a game. At no other time would we tolerate a team entering a stadium so late, or huddle up, or stand around for a game of two-up and delay the start of a TEST MATCH for 5min!

      Do the Samoans or Togans wait for each other to finish before ripping into theirs? Do we see the Broadway Hype & carry-on in their cultural appreciation?

      It’s gone beyond the sublime to the ridiculous. The haka got interesting during the late 80s and 90s after the rather laughable nut-bush-esque shuffle of previous decades. Guys like Buck or Fitz stepping forward and just cracking on brought some heat to it. But now its choreographed better then most Melbourne based dance troupes. It’s not led by the Captain anymore, it’s led by whoever won the teenie-boppers dance-off during the week. Pretty soon there will even be a touring spot or a 24th man on match days for the guy to lead the dance off.

      And opponents are just supposed to stand there and let the AIBs dictate the whole show from even before the first whistle? Does no one see the correlation between letting the AIBs do something that is obviously so significant to them, that clearly gets their blood up, then allow them time to recover whilst their opponents must stand there like statues whilst getting cold? Does no one else see this as the metaphor for how the game as an entity is tip-toeing around not just the AIBs during a match itself but also fkn NZ rugby in general?

      Maybe it’s just me, but I’m well over it. I’m all for national identity and expression but this has just gone beyond the pale.

      • MM

        Agree 200%. Its shit, culturally irrelevant to the vast majority of the planet and if its so relevant to them do it in the sheds before running out. Get rid of it.

      • LoveThePoop

        While I agree completely I don’t want to see an end to the haka or cibi etc. I like that it is unique to our game and cultural celebration goes beyond sport and should nevertheless be cast a side… having said that, yes the Haka has gone to far… both teams (or at least the opposition) should be given the opportunity of say max 5 mins (probably less) to either do a quick warm up drill or team huddle or whatever… it might flatten the crowd and tv audience or if the stadium is smart they might put some intense music or something on during this period to keep building the tension and the broadcasters can have a last word (phill Gould style) on what this match means to both teams… something does need to be done to make it more balanced

        • Nutta

          To be clear, I’m not saying drop it. I think things like the Cibi, Haka etc and even the ‘Welcome to Country’ have their place. But I am saying let’s rein it back in a wee bit and put some perspective and boundaries around it whilst stop being so syncopated & fawning

        • HK Red

          I do think that the Haka, Sipi/Sivi Tau, Cibi all have their place in the traditions and history of the game. I’ve said for many a year, that the Haka should be limited to matches in NZ (as host, NZ can do what they like), or only performed during away games if permitted by the host country. However, during away games, once performed then the ABs must stand there and accept whatever response the host country offers. Obviously this should be within reason, it wouldn’t be right for other nations to take the p1ss and come out with morris dancing or whatever, but something appropriate should be allowed and respectfully accepted. Who knows, maybe it will be nothing and we get on with the match.
          But the faux reverence that is demanded by the NZRFU and NZ public is getting out of hand. The complete lack of respect that NZRFU showed to WRU in 2006 is a prime example of the childish, spiteful, double-standards the ABs themselves apply to the Haka. A “spiritual” team ritual, that the ABs performed in the privacy of the change rooms, yet amazingly ensured that the cameras were there to record the moment. At the end of the day, it’s more about marketing than anything else.

        • LoveThePoop

          Yeh I agree, it’s a great spectacle but one team shouldn’t be gaining an advantage over the other because of it…

        • Missing Link

          Regardless of nation, why isn’t the welcoming ceremony done before the anthems? surely you want to welcome your opposition as soon as possible, then continue with the proceedings.

          For the Wallabies home games this year, we had an indigenous welcome, which I think was a great thing to do and hope they continue doing it, but it was done first thing, not just before kick off.

        • harro

          The haka is not unique to rugby anymore. It is done for everything. Seeing lanky blokes in budgie smugglers doing it beside a swimming pool is was too much

      • formerflanker

        Well written Nutta. Add in the rules from World Rugby which prevent any opposition to the haka from their opponents – no advancing for example – and you have a one-sided advantage for the ABs.
        Recently their formation has become a threat in itself. The spear or arrow head formation is another piece of the puzzle they are allowed to get away with.
        My solution is to let them do their haka during their allocated warm up time.

        • Patrick

          I’d wait for my retirement match and piss on them…

          But seriously the way the French challenged them was fantastic.

          Also my favorite haha moment was Phil Kearns basically grinning at them before THAT Bledisloe, I thought that was just the attitude!

      • Kokonutcreme

        45 seconds to scan this headline from my phone, click on the link and wait for the page to open.

        2 minutes to skim the article

        5 minutes to scroll down and read the number of posts before finding this gem :)

        Kia ora bro.

        • Nutta

          Fair play that.

      • SuckerForRed

        Although I don’t agree with some of what you say. I do get your point. I has said for a long time that I wish the opposition were allowed to respond how ever they wish. Turning their backs. Advancing. What ever. It is a challenge. Allow the challenge to be accepted.
        I do recall going to the AB v Fiji game in Brisbane at RWC2003. The face off was sensational!

      • Sideshow

        Dead right Nutta! It is beyond me why teams don’t just say get fucked, and respond how they want to respond. And when the shit hits the fan about it, do exactly the same the next game. And the next. Forever. By bowing down to the AB’s dictations about responding to the Haka, you have become their bitch before the game has even kicked off. If you want to be a man, don’t become someone’s bitch.

        • Willem Labuschagne

          On the other hand, there is such a thing as good manners.

    • FourEyes

      Almost certainly.
      On the last Lions to NZ tour, O’Driscoll asked some Maori elders what he should do in response to the Haka.
      The Elders told him that, as a sign of accepting the challenge, he should pick up a few blades of grass and throw them in the air.
      This he did.
      The NZ Media went apesh!t – “How can this man disrespect us and our traditions so?”

      • Colin Fenwick

        I will admit my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, but I can’t recall the NZ Media going “apeshit” over O’Driscoll’s response to the haka. Using the ole google machine didn’t reveal much either. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but something to support this allegation would be nice.

  • Scottytoohotty

    This really is making a mountain over a mole hill.
    “you guys don’t respect us”…..Then why do we watch the games? I mean why would Kiwi’s listen to a Wallaby podcast unless we respected your (Australia’s rugby community) opinions.
    It’s like having to console an upset kid.

    And obviously the players and coaches respect the Wallabies, ask any All Black who the old foes are. The games we really love to win, its always Australia. SA and England.

    And Matt Rowley surely you re too good to twitter about … “me and my buddies laughing at comments and deleting them”. A couple of days ago Brain Smith does this incredible analysis which is wonderfully insightful and then there’s this rubbish.

    Anyway thanks for your efforts, still my favourite podcast

    • You’re getting confused – I didn’t tweet anything like that, I wrote it in the comment pinned above.

      We’ve taken years to build – unpaid – a decent informative and entertaining website. I have no problem terminating without prejudice any moron who wants to come by and drop a verbal turd on it.

      What’s more I reckon the community here would expect it. Anyone who’s seen the cesspit that open comment websites can become knows what I’m on about.

      • Willem Labuschagne

        Absolutely no problem with deleting comments that are personal attacks or expletive-filled rants.

  • idiot savant

    The overwhelming thing about the keyboard warriors from the shaky isles, apart from their complete lack of a sense of humour, was that they couldn’t wait to put shit on Australia as soon as the match was over. Strong people lift other people up, weak people put them down. Pop psychology I know but hey sometimes theres truth on a cereal packet. Which are you my kiwi friends?

  • MM

    I’ve said it before, if you really want to know what the general NZed public think of Australians and the Wallabies, be in that country any time of the year, (a lead up to an Ashes series was my eye-opener) tune into a talk back radio sports show and you will find out very quickly.
    Great job, Cheika, with you 100% mate – the huge disappointment is the tut-tutting of the Australians who are also lining up to take kicks at everything he does, mostly along parochial lines – a dickheads like Spiro – although many may very well be trolls.

    • Gun

      Absolutely spot on. Having lived amongst our kiwi ‘mates’ as an expat, their antipathy too all things Oz is writ large. They just don’t like us. We may have brought this on ourselves, I’m not sure but it is the reality. We should own it and I don’t think we owe them anything. Good on Chek. Spiro is a Kiwi and Paul is Kiwi/Irish I think.

      • ozrugbynut

        They dont like us, and we just dont know it – weve directed our worst towards england. Returning the favour would be good for a lot of sports, not just rugby. Im boycotting L&P as a start..

    • Willem Labuschagne

      MM, I disagree with your formula for finding out what the public think. Neither I, nor any of my friends, all of whom are rugby fans, ever listen to talkback radio, still less take part. Surely it’s like saying to discover what Americans really believe one must watch reality crap on TV?

  • dean

    did anything come put of hansen turning his back on chieka after the world cup final ?

    • Tyson Kershaw

      They shook hands earlier on.

  • Paul

    i think Hansen and the AB team do respect the Wallaby players, along with every other team, and there’s been nothing that I can see as evidence to refute that. They are professional sportsman and take every game seriously. And no matter what the relative form of the two sides, every game against the Wallabies the AB’s are up for, and fear a potential upset.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can say this year I have definitely lost a lot of respect for Chieka. Aside from the poor coaching record, strange selection policy and poor tactics, his habit of continually blaming referee decisions for his side’s poor performance does not warrant respect. Furthermore trying to claim the AB’s had something to do with the clown pic is just ridiculous.

    Chieka – you have to learn something mate… if you want Respect – you are going about getting it the wrong way. The more you carry on the less respect you’ll get. Get it? You had mountains of respect last year with what you achieved with the Wallabies – but this year you have essentially not done yourself any favours by your whinging after every loss you’ve had.

    • ozrugbynut

      Im sure he knows all this paul. He just doesnt want disrespect. A whinge isnt justified, he felt that there was cause and he brought it up. I dont want a shrinking violet as my head coach.

    • Willem Labuschagne

      Paul, just want to say I agree with you. The impression I formed last year of Cheika has had to be changed drastically this year. Unfortunately.

      As for Hansen, the worst I can say about him is that he looks insufferably self-satisfied … but then, he has every right to be. Time after time his selections prove to be spot on, and he’s clearly getting the best out of his players. Those two things pretty much define what makes a good coach.

  • teach

    Jesus – if the wallabies get a few hidings on their northern tour this site will go into full on melt down.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Well now it is time for another Brisneyland Local missive on this sad, sad situation.

    I really dont care about the psychological warfare that both sides or the media think they are conducting. For the media, who gives a rats arse. They will write any crap that sells papers and stirs up interst in selling more papers. They will use any piece of rubbish (and generally most of the reporting that we see these days is strong, thoroughly absorbent, but I think that people will be better served by proper toilet paper!).

    Everyone knows AUS / NZ have a love hate relationship. However having fought along side of some NZ Army colleagues, when the chips are down they are there, always. We (the Australian and NZ Army) always know we will have each others backs when “shit becomes trumps”. And that is the reality for the rest of Australians. We love to tease the Kiwis or Sheep Rooters, but deep down they are our brothers and we would go to the wall for them. I.E. the only person that can pick on my little brother is me!

    What embarrasses me about all of this is the behaviour and Michael Cheika and Steven Hansen. They are both national coaches and they need to be above this crap! They should be leading by example, and setting the standard, rather than having a race for the bottom. Both are guilty. I will keep my comments to Cheika, as I am not a NZ citizen, and it is up to them to shame their own coach back into line.
    Although most GAGR’s might disagree with me, I expect something better from my coach than the shit Cheika served up. Yes I have watched the whole interview, and yes he has been misreported, but he still shouldnt have even gone there. This is just pouring petrol on an already burning bombfire. If you havnt got anything nice to say, then say nothing at all.

    I fundamentally lack the pride now that I should have in the national institution that is the Wallabies. I am dissapointed by their performances, and I am dissapointed by their behaviour. Rugby is a Gentlemens game, brutally contested, but a gentlemans game. I would be much happier if everyone remembered that and started behaving like that all over again!

    • ozrugbynut

      Nz relationship with us is hate hate to call a spade a spade. We think its love hate, and for mine we give them far too much of the former.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yeah there is some of that. I have lived there and worked there, and whilst I saw a fair bit of hate, there was also a lot of respect! But I think it all has to do with the people you associate and communicate. Every country has their bogans!

        • ozrugbynut

          I worked and played with plenty of kiwis, all good fair blokes but when it comes to any nationalistic rugby setting it can be like a switch is flicked. They are absolutely cut throat about rugby supremacy and it gets nasty. What frustrates me (apart from jonathan kaplan still) is that its all lost relevance in oz – it doesnt mean enough to people these days. Thats exactly why i support Cheiks stance here and why he is the right guy for the times. Now is the time for a different approach to achieve the same outcome. Time to take a leaf, and get a bit cut throat ourselves.

        • Missing Link

          Agree with this, the kiwis I know are top quality. I have encountered the douchebag variety as well, but you get to choose your friends so all good!

        • Brisneyland Local

          I agree! Every country has it bogans, and knob jockeys! Although some people purport that NZ is overly blessed with them, I must admit I have seen plenty of Aussie bogans and wankers too. In day to day life you can avoid them by not hanging around with such riff raff, but unfortunately MAtt and the team cant prevent them from posting on here. Unless they post defamatory or malicious material then they can remove it.
          Wonderful thing the Dr McGoogle Interweb, it gives every wanker a voice!

    • Sideshow

      Great comment BL. Totally nailed it from start to finish.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Thanks mate!

    • Paul

      very well said.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Thanks Paul! I like to bring balance to all issues if I can! This is one of the topics I can be balanced about. But occaisionally there are topics where I will just plain out lose my shit!

  • Hoss

    Some Chinese guy said (i think if was Kenny at my local Noodle Emporium) that ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’ – to be honest i would rather catch a plane – i digress, but i get his drift.

    My point is, in this age of instant self gratification we want the Wallabies to win now, today, not tomorrow and not next week – but right this goddamn minute.

    The Wallaby reality is that we are still 6-12-18 months from being in the form we need to rightfully challenge the Blacks – no saying we won’t jag a few wins along the way, but the consistency we crave is still a work in progress.

    For me i think Cheika is calculated and cunning. I don’t think much leaves his mouth that isn’t considered and designed to either, protect, encourage or harden his Wallabies for future campaigns, which culminates in a RWC win and challenging / winning back the Bledisloe. He said recently – along the lines of, ‘a lot of good will come from this pain’.

    As some Danish guy said (i think it was Rudy at the bottle shop) – ‘there is more things in heaven and earth, than dreamt of in your philosophy’ – still dont know what it means, but its a nice point to go out on.

    • Willem Labuschagne

      Hoss, I found your words inspiring although I don’t fully grasp the profound depths. It’s changed my perception of Cheika, for instance, to hear your view that what he utters is calculated. I had previously thought he simply has no filter between brain and tongue. But it’s always bothered me that a guy with such a good CV could come across as such a ranter. Maybe there is a purpose beyond simple venting, as you suggest.

      Still, do I want my son to follow Cheika’s example? Not on your life. Some of us still do believe there is such a thing as being a good loser, that rugby is just a game, and that people prominent enough to be interviewed on TV should be civil and, if possible, gracious in their remarks.

      • Hoss

        Will – there is certainly nobility in what you suggest and in a perfect world it would be refreshing.

        But i don’t mind his (Cheika’s) passion, a little ‘fire and brimstone’ a little of the 80’s Twisted Sister classic – ‘where not gonna take it’, i don’t mind that losing irks him, that poor decisions by official should be looked at and that its ok to have an opinion on them. I also don’t mind that his answers are free of the constraints of Sports Babble or politically correct tripe that sheds no insight into the individual or the collective. It sucks being a Wallaby fan right now and has done for some time. Doesn’t mean i have to like it and doesn’t mean it will always be so bad, but in Cheika and his comments i can see and pray for the greater good or bigger-picture, if you will. No, i don’t like some of his selections, or (particularly against England) his game plans, but i understand i am not aware of the bigger picture or the minutia (hence the Hamlet quote) of his Wallaby end-game.

        Mr Hansen is the smiling assassin and he can afford to be 90% odd win ratio, a team that s currently untouchable and lives in a world where the snoz-berries taste like snoz-berries. But me thinks there is a little bit of Satan lying beneath his cherub exterior.

        I think Cheika an intelligent man, a good rugby brain and an excellent leader of men – there is more to his public persona than any of us here are privy to.

        i will leave you with some lines from ‘IF’ from Kipling that was obviously written for Rugby, sums up Cheika

        If you can keep your head when all about you
        are losing theirs and blaming it on you
        If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
        But make allowance for their doubting too,:
        If you can wait and not be tired of waiting
        Or being lied about, dont deal in lies,
        Or being hated, dont give way to hating
        And yet dont look to good, nor talk too wise……

        Yours is the earth (the RWC) and everything that’s in it
        And, which is more, you’ll be a man, my son.

        Go hard Cheik.

        • Missing Link

          Interesting assessment of Hansen Hoss and I agree, he is a shrewd operator. Then again, you can afford to sit there with a smug look on your face and not say anything when you win 96% of your games.

        • Hoss

          Yep – we gotta earn that right and then we too can protrude an air of regalness and grace, that (IMO) is a rather thin veneer. I think Mr Hansen perhaps the most accomplished game player in world sport, not rugby. But as you rightly say. 96% win ratio – as Seinfeld says – he is master of his domain, everyone else can sod-off.

          One last point of note – I watched with admiration the Richie special – Chasing Great and interesting that he referenced, filed and used as motivation losses to Oz (the good ol days) as grist for his motivational mill to achieve all he did – I am willing to wager Cheika has banked a fair bit of hurt, frustration (as much with our own team as anything else) and rugby knowledge that will bare fruit. Call it an investment & like all good investments it takes a little time to get the right yield. I think the NH sides may be in for a tough time. Go you good things.

  • Davo

    Totally agree Nick. I am really quite sick of all the beatup and misrepresentation from the press and the trolls.

    But worse than that is the implication from the lily livered Spiro and others, that Cheika expressing candour and emotion is in some way a bad thing. It is not. It is a good thing. It inspires players. It inspires true fans. And it’s entertaining. Spiro needs to stick to soccer. (Yes Spiro, in Australia, like many other non European countries, it’s called soccer).

    I only wish that when Nigel and his incompetent TMO sidekick turned the game on Saturday, Cheika got up and smashed the coaches box window. I would have gladly contributed to the fine fund.

    • Tomthusiasm

      Wow, so because he’s of his Greek heritage, Spiro can’t comment on Rugby?

      • Missing Link

        no, it just means his yiayia makes a mean baklava :)

  • Sam

    But at the end of it all — all the comments about a lack of respect for the Wallabies (from Cheika, Moore and some of the posts here), the “no comment” on a new record of 18 consecutive wins, the “loss of humility” accusation levied at the All Blacks, theories about refs and rub of the green and media in cahoots, whether one try should have been awarded in one game, even some of the comments here about getting rid of the haka — at the end of all of that, isn’t the REAL bugbear here that the Wallabies have been thoroughly outclassed this year?

    Would this article even exist if they had played better, if Cheika had selected and coached better, if the scores had been closer? The angst is really about the quality of rugby played on the field.

    The title of this article is “Cheika’s right to be angry”, but perhaps he should be most angry at himself…

  • Missing Link

    The blame can be pointed squarely at social media. When you log on to any form of social media daily to get up to date information about your team, and every article you read is met with comments similar to this one below, then there is a problem. The strange thing is, it’s only articles to do with the Wallabies or articles which fail to proclaim the All Blacks as the greatest thing on earth which attract this sort of attention, and all the comments seem to be coming from kiwis and the odd person here and there claiming to be English. The media who post these article are loving it as it generates traffic to the article and traffic = revenue. They don’t seem to care about the content of the comments, no matter how offensive, it seems to be simply numbers driven.

    There is a serious problem with NZ ‘fans’ which GAGR has been able to avoid for years but now it seems to be creeping in as Matt has pointed out. I’ve finally found out it’s been the same person all along replying to my posts with “rubbish” and “cry me a river” etc. I used to comment on The Roar but after being patronised by NZ posters for being pro-Wallaby and then being banned for retaliating, I refused to go there any longer if they were going to side with that kind of behaviour.

    It seems as if the culture of discrediting Australia and destroying the Wallabies is high on the agenda of a lot of kiwis and this culture is accepted and fostered by the NZ media and NZ Rugby as an organisation. I’m not saying they are consciously working together but they both share the same satisfaction from sabotaging the Wallabies. I don’t get the same vibe from the All Black players, they simply want to be the best player they can be.

    So that’s why we are being labelled a pack of whingers and clowns amongst other worse things – our identity as a nation is being attacked as well as our rugby team, do you blame us for not being happy? I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, you’d get the same reaction from across the ditch. I don’t think these people understand that without us, they’d virtually be stuck with a domestic rugby comp and I don’t think they appreciate their team any longer, winning is simply a thing they take for granted and a conduit for their online abuse.

    I just find it funny how the Aaron Smith act of public indecency, the Dan Carter drug scandal, the assault and public masturbation in from of school girls, the various domestic violence cases over the years involving rugby players are swiftly swept under the carpet whereas anything Cheika or the Wallabies does is dragged out for weeks and repeated over and over again until everyone is drinking from the same trough.

    Rugby in Australia is already on a knife edge without the extra pressure and unwarranted bad publicity from NZ. They should mind their own business. The problem is all this propaganda from NZ is starting to rub off on Aussies too and they are turning their backs on the Wallabies. If anyone else noticed, our home Bledisloe test in Sydney was a sea of black in the stands. What a disgrace.

    Just this week we have the clown nonsense, Koroibete apparently being “gifted” a gold jersey, a rogue 3rd tier comp to rival the NRC, Brett Papworth led coup, the ARU wanting to get rid of the Force, Poor Luke Morahan being overlooked after toiling away for years etc. I don’t think anyone realises how damaging this bad publicity is to our game, kiwis certainly don’t, and in the background, there is NZ with it’s back to back world cups, world record victories, perfect team and coach chuckling away at our expense while reading articles about the awesomeness of the black machine.

    It might be funny now, but when there is no Bledisloe Cup and you’ve all had a party to celebrate destroying Australian rugby, then what are you going to do? Will life then finally be complete for a New Zealander?

    • Excellent comment Missing Link. More people need to read this.

      • Missing Link

        Thanks Michael,

        Like I have heard before, I’m sure the response will be “so what, it’s not our problem if your team is shit, you need to bring yourself up to our standard”.

        On the contrary, I put it to the NZRU, The All Blacks, The NZ media and the many decent All Black fans to take ownership and set an example to stamp out this behaviour. Shouldn’t be acceptable.

    • Dally M

      The fact large portions of their fans still boo Quade every time he touches the ball 5 years on says it all.

    • Hoss

      Link, you make some good points and as always some astute observations. But i think the view of Oz Rugby being on its death bed is premature.

      Oz Rugby has always, will always, rise and fall on the back of a successful Wallabies team.

      The fringe issues, whilst relevant are white noise.

      When the Wallabies are winning all the noise goes away and as for the trolls on here, i find the best way to beat a fire is starve it of oxygen. If they don’t get a bite it takes the wind out of their sales and they are left to return to the hollows and resume pulling the wings off flies.

      We need to uphold the ancient wisdom and teachings of Ron Burgundy & ‘stay classy’ and not let ourselves fall into the pit and mud with bottom-feeders.

    • Yank AB Fan

      There are trolls everywhere: I could say things about our current presidential election in the USA, but this post might have to be censored here.

      That said, I find a lot in your comments I disagree with. The AB fans I know (mostly via the Internet, as I live in Trenton NJ USA), bemoan the fact that the Wallabies are in a rut. But this is largely self-inflicted. You wonder why the Aaron Smith story faded so quickly? The answer’s simple: the players themselves meted out an appropriate discipline. Immediately. Without airing internal disagreements in the press or social media.

      Wallabies a couple of years ago were faced with a more serious, but similar disciplinary issue over Di Paxton and let Kurtley Beale’s agent run Ewan McKenzie out of town. The story festered for weeks. Is that the press being unfair? No, it’s the Wallabies own inability to manage their team.

      As for booing Quade Cooper, I personally wouldn’t boo Quade from the stands, but it continues not because Kiwi fans are boorish louts (which some may be) but because it WORKS. Quade could shut up the Kiwi fans by turning in a match-winning performance against the ABs. But he’s not done it since the booing started. Clearly, the powers that be try to avoid selecting him against the ABs. When he does play, he looks rattled, is afraid to take the ball to the line, and continually misses tackles. There’s no statute of limitations on booing opponents who continually react poorly to it.

      • RobC

        my reply to your comment: BOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!

      • Missing Link

        Thanks for replying, when you say “this post may have to be censored here” are you talking about my post or yours?

        I don’t find either posts requiring censorship, both of us are entitled to voice our opinions.

        It is also nice to hear the opinion of an ABs fan who is capable of a civil conversation over the topic of rugby, you are a rare breed.

        I find it interesting how you can blame the Wallabies though, NZ issues can be handled internally and quickly swept under the carpet, but Wallabies issues are dragged out for weeks like Michael Cheika’s Clown picture… It would seem like the NZ media and public are the judge, jury and executioner here. The picture was in an NZ paper, it has nothing to do with the Wallabies or Cheika, yet we are still hearing about it… from NZ. No surprises there, sabotaging the Wallabies is high on their agenda.

        I also disagree with your comments on Quade, it may work but that’s no justification for doing it. Quade was convicted of a crime against Sir Ruchie the great by the New Zealand public, and whether justified or not, he has done his time. How would you feel if you took your son to his local sporting game, and the opposition would boo everytime he got the ball for 5 years in a row?

        That’s the problem with All Black fans, you may be civilised, intelligent, educated and rational, but when the All Blacks are on, that all goes out the window, and the only thing that matters is the All Blacks winning, by hook or by crook. I don’t expect you to agree with this, no one would when wearing the black blinkers, but the rest of the world agree you can never win an argument about the All Blacks, their fans are ALWAYS right.

        • Yank AB Fan

          The censorship comment was my joke about the nature of the discussion in our presidential election in the USA (which takes place next week). I realize now, that to an Australian not participating in the election, the comment might be a bit confusing. I apologize. While I don’t agree with everything you said in your post, I find it all within the norms of constructive discourse and certainly would not suggest it deserves censorship. Quite the opposite.

          The example of Aaron Smiths peccadilloes in a Auckland Airport washroom strike me as hardly “swept under the rug”. He was publicly humiliated, made to fly home, and benched for both the Springboks test and Beldisloe 3. He’s being punished for an act that was consensual, and unusual only to the extent that it was observed (well, more heard than observed as it was thankfully behind closed doors). Had it taken place at a private party, or a club, no one would have cared. At this point, I would suggest, no more punishment is warranted. Dealing with something effectively and appropriately isn’t “sweeping under the rug”.

          I do think that it speaks to a difference in effectiveness between team leadership (both player and coaching) between the ABs and the Wallabies. In particular, the ABs have much more effective player leadership, and this takes pressure off of the coaching staff.

          The absence of strong player leadership on the Wallabies has been a big problem at times in the recent past, particularly during the Ewan McKenzie debacle. I think it’s likely to reemerge as a problem in the future. Just saying… at some level I don’t care.

          I’m not suggesting that AB fans are being good sports by booing Quade. I do think, however, that it’s always been within his power to shut them up: just play well. To whinge about it (“Oh those boorish, cruel, rude, AB fans”) is just silly. Derek Jeter, one of the greatest clutch baseball players in World Series competition used to say, “When I’m out of town, and get booed by the opposition fans, I hear it like they’re cheering me.” If Quade dealt with it the same way, the AB fans would have shut up a long time ago.

        • Willem Labuschagne

          Just wanted to say you have a point about leadership within the teams.

          It has grated me that an astute coach like Ewen McKenzie lost his job essentially because of the actions of a bloke whose rugby gifts are outmatched only by his juvenile personality, Kurtley Beale, and the support offered for Beale by Hooper has to be the worst display of ‘leadership’ by a Wallaby ever.

          People rightly praise the commitment with which Hooper plays, but that episode stank and he has a long way to go in order to win back respect.

          One simply cannot imagine leaders like Nick Farr-Jones, Eales, or Nathan Sharp ever throwing their coach under the bus the way Hooper did.

      • Dally M

        This stuff about booing Quade working is another myth perpetuated by the AIG fans to justify the behaviour.

        After the RWC in 2011 he returned to the Reds and was booed every game in NZ, some of which the Reds won and he even kicked a number of goals all whilst being booed.

        How do you explain Quade playing as you described while in France, or against the Boks & Argies? Do you send AIG fans there to boo him at those games too?

        • Yank AB Fan

          Hey Daily M, you grant me way more power than I actually have. I’m just a bloke sitting at my house in Trenton NJ, observing rugby carefully (for the last 15 years or so), mostly on TV. It seems to me Quade has been way overrated since he lost his confidence in 2011. Certainly Toulon fans have every reason to be disappointed in his performance (and you need no grand AB conspiracy to explain why he might be booed there). Quade has received more career yellow cards in International play than any fly half in the history of the game, many of them this year, and is approaching the all time career record for ANY position. So, spare me this notion that he’s somehow “changed” or become a wonderful sportsman. Personally, I wouldn’t boo him, because it gives him too much credit. But getting worked up about it, or citing it as proof that AB fans are somehow louts or boors, is misplaced, imo.

  • Danny McGowan

    Um I am a kiwi rugby fan, and to be quite honest I amazed that I can read here who I respect and don’t respect from people I have never met. I am the first to admit I don’t respect a lot of people on these boards, from Australia and New Zealand, but also find plenty on here that talk a lot of sense. My biggest problem with Cheika’s rant on Saturday, is he never once recognised how well his own team went, so perhaps……..
    Also this continual saying they don’t respect us is really hurting the game here in Aus, I can tell you people that are not rugby fans use it to knock the game by saying (and I quoting what said to me yesterday) bloody useless Wallabies , even their coach knows noone respects them, perhaps they need to earn respect! And that was by an Aussie mate. Perhaps he should look at positives for his team, that heard none about an Saturday.

    Funny thing is, this is by the same writer, appears to have trouble making up his mind

  • The Genius

    Exactly 1 year ago this week Australia and New Zealand faced off in the 2015 Rugby World Cup final. The fortunes of the 2 countries in the following 12 months is 2 very contrasting stories.

    The Super Rugby competition gave the first signs of the differing directions of the 2 countries. The NZ sides turned up better conditioned, were more skilled and significantly more enterprising. In 25 matches played against Australian opposition they won 22 and drew 1. 4 NZ sides made the play-off’s versus 1 only from Australia. 3 NZ sides made the semi finals and 1 won it.

    In the June test window, the All Blacks comfortably won their 3 tests against Wales. The Wallabies lost all their 3 against England.

    The Bledisloe Cup series of 2016 was won 3-0 by the All Blacks. Scores show it was the most one-sided series since 1972.

    In the Rugby Championship the All Blacks won the competition with the biggest points differential in it’s short history.

    In wrapping up their domestic test program the All Blacks won all their 10 tests. The Wallabies won 3.

    Not all was perfect in New Zealand. Their was a needless end of season indiscretion by the Chiefs team and a very poor error of judgment by Aaron Smith. However on the field the game prospered, financial results were strong, new sponsorship was secured and the game raised itself to new heights. Contrast that to Australia where 2 Super coaches were fired mid-competition, the Brumbies were embroiled in a boardroom dispute involving the Police, financial losses across the code grew and the governing body found itself in dispute with former Wallabies.

    Supporters of Australian rugby became alarmed at the Super Rugby results. They became upset after the England losses, angry after the embarrassment in Sydney, bitter after Wellington and nasty after Auckland. How could rugby in New Zealand progress so strongly after the World Cup and at the same time regress so badly in Australia? Now instead of devising ways to rise up to the levels of NZ rugby, there seems concerted attempts to tear NZ down to Australia’s levels. Efforts to deflect attention away from the poor state of rugby across Australia are real and on-going. They are led by the head Wallaby coach and followed by personnel such as Rod Kafer and Matt Rowley here.

    The reality is NZ rugby and the All Blacks are just warming up. They have set very ambitious plans to keep raising the quality of their rugby in the coming 3 years and they are very focused on achieving them. They have no plans to pause or get distracted. Here’s hoping Australia follows with them. That way rugby in both countries will benefit. It feels a lot more appealing than much of the nonsense being posted on this website who are capable of better.

    • Missing Link

      Are the All Blacks going to start training Blastocyst Embryos to play Rugby? :)

      OK seriously, you’ve mentioned that before, can you provide any details about these very ambitious plans they are focused on achieving? Where’s the proof they are just warming up?

      Honestly anything could happen between now and then, you could argue that they peaked this year and they will only go down hill, unless you know something we don’t?

      • The Genius

        Seriously think the All Blacks were happy with their performance in Bledisloe III Missibg Link? Despite out scoring the Wallabies 6 tries to 1, there are plenty of areas to tidy up and they will be the “work on’s” for the NH tour.

        The All Blacks have Sonny Bill Williams, Nehe Milner-Skudder, Charlie Ngatai and Liam Messam to incorporate back into this squad. There will be others. Noticed the skills on display of many young players in the Mitre 10 Cup who will all be commanding Super Rugby places in 2017? They are products of intensive academy systems designed to produce AllBlack players in 2-3 years. The competition for places in the coming 2-3 years will be intense.

        Conditioning and Wellness programs remain at their infancy in NZ. The ability to roll out players fitter, smarter and well rounded will increase enormously between now and RWC 2019. 2016 was just the start.

        Finally, the NZRU will be advancing on-line, subscriber based viewing options for All Black fans all around the world. This revenue stream will be significant Missing Link. It will allow additional funding to players, coaches, academy systems and grass-roots rugby. We are very lucky here in NZ, we don’t have a real NRL or AFL threat. NZ Rugby know it. It makes them even more driven to be delivering the results NZ rugby supporters demand. Having a strong competitive threat from Australia will be beneficial. Here’s hoping it emerges in 2017. For whatever reason, it never showed up in 2016.

        • Missing Link

          Thanks, so as an All Blacks fan, when will you be trully satisfied? An 100% win ratio? 100 points on the world ranking, or something else?

          It will be really interesting if the All Blacks can become fitter through conditioning and wellness as I already believe they are the fittest team in world rugby by a significant margin. They are obviously doing something right in that area.

        • The Genius

          All about pushing the boundaries Missing Link. We both know that. There is no finishing line in pro. sports – it is a game of continuous evolution and improvement. Honestly think the All Blacks will be rolling out the 2016 game plan in 2017 when the Lions hit town? 1-23 they will be hammering innovation, upgrades and on-going advancement. It would be great to see Australia running up there with them don’t you think? Australia has always been a hotbed of smart rugby thinking.

        • The thing is “Genius” (interesting that someone would call themselves that) of the many pieces of clothing content this website creates, it doesn’t just publish the viewpoints you’ve highlighted.
          It publishes many different viewpoints, unlike yours.

        • The Genius

          Excellent point once again Matt. No one is a finer demonstration of different viewpoints than yourself. Your balanced, measured, open-minded opinions on all things rugby are an example for us all.

          The name relates to the picture my friend. I am sure as a rugby fan you would admire the most capped rugby player in the history of our great game.

        • Paul

          I’m really looking forward to see NMS and SBW come back. They both had fantastic world cups. Going to be a tough gig getting a game though for both players. I’m guessing Dagg makes way for NMS and Leinart-Brown for SBW? ….but who knows…both current players doing so well….

    • Me and Kafe have no impact on the performance of the Wallabies or Australian rugby.
      Just like you and Chris Rattue have absolutely nothing to do with the success of the All Blacks.
      Conflating all of these things is something a teenager with a poster above his bed of Richie McCaw holding a trophy would do

      • The Genius

        Excellent points Matt.

        Prior to Bledisloe I in Sydney you tried to steer attention away fron NZ’s outstanding success in Super Rugby and onto some eronious report from sone Kiwi guy that there was actually pressure on the All Blacks because the team was long on lesser performing Crusaders players and short on better performing Hurricanes players. It never was an issue. The 42-8 All Blacks victory made you look foolish.

        In Bledisloe II both you and Kafer piled attention onto the Owen Franks incident and well away from the All Blacks 4 tries to 0 victory. Kafer even described the incident as “The biggrst story of 2016″. Quite extraordinary really when you think Franks was never penalised, carded or cited and Kane Douglas even said there was no issue. You added the add-on rant about Romain Poite and all his lack of respect for Stephen Moore as a distraction to another inept Wallaby performance. It was another failed attempt to drill down on the real issues in the test match and the clear gap between the 2 sides.

        In Bledisloe III you valiantly tried to steer focus onto Nigel Owens, or the TMO, or the All Blacks lack of respect or anything else that could possibly draw attention away from the fact that the Wallabies had 65% of the possession and 68% of the territory and scored 1 try only. The All Blacks had 35% of the ball and scored 6 tries. It was the Wallabies best performance of the year Matt and they got humbled. Only you can decide whether the Wallabirs are just not very good or in fact the All Blacks are excellent.

        All I know is that if the rugby this year played by a team representing NZ was actually played by a team representing Australia you would be rightfully gushing in your praise. Somehow you want to focus on everything but this. I thought you were a rugby fan. Evidence suggests this may not be the case.

        • Missing Link

          Genius, you can point the finger at Kafe, Matt, Kearnsy, Marto and any other “Aussie Wankers” as they’ve been labelled recently, but you have the mastermind extrordinairre Tony Veitch in your corner who’s persistence in bringing down the Wallabies is tiring. You say that we are trying to drag the All Blacks down to our level, may I suggest that “Veitchy” is pushing the All Blacks up while standing on top of the Wallabies?

          He’s the one to glorified Aaron Smith’s actions if I remember correctly.

        • The Genius

          I like to devote my attention towards guys who are inciteful, intelligent, knowledgeable and make me think Missing Link. I always viewed Rod Kafer in that category. After some recent outbursts, I am now less sure.

          Neither Tony Vietch or Chris Rattue ever belonged in that group. Not certain I ever advocated they did!!

        • Missing Link

          Genius you sound much smarter than the average though mate so it’s no surprise you find Veitchy doesn’t appeal to you. It’s less than fortunate though that a lot buy into what he’s saying which carries a lot of anti-aussie sentiment. I wish there were more like you and it’s unfortunate about Kafe as I think he’s still capable, I just think he’s forced to toe the line which means he has to engage more with those who don’t care much for analysing the technical aspects of the game.

        • The Genius

          Agree on all points. I hope we see Rod Kafer return to what he is best at. That Rod Kafer was amongst the best in the code.

          Tony Veitch is low quality.

  • Joe King

    I don’t think Cheika should have responded that way, but I also want to be compassionate. If Hansen was in the same position, having lost as many to the Wallabies, I don’t think he would have responded any better – perhaps worse, with the expectations his country has on him. It’s not an excuse, and again, I don’t think Cheika should have responded that way, but kiwis would gain a lot of respect for showing some compassion.

    • Brisneyland Local

      NZ are lucky, they have that much depth in their coaching stocks. An All Blacks Coach would not be tolerated if he/she had a win loss ration like MC currently has!

  • Joe King

    Here’s the hard truth to reflect on: Aussies are like the classic ‘bigger brother’. They hate losing to their ‘little brother’, and so they remain in denial (blindly confident), or whinge about something when they do lose. Their path is to *really* acknowledge NZ as the better team, and gush with respect and congratulations. While I won’t elaborate here, this will actually lead them to become better players mentally (it has to do with the idea deep in the Aussie psyche of cutting down the tall poppy and backing the underdog).

    NZ are like the classic ‘little brother’. They pine after the respect of Aussies. This actually helps their mental state as players, but it’s also why NZ fans can’t stand anything negative said about them or their players, no matter how small or reasonable. And it’s also why they love to troll and give cheeky backhanders. They can’t stand their ‘bigger brothers’ not acknowledging them, or being in denial, or still thinking that they’re better than them. Their path is to learn that they don’t need the respect of their big brother to live well.

    • teach

      That’s a pretty massive generalisation. I am fairly certain that most Kiwis don’t give a flying fcuk if Aussies respect us or not. Any more than we care if Canadians, Saffas and the Japanese respect us. I am also pretty certain that many Aussies don’t give a shit if we respect them or not. Bloody social media and click bait journalism blows up any incident to create drama. So Aussies reading dickhead journos, who write crap, get the impression that we are desperately seeking your approval. If we compare sports we win rugby, but jesus, you get everything else! League, Netball and Cricket for the big three. But if you feel better about yourselves by thinking of us as a little brother, go for your life.
      You may have noticed that all the regular kiwi posters on this site have been pretty quiet since the international season started. Apart from a few trolls.We may have only done a little bit of stirring but we don’t need to. Aussie posters have been far more vicious and nasty about the coach and selections than we ever would. And the amount of vitriol that has come out has been quite stunning. It appears that world rugby is corrupt, the NZRU has paid off all the referees and the All Blacks set the editorial tone for the print industry (even those Aussie owned papers).
      This forum is a lot more fun during the Super rugby season, but it has taken a dark turn recently.

      • Colin Fenwick

        Look, another fucking kiwi troll (:

      • Joe King

        Yeah, I don’t buy it. I think my point still stands.. generally speaking. But happy to agree to disagree.

  • Missing Link
  • Willem Labuschagne

    I like GAGR for the rugby analyses and often insightful remarks by fans who know a lot.

    But I’m less impressed by the way in which anyone who deviates from the new dogma of “Cheik is right to speak his mind” is promptly brushed off as “a Kiwi troll”.

    Is one not entitled to the view that a certain decorum is desirable? This is proper rugby, after all, not league?

    For the record, I don’t agree that undisciplined aggression, whether on the field or in front of a microphone, is useful or desirable. But the really important fact that keeps being painted over by all the rhetoric is that the Wallabies were really good in the third Bledisloe, with players like Folau looking dangerous again, Foley asking questions with his flat alignment and running, and much more. How can any rugby lover blither on about Cheika’s right to rant when there is so much to talk about in the game itself? And, no, I don’t mean controversies about refereeing decisions — for heaven’s sake, haven’t we been discussing for months what it would take to get the Wallaby outfit ticking over smoothly again? And now that it pretty much has? We blather about the positive virtues of bad behaviour. Go figure.

    • RedAnt

      Mate, I made a comment disagreeing with the tenet of the article (fairly politely I might add) and it was deleted… seems a bit over-sensitive of the GAGR team. But my point was similar to yours – this behaviour of Cheika’s is mis-placed, unproductive aggression, especially when he could have focused on several positives from the game.

  • Tyson Kershaw

    “the All Blacks management demand respect from the Aussies”


    Hansen said that he felt that Cheika hijacked the the post game conversation and he was right. That is not the same.

    • teach

      Don’t ask for evidence. That would be silly. Who wants facts to stand in the way of a good argument?

    • The Genius

      The All Blacks will never publicly say anything – why bring the attention on yourselves? They will instead aim to do their talking on the field. I would suggest a 16 tries to 2 blitzing in the most lop-sided Bledisloe Cup series in 40 years is a fairly compelling message.

  • RobC

    I heard about Check’s comments, so I went to watch the post match looking for something to laugh at.

    Instead I found myself nodding to most of what Check said.

    He doesnt like Shag, especially after the bug incident. And Im behind him on that score.

  • Bay35Pablo

    “Reports in from the front ….(crackle) the city of Fairfax has fallen to the Clickbait invasion …. (screech, crackle) …. The Roar under serious attack with reports Colonel Zavos has been captured ….. (fzzzz) ….. News lost long ago although partisans carrying on behind enemy lines (zzzzzz) ….. reports some Kiwis elements seem to have defected leading to infighting (ssssss)…… only Green & Gold seems to be holding out ….. (kkkkkk) ….. Over and out …..”

All Blacks

Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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