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Not Tuesday’s Rugby News – Brad Thorn

Not Tuesday’s Rugby News – Brad Thorn have been playing replays of old matches to keep us losers fans entertained. Friday night was peak Reds with their glorious win over the lowly Crusadists from over the ditch. And there, in all his glory was Brad Thorn having a rare bad day for him.

Now, for me, Brad Thorn is the greatest cross-code forward of all time. Correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve done no research on this, but Brad is the only tight forward to successfully swap codes. And then he swapped back. And then he swapped back again.

brad thorn lineout force vs highlanders

But that wasn’t what I was thinking about while watching that game. I was wondering what the rest of the Season would have held for the Reds? The team Brad Thorn coaches. Brad’s contract ends this year and he needed a good run to get re-signed. After just six wins in each of his first two seasons in charge, Brad needed to show the Reds were going somewhere and now we’ll never know.

Okay! SPOILERS! I think he should.  I think it’s clear the Reds have moved forward and I don’t need more wins right now to prove it.

But ten more games surely would have made stuff a whole lot clearer, wouldn’t it?

So the question is what do the QRU do now? Do they say let’s just wipe this year like it never happened and write up a new contract for Brad to, hopefully, sign? Or, do they do a full review of their program and their coaching team and go over everything with a fine-toothed comb?

I’d go with the team they have now. Do my best to sign every one of them and see what trots out next season. This year never happened. It literally didn’t happen… Mostly.

Brad Thorn and mates

Brad Thorn and mates


  • Hoss


    What a myopic, one sided, selfish piece of journalism.

    How about instead we credit my Tah’s for their recent improvement, for they will likely:

    – remain unbeaten for two weeks in a row now.
    – haven’t missed a tackle during this time
    – Gilbert has not spilled the pill, crabbed sideways or been heard practising his French during scrum resets
    – And not conceded a point during any second half ‘fade outs’ !

    It beggars belief that instead we focus on bloody Qld, should have shut the borders ages ago if you ask me.

    • Frosty morning

      We all know that New South Wales only exists to stop Queenslanders from breeding with Victorians.

      • Hoss

        Isn’t that how / why Tasmania was populated – fill it with the spawn of the devils tryst between Mad Northerners and Ill tempered Mexicans ? Thank Jehovah for Bass Straight – geographical social distancing………..

        • Yowie

          I think you’ll find that New South Welsh people are Mexicans.

          If Victorians are anything, it’s Guatemalans or something.

        • Who?

          Nah, NSWelshmen consider Victorians Mexicans. But that’s ok, because it makes Qlders Canadians..?

        • Yowie

          Makes sense – Canada being a nicer place than the USA and the people being more polite.

        • Frosty morning

          So where does all this leave the ACT?

        • Yowie

          I don’t know if the USA has any of those nutters who declare their ranch as its own sovereign State, but if so one of them perhaps?

        • Nutta

          Steady on… But perhaps there may be a Nutta Family outpost in the hills behind a certain capital city with rumours of a self-sufficient water supply, allegedly one obvious entrance with clean fields of fire view from enfilading picturesque positions so I’m told and maybe more than a few necessities of life stored away. It may not exactly be a self-declared independent republic but I imagine I wouldn’t fancy having to visit the place uninvited without serious friends of the tracked variety and some heavy hitting chk-chk-boom-sticks of the long-reach variety. Just saying…

        • Yowie

          The movie “Tremors” isn’t a lifestyle program you know.

        • Nutta

          No it’s not. You are correct. It’s a metaphor.

        • Patrick

          Washington DC, a semi-inhabitable swamp populated by seasonal visitors

        • Nutta

          Falkland Islanders.

        • Hoss

          It’s not the End of the world, but you can see it from there

        • Nutta

          I can see Russia from my house…

        • idiot savant

          When Lake George is empty you can hear them speaking Chinese

        • Who?

          District of Columbia..?

        • John Tynan


        • andrewM


        • idiot savant

          and a better health system

    • Stay tuned for my next articles ‘How good is Harry’ and ‘JOC is the messiah’ if you’re looking for balanced journalism.

      • Who?

        I thought Razor was writing, “How good is Harry?!” Given he was quoted as saying he’s fallen in love with Harry in Brisbane after the Sunwolves game. :-)

  • Geoffro

    Off the top of my head can only think of two other locks who’ve achieved in both codes – Dick Thornett and Scott Gourlay. Brad’s feats overshadow them both by a fair bit so he is def the greatest.Now that all bets are off for this season he deserves to be retained as coach (if there is any money left to pay him)

  • Nutta

    Cheers Sully

    I agree on Thorns legacy – the greatest cross-coder I know of. World Cups in both codes. State of Origns and Super crowns. Dunno how many Bonco’s premierships. No one else even comes close.

    ScottyG – if I remember correctly he was a blindside breakaway wasn’t he? I remember because he shifted Poido out and as Poido was an old-boy of our school it damn near resulted in a hangin’ posse being formed.

    Given the manner of the season’s dislocation and the Reds need for some surety I can’t see them moving him on. But stranger things happen in car-parks I’m sure…

    • GeorgiaSatellite

      I’m late to the party, as usual. Not quite Thorn, but pretty impressive for the era, Ray Price.

      • Nutta

        I saw Ray Price at a Classic Wobblies game back in about 2010-12. The fella was well into his 60’s and I watched him get parallel to the ground whilst completely smashing some bloke 1/3 his age. I got wood.

        • idiot savant

          Ray was exceptional and wood have been a rugby legend if he had stayed in the game. Had great skills as well as being hard as nails. Was awesome in the greatest Parramatta side ever.

    • idiot savant

      Theres an evangelist who was a pretty fair player at both codes and a current selector who was bloody good also. But backs dont count…

      Reminds me of someone who played both codes, might have been Duncan Hall, who said he came off a rugby union field feeling more tired and came off a rugby league field feeling more sore.

      • Nutta

        I had a similar conversation with James Grant after a game of 3rds for Orange City vs Parkes (Spacemen I think?) in 2001. My brother and I were playing a scratch match with Orange just to help out (another brother called us – they were a bit short… country footy y’know?). Anyway it was a bit of a double-take moment because pre-game I was sitting in the sheds pulling on boots and there was this older but fairly fit fella across the room and I was thinking “Jeez I know you from somewhere…” Bloody James Grant. Still going strong at no15 in 2001. And he was in no way a passenger – even for a Back.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully. By hell I was dying for some rugby stuff and I feel a weight off my shoulders. For me his biggest plus was when he realised he wasn’t ready to be an AB and so pulled out and went back to get his head in order. Then of course he became a friggen legend.
    I’m with you. I think he should get at least another year, however I’d temper it with a review of his coaching team and look at getting gin some help for the areas he is a bit weak in like his selections and management of his reserves. I guess the other question, and it’s a bit like the one that had to be asked when Cheika was being touted to be removed, who would his replacement be? I’m not sure there’s a lot of coaches knocking on the door to take his place and I’m not sure even a world wide search would prove that beneficial at the moment.
    Be safe team, keep your distance, put away your sense of self entitlement, help each other and we’ll get through this.

  • Who?

    Thorn’s record says he doesn’t deserve another season. 1 from 6..?
    However, I agree that these circumstances aren’t the best for change. And the rest of the season may well have shown sufficient improvement on the table to justify re-signing. So I think the best approach is to do as suggested – consider this a lost season.
    That said, I’d be looking to sign him to a single year deal, with a mutual option for a second season. A multi-year contract isn’t justified at this time, but not having an option to extend might be seen as harsh.

    • Kevino

      2 from 7, both wins against bottom sides with only one win a piece. I actually don’t rate what he has done and think it’s a shame the Reds v Rebels games won’t be played. That would really place both teams.

      Same goes for Dave at the Rebels, 3 from 6 but all wins coming against bottom teams with one win a piece and the loss to the Sunwolves a massive stumble in Rd 1. Yes, he got a win in far south NZ but this season it’s hard to tell how significant that win is, the Clan did beat the Brumbies in ACT so can’t write them off completely as easy beats.

    • 2 from 7 I think? And a pretty tough start in there – 3 away matches to start the season and all three conference leaders in those matches, 2 of them away from home.

      But I think calling this season a wipe would be fair and giving him next season to see whether that improvement we’ve seen at least hints of is real or not. Whether you offer him an option for a second year or a renegotiation after next year’s record I think could go either way – if it goes well, you’d probably want to be in a position to offer him another 3, if it goes badly you’re not going to offer him the second year anyway.

      You also have to wonder how you choose a replacement. Who are you looking at thinking “Wow, they’re having a great season this year…”?

    • idiot savant

      I think thats fair Who. I think as a coach he makes a great director of rugby. The tough minded way he has instilled in the playing group a sense of who they are playing for, the roots of the club, to be selfless, the creation fo a core group drawn from the roots of Qld rugby and a retention policy for those players has impressed me. The rewards have been slow, largely due to the inexperience of the playing group but also to the inexperience of Thorn. But there is definitely something building. They are a side that keeps at it now, and have shown glimpses of real talent like the first half against the Jags and the performance against the Crusaders.

      I think a one and one is fair. I do hope Reds management take the line out and maul coaching away from him. And Id love to see him work with someone on strategy and tactics, game plans, and game day management. He has only had Tony McGahan and now Jim Mackay as mentors and neither are top drawer head coaches.

      • Singapore Sling

        Who hires a head coach that needs mentoring?

  • A Dingo Stole My Rugby

    Another notable tight forward to successfully make the switch is Dai Young.

    Played plenty of mungo-ball, definitely capped for Wales, maybe also for GB.

    Then came over to the light and won a ship-load of caps for Wales plus a few for the Lions.

    Now coaching Wasps in the UK, and seems to be held in high regard over there.

    And he was a prop in both codes.

    • No longer coaching Wasps, he quit a few weeks ago. But otherwise good summary. And still held in high regard in Coventry – he’s just had 18 months with an injury record to make you wince and the kind of record you’d expect to go with that, but he’s fallen on his sword.

  • southern macro

    People need to realise that Rugby may be an amateur game in this country by 2021. Let’s hope that’s not the case and if it isn’t , it’s a remarkable opportunity for someone to start from scratch with a workable Aus / NZ competition.

  • What were the Reds peeking at?

    • Yowie

      Haha, well-spotted.
      Although if the GAGR writers go back into hiding now for fear of their typos being ridiculed I’ll know who (whom?) to blame.

      • I think whom is one of those words where the “English is a living language” wins. Technically whom is correct if you read the grammar books – it’s the object of the sentence, so you should use whom. But even in formal writing you just don’t see it. Even from people of my father’s generation really (he’s in his late 80’s), so I think it’s become a dead word and we just use who in both places.

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