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National Rugby Championship

NRC 2016 Draw Released

NRC 2016 Draw Released

The 2016 National Rugby Championship (NRC) season kicks off in just eight weeks time and the competition is set to be more intense than ever.  With the Sydney Stars no more and last year’s North Harbour Rays now the Sydney Rays, the eight team competition will now be run over a jam-packed, action-filled seven weeks prior to the finals.

Buildcorp continue their support of the competition as naming rights partner and the clubs certainly seem to be ahead of the curve this season. We are particularly excited to hear whispers that NSW Rugby will be lending a lot more support behind the NRC in 2016.

Reigning champions Brisbane City will have it all ahead of them as a number of their core players (Nick Frisby, Samu Kerevi and potentially Karmichael Hunt) may well be wearing the gold of Australia rather the gold of Brisbane this season. Brisbane will travel to Sydney University Oval to take on the much fancied NSW Country Eagles in the opening round.

The Eagles themselves, unlucky not to make the finals in 2015, once again take their show on the road with home games at the Magpie Rugby Club in Tamworth (Round 3) and Endeavour Oval in Orange (Round 5). NSW Country will also travel to Toowoomba in Round 6 to take on Queensland Country at Clive Berghofer Stadium in Toowoomba.

The Queensland Country lads will play their other two home games at Bond University on the Gold Coast including their first round clash with 2015 runners-up, the Canberra Vikings. The Vikings will have one eye on their Round 3 clash with Brisbane City which will be played at their home ground, Viking Park.

Perth Spirit will face-off with the Melbourne Rising in their first round at UWA Sports Park in Perth, where Perth will play all of their home games. Likewise the Rising will base themselves at Harlequins Oval for the duration of their Buildcorp NRC season, other than a final round match up against the Sydney Rays at Frankston Oval in Frankston.

The newish-boys, the Rays, will split their games between North Sydney Oval and Pittwater Park. With the Western Sydney Rams playing their games out of Concord Oval the tournament organisers have been able to come up with a draw in which there is a Sydney game every weekend as well as one in South-East Queensland every round, bar the fourth.

The other exciting initiative is that each game, except a Round 2 Friday night match at North Sydney Oval, will be played at 1pm (East Coast Elitist Time) and 3pm (ECET) on Saturday and Sundays, ensuring the competition remains a great opportunity to engage with families in showcasing some of the most exciting rugby being played at the moment.

Whilst there will be no free-to-air coverage of the games, FOX SPORTS will broadcast two games each weekend on television (Saturday and Sunday at 3pm) with the two remaining games (Saturday and Sunday at1pm) available to stream LIVE via and FOX SPORTS Now via Apple TV and Telstra TV. Now fans will be able to watch every single game from the Buildcorp National Rugby Championship for the second season in succession.

Once again Green and Gold Rugby will be looking to cover the NRC in great depth and we will need your support. If you are interesting in writing articles, covering games and/or taking match photos for us we want your help (particularly in the regional areas). Please get in contact with us here or via our Forum, Facebook or Twitter and we will work with the ARU to secure the appropriate media accreditation for the games in question.

See below for the full draw:


  • nmpcart

    Great writeup Reg, looking forward to this. I do hope that NSW Rugby gets behind it more. I hadn’t thought about Brisbane City losing players to the Wallabies – having Frisby and Kerevi out will certainly have an impact but good on them for making the step up, unless Cheika plays Genia and Phipps instead. Glad to see all the afternoon games – Ballymore is great in the afternoons for kids at games so smart move. Now we just need to build the crowds- get the clubs who feed into some of these teams to promote it to their members and maybe encourage the supporters of say Brothers/GPS etc to come along as a club group to follow some of their players.

  • brumby runner

    Who currently hods the Shield and when will it first be up for grabs?

    • Brisbane City holds the shield. They can choose to put it up for any game but must defend it at home if they hold it. I need to recheck the rules.

      • RedSheep1989

        Sorry to necro this post but was looking back at this. Any chance the rules could be posted again/you could link me to them? Thanks

  • Ross

    With the Horan-Little Shield, I assume all of Brisbane City’s fixtures will be defences given that they held it for the entire season last year? Or does the two home defences rule start again with the new season before they must accept challenges away from home? Can anyone advise?

    • It starts again as far as I know.

  • Bay35Pablo

    North Sydney Oval!!!!! I’m excited!!!!!!!

    Arvo games. Even more excited!!!!! “Kids, go play under the fig and try not to kill yourselves, Daddy has some very important rugby to watch and discuss with Uncles John, Dan, Danny, etc here. And don’t kill their kids either. Too much …”

  • Bay35Pablo

    Arvo games a great move. However, on reading through the Rays have stuffed themselves again. 2 NSO games only 5 days apart and the 2nd on a Friday night. Pittwater Park is the ends of the earth, and it’s easier for me than most in Mosman. They should have swapped Rounds 2 and 6 to not clump it up as much. I really wonder about the Rays sometimes, and the involvement of Garry Flowers always fills me with dread. Old school rugby mafia smell about head office sometimes.
    Rams may get my attendance more with games at Concord.

  • Simon

    I can probably write a few articles if required. I may even be able to get Mrs Simon to come along as photographer, she’s a dab hand with a camera. She’s from regional NSW so might even be up for a road trip for the Tamworth or Orange game. I’ll definitely have to get permission before volunteering us for that one though!

    • RugbyReg

      Good stuff mate. Let us know if you get the tick of approval!

  • 22metri

    6 points tries and 2 points kicks (all)

    • Spank

      As it should be at International level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 1pt only Field Goals!!!!!!

  • npivag

    Interesting change of tact by the Rebels/Rising to hold 3 games at Quins. Whilst this is sensible in a number of ways, people will kick up a stink.
    Think about what would happen if all of Brisbane City’s games were at UQ or all of Canberra’s games were at Tuggerong (actually maybe they do do that).

    • brumby runner

      Canberra Vikings have all games at Viking Park, Tuggeranong. But if it’s travel time that worries you, I get to and from Viking Park to the North side in 20 minutes or less each way.

      I’d like to see some games on the north side, maybe Gumgahlin enclosed oval, but that’s unlikely while the Vikings back the NRC side. I am not complaining, mind, just glad to be able to attend and enjoy these matches.

    • Robbo999

      One good reason is that it ain’t an oval as the author suggested. I bet the Frankston game will be the finale to their Festival of Rugby, like last year, which will ensure good crowd.

      I had better find where I hid my Rising beanie with the Pom-Pom.

      • GoMelbRebels

        The Rising beanie – best beanie ever!

      • npivag

        Sure, like I said it’s sensible in a number of ways.
        It doesn’t make sense because:
        1) This is not a gated ground, which is why the GF is always at Box Hill.
        2) Like I said, these is the equivalent of the “1%” getting a Rising game. Hell will break loose in rugby circles if they get the canteen takings (and I chance that they will).
        The fact their are no games at AAMI park is probably partly to give the poor turf a rest.

  • follower

    Third season of NRC already – how good! Only seems like yesterday that we were eagerly awaiting the start of season 1 and wondering how long it would last. Let the naysayers nay all they want, this is a bloody good little comp and I love watching it. Can’t wait until all matches are broadcast on Fox Sports proper, I reckon we’re probably only 2-3 seasons away from that.

    Goooo Brisbane City!!!

  • RugbyReg

    That first round should be good:

    1pm Perth v Melbourne
    3pm NSW Cntry v Brisbane City
    5pm Wallabies v All Blacks (Wellington).

    Find a good pub and settle in!

  • Garth Davis

    Very happy to help out with the Perth Spirit team. Tell me what you need. Thank you very much, Garth Davis

    • RugbyReg

      go to our contact page as per the article and send us your details. Thanks Garth

    • RugbyReg

      Hey Garth, can you send me your contact details? Cheers

  • Spank

    That looks to be a much better format than in the past (as good as it was) and a smart move to join the Sydney team. Possibly they can now take it seriously and give the competition a shake.

  • Johnno

    I’d like the NRC to trial 2-point penalty goals and 2-point field goals.
    I now think that should come into rugby. I’m all for penalty goals and
    like kicking and like field-goal as a skill-set just not sure if a field
    goal is worth 3-points anymore, same applies to penalty goals. I’m all
    for 2-points though, don’t like rugby league being worth just 1.
    But for me Owen Farell’s goal-kicking was way too dominant in the recent series vs Wallabies.
    I want the goal kickers to be more dominant than in rugby league/and
    same applies to field goals, but Owen Farrell’s goal kicking convinced
    me 2 points for penalties and field goals would be better as it promotes
    other skill-sets buts still rewards good kickers. So yep goal-kicking as a skill-set is too dominant in rugby union right now.

    6-point tries trial, but not a fan of them to be honest. Keep it at 5.

    • GoMelbRebels

      The NRC will have 2 point goals this year.

  • jamie

    No more Thursday night games? What brought this about?

    • RugbyReg

      lack of crowds and perhaps smaller ratings?

  • Tessa

    Understand Endeavour Oval at Orange is waterlogged. Does anyone know where NSW Country Eagles will be playing Perth Spirit on Saturday?

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