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NRC: Eagles fly above falling Stars

NRC: Eagles fly above falling Stars

A hard fought battle saw the Eagles edge out the Stars Monday afternoon. Solid games from both sides saw the eagles on top 24-26

The Match

The Eagles defence looked broken from the kick off, often scrambling to match the stars as they held possession for the first ten minutes. 2 minutes in this resulted in a Try for James Dargaville, running through a gap ridden defence. Jack Macklin getting the kick over.

As a result the Eagles previously broken defence tightened up and halted the game for about 10 minutes. With 28 minutes to go McKibbin almost broke through the stars line with a runaway off the back of a ruck before being tackled by the last man and going down. With the pressure growing and both teams having trouble keeping their composure, penalties and cards started coming out. The first being that of Mitch Chapman, leaving the eagles a man down with a scrum 5 metre from their line. Sam Quinn scoring off the back, leaving the Stars leading 16-0 with Macklin’s conversion after 20 minutes.

It took another 10 minutes for the eagles to find their rhythm with a nice set of passes, cutting through the stars seeing Ethan Ford go in for the try. With Sam Windsor converting it left the Eagles only a try behind now. Soon the Stars got a yellow for Sam Quinn which allowed Andrew Kellaway to run away from the stars, Jono Sullivan only just making the try saving tackle. The Stars couldn’t rest yet though, as a penalty was given for a bad throw in the lineout and the Eagles gained a scrum 5 metres from the line which lead to a quick pass out the back allowing Ethan Ford to go in for his second try, only just flying over the line. This try went unconverted however and 5 minutes later we saw the try scorer sent off, leading the Eagles to wonder if they’d ever get on top.

This didn’t stop them from trying. A few times the Eagles got into a position to get on top just before half time, bad handling saw them drop it with a couple of opportunities, but they fought hard and when Paddy Ryan got sent off and they gained a lineout in the corner, an old school Maul saw them leading at half time 21-16.

The Second half got off to a gun start for the Eagles with Pauli Tuala running away inside the minute before dropping the ball literally 30cm from the line. However this exciting proceeded a hard fought battle in the centre of the field over the next 10 minutes before Jake Gordon got caught short by a giant tackle from Cameron Treloar. The Stars started to look dangerous at this time but failed to utilise their position against a very hard hitting defensive line. Another good run saw Apakuki Ma’afu run away from the Stars defence stopping to think for too long whilst handling errors plagued both sides leading to large amount of scrums.

Heading into the last quarter Jim Stewart ran 55 metres for the stars after the eagles botched a pass to score under the posts leading them just ahead at 24-21 after the conversion. The Stars showed some mighty defensive forward effort after the try when the eagles tried to barrel it over in the pack. 2 mauls and a scrum later however, there still wasn’t a try to be seen whilst the eagles lost their composure.

Leading into the last ten the eagles threatened again when Sam Windsor broke through charging down the field. But with the eagles running with the pace and the stars frantically defending having been worn down, Captain Cam Treloar went in for the try after nearly dropping the pass.

This lead to a few minutes of frantic action, the stars attacking to get the points, eagles pushing back to defend, but no more points were scored and on a final penalty against the stars for holding onto the ball, we saw the game sealed.

The Game Changer

The Eagles pushed hard to take the points before half time, taking the psychological lead with them.


Cam Treloar showed his experience and poise, particularly when smashing the Stars in Defence

Players to watch

Jack Macklin and Jono Sullivan performed well for the stars whilst Tala Gray created heaps of space for his other performing outside backs in known names Brendan Mckibbin and Andrew Kellaway

The Details

Crowd: Unknown

Score & Scorers

Sydney Stars: 24
Tries: 3 (James Dargaville, Sam Quinn, Jim Stewart)
Conversions: 3 (Jack Macklin)
Penalties: none
NSW Country Eagles: 26
Tries: 4 (2x Ethan Ford, unsure, Cameron Treloar)
Conversions: 2 (Sam Windsor)
Penalties: none

Cards & citings

Eagles 2 (Ethan Ford, Mitch Chapman)
Stars 2 (Paddy Ryan, Sam Quinn)

  • Vinnie Gorham

    Crowd was less than 1500 I reckon. Not a bad way to finish my long weekend triple header of NRC and one of the most jam packed sporting weekends in Australia

  • Pedro

    While the Stars have shown some improvement they’re getting awful close to doing an undy run.

  • Hugh Cavill

    Thought Paddy Dellitt was outstanding, easily my MoTM. That hit/steal combination he put on one of the Stars backs was immense! Also thought Sam Windsor had another great game.

    • Michael

      That hit was an absolute cracker. I agree Dellitt had a great game. There were some really big hits throughout from both teams. Great viewing from on the hill with a cold beer.

  • Richard9

    Doesn’t look good for NRC, 3 photos above and only 7 people in those 3 photos. Ho Hum NRC , you wont listen,. Its not working Dumb & Dumber.

    • Braveheart81

      When there’s a crowd of 1,500 people at a 20,000 capacity venue, why would a) people be sitting in the corner or b) sitting on the side of the field that spent the afternoon staring into the setting Sun rather than on the other side in the grandstand.

      • The Nude

        As to why people are still on the hill rather than the stand I think there are two reasons; firstly the Stars are charging more
        from Grandstand Seats, the other is I think it’s nicer to sit on the hill.

        I’ve been to all the Stars games to date and have Grandstand membership but we elected to sit on the hill the last two games; a lot of young families with strollers seemed to have the same idea as us and the shady part of the hill was pretty packed.

        There can be no argument that the NRC in general and the Stars in particular have not promoted the game very well (it was only during the last game of the year at Uni that there was a mention of the NRC which still surprises me). Personally I commend the the Rams on the way they’re using social media to get the message out.

        Crowd figures aside it was a cracking game of rugby; great attack and some bone-crunching hits.

        This picture (which I’m trying to attach) was taken just under an hour before kick off

    • Hugh Cavill

      It’s a real shame big clubs like Sydney Uni haven’t thrown their full
      weight behind the Stars, and are instead pre-occupied with backstabbing
      and political shenanigans to ensure they get their way at the expense of
      the rest of Australian rugby

  • Richard9

    Bravefart, you answered your own question 1500 people in a 20,000 cap oval. Wow! that a BIG crowd, considering the above write up had Crowd: Unknown which usually means shit house don’t put any crowd number down. I had mates go to that match and one of them went to sleep on the hill. Pretty exciting comp this one. Oh, and by the way, two words, WHO CARES.

    • Michael

      Obviously you care Dick9. You have taken the time to make multiple negative comments and maybe even read the article (but perhaps you just looked at the bright pictures as that is all you commented on). If you had mates (they must be pretty hard up if you are this negative all the time) that were there they should not have gone to sleep. It was a great game to watch from the hill and there was a small but vocal crowd supporting it.
      You can either come with solutions and people might listen to you, but you just spit out the problems offer nothing of value. Australian rugby has too many Dicks, we are not interested in another.

  • Richard9

    Another LOSER (Michael/Michelle) or who ever you are. You and many more are easy fooled by this ARC immitation. No stars, no crowds, boring rugby and its the cricket season, PLeeeease. And worst of all you have to pay to get in. Fuck me.

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