NRC Photo Competition - Green and Gold Rugby
Brisbane City NRC

NRC Photo Competition

NRC Photo Competition

As the NRC comes to an end this week we’ve decided to let you vote for your favourite photo of the competition.

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  • Guest

    How do I vote for the photos at the end?

    • Rugby_Union

      There should be an up vote and down vote button below each photo. The blue and red thumbs.

      • DameEdnasPossum

        He means the photos of the scantily clad ladies…

  • SuckerForRed

    OK. Fairly sure it is just me……..

    When I click on the link I end up at some sort of home page. Where are the photos?

    • Ross

      You shouldn’t need to click on a link SFR. The pics should be there in the article. A mate of mine had the same issue as you though but I’m not sure what the solution is. Try another platform? Phone, ipad, laptop etc.
      EDIT: Worked it out. It was doing what you said in Explorer but when he tried in Chrome it was all good.

      • SuckerForRed

        Can’t even see it on Chrome. Will try when I get home on the tablet.

      • SuckerForRed

        Works on the tablet. Who knows…. Happy now.

    • Chloe T

      Do you like my photos SFR

      • SuckerForRed

        You already know I do! And yes I recognized some of them. ;-)

  • Blah

    To much Brisbane City…

  • Tim

    The Rams supporter photo needs to come with a warning for the kiddies

  • hugh

    How come this effort from Sully didn’t get a nomination?
    My favourite one.

  • Harrison Dale

    i demand a recount, a recount i say!!!

  • Harrison Dale

    Can we get a recount?

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