NRC Video Highlights: Round 1
Brisbane City NRC

NRC Video Highlights: Round 1

NRC Video Highlights: Round 1

The first round of the National Rugby Championship has been played and for those who didn’t get to see any of the action, here are some NRC video highlights from the games.

We’ll update them as they all become available.

Brisbane City v Sydney Stars


First half

Second half

Vikings v Perth Spirit


First half

Second half

NSW Country Eagles v Greater Sydney Rams


First half

Second half

Melbourne Rising v North Harbour Rays


First half

Second half

  • John Tynan

    For the first time in my life I want to be a letter writer! Anyone know the avenue for letting Fox know I want to see more?

  • gwch

    First half of the Melbourne Rising game at about 21.50: makes me wish I’d stayed in Melbourne for the NRC rather than punishing myself watching the Wallabies in Auckland. It would have been cheaper too.

    • Braveheart81

      Luke Holmes wishes he’d gone to Auckland to watch the Wallabies.

  • The Truth
  • Tommy

    Are these games streamed online live at all?

    • Some teams will stream their home games. I think Brisbane and Qld Country are but not all teams are doing it due to the cost involved at some venues.

  • Aussie James

    I just sent foxsports this email and encourage everyone to do the same!

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I watched your coverage of the NRC’s first game last Thursday night between Brisbane City and the Sydney Star’s and just want to say how good it was. I have also been desperately tryign to read any blog, listen to any radio streaming of the games and finally watch all the replays today on the ARU website. On this note I would like to commend you on work, however more content, updates and matches would be fantastic and well recieved! I would rather watch Australian teams vs Australian teams than ITM Cup or even Super Rugby Derby’s. Some would go as far as saying I enjoyed the free flowing game at Ballymore more then the test match at Eden Park! (But that was for different reasons!) To conclude, well done on bringing us more Australian rugby – but we want more!


    • Vinnie Gorham

      QLD matches that aren’t broadcasted on Fox on thurs will be shown live on-line so watch for that! Melbourne have set up a radio commentary team for their games, for anything else follow the NRC facebook page which posts live match feeds and score updates here:
      They will also keep us up to date with livestream links and live feed links

  • Pedro

    After watching the Brisbane game on fox and then attending the Eagles match in Sydney, it’s great to see dry weather rugby in Australia.

    Although delayed, I’m so glad the replays are out there. I think if the ARU can get the matches streamed, or at least uploaded within an hour or two of the game finishing they could really get good viewing numbers and perhaps get a few networks interested. Still it’s a great resource and the ARU should be commended on delivering such a high quality product for essentially free.

  • hamrin

    grande… meno male perchè solo cosi possono nascere talenti

    • Pedro

      Sono d’accordo

  • Tahs_Man_Fan

    Any idea on crowd numbers? Hopefully the NRC picks up some momentum, and we see some decent revenue generated through attendance and merchandise. Super excited to get to the Rams first home game and get amongst it!!

    • nameface

      3,800 roughly for the brisbane city vs sydney stars game and around 2,000 for the melbourne rising game, they are the two i know

    • About 8000 for the four games.

      • Tahs_Man_Fan

        It’s a start! Hoping the numbers pick up, especially in some of the sydney.
        Question: since the comp is funded by Foxtel, do gate takings etc etc go back to the club?

    • brumby runner

      I estimated the crowd at the Vikings game to be around 3000, but there was nothing scientific about my method. It looked to be a pretty good turnout.

  • hamrin

    sono Italiano e tifo wallaby da una vita. dite a mckenzie, che ho avuto il piacere di giocarci contro in Italia, che ci sono altri giocatori da prendere in considerazione: mitch Inman outside centre, Angus Cottrell, Dane Haylett-Petty, Salesi Manu, Sean McMahon, quede cooper, james o connor, e ancora un paio di giocatori soprattutto WING.

    per quanto riguarda il gioco l’Australia deve migliorare nella tecnica individuale “SKILLS” e nella velocità. il Prop deve saper passare come un N. 9 e così tutti gli altri. Più alternative poi nelle opzioni di corsa, troppo prevedibili. le ruck vicino ai ragruppamenti non servono più a nulla. un saluto a tutto e buon wallaby a tutti, ciao

    Italian and wallabies are rooting for a lifetime. tell mckenzie, which I had the pleasure of playing against them in Italy, that there are other players worth considering: outside center Mitch Inman, Angus Cottrell, Dane Haylett-Petty, Salesi Manu, Sean McMahon, quede cooper, james o connor , and still a couple of players especially WING.

    regarding the game Australia must improve in individual technique “Skills” and in speed. the Prop must be able to pass as a No. 9 and so does everyone else. More then alternative options in the race, too predictable. the ruck close to ragruppamenti do not need any more. Greetings to all and to all a good wallaby, hello

  • Vinnie Gorham


  • Hi all,

    typical excellent coverage GAGR. Keep up the great work.

    We at The Rugby Club in Sydney are trying to build the NRC’s popularity by hosting a Live Site every Thursday. I know plenty of GAGR contributors and readers enjoy the Club from time to time.

    We were lucky enough to be joined last Thursday by James Grant, the
    former Wallaby probably best known as being the first try scorer in the
    1989 NSWRL grand final for Balmain. Just don’t mention the game – it’s
    still too soon… James is now the General Manager at the NSW Country

    James was absolutely fantastic – giving us an insider’s expert view,
    not only on the televised game, but on how he helped set up the Eagles
    franchise. Although it was a bit of a soft launch, we are going to do
    our best at The Rugby Club to help build the comp.

    Over the next two weeks we have guys from the North Harbour Rays coming in this Thursday (ARC & Shute Shield veteran Josh Holmes and two time Catchpole
    medalist Hamish Angus are confirmed), and the Sydney Stars the following week including Chris Malone and ARC veteran and Waratahs winner Pat McCutcheon (TBC).

    The idea is to get a professional view from those involved in the
    actual comp and franchises, and let our patrons ask questions in a
    relaxed informal setting. Basically we want it to be unique and a more
    fun version of a pub chat about the footy. At least here we have real
    experts, not just guys who think they are, like me and my mates!

    Anyway, friendly bar prices, friendly staff and the games in high
    definition. Everyone is invited, especially those who want to be
    involved and support the NRC, like the majority of readers here are. We
    just want there to be a supporter’s base for the NRC and help the comp grow.

    Hope to see some of the GAGR readers in the Club over the next couple of months.



  • FrostE

    The players that have played superrugby seem to be so dominant in this competition already. Frisbee, Kerevi and Betham in the Stars v City game were just at another level.

    • Patrick

      You would be disappointed if they weren’t!

  • CaptJack

    this is tops!

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