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Opinion: Should the Tahs take Kurtley back?

Opinion: Should the Tahs take Kurtley back?

beale vs force 516While he sits out an ‘indefinite suspension’ with the struggling Melbourne Rebels, rumours have abounded that Kurtley Beale has been feeling out a possible move back to the Waratahs.

Would this be a move of genius or disaster? Here are two viewpoints from our forum:

braveheart01 profileGIVE HIM A GO

By Braveheart81

I’ve always been a bit fan of KB and whilst he has mad several serious off field issues now, he largely stayed out of trouble at the Tahs.

I think Cheika is exactly the sort of coach that KB needs to stay focused and on the straight and narrow.

There needs to be several things happen before this can become a possibility. Kurtley needs to seek attend some sort of alcohol rehabilitation program and receive counselling. It would seem based on past experience that he probably needs to stop drinking if he is really going to be avoid problems in the future.

A combination of anger management and fixing his drinking problem is what is required.

If he can complete these things I think the Tahs should seriously consider re-signing him.

bardon profileDON’T TOUCH HIM

By Bardon

I vote no because a lot of Cheika’s problems at Stade stemmed from disagreements between him and the players. At Leinster he was able to ship out or retire guys who didn’t buy into his way of doing things and ended up with a squad that believed in what he was trying to do.

Although I greatly admire KB as a player, at one time he was the undisputed best FB in the world, his off the field problems don’t sit well with the changes Cheika is trying to make at the Tahs. It would be a big gamble to bring KB back and if it blows up in his face it could cause major disruption in the squad and potentially cost Cheika his job if there’s a split in the squad.

If the Tahs did get KB back it won’t be for a pittance. Even with clauses or a handshake agreement about his behaviour there could still be a lot of problems if he misbehaves.

What do you reckon – if the Tahs get the opportunity, should they give KB another chance?

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  • The speller

    Infinite or indefinite???

  • Ooaahh

    I would be happy to have him back so long as his contract stipulated penalties for indiscretions related to alcohol and pluses for sticking to the clean path. That way if he fucks up, fuck him off and if he tows the line great, ultimately responsibility for his behaviour rests with Beale not Cheika. Put the pressure to behave in his quarter

  • Kiap

    Never say never.

    I think his immediate future lies in Sydney – within Rugby or crossing over to Rugby League. If he can sort himself and get fit to play, then remaining in Rugby could be a better option for him. The Tahs would probably want him as a player, but only if he gets back on track. The mungo alternative would not just be an easy payday as at the end of the day it’s a similar deal there.

    Either way, KB needs to make some steps first.

  • cantab


  • Patrick

    I think he should go to the Brumbies and get some Jake White love…

    • The Rant

      I hear White still uses the cane… and team boaters will be implemented soon.

    • Don’t want him or o’Connor in Brumby Land they won’t fit into the culture we have down here.

      • Patrick

        The culture you have where????

        First of all, Canberra and culture are not compatible words in normal usage. Second, who are you kidding – didn’t the Brumbies basically invent the idea of player power?

        What you have is Jake White, and I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be worth giving him a shot at bringing KB into line.

  • Westo

    You know this is not that dissimilar to the time when Tim Horan sat down with a young Quade Cooper and said mate, cut of your rats tail, sort your klepto issue out and start playing rugby. And in 2010 he started playing rugby. Admittedly he once again became a little lost through frustration, but KB perhaps needs the same sort of old school mentoring and a good coach like Cheika as Link was for Cooper.

  • The Rant

    The Q is what position? Tahs have enough back 3 players to make a full team. And let’s not kid ourselves – KB is not getting fitter. So he’s got to be looking to play 10. An area where the tahs could use some depth. I love barnes and I’m getting happier with Foley but KB could add something here.
    That said – I’m over the attitude of some of these guys and the Tahs have had some of the worst attitude issues of all teams so it would seem a backwards step for me to sign Beale.

  • bill

    Does Kurtley want to be a professional rugby player or does he want to just rely on innate talent and ultimately wind up with one career option to be a b grade celebrity on reality tv?

    I hope he gets his shit together.

  • Negative…He is only one phantom shit in a hotel stairwell away from being a bona fide league superstar anyway.

    He’s ticked all of the other boxes.

  • When in form, he’s my favourite player. But I agree with Bardon. He would potentially destabilise what Cheika is trying to do. And anyway, I don’t think Cheiks would go for him with the baggage he has.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    Personally I’d be against having him back. IMHO he’s trouble waiting to happen no matter how you dress it up.

    Sure he can play (when fit and his head is the right space) but the risk to cause huge damage to an already struggling outfit like the Waratahs is enormous. My fear is that those who make the decisions just won’t be able to resist the temptation to bring in a draw card for a ‘bums on seats’ factor. I would completely understand their motives, more $$$$’s. But in my opinion that would play straight into Kurtley’s hands and then where would be?

    I’d wager if you asked the bookies what odds they’d give of Kurtley returning and delivering on a promise to stay sober, get fit & keep out of trouble, they’d roll around laughing.

  • Shaun Lambert

    No way. Nothing to do with his issues either way, just that the tahs have no need of any more talent! They’re chockers already!

  • skip

    Australian rugby, and especially this fan, is getting sick of these kind of fuck ups. I honestly don’t know the answer but my sense he should stay at the Rebels and stay performing before he thinks about one of the other franchises. Pretty much the only side he could be certain of getting interest from is the Force. I can’t think the Reds, Tahs and Brumbies would really want him at the moment, so getting his shit into one sock where is now is probably best. Yoda said something about keeping your mind on the job and where you are now..

  • Jay-c

    If nsw gives kurtley the support structure needed for him to overcome his issues and allows him to be the role model young aboriginal kids need then its a no brainier for me-
    This is a much bigger issue than the tahs- kurtley must succeed.
    Give him the help he needs and give him a leadership role-
    Maybe he has gotta quit the booze, I believe last time he did he was nominated for player of the year- but only he can make that decision.
    Nsw didn’t deserve to keep him the way they were playing- I’d love to see him back.
    Form is temporary, class is forever

  • Nutta

    In Sydney or Brissy (even potentially Canberra) he would have the added distraction of amped up media. Being in Melb ( same for Perth) where it’s so AFL centric he doesn’t get the exposure. So to bring someone with dysfunctional behavioural aspects into increased media glare is not recommended.

    Further I just can’t see Beale working in with the intensity of Checkers. It would lead to a blow-up “Stade Style”

    My advice is to Beagle is stay out of the light, get your grog issues fixed and come back to somewhere as fish-bowled as the Tahs only when ready for it. It’s the place to go once fixed – not the place to go to be fixed.

  • cay_t

    From what I understand… White reckons all the 3 amigo’s need is a strong Coach… and he is the definition of that… so whilst I understand the Brumbies fans dont want those petulant primadonnas… imagine a focused, disciplined JOC (and/or KB) playing for the Brumbies and Wallabies!

  • Langthorne

    What coach wouldn’t want him? I hope Cheika backs himself to bring the best out of Beale – there aren’t many players out there who are capable of what he is. Yes, there are issues, but they are not insurmountable, and the potential benefits are huge. Beale would add some serious depth to the Waratahs squad – and he is a Waratah deep down anyway. Come home Kurtley!

  • Jimmy

    The Sydney Swans are a great example of a team that doesn’t require big names to succeed. I really feel that some of our rugby teams could learn from their example. Implement a “no dickheads policy” and build a team, not just a group of talented players. Tahs have already tried to win games with a group of talent, time to try something new….build a team.

    No to Kurtley…in line with the “No dickheads policy”.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Cheika won’t sign him unless he sees he can (i) control him, and (ii) use him.

    KB is an X factor player, and the type of player with Izzy who can bring the crowds in the door especially if we play the style Cheiks has set out to. Crowds aren’t exactly booming at the moment. We’d have trouble filling Concord or NSO currently. In fact, probably get better crowds ….

    With Barnes likely going, who wouldn’t want Foley and KB both in. Izzy is properly a winger not an FB, so no issues there. I see Horne looking decent at 12 the real issue, as that could kybosh Foles/KB playing a 10/12 swap through games. However, 1 game a Horne at 12 does not make ….

    I think a big issue has been KB being at the Rebels with fellow amigo JOC, and a weak coaching regime. Come back to the Tahs and remove both problems from KB’s life.

    Whoever thought Copper would look like the better of the 3 amigos …?!??!

  • david baldwin

    I hope they take him – the tahs will be crap for a few more years still :)

  • SuckerForRed

    I remember Kurtley of a few years ago. You know, the 15 who you looked at and went ‘WOW’ just about every time he got the ball. Where is that boy gone?

    I think the issue is that the ‘3 amigos’ should not be in the one place at one time together. I have no doubt in the world that Kurtles has run off the rails in Melbourne due to other influences. Peer presure if you like. So maybe a move back to Tah land would be good. BUT…….. As many other have said here he needs to step up & take responsibility for what has happened & what is going to happen.

    He said to Rugby HQ last week that he didn’t think that he had a problem with alcohol. Well, news flash mate, you most certainly do. You may not be an alcoholic but if drinking gets you arced enough to start throwing fists then you have a problem with alcohol and you have to deal with it one way or the other. This will be the first step to him being accepted anywhere.

    Part of me would love to see him back to his best form, but the other part of me can understand if no one will give him another chance. In short, I don’t know which way to vote…..

  • vidiot

    I would say KB needs the waratahs – or at least a return home and more structure/discipline in and out of the team environment – more than the waratahs need him.

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