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Photo Gallery: Reds v Sharks

Photo Gallery: Reds v Sharks

My photographic journey continues at the Reds v Sharks match. This week despite being less than 5 metres away from Anthony Fainga’a when he scored his try I only managed a very fuzzy shot of what could be his head. Despite that I’m very happy with my efforts this week and ended up with more good shots than I’ve ever managed before. For all the  match details take a look at Scott Allens Match Review.

Meyer Bosman loosens that tight C4 in Anthony Fainga’a’s neck.

Reds v Sharks 2013

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  • http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/ Matt Rowley

    Phenomenal Sully. Who knew??

    • http://landoftheunit.wordpress.com/ Sully

      Not me that’s for sure! I’m pretty please with myself after that.

  • Brax

    Nice shots Sully. I particularly like the one of Holmes at the end there. The players faces say it all, Shatz even looks like he’s wiping a tear from his eye!

    • http://landoftheunit.wordpress.com/ Sully

      Was my favourite too.

  • cantab

    wow, good set, nice little loch ness monster at the end as well! Are you inside the barrier or just have front row seats?

    • http://landoftheunit.wordpress.com/ Sully

      I have a press pass thanks to GAGR

  • Kiap

    Nice work! The shot of Lambie, and the ‘rucking backs’ one were also good.

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