Photo Review - Reds v. Brumbies - Green and Gold Rugby
ACT Brumbies

Photo Review – Reds v. Brumbies

Photo Review – Reds v. Brumbies

Ash put together a great review of the Reds v Brumbies game at Suncorp last night. I liked his head line so much I stole it.  Here are my photos from that game.

Click on the photo for a larger image then use your arrow keys to navigate. Enjoy.


  • Bobas

    Too many Waratahs.

    • I tried to not take photos of them. But they keep sneaking in!

  • Tim

    Nice shots, as always, Sully

  • RobC

    Excellent pics! even made Reds look decent. Same for Lelo’s kicks :)

    • RubberLegs

      I like the shot of Henry Speight crashing into Frisby; OUCH!. I bet the little guy is sick of the 10 jersey.

      • It was a very hard hit!

      • RobC

        Reminds me of the hit on Turner by Dennis prior week

        Except in that case, Turner was the one holding the pill, and was laid out

        Dennis seems to have delivered some big hits lately esp on playmakers. He dusted Harris recently also.

ACT Brumbies

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