Photo essay: Rob Kearney v. the 'clueless' Wallabies - Green and Gold Rugby

Photo essay: Rob Kearney v. the ‘clueless’ Wallabies

Photo essay: Rob Kearney v. the ‘clueless’ Wallabies

A great player and probably a top fella, but sometimes it’s best to leave things unsaid, after Rob Kearney called the Wallabies ‘clueless’ earlier this week.

thanks to @sinclair-hugh

  • Deb Coulthard

    Umm who is Rob Kearney???

    • Guest

      Well said

  • Meatray

    haha nice work. Yes you are right, sometimes particularly in sport it really is better to leave things ‘unsaid’. I haven’t had the chance to watch the game yet but in fairness to him wasn’t he talking about under Deans? In which case I’m pretty sure by the end most Wallaby fans would have agreed with him

  • Jason

    Bit below the belt – he said we used to be clueless and that we’d changed a lot:

    • Meatray

      yeah I was under the impression he was talking about under the old regime.

    • Yep, but if you were one of the ‘clueless’ Wallabies you might not care much for the difference.

      It’s just a bit of fun anyhow – some cracking facial expressions

      • Muz

        I suspect a lot of the Wallabies would have actually agreed with him, His statement was an indictment on Deans more so than the players.

    • Jimmy

      I actually agree with him. We were fucking clueless under Deans. It was like watching KRudd run the team….a lot of fucking talk but absolutely no plan.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      As we all know, it doesn’t actually matter what he actually said or didn;t say. It’s far more important that we managed to twist it into something motivational.

      Seems we’re finally learning.

  • Old_Laurentian

    Oh well done! Best Sunday morning chuckle so far – and it’s a happy Sunday morning.

  • No P4? :(

  • Gibbo

    2mtrs per Carry – 9 Carries – horrible stat for a fullback

    • Jimmy

      Given that a fullback usually has to run about 10 metres just to find the defence, that stat would suggest he must have sat down a couple of times during the game waiting to be tackled.

  • Rodgey Dodgey

    Pic 5 is awesome!

  • RugbyStu

    This may be a stupid question when they get driven backwards in the tackle do they subtract it in the metres gained? Would it be possible to be in negative metres lol

  • Guingsy1


  • Seems theres some unhappy folk on reddit (when *isn’t* there unhappy folk on reddit) about this post. :)

  • laraxwell

    Very classy to include last photo…great fun I am sure but totally missed the context of Kearney’s comments. Australia much better than us yesterday in every department.

  • Graeme

    I think the last pic probably should be pulled, it’s not very classy. And to be fair to the guy, he didn’t actually say we were clueless, that was just the SMH doing it’s usual headline grabbing by completely taking peoples statements out of context.

  • Bay35Pablo


  • rebelpirate

    kearney stated the truth…the problem with some fans, wallabies officials and wallabies is its hard to accept the truth…some times we’re a bit arrogant and tend to talk ourselves up before a game then get hammered and start wondering why!

  • redbull

    that is really poor form. Kearney has been a great player for Ireland, he was complimenting Australia and he gets this shit. Here is a heads, the wallabies WERE FUCKEN CLUELESS against the Lions, what was it, 46-10 or something and maybe scored like 3 tries in all 3 matches?
    But hey, keep crowing like a stupid rooster well before the dawn has actually broken. Wallabies have a while to go yet before getting back to top 3. Keep some humility, try learning from the Irish

  • The Descolada

    I’m Irish, but this made me laugh! The only thing from that game that brought an expression to my face other than anger and disgust.
    In fairness though, Kearney wasn’t slagging off the Aussies, he was actually talking about how much better ye were getting since the change in mgt, which I doubt anyone here would disagree with. Hopefully something we can mirror, as I think we’re in a very similar situation – new coaching ticket, a lot of problems inherited from the previous coach, etc…

    • Colm

      I don’t see much similar


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