PhotoSLAM – Reds v. Force – Green and Gold Rugby
Queensland Reds

PhotoSLAM – Reds v. Force

PhotoSLAM – Reds v. Force

I made my debut as a Photographic Journalist at the Reds versus Force match on Saturday night. Here are a few of the shots I took during the night. It was an amazing experience. I forgot to take pictures on about 10 occasions and found myself just watching the game instead. I loved being so close to the action but I missed sitting with my family and friends.


  • Sorry guys some of the Photos are in the wrong order I am trying to sort it out.

  • Mountain Man

    Some good moments. A photographic tip from someone who does it a lot – go to your settings and turn the saturation down a little. Shoot in shutter priority at a minimum of 1/1,000 and auto ISO.

    • Thanks mate. I’m learning but it’s a steep curve.

  • Some great shots there.

  • Great photos. Did you have a press pass?

    • Yes Still can’t believe they gave me one!

      • That’s awesome – if you ever get another press pass and want a tag-a-long I’d love to come take some snaps.

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