Melbourne Rebels

Picslam – Waratahs v. Rebels

Picslam – Waratahs v. Rebels

Greg Peterson wasn’t the only debut at the Sydney Football Stadium last night. There was also a G&GR photographer having his first shot at the big time.

It was a great experience, even when I got sledged by the crowd for having the smallest camera. Some say that size matters, but they’re stuck in the stands!

We weren’t expecting much; I only got a camera last Friday and didn’t know the difference between an ISO and an F-Stop back then. Any tips on how to improve for the Cheetahs match are most welcome. Apart from “focus on the actual players”, I’m working on that!

Here’s the best of the almost 800 shots I took…

Nic 'tripod' Henderson propping up  the Rebels scrum

Nic ‘tripod’ Henderson propping up the Rebels scrum

Paddy Ryan Try Time

Paddy Ryan Try Time

Shmoo Chip

Shmoo Chip

Monkey Cloud Scrum Time

Monkey Cloud Scrum Time

Run Higgers, Run

Run Higgers, Run

Got him

Got him

Chariots of Carter

Chariots of Carter

  • Matt Rowley

    Seriously great shots mate. Work best if you pop open the slideshow by clicking on it

  • Shtinatina

    Good work Moses!

  • Bignose

    What kit have you got there?

    • Andrew Mosey

      Nikon D7000 with a 28 – 105mm Nikon lens (f/3.5 – 4.5), and a 28 – 300mm Sigma lens (f/3.5 – 6.3)

  • The Rant

    great shots. especially of kingston running down and tacking higgers! Just need to photoshop in a crowd…

  • Willis

    Nice shots. You’ll want to get the shutter to at least 1/1000 second and with the D7000 you should be able to boost it up to ISO3200 with minimal noise and probably even up to ISO6400.

    • Andrew Mosey

      Thanks Willis,
      I’ll give those settings a go at the Cheetahs match.

      I’ve noticed the aperture increases as I zoom in, with my limited equipment would you suggest I try to get shots zoomed all the way out (ie 28mm) so the aperture is locked at 3.5mm?

      • Willis

        Yeah because the lens has variable aperture it means that’s the maximum that it will open which means less light is being let in. It really depends on the type of shots that you want but with those sports shots, most people like to see the players up close sweat and all.

        Wide shots are great though if you are showing the whole story unfold eg, there is a counter-attack opportunity and someone is making a break down the line while everyone else is being burned in their dust. The wider shot would tell that story in your shot.

        If you have a a little bit of budget, it might be worth perhaps hiring a lens like the 70-200 2.8. I’m pretty sure there are a few places in Sydney that you can hire them for the weekend. It’s not too expensive and you get a nice lens to use for the weekend.

    • Brumby Jack

      What choo talkin’ about Willis?

  • Andrew Mosey

    I’ve re-uploaded the pics after playing more with post-processing; have blurred the backgrounds to give better depth of field

Melbourne Rebels

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