Player Ratings - Bledisloe I - Green and Gold Rugby

Player Ratings – Bledisloe I

Player Ratings – Bledisloe I

1. Scott Sio

One of only a handful of Wallabies not to have a question mark against their name after a solid display. His charge though the guts of NZ from his own 22 should fill him with confidence. He will be the first name on the team sheet next week.  6 

2. Stephen Moore 

Hooked at half time after repeated ineffectualness and infringements. Has Moore started his last test match? His resistance to injury and our lack of depth at hooker says no. 


3. Allan Alaalatoa

Dropped an easy ball early on but was OK apart from that. It’s important to remember that Allan is still developing at this level and sharing minutes with Kepu will do him a world of good. 5

4. Rory Arnold

Brought an aggressive game to match Coleman before being subbed off at the 50 min mark. Looks to have found the right balance as he much more direct than he was in the June tests. 5


5. Adam Coleman

A performance we’ve come to expect from Coleman. Irreplaceable in the current team, Nobody’s only errors were when he was contesting kick offs like Lebron James in a jump ball.  6 – G&GR MOTM


6. Ned Hanigan

Another decent effort from a player no one expects to fire, but should we? Is being a line-out option and a good defender all we demand from a starting flanker. He was unable to make a metre with his 3 runs. 4


7. Michael Hooper (c)

Hooper had a very quiet game for his standards on both defence and attack, He also made poor choices on a number of occasions trying to win back or slow NZ ruck ball. Is the pressure of being both the energizer bunny and the captain getting to him?  5

8. Sean McMahon 

After almost missing the entire super rugby season due to injury, not to mention signing for an overseas club next year, McMahon was picked to start against the All Blacks. He took a long time to even be noticed on the park apart from a missed tackle on Sonny Bill that resulted in a try. 4


9. Will Genia 

Looked like he had lead boots on and barely got out of a jog the entire time he was on the pitch, a massive step in the wrong direction. 3


10.  Bernard Foley

Perfect from the tee but constantly shoveling on errors to players outside him which lead to conceding points and massive momentum swings early in the first half. Protected his ratio of kicks to charge downs with a late effort that would have made Genia smile. 4

11. Curtis Rona

Cheika must have thought, “he used to play league, so obviously he can defend in the hardest channel against the world’s best team”. Did we learn nothing from Tahu? Oh well, he scored a try on debut. 4

12. Kurtley Beale

Constantly asking questions of the defence with his electric acceleration. A few tackles missed and split passes away from an excellent game. 6

13. Samu Kerevi

If Genia had lead in his boots then Kerevi’s were filled with depleted uranium. Just completely out of sorts on defence and was replaced at half time. 2

14. Henry Speight

Another victim of a ridiculous defensive backline strategy that spectacularly failed in the first half. Speight had some beautiful involvements on attack but nothing more than a mixed bag when averaged across his two halfs.  5


15. Israel Folau

Showed his attacking threat on multiple occasions and linked up with Beale and Kuridrani nicely in the second half. However, two big errors led to two tries – a poor offload (that was intercepted) and getting cornered marking man-to-man on the wing – cannot be overlooked.  5


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Played the entire second half well and should be starting next week. 5

17. Tom Robertson

A few minutes at the end for Sio, didn’t do too much wrong. 5


18. Sekope Kepu

Played well until a poor linking pass, that was thankfully taken out of bounds by NZ. 5

19. Rob Simmons

Spilt a shocking pass hot on attack with his first involvement, made some good metres apart from that error. 5

20. Lopeti Timani

Fairly anonymous when all the finishers were making their mark on the game. 4

21. Nick Phipps

Came on and immediately put some respectability on the game with his up-tempo style, a few errors here and there were far outweighed by the positives he brought. 6

22. Reece Hodge

A couple of runs and some decent touch finders.5

23. Tevita Kuridrani

Put his head down and showed the importance of getting over the advantage line and presenting fast ball. Ended up scoring a try himself, backing up a simple loop play with Folau. 6


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke


  • jamie

    If so many players gave a “solid performance” or an “average – ho hum” game, then we’re fucked.

    You forgot to rate Cheika and Grey as well ;-). Should be easy ones

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Yeah, imo

      1. Sio – 6
      2. Moore – 2
      3. AAA – 5
      4. Arnold – 5
      5. Coleman – 6
      6. Ned Flanders – 2
      7. Hooper – 2
      8. McMahon – 2
      9. Genia – 4
      10. Foley – 2
      11. Rona – 2
      12. Beale – 5
      13. Kerevi – 1
      14. Speight – 5
      15. Folau – 4

      16. TPN – 5
      17. Robertson – 4
      18. Kepu – 4
      19. Simmons – 4
      20. Timani – 5
      21. Phipps – 5
      22. Hodge – 4
      23. TK – 5

      • formerflanker

        Are those numbers a dash then number, or minus then number? I could believe the minus scores.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Well played, my friend.

          I see you are a former flanker, I think that both openside and blindside are available for the Wallabies, you interested? Only criteria is that you need to have played for the Waratahs at some point over the last few seasons (doesn’t matter how poorly).

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Ouch! But sadly true

      • Brumby Runner

        I can agree with the 2 scores for each of the backrow, but as a unit they would score less than the sum of the parts, so about 1.5. Similarly with Beale and Kerevi in the centres, as a pairing they should score zero.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          ‘As a unit they would score less than the sum of the parts, so about 1.5.’

          Oh were they ever. Even 1.5 might be too generous.

      • dsb

        Agrre but 5 too generous for Phipps. Did you hear the ref have a go at him for stupidity on the paddock!

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I’m more than happy to revise Phipps downwards. 4 it is.

  • Nutta

    Thanks for the effort Bobas. Can’t offer much at the moment as I’ve moved out of the anger phase to the hopelessness phase.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I think the fact that so many real supporters like you are losing heart is the saddest part of all if this. The whole out of touch arrogance of the management of the franchises, states and ARU is killing the game here.

  • Greg

    Thanks for the ratings.

    this is starting to get to the core of one of our issues…
    “Another victim of a ridiculous defensive backline strategy that spectacularly failed in the first half”

  • This article is the first one I have read that criticised genia. His passes were fast and accurate. Phipps threw another howler.

    • ozrugbynut

      IMO he was a little slow. For all Phipps’ erratic efforts, when he gets it right our attacking shape is generally much better. Ive said it before, but i think Genia believes he has more time than he does and with the ABs rush defense we were shut down badly in that first half.

      Another point, our forwards seemed flat footed in attack all night. Aside from sio, coleman, arnold and taf in the second half, it seemed we barely made any metres at all, while the ABs were always over the gain line. Was it the pace of their game that exposed our defense and allowed the AB forwards that momentum? What i would give for a decent pack right now. Our back row was far too light.

      • Gaz Rhyder

        Genia hasn’t been good since 2nd test Vs lions 4 years ago. i don’t know why but since then his movement at ruck and passing is slow , his lateral backwards steps from ruck allow oncoming defense to flood his 10 putting pressure on the receival and distribution to the backline. He hardly takes advantage of breaks around the ruck, the main part of his play that made him a top class player. His kicking is a myth. Remembered this video. nothing has changed

  • TheNutorious

    Can’t argue with any of those ratings.

    Bad night. Change needed or we’ll have another one next week.

    Very lucky that NZ didn’t feel motivated to put us to the sword in the 2nd half.

  • Hoss

    Put my ‘maths nerd’ hat on for a minute Bobas. You have the whole team at 109 out of a possiblem 230 – no issues there, at an average / wallaby of 4.74 / player.

    To beat the Blacks I would imagine we would need to be at avg of 8/player or 184 in total.

    My question to my fellow sufferers is simply where do we find 75 more points (a 69% increase over game 1) from in a week and with a new defence ‘system’ (there was a system last night ?????)

    I said a few days back lose in Sydney, lose the cup again for another year so why not roll the dice on a few selections now.

    • Greg

      Interesting approach. Lets work the maths….
      I think there are a few players we can get from 5/6 to 8s…. but not all.

      what about…

      1) anyone that got 4 or less is dropped; not to the bench but to club level.Can some new blood get less than 3-4
      2) anyone left on the bench comes in to the starting side
      3) each player has some very specific actions that they must demonstrate in the next game to raise their rating by 2 points else see 1)
      4) some fresh blood is brought in to fill the bench.

      5) the exception is phipps. He joins genia in club-land and we try a new pair of 9s.
      6) and…. learn to tackle.

      Consistency of selection is fine…. if you can see it leading some where…. but I can’t. some “must achieve” KPIs like missed tackles if you want to play might do wonders.

      • Hoss

        Yeah mate, not much to argue with. I look at it from maths – for every player we have at 7 next week we need another to offset at 9, for every 6 we need a corresponding 10. And so on.

        I feel 100% like Nutter above – nearly to apathetic to care any more, what’s the old saying – fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

        I am angry with myself for falling into the “maybe we’re a chance” category- again. I don’t even know what the aim of the Wallabies are any more – it’s not the present, it sure-as-shit ain’t the future (how is a massive losing record the proving grounds for future success)

        Roll the die on game 2, retire (permanently) some old cattle (Moore, Genia) and put players on final notice ((Foley) and litter the 23 with the future – Ualese. Rodda, Powell and co I can forgive a loss for that cause but not for more of the same soul destroying Wallabies shit.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Sad as it is to admit. I listened to my wife (for once). She told me not to get my hopes up as you will be dashed on the rocks of despair yet again. Boy was she right, and boy am I glad I listened to her!

        • SarriesFez

          It helps to build round a nucleus of good players. Do you have a group of say 8 current players in the Auz squad you could do that around? I don’t know enough about Auz rugby but from the outside your two locks, Pocock, Beale, Folau …? Who would the others be.

        • Who?

          Sio, Ala’alatoa. Wouldn’t have Folau in that list any more. The rest… The nucleus of the squad can be smaller than half of the squad. Knock off Folau, there’s six key names there. The tight five, a flanker, and a full back. The rest, you won’t get concensus from fans on here…

      • Ian

        I am concerned that Cheika has an inexplicable bias. Higgers is gone but is a ball-handling and skillful backrower, Quade is out for some reason, pick Mcmahon but not Fardy for similar circumstances, and etc’s. He doesn’t appear to pay hommage to form and it appears to be unearned reputation.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Mate I agree. I can’t se a lot if the old guard doing much different and bringing in some young enthusiastic blood certainly isn’t going to do worse and may lead to some good things into 2019 in Japan

      • Hoss

        Yeah mate – today I am genuinely embarrassed to be a Wallbay Fan. I am tired of the rubbish espoused by Chek, I am tired of the ‘how well we trained’ from all and sundry and I am tired of seemingly little consequence for continued under-performance from all involved. On what planet do any persons associated with the wallabies believe it’s acceptable ?

        • Funk

          Currently we have a number of players who could run onto the field next Saturday evening, drop their pants and take a dump on the field then sit there and do nothing but watch the other players play against the aigs and they would still be in the team to take on the boks in Perth the following week. Cheika has his favorites that shall not be moved!

    • I’m not complaining about the approach but some of the individual scores could be improved by a 1-2 if there was something that looked like a defensive system, maybe not by enough to give you 75 points.

      Not to defend all the players, there needs to be a cull there, but some of the blame lies with the coaches too – there needs to be a defensive system, not a mob near midfield. Then you might properly blame players for not defending to the system and making mistakes instead looking confused about what everyone was meant to be doing. Heads need to roll in the coaching staff if they can’t have a system the players understand as well as among the players.

      • mikado

        Spot on. Kerevi, Rona and Speight appeared to be screwed by a bizarre defensive system designed to hide Beale.

      • Warcomet

        yeah i noticed that too, Beale and Genia were trying to avoid tackles so they pushed Rona, Speight and Kerevi into those holes to defend, and when you push your best attacking back for the last year into a defensive hole every minute, there is not much he can do in attack, talking about kerevi here..shame everytime the ball came in his direction, it never made it to him, same for speight, limited ball opportunities, those 2 are attacking players, they need more ball, unfortunately due to poor defenders inside them (defensively), they were forced into situations where mistakes were made.

  • kp

    Very generous ratings, especially for Hooper, Beale, Foley, Rona and Kerevi.

  • Greg

    One of the things that used to shit me about the ABs was the way that they would deliberately infringe when we were close to their line. They were better than that but couldn’t help themselves or had been coached to do it.

    I haven’t seen it recently. Have they changed their approach or we just fail to apply any pressure? sadly, I suspect the latter.

    • muffy

      They didn’t need to, they knew we would fk it up ourselves…

    • idiot savant

      The first penalty we kicked was one. One of their second rowers deliberately rolled onto the ball to prevent a quick release. After that, we never got close enough again on the scoreboard for the ABs to bother infringing.

    • Brumby Runner

      In my eyes they infringed in every scrum that was fed by the Wallabies. If looking at the game again, take note that all scrums to be fed by the Wallabies, the ABs front row went to ground and forced a reset or two, probably hoping for the lottery that is the refereeing of scrums to go their way from time to time. Not one scrum where the ABs were feeding went to ground. Deliberately cynical infringing I believe and worthy of YCs to the whole front row.

  • Reds hopeful

    After watching the first half my massive disappointment turned to anger.

    Im sick of all the BS excuses ppl are making about our belovered wallabies. We where rubbish and where made to look like a joke by nz. I dont have the answer to the vast array of problems plaguing our teams but i think its about time we find the ppl that can solve our issues.

    There was only a few players that i would not have asked for there match fee back. If you cant catch the ball… gone… if you catch pass the ball… gone… if you dont perform you assigned tasks….. gone…

    If we dont have players that can perform and coaches that can bring out the best….

    Find players and coaches that bloddy can.

  • Mitch T Gray

    Seems about right from what I saw from the sideline. I’d like to see you guys do an opposition ‘players ratings’ equivalent. Just as a ‘yardstick’ by which to measure. Cheers.

  • Gallagher

    Moore, McMahon, Hannigan, Foley, Kerevi and Rona dropped completely, Nathan Grey blamed for the poor 1st half defence tactics.

    TPNau to hooker and Latu to bench
    (Gives us hookers that can scrum and play the ball)

    Timani to 8
    Hardwick and Korchyk to cover 6 and bench
    (Gives us a much needed bigger backrow, and a chance at getting an effective attacking 6)

    Cooper straight back in to 10
    (We NEED play makers at 10/12)

    Kuridrani to Outside Centre, Hunt to bench
    (Choo choo can defend like no other and can almost carry like Kerevi)

    Haylett-Petty to wing
    (Need his boot as backup without Foley)

    • Ian

      100% concur with your changes – Cheiks has a blindspot and elevates kids like Hannigan who just can’t match it?

    • Proud Pig

      Only problem I see with this is 10/12 is still a turnstile. We need to focus on the defense and if that means our attack suffers a little so be it. All the best performances against the all blacks are based on solid defense.
      So to that end drop Foley and play Beale at 10, slightly better defender than Foley and I think you lose nothing in attack plus he has a far superior boot. Bring Hodge in at 12 and Kuridrani at 13. If DHP is available great put him on the wing or even fullback and shift Folau to the wing. That gives us DHP, Hodge and Beale who can all kick in play.
      The forwards were OK in defense but give us little go forward. TPN to start with Latu on the bench, McMahon to bench and Timani to 8. Give Hardwick the first go at 6. Also let Coleman captain the side not Hooper, who while a good player is not a leader.

      It should be noted the biggest problem we had in this game was Cheika. To select a side with a backline that could not defend to save its own life when up against the ABs is basically negligent and could almost be a career killer. I blame Cheika for the defense not Grey, as you could have the greatest defensive coach in the world but if you select a group of players who are turnstiles there is nothing he can do. Don’t get me wrong we had no system but even if we did we had no players to implement it.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Bobas, I think you are being a little generous there! The BL’s scorecard!
    1. Sio – 5
    2. Moore – 3
    3. AAA – 5
    4. Arnold – 5
    5. Coleman – 6
    6. Hannigan – 2
    7. Hooper – 3 (Bad captaincy and Ref Management)
    8. McMahon – 3
    9. Genia – 4
    10. Foley – 3
    11. Rona – 3
    12. Beale – 5 (Great attack, shit defence)
    13. Kerevi – 2
    14. Speight – 5
    15. Folau – 4

    16. TPN – 5
    17. Robertson – 3
    18. Kepu – 4
    19. Simmons – 4.5 (For once this guy actually looked good).
    20. Timani – 5
    21. Phipps – 4 (Should be minus ten for his dickhead antics yet again)
    22. Hodge – 4
    23. TK – 5.5

    Not a lot of good there at all.

    • RedAnt

      Think you’re closer to the mark, BL. I would give Foley a 2 at best – he didn’t throw one decent pass all night and the one Simmons dropped (and Bobas seems to have marked him down for) was above and behind his head. If Foley doesn’t have space to run he is complete shite. I would also mark Hodge up, and possibly Speight.

      • Ian

        Concur – does anyone not see that as lovely a bloke he may be and a “good/ok” game manager Foley will never provide the Wallabies the game leadership and control that is required to beat the best in the world. He just isn’t good enough. Hooper is the same. He unbalances the side. Pocock and Gill are the answer there. Miserable night but exactly as expected.

        • Gaz Rhyder

          completely agree, though pocock isnt an option right now. Hard to win when you have a flanker that wants to be a centre and has no ruck dominance, then they make him captain so hes guaranteed pick. crazy.

    • Pearcewreck

      Too harsh on Beale, he was better than a 5, say a 6.
      Too generous on Kerevi, he was worse than 2, say a 1.
      Too generous on Genia, he was worse than 4, say a 3.
      Too harsh on Phipps, he was better than a 4, say a 5.

  • lee enfield

    Gray turned the Wallabies defence around during the half time break, so given a week, he should have it solid for game 2.
    It really isn’t his fault, when he should have had the players working on defence during the last month, Cheika had them running hills and practicing bondage with tape and latex bands, and possibly rope brought in by one of the Waratahs.
    Good news from Cheikas tactics is, the Wallabies were immune to the S&M the All Blacks inflicted on them, so are confident for next week. Furthermore, Gray worked out the Safe Word to make the All Blacks stop, so hopefully he can work out 20mins earlier next week.

    • Adhesi

      Well, the All Blacks did fall apart once again when Crotty left the field.

  • Huw Tindall

    I think I know what rock bottom feels like now. Test matches are won based on defence – see every single RWC or other major championship winning team since day dot. The fact we went into the game with arguably the most fragile backline combined with an overly complex defensive system is mind boggling. Wouldnt it be nice to have a guy Ashely-Cooper back? Best defensive winger we ever had.

    To be fair to the forwards our set piece was fine and a lot them made some yards. It’s entirely down to our defensive failings. We can score tries. Not a problem.

    Defensive minded backline with simple defensive system is necessary. Nick Bishop’s article on The Roar the other week pointed this out perfectly.

    Given only a week’s turn around i’d go the following backs:
    9 Phipps – has a motor can tackle and sweep with the best of them. Is a bit of a dick and guaranteed an average pass once a game but we have to stick with that until Ruru or Louwrens are in.
    10 Foley as there is nobody else and he does make some good cover tackles. Just not a frontline defender.
    12 Billy Meakes. Best 12 so far this year. Seems to relish defence.
    13 TK. Bit one dimensional for some but easily out best defensive back.
    11 Speight. Knows his job and is surprisingly good over the ball for a winger.
    14 Folau. Can’t read the game defensively so stick in the wing channel and smash blokes.
    15 Beale. Can read the game and position himself well but he’s at 15 for his boot and attack. Is getting better at defence and at least won’t ve caught out of position.

    Hunt somewhere in the mix when he is back.

    Back to basic on the system. Standard rush or umbrella defence. None of this narrow channel shit which a good team can get around too often.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Phipps can tackle okay, but defence is about more than tackling. His catastrophic unforced errors and horror passes don’t just stifle our attack (although they do do that too), but they cost us points. It feels like almost every match that he starts he costs us at least one try from an unforced error (see England last year).

      Foley is the worst defender I’ve ever seen, and his horrendous clearance kicking likewise costs us points. He is everything Quade is accused of being and more – tackles worse than Quade, makes more errors that Quade and is flakier than Quade. The only difference is that Foley doesn’t have Quade’s moments of genius. The fact Foley is held to a different standard to every other 10 is a joke.

      Quade defends better than people give him credit for (he has improved it), but if people aren’t happy with him, Lance is a good defender.

      Meakes is a good SR level player, I’ve seen nothing to suggest he can defend better than Hodge, and he doesn’t have Hodge’s boot. His hands are as bad as Hodge. I still back Kerevi as a 12 (not as a 13, not ever again), but I don’t really have a leg to stand on with him after last night, so Hodge might be the best bet.

      9. Genia
      10. Quade/Lance
      11. Speight
      12. Kerevi/Hodge
      13. Kuridrani
      14. Folau
      15. Beale

      21. Powell
      22. Quade/Lance
      23. Kerevi/Hodge

      It is a shame Karmichael is injured, as he fixed a lot of our problems in defence.

      • Huw Tindall

        Good points DBB but with the squad we have and only a week I don’t see them bringing Quade in. Same approach I took for the Ruru et al. Our younger 9s are actually quite promising!

        Hodge was developing well at 12 last year but Super Rugby and June tests had him playing everywhere. I think we were all disappointed he didn’t come on further this year. Will lay some blame at the Rebels’ door. Meakes though had played 12 all year and developed as a player. I’d edge him over Hodge for this reason but wouldnt be unhappy with Hodge. His boot is a plus but with Beale there it’s not as necessary.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          ‘Hodge was developing well at 12 last year but Super Rugby and June tests had him playing everywhere. I think we were all disappointed he didn’t come on further this year.’

          Really good point. But this is such a problem with Australia. Beale is into his seventh year as an international player and we are still discussing what his best position is (I think it’s pretty obvious it is fullback, as it has been since 2010 when he showed that great form in South Africa). I’d prefer Hodge still, however, as he is better in attack than Meakes, has a bit of Wallaby experience and can be used for kicking nonetheless, but I agree less important when Beale is on the field. Agree Meakes hopefully wouldn’t let the team down, he is courageous, works hard and defends well.

          I agree that we can’t really bring players in in a week, but I just have a horrible feeling we will get smashed whatever we do. Maybe it would be unfair to throw Ruru and Quade to the wolves in New Zealand, but longterm this Phipps-Foley thing cannot be allowed to continue. Neither can Beale and Kerevi at 12 and 13 respectively.

          As you say, defence wins matches, and we don’t care about defence, as proven by both the players we select and the fact that Nathan Grey is our defence coach.

        • Garry

          Cheika brought QC in last time with a weeks preparation to gel with the back line , for (similarly) a game in NZ with a low likelihood of success. Don’t be surprised if he’s rushed back in this week.

          Cheika’s crazy …. like a fox.

      • Who?

        I can’t believe Foley’s chip kick inside his own 5m line has been so rarely mentioned… If Quade did that, the site would’ve been burned down in rage!

        • Bobas

          We had advantage, or are you talking about one of his clearing kicks?

        • Who?

          The chip in the second half. I didn’t hear advantage called on Tenplay’s coverage. If we had advantage, then maybe fair enough… Maybe. But it was a pretty low percentage option even as a penalty advantage option. He wasn’t very likely to regather the ball, and if he had done, he was still inside his own 22 with significant cover defence around.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I’ve just given up exploding with rage every time Foley kicks the ball.

          My therapist told me that acceptance was the most important stage of grief, and the only one that could prevent a near-certain brain explosion.

        • Who?

          Just had a look at it again, it was only knock on advantage. Not a penalty advantage. Half the time refs call ‘advantage over’ the second boot hits ball on knock on advantages – it was an unnecessary risk, with no real chance of paying off.
          The way Barnes handled Phipps and Hooper after it… Really appreciate the way he refs a game! So level headed.
          Also, I didn’t remember Simmons’ knock on for his first touch, but it wasn’t his first involvement. His first involvement was touching a kick at 50 minutes, which Folau took and fed to a flying Beale, who then found Simmons (because Simmons hadn’t yet retreated, so he was the farthest forward up the field) who took the ball into contact. Two phases before Sio was held up, we scrummed, and then Rona scored. It was another 10 minutes (and a few good runs, a lineout win (leading to TK’s try), a shocking pass from Phipps to Beale without pressure which gave the ABs a 5m scrum against us, and then a great run from Speight before Simmons tried to catch that pass (arguably looking likely to find Hanigan behind, not Simmons – if it was for Simmons, it was a terrible, terrible pass).
          Think your ratings are pretty fair, but after a game like that any team that averages over 4 is going to feel like the marks were generous. It’s a hard one! I’d have another point off Phipps and Foley for their poor passing. And probably do the 2 point marks for the loose forwards (Hooper might’ve been an energizer bunny, but he directly contributed to two tries and was ineffective. Plus his captaincy – his interactions with the ref – was poor. Not enough respect shown). The tight five (even the replacement tight five) were all good, but even with Coleman’s excellence, I think all your marks there are pretty fair. :-)

      • dsb

        Agree with above but would also give Meakes a run

    • Maulalltheway

      thats pretty close i reckon.
      i’d Go with
      9. Powell quick and better service than either of the others
      10. Foley
      11. Folau
      12. Meakes
      13. TK
      14. Speight
      15. Beale
      1. SIO
      2. TPN
      3. AA
      4. Arnold
      5. Coleman
      6. Timani
      7. Hooper (give him 2 weeks to see if he can actually play as a 7. not a glorified 12)
      8. Naisarani

      16. Uelese
      17. Robertson
      18. Kepu
      19. Carter
      20. McMahon
      21. Phipps
      22. Hodge
      23. Banks

      get the new blood that did well in SR into the mix.

      by God its hard to support this at the moment.

      Cheika is on thin ice i reckon. He selects the players and the coaches remember…

      • Who?

        Sadly, Naisarani’s not yet eligible. Or maybe that’s to his benefit… :-

        • Maulalltheway

          in that case move Timani back to 8 and play Dempsey at 6

        • Who?

          What’s Dempsey done..? Better to look at someone like RHP, who’s at least been playing.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Huw this isnt what rock bottom feels like.
      we will pull out an excavator and keep digging. Blasting if we have too!
      Dunedin will be worse.

  • PJ Dinan

    What marks for Cheika? Debuting a 13 against the best attack in world rugby? Kuridrani proved his mettle in the second half. Coleman deserved more. He was excellent. The shot of him staring down the Haka was unreal.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I agree with G&GR that Coleman was the MOTM. He never gave up, always hit hard and carried well. Just let down by others

  • Brumballs

    With such an average performance from so many players surely we should be looking at scoring their coaches, particularly chieka grey and Bernie. All these players have greater potential then they have shown and it is the coaches job to make it all work cohesively. Even the commentators kept on about how Wallabies were so reliant on individual flair. Grey was a terrible choice and maybe chieka should lose marks for that too:
    Chieka: 3 (little cohesion)
    Grey: 1 (no defence)
    Bernie: 5 (potential in attack mostly squandered by poor defence)

  • 30 mm tags

    Adam Coleman was a 9. The most outstanding Wallaby in the last five years. Winning jumps against the throw, running down opposition backs and a fabulous work rate in the tight. An absolute champion and with Rory Arnold may present as the two forwards who will lead us to become a winning team.

    • MattyP

      I agree. I actually think that was the very best performance by a wallaby tight 5 (except Moore) in eons against the All Blacks. If the backs had done their job defensively, they would be getting a lot more credit right now. It’s a real shame that just as we possibly have a front 5 that can do a job, our back row and backline have fallen apart.

  • dsb

    Interesting read from all.The comments demonstrate consistency across the board. The failures are not just at the player and coach level but about how poorly rugby is governed and managed across Australia. Obviously too much parochialism(not to be confused with club loyalty). The prime example of this is the news on the weekend that the ARU and three of the SF clubs met and the outcome announced was that they had allagreed to collaborate. An admission that they were not even adequately doing the obvious. Will not get a winning Wallaby side until we sort that mess out!

  • Duncher

    Couldn’t help but think a trick was missed with Beals face not being a Gilbert

  • Jack

    Coleman being referred to as Nobody..? Yeah nah…But he’s bloody good.

    • Who?

      Plus, Coleman wouldn’t cut the Force. ;-)

  • mikado

    For me, Genia was a 5. He lacks the X-factor of old but he got around efficiently enough and passed accurately. “Ho hum” indeed.

    I think Beale was being hidden in defence. If so, not anywhere near a 6 despite his attacking flashes. 4 at best. (I was expecting a bit better from him, to be honest.)

    Folau was negligible in defence, so 4 at best.

    I think Hooper is great, so this really pains me to say it, but he was pretty awful on Saturday. Very little impact in attack or defence, and conceded a lot of penalties. Completely unconvincing as a captain. 3.


Brumbies supporter now living in Melbourne. Rugby and Larkham fan ever since he de beered de Beer. Never shy of controversy because when I say it it's cute.

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