Player Ratings - Bledisloe 2 - Green and Gold Rugby

Player Ratings – Bledisloe 2

Player Ratings – Bledisloe 2

1. Scott Sio

It was a bit of a mixed bag from Sio. The scrum did come under some pressure in the first half, but he more than made up for it with some good carries and being part of a better defensive effort. Solid all round 5 

2. Stephen Moore 

Played a much better game than last week. The lineout was solid, and in general play looked much more focused this time round, but his performance in the scrum left much to be desired. Was replaced at the 38th minute.  


3. Allan Alaalatoa

Like Moore, was solid in general play and defended a lot better, but definitely was bettered by his opposite number in the scrum. Was subbed off at halftime. 5

4. Rory Arnold

Coleman’s late scratching gave Arnold an opportunity. And boy, didn’t he make the most of it! He was over the advantage line every time he got the ball, and made nine tackles. You want aggressiveness in defence? Arnold showed it.  7

Rob Simmons

5. Rob Simmons

Matched Arnold for aggression in defence, and also put in a good performance orchestrating the lineout.  


6. Ned Hanigan

Yeah, it wasn’t a flashy performance, but Hanigan worked hard this match. He topped the tackle count (16), and was aggressive at the breakdown. This performance probably showcased more of the potential he has, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Subbed off after 60 minutes.  6


7. Michael Hooper (c)

Attack-wise, Hooper was outstanding this match. He scored the Wallabies second try and linked up well with Foley and Genia for the third try. Would’ve scored higher if it wasn’t for a more disappointing defensive effort, missing a couple of tackles.  6

8. Sean McMahon 

People were annoyed that he got picked even though he’s going to Japan. It’s frustrating he’s going, cause god he had a blinder! Was outstanding off the back of the scrum, and attack wise really took it to the Kiwis and rattled them. Probably his best performance so far playing playing for the Wallabies.  8 – G&GR MOTM


9. Will Genia 

Was it the same guy who played last week? Was much more resemblent of the Genia of six years ago. A much better performance, particularly in attack. His try in the second half really made the game come alive for the Wallabies. A close runner up behind McMahon. 7


10.  Bernard Foley

Had a good game in general play, but the Iceman certainly wasn’t on form with the Tee. 5


11. Henry Speight

Had a pretty quiet match, and in the end was outdone by his opposite number Reiko Ioane. 4

12. Kurtley Beale

Honestly, it’s good having Beale back. He adds a bit more variety in attack, and it was on show tonight. His defence also improved out of sight from last week. 6


13. Tevita Kuridrani 

The Wallabies needed a defensive mongrel in the centres. Kuridrani certainly brought that. Was good to see him making big tackles again. 6

14. Dayne Haylett-Petty 

A welcome return. Played a solid game out wide, both in defence and attack.  6


15. Israel Folau

The man has got plenty of attacking power, and he showed it to give us a great match up. That intercept try was bloody awesome, and he looked dangerous every time he had the ball. Much better performance from last week.  7


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Scrum got better the moment he came on. Should be starting. 6

17. Tom Robertson

Only had 16 minutes on the field. Played a solid game. 5


18. Sekope Kepu

Helped with the struggling scrum, but wasn’t as dangerous in general play.  5

19. Izack Rodda

A decent first game. Looked good in general play and in the lineout. Reckon he’s got more potential though. 5

20. Lopeti Timani

Defended okay, but attack was a bit rubbish. Pretty anonymous performance. 4

21. Nick Phipps

Unused Replacement – N/A

22. Reece Hodge

Came on late. Played alright. 5

23. Curtis Rona

Unused Replacement – N/A


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke


  • Adrian

    Thanks Nick
    Beale a bit low, and perhaps Speight and Timani deserved 5s, because really, no-one deserved to fail.
    Others ok I think

  • Bobas

    Great write up Nick, might be the first person to do the ratings apart from me since the last world cup.

    For me Arnold was MOTM, with Beale, Genia, Kuridrani and McMahon not far away.
    Speight lower than Foley surprises me. As I probably would have swapped those scores.
    DHP, Folau, Moore and Simmons are too high too.
    Hanigan might get a 6 if we ever got a pilfer while he was on, seriously we never have any ruck pressure when he’s on.
    And if Rodda doesn’t get a solid debut I don’t know who should, he didn’t put a foot wrong.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Genia played one of the best matches I’ve seen from a scrum-half in years, and behind a losing back getting dominated.

      • Bobas

        No problem with Genia, just thought Arnold had a blinder.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Fair, and I agree. Maybe Coleman being out was a blessing in disguise – not for last night (which was heartbreaking…), but it forced Arnold to step up and take charge. Hopefully he is more confident and assertive when Coleman is back!

          Genia MOTM for me, with Arnold, Beale and McMahon all next rung down.

        • Bobas

          you’re forgetting Kuridrani legally KO’d two players.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          TK is a beast. The midfield rock we need. Just didn’t see the same spark as from Genia and Beale, no slight on him, I love the guy.

        • Brumby Runner

          TK was actually best on the ground in the first half, continually making ground with ball in hand and his defense was top notch. And as Bobas said above he was instrumental in causing Cane to be subbed and in sending Crotty to the head bin for a while too.

          He was quieter in the second half, but didn’t let the side down at all, and was overall one of the best performers in the team on the night.

        • Pedro

          Yeah I agree, the first half was probably TKs best test half ever.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          He’s a quality player. One who is unfairly maligned at times.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Thanks mate, I am appreciate it. I get that these are subjective, and I applaud you for putting your hand up and doing it, but a few things I am baffled by…

    – How did Genia only score a 7 despite scoring a try and setting up two others? Foley only scored 1 less despite having a hand in only one try (set up by Genia’s brilliance) and kicking shit all day. Genia was a beast and was the best player on the entire field. Foley defended well but that is it. He missed 9 easy points under a closed roof ffs. Genia defended well too.

    – Kuridrani attacked well and defended well – only the same as Ned Hanigan? Hanigan ran once for 1m and never passed.

    – Moore’s work was diabolical. He deserves about a 2.

    – Beale provided so much spark and was the second best back after Genia.

    My ratings:

    1. Sio – 5
    2. Moore – 2
    3. Alaalatoa – 5
    4. Arnold – 7
    5. Simmons – 6
    6. Hanigan – 5 (defensively sound but wtf is he doing otherwise?)
    7. Hooper – 5
    8. McMahon 8
    9. Genia – 9
    10. Foley – 4 (defensively sound but wtf did he do otherwise?)
    11. Speight – 4
    12. Beale – 7 (marked down for that last defensive read, but wonderful in attack)
    13. Kuridarni – 7
    14. DHP – 4
    15. Folau – 8

    16. TPN – 7 (scrum instantly improved + good runs)
    17. Robertson – 5
    18. Kepu – 6
    19. Rodda – 5
    20. Timani – 4
    21. NA
    22. NA
    23. NA

    If there is any stat that is letting off alarm bells it is that 3 of the backline reserve players weren’t rated. Rugby is a game of 23 vs 23 now, if you don’t use your reserves you’ll get punished.

    Anyway thanks again, mate, just goes to show how subjective these things are!

    • Ev

      Sorry Nick but I agree with DBTB, seems like we watched different games

      • Greg

        This is what I like about this site. We can usually have a range of views without anyone being defamed.

    • Alex J

      Re the (lack of) back line substitutions: I agreed with keeping the combinations, which were working, intact. Genia was on fire so no need to bring Phipps in and bringing Rona on would have exposed us defensively.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Speight was invisible and DHP had a shocker. Hodge is a superior to defender to both of them, he should have been brought on.

        Cheika needs to pick better subs – why was Rona on the bench if he is average in attack and exposes us defensively?

        • 30 mm tags

          The Wallaby prop,who made contact with the ball AND GAVE AWAY A PENALTY IS grossly incompetent. It had gone forward off DHP and he played at it. So dumb. How much exposure has this particular frequent display of incompetence had since the Wallabies v Scotland in the RWC?

      • moaning expat

        Yes if your specialist number 9 is on fire – why would you bring on another one?

        You use your reserves when you need to- Not becasue they are there

    • BigNickHartman

      Hey Mr. Braithwaite, at the moment Bobas is the only one left standing who does the player ratings. If you’d like to do them, give us a shout! You can have your own chance to stand in the GAGR sun

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        But, but, but, that would mean putting my money where my mouth is and opening myself up for criticism, rather than remaining in my reclining armchair!

        But nah, seriously, if no one is doing it vs the Bokkies I would be keen, despite opening myself up to the criticism of others, rather than the other way around. :P

    • moaning expat

      If youre gonna take over you cant be Overly harsh or overly lauding. (i agree with Genia but hes an 8- not a 9) I dont think anyone played below par in that game- and giving Moore a 2 is just wrong. (altho yes, he should be retired asap as soon as we can find someone else)
      However did you think maybe that youre taking the ‘defensive sound but…’ etc a tad lightly? Considering we got slaughtered- WHOLLY because of our shit defense you’ve taken that as a minor trait. I disagree. We came close and almost won that game because of our defense and will continue only to win games because of it. For the love of God give me a few guys that never miss a tackle and ill be happy.
      Its a seriously unrated trait and im surprised that its not been commented on more or given the points rating it deserves..

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        I think that the reasons we lost were threefold (1) restarts, (2) goal kicking and (3) scrums. Defence was still an issue but I think it was a lesser concern compared to the three issues above. Fix any of the above and the Wallabies win.

        I’d say Genia is a 9, mate. First of all because I don’t think the majority of the team were fantastic—some were very good but some not so good—but his magic created a try off of that scrum, he scored another and he set up another – so 3 of the 5 tries were really down to Genia alone. Foley didn’t have a great day at the office and Genia did all of the core 9 duties and also did the majority of the playmaking duties normally done by the 5/8. He also made 8/9 tackles.

        So I would say that alone is an 8/10 score. However, Genia did it behind a back being eviscerated at first and then “just” dominated in the scrums, and behind a team getting smashed at the breakdown and losing heavily in possession and territory. Doing what he did behind a losing pack turns it into a 9/10 and ‘Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in’.

        Stephen Moore ran twice for 2m, made 3 tackles and missed 1, and the scrum was blown off the park when he was on the field. Seriously, it was embarrassing until TPN came on (not that it was good then, but it improved). Seems to be a good example of: ‘Tell your story walking pal’.

        • moaning expat

          I look at it this way- We didnt ‘Lose’ because of your 1, 2 and 3. Those things are what you can directly point to as the glaring things and im sorry -its the easy way. IE youre right in a way but the next game itll be something “directly” else, missed this or poor that- If Foleys slotted those goals we would have been in front etc etc….

          Defence is nothing like a lesser concern- if the defence wasnt there your 1,2 and 3 wouldn’t have mattered. In fact those 3 concerns are my least concern on the whole with the Wallabies (not just this game!) which actually shows you how bad it is.

          Our restarts arent the greatest but theyve never been something ive picked regularly as being bad; (talk to me about our line outs tho…) and its a bit of pot luck there. Lineouts shouldn’t be pot luck.

          Foleys goal kicking – generally- is pretty OK…Generally.

          Our scrum – which was shite (and the ABs arent ‘great’ scrummagers themselves) but even tho we were pulled around we got away with it mostly (and undeservedly) IE we were not penalised by the ref or by the play too much because of our rubbish scrum – and in that we were lucky. Genia had a fair bit to do with that. Foleys try was a great example of what frankly should have been a penalty against us in the proceeding scrum before Genia was able to do his thing.

          What im trying to say is frankly i dont really see the thing to look at is those things you mentioned- at the moment. I want to see the WBs follow up with the same heart and passion next week- and the week after and forever. My fear is Genia will revert back to his old form. Tired. My fear is the WB’s will return back to their old form- tired and listless. So i say – lets start with getting that defence right and the passion i saw as a PERMANENT fixture. Foley can kick as many goals as he likes- it wont make a bit of difference if our defence is non existent. We ‘LOST’ that game , if you recall, because 2 minutes to go we let the ABs in- our defence didnt hold up.

          And yes Genia had a cracker- no doubt- but G&G rarely give someone a 9. (ironically the last was Foley at the WC against England, if im not mistaken) He played as well for his position as Mcmahon and WGs also a lot more visible ( something else that unfortunately is human nature- we tend to look or notice the backs performance over the forwards)
          With Moore ive also rarely (once i think) seen a 2. He wasnt a 2. he played a lot better than last week however im still only giving him a 4.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I don’t disagree that longterm defence is the number 1 issue (with scrum second).

          However, on Saturday night talking about the match that was it was the three issues that I highlighted that caused the loss.

          We didn’t primarily lose the match through poor defence, but to the restarts, scrums and especially goal-kicking. The last try that they scored was a poor defence read by Beale that came directly from messing up the restart.

          Genia was at least as good last night as Foley was in the WC. Difference was that in the WC our forwards were dominant and we had an all-round game that destroyed England.

          Last night, our forwards were being dominated and we were playing the All Blacks, not an England team at their nadir that had just lost to Wales.

          The only thing is that on Saturday we lost the match, but that wasn’t down to Genia at all. He kept us in and almost won us a match that we had no right to win.

          Kerevi got a 2 last week, and Moore only got a 3, and that was in a match that our scrum was dominant. This week he was worse than last week and our scrum got demolished. How do you figure he was better than last week given his stats + scrummaging???

          But it is what it is, we can agree to disagree on individual scores.

        • 30 mm tags

          Agree with your appraisal.Genia in particular was very good but Foley needs a spell. The winning try by NZ was significantly due to Foley losing his footing.Hooper’s missed tackles are mounting.

  • DReido

    Hooper missed a couple of tackles? Try 6. This is why this guy is overrated.

    • Stepped on the inside for at least three.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        If you’re a 7 missing tackles you’re failing at one of your core duties, Hooper also isn’t the most effective at the breakdown, so that is 2 core duties.

        Being able to step is great, but it should be in addition to doing most or all of his core duties well, not instead of.

        He isn’t playing well currently.

        • hasto

          In the passage of play where the all blacks weren’t kicking the ball and were sniping from the base of ruck and really getting a roll on, where was Hooper? Why wasn’t he being a mongrel and slowing the rucks down, pilfering the ball and being a general pest? I guarantee that if Pocock or Gill were the Gold 7 that would not have happened. We can’t keep carrying a 7 who isnt hard on the ball.
          It wasn’t until McMahon got the shits and had to go do it all himself that we won some ball…..

        • moaning expat

          Being a Hooper fan boyboy for many years this was the first time his aggression and what else he brings was perhaps not up to having someone that could pilfer. We really hurt not having someone like that on the field (i hate to say it)

          And when im watching Owens blowing a penalty against us for holding on the ball – for literally a split second and then later in the game the ABS hold on for about an hour and he does nothing- it certainty brings in urges that only a tall building and an Uzi can assuage.

        • Garry

          Being dropped to the bench has lifted TK’s performance noticeably. Might do Hooper some good to warm the pine?

      • romeo whisky

        Hooper had 6 missed tackles, so I’m not sure how he can get anything above a 4. I just don’t get what Hooper brings to the team. I think he’s got a great work ethic, but the results just aren’t there.

    • Bernie Chan

      Kerevi got dropped for less…

  • lee enfield

    Three observations from me:
    1. The wallabies need a trial match in the break between super rugby and game 1. They were definitely better for the run the week before.
    2. Considering the difference between game 1 and 2 regards energy level, the coaching staff got the taper wrong for game 1. Flogging them for a month and getting the taper wrong gifted game 1 to N.Z.
    3. The wallabies switched off after scoring in the 77th minute. The whole team celebtated like they had won the game. The mental lapse handed N.Z the game as they were the only team actually playing.

    A lot of positives for the wallabies, but they need to build from this and back it up for the next 5 games.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Are you sure they switched off after the 77th minute try? I think that is too simple, they struggled with basic restarts all night. Clearly it is an issue.

      Totally agree with your first two points.

      • Garry

        Has been an issue for many many years, and seemed to permeate to the Shute shield final.
        It cost us a bledisloe game. Who can fix it?

      • lee enfield

        Nope, not 100% sure. The wallabies did struggle with restarts all night, but that was only part of the sequence that led to the try. I think the wallabies thought they had done enough and their intensity and urgency dropped off.

  • Brisneyland Local

    GAGR’s well here are BL’s ratings.
    1. Sio – 5
    2. Moore – 4
    3. Alaalatoa – 5
    4. Arnold – 6.5
    5. Simmons – 6
    6. Hanigan – 5 (still not sure this guy is ready yet)
    7. Hooper – 5 (Good in attack but had some shocking moments in defence)
    8. McMahon 8 (Need to hang on to this one, but we wont).
    9. Genia – 8.5 (My MOTM, glad to see the G Man Back!)
    10. Foley – 4 (Did some good defensive play, but his set ups for attack were not that good, has place kicking appalling and his is hand kicking was appalling too. Time to bench him).
    11. Speight – 4 (Absent most of the game)
    12. Beale – 7
    13. Kuridarni – 7
    14. DHP – 4 (Largely absent)
    15. Folau – 8 (Good game good to see him back and firing)

    16. TPN – 7 (buttressed up the scrum))
    17. Robertson – 5
    18. Kepu – 6
    19. Rodda – 5
    20. Timani – 4
    21. NA
    22. NA
    23. NA

    • Pearcewreck

      Nice summary BBL.
      Although, you should be a school teacher, ’cause you are a tough marker!
      Thought DHP did some good things in defence, maybe a 5
      Simmons and Arnold should definitely be 7’s.
      IMHO of course.

      • Brisneyland Local

        School teacher, man I struggled being a voluteer Dad on school camp for two nights. My executive Assistant (EA) calls me Sheldon Cooper with a sense of humour, and occaisionally she calls me “The Worlds only living heart donor!”

  • SuckerForRed

    Does Hanigan remind anyone else of a young Rocky Elsom? He needs to be playing NRC to get some miles in those legs at the moment though.

    • Or Richard Brown?

      • Brumby Runner

        Yeah – atm I’d go with Richard Brown, but hopefully he grows into an Elsom type.

    • hasto

      Didn’t notice Hanigan all game – except when he smith speared the ball into him….
      Rocky Elsom in his prime was a massive presence on the field (and he knew it #bringbackthegloves)

  • I’m disappointed Nic! While some Aussie newspapers manage to put Adam Coleman in their Rugby Championship team if the week you couldn’t even be bother to rate him. It’s almost like, at least according to this site, he didn’t play!

  • Simon

    I’m at odds with some of these ratings too (which is fine, it’s subjective). But I can’t think of any possible reason for Genia not to be MotM.

    It’s not just that his running game directly led to two tries including a 2011 vintage beauty from himself, though that would be close enough to secure it. It was the fact that – for the first time since Cheika took over – the Wallabies made consistent metres in attack against a good defence off the back of lightning fast ball from the ruck. That is what nearly won it for the Wallabies and it’s why the ABs were rattled, they were scrambling in defence and couldn’t come forward. Credit to the forwards too, particularly McMahon and the locks, for getting over the ad line, but that was a symbiotic relationship. The forwards were getting over the ad line because the ABs didn’t have time to get set, and that in turn allowed Genia the opportunity to play the ball quickly. Once Cane went off the ABs had nothing at the breakdown, and I think that’s what finally unleashed McMahon. He’s a bit small at Test level against a set defence to bash his way through, but the more broken play in this match was more like a Super Rugby game and in that situation he has an advantage in attack over bigger, slower opposition.

    I think the Wallabies exposed a bit of a vulnerability in this ABs side, and in a completely opposite manner to the chink the Lions found. The Lions ground them down, slowed their attack down and shut it off, but the Wallabies put pressure on them through attacking rugby and active pressure in defence, making them drop the ball – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much spilled pill from an ABs team. Unfortunately the ABs are still lethal in attack given even a wisp of a chance and they showed that, so they snatched it at the death. Ironically by out-kicking us.

    But it was beautiful to see from the Wallabies and a real breath of fresh air. The different parts all helped each other, and it was the best game I’ve seen the Wallabies play against top quality opposition since 2015. Keep it up, lads.

  • Pearcewreck

    I’m worried about Genia, I mean, it’s good to soak up the French culture and all, but maybe he has become too French.
    I mean, now we will be wondering which Genia is gong to turn up each week, just like the French rugby team. Awful one week, brilliant the next.

    • Brisneyland Local

      I just hink he was working off the Cheese and croissants! Now that he has trimmed back down and has turned back to the Southern Hemisphere speed rating, instead of the French Cheese eating surrender monkey cruising in the Mediteranian speed rating, he will be fine!

  • Nutta

    Thoughts from an idiot:

    Firstly, congratulations to NZ. They showed true champions composure to make their luck and force a win.

    Secondly, congratulations Kurtley Beale on playing more like a centre. Had some damn good touches both in D & A. He may realise some of his potential yet. And yes, he should have taken over the kicking.

    How much difference does it make when Pigs take ball on the move instead of that flat-footed shite? Arnold and Macca take a bow.

    The 1st half scrum issues came via Alanananaaaa I thought. He kept getting turned. This would have put enormous pressure on Squeak who isn’t our best scrum2 anyway. Tatts and Kepu fixed that.

    Great game Arnold. My MOTM.

    I’m flabbergasted Hoops is allowed to miss that many tackles wearing a 7.

    First time in a long time that Gins earned his jersey I thought.

    I wouldn’t have enjoyed drinking with Foley on Sat night. I bet the poor bastard was eating schooner glasses.

    Great game K’train.

    Folau is still a R wing and Sauce is still the Fullback. Can we finally stop fkn about here?

    Much better effort. Much better guts. I despise losing but I’ll bank that effort as at least a green shoot. I get everyone wants an immediate win and an instant fix to years of papering over. But after truely sucking for as long as we have we need to compete consistently before we will win with any sustainability again.

  • markpa

    Still kidding ourselves that we’re competitive.
    Our tries: intercept, lineout splitting for Hooper like he was Moses, ratshit scrum spun so far Smith was out of position to let Genia through and one good run for Genia’s last.
    How much of that was due to good Wallaby play that is repeatable?

    While, for example, ABs last try was a length they’d repeatedly got ball back from (Why didn’t we get one clear call and lifting pod?), clean hands, a number 8 who ran through gap and more quick hands.

  • markpa

    While I’m having a sook I’d take at least one point off all of the GAGR ratings.
    Nobody in a scrum that rolls back like it’s on rollerskates get’s off lightly.
    As mentioned Foley leaves points out there and also had kicks not go out or little distance.
    DHP’s non tackle on Barrett was crap (did he injure arm beforehand or was it the poor execution?), and how many other missed tackles were there?
    McMahon plays at 100% but why always running into defence and not through gaps.
    I could go on ….

  • Bobas

    where did you get Hanigan making 16 tackles? Espn scrum Stats have him making 9. Massive difference.

  • joy

    That’s actually Ross HP’s image you have used there.

    Foley deserves a higher rating. His defence was excellent for a 5/8 making 14 tackles missing just 2. And I’m not a Foley fan.

    • 30 mm tags

      Joy , Foley let two tries in . The first when Barret scored when he went the blind and switched sides and Foley didn’t move and in the last couple of mins when they scored. He slipped over. It’s not adequate.


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